2023 NBA Offseason Grade – Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors- Grade: B


  • Chris Paul
  • Brandin Podziemski
  • Corey Joseph
  • Trace Jackson-Davis
  • Dario Saric


  • Jordan Poole
  • Donte DiVincenzo

The Warriors started the offseason with their blockbuster trade of basically Chris Paul for Jordan Poole. This is a double win because you have to assume there are still issues from the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole altercation, and although Paul is 38, he is still the superior player. Golden State then quickly signed franchise icon Draymond Green for four more seasons. I love how the Warriors were able to improve their roster while not having to lose part of their core. They also nailed their draft. So in sum, Golden State won with its trades, its signings and its draft. The team has put together an excellent offseason.


  • Draymond Green- Grade: A
  • Dario Saric- Grade: B+
  • Corey Joseph- Grade: A-


  • Chris Paul- Grade: A-

Warriors’ 2023 NBA Draft- Grade: A

  • No. 19: Brandin Podziemski, G, Santa Barbara
  • No. 57: Trace Jackson-Davis, F, Indiana

The Warriors needed to replace Jordan Poole and also needed size, but I really like that they took Podziemski, who is a very Golden State-like player. Although he was at a small school, he showed many talents. A prolific scorer, an excellent shooter, a pesky defender, a fantastic rebounder and a solid distributor, Podziemski is a perfect sixth man. I also love the Jackson-Davis pick, as to me he could have been taken in Round 1. The Warriors needed size, so Jackson-Davis will make the team.