Memphis Grizzlies 2023 Season Forecast

Memphis Grizzlies 2023 Forecast: Changes; Depth Chart; Strength & Weakness


  • G.G. Jackson
  • Marcus Smart
  • Derrick Rose


  • Dillon Brooks
  • Danny Green

Forecast Depth Chart:

  1. Ja Morant | Derrick Rose
  2. Marcus Smart | Luke Kennard
  3. Desmond Bane | Santi Aldama | Jake LaRavia
  4. J.J. Jackson | Brandan Clarke
  5. Steven Adams | Kenneth Lofton | G.G. Jackson
  • Sixth Man: Luke Kennard
  • Third Big: Brandan Clarke

Team Profile:

To start the season, Smart will be the starting point guard because Ja Morant is suspended for a large chunk of the first half of the season due to his Instagram scandals. This means Bane will be at his natural two-guard spot and Memphis will move Kennard or Aldama to the three. As for the team, with Morant-J.J. Jackson-Bane, the Grizzlies have arguably the top young trio in the NBA. The former two already all-stars and Bane the recipient of a max deal recently, but with Smart, I think Grizzlies will be fine with Morant not there. I love Adams and Kennard as well because Adams is the toughest man in the NBA, and Kennard is the league’s No. 1 shooter. I am confused by the addition of Smart, who has a lot of similarities to Morant and is far too valuable to be a sixth man, so I’m interested to see how they work together. This roster is elite, and if Memphis were in the East, I’d have the team third or fourth, but as it stands, the club just can’t compete with the Nuggets or Suns.

Player Profile:

I would like to talk about Smart, who the Grizzlies paid a pretty penny for early in the offseason. The main reasons were helping replace Morant while suspended, but they must also be looking for a leader, someone who is vocal and plays at 120%, which as a team, Memphis could use. My issue is I have no idea how he fits Grizzlies on the court, as Bane is a small two himself, meaning they’d be incredibly small one-three. It’s a nice gamble, and if it helps Morant, it is a victory by itself, but there are questions about the fit with Smart.

Biggest Strength: Stars

Biggest Weakness: Morant’s Behavior

Record: 46-36, Sixth in Western Conference