Golden State Warriors 2023 Season Forecast

Golden State Warriors 2023 Forecast: Changes; Depth Chart; Strength & Weakness


  • Chris Paul
  • Dario Saric
  • Brandin Podziemski
  • Trace Jackson-Davis
  • Cory Joseph


  • Donte DiVincenzo
  • JaMichel Green
  • Jordan Poole

Forecast Depth Chart:

  1. Chris Paul | Cory Joseph
  2. Stephen Curry | Moses Mood | Brandin Podziemski
  3. Klay Thompson
  4. Andrew Wiggins | Jonathan Kuminga | Dario Saric
  5. Draymond Green | Kevon Looney | Trace Jackson-Davis
  • Sixth Man: Jonathan Kuminga
  • Third Big: Jonathan Kuminga

Team Profile:

The Warriors basically traded away Jordan Poole and his big contract, scoring average, and mouth for Chris Paul, in a move most consider a big win, but he isn’t the Paul of old. He really should not be starting, as the Warriors are far too small. They are actually an incredibly small team, as nobody is taller than 6-foot-10, and that’s an issue. Obviously, you love Golden State’s first six guys, but after them, you are counting on journeymen and youngsters who need to prove themselves. The Warriors still have the Splash Brothers, Wiggins and Draymond, so at least they are still contenders.

Player Profile:

It has to be Jonathan Kuminga. The way the roster is at this point, the team’s young guys simply must help in a big way, as Golden State’s starters/Looney can only help so much. Kuminga is starting his third season, and was the seventh pick in his draft, but he has to average more than his recent 10 points and 3.5 rebounds. His efficiency in his second season was really solid, but if he can shoot closer to 40% from three, he can become a piece of the roster the Warriors can’t afford to lose.

Biggest Strength: Starters

Biggest Weakness: Bench

Record: 54–28, Third in Western Conference