2023 NBA Offseason Grade – Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors- Grade: F


  • Gradey Dick
  • Garrett Temple
  • Dennis Schroeder


  • Fred VanVleet

My problem with the Raptors is that I have no idea where they think they actually stand. They were just the ninth seed in a deep East, which got deeper, and are a lesser team afterlosing Fred VanVleet. They should be rebuldilding, not giving Jakob Poeltl $80 million and Dennis Schroeder $30+ million. I really like Gradey Dick, who should be a long-time starter in the mold of a Bojan Bogdanovic; but Toronto should trade Pascal Siakam, Gary Trent Jr. and basically the rest of the guys not named Scottie Barnes or Gradey Dick and rebuild. The fact that the Raptors cannot see this is why they get an F for the offseason.


  • Jakob Poeltl- Grade: C-
  • Dennis Schroeder- Grade: B
  • Garrett Temple- Grade: B


  • None

Raptors’ 2023 NBA Draft – Grade: B-

  • No. 13: Gradey Dick, F, Kansas

I’m a big fan of Gradey Dick, who is an excellent prospect. He is an elite, truly fantastic shooter with excellent size, some athleticim and strong scoring ability. He will likely start as a rookie and be a strong starter for the next 13 years. My problem with the pick is easy; whether the Raptors want to admit it or not, they need to rebuild and they passed on a star talent at the same position in Cam Whitmore.