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2023 NBA Free Agency: The top-100 NBA free agents for 2023. Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of July 7, 2023.
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  1. James Harden, PG, Philadelphia 76ers, PO, 34
    Harden in Philadelphia has turned into a point guard instead of a scorer first, second and third. He is one of the elite playmakers in the league, and he can also give a team 25-30 points if needed. It appears he will either return to Houston or stay in Philadelphia.

  2. Kyrie Irving, PG, Brooklyn Nets, UFA, 31
    No statements about Irving's life off the court will be made, but he is the biggest talent in free agency and nearly got five stars. Regardless, he is still rather young and one of the NBA's best scorers.

  3. Fred VanVleet, PG, Toronto Raptors, PO, 29
    As you can see, there is a huge jump from the second player to the third, but VanVleet is a champion and a fantastic offensive player. He has run the Raptors really well for a really long time. VanVleet is a talent who can make a playoff team into a true contender.

  4. Khris Middleton, SF, Milwaukee Bucks, UFA, 32
    The Milwaukee all-star has returned from his knee injury, which may hurt his contract's value, but he has been the second offensive option for one of the best teams in the NBA for awhile. He is also a talented defender. Middleton should be an all-star through most of his next contract.

  5. D'Angelo Russell, PG, Minnesota Timberwolves, UFA, 27
    Russell's season has been hot and cold, but he was recently an all-star point guard and is arguably the biggest talent of the younger free agents. He has limitations as a point guard, but he is a brilliant scorer. Russell seems very likely to switch teams.

  6. Nikola Vucevic, C, Chicago Bulls, UFA, 32
    Vucevic isn't an all-star anymore, but he is still an excellent scorer near the basket and when shooting. Vucevic is also one of the league's elite rebounders and a fantastic playmaker for a center, but he's not much of a defender.

  7. Draymond Green, PF, Golden State Warriors, PO, 34
    Yes, Green punched a teammate and isn't the star that he once was, but he can still guard most positions, play multiple positions and is an excellent rebounder and playmaker who could give a team a fiery lockerroom veteran.

  8. Myles Turner, C, Indiana Pacers, UFA, 27
    Turner hasn't become the all-star many assumed he would be, but he is a very unique talent because he is an elite shot blocker and shoots well as a center. Turner could be traded this season and is very likely not staying with Indiana.

  9. Jerami Grant, PF, Portland Trail Blazers, UFA, 29
    Proving that his fantastic ball in Detroit wasn't just him stacking points on a poor team, Grant has been fantastic in Portland too. He is scoring more than 20 points on a team with a lot of talented scorers. Given his age, scoring, and ability to be a three or four, Grant could see one of the biggest contracts in free agency.

  10. Keldon Johnson, SG, San Antonio Spurs, RFA, 23
    Johnson has been excellent in his contract season and seems to be a big part of the Spurs' rebuild. Not many players average 20 points at just 23. Johnson will likely sign a huge deal to stay with San Antonio, as he is the franchise's leading scorer.

  11. Russell Westbrook, PG, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 34
    Westbrook isn't the MVP he once was, but is a brilliant sixth man. This is likely who he is now, but he could be one of the best sixth men in the NBA for years, giving 15-7-7 numbers. Honestly, despite all the drama, the Lakers fit him well.

  12. Brook Lopez, C, Milwaukee Bucks, UFA, 35
    Lopez is no longer an all-star, but he is still a really strong offensive player, who shoots threes, rebounds and blocks shots at an excellent rate. It's hard to see him walking away from the Bucks.

  13. Gary Trent Jr., SG, Toronto Raptors, PO, 24
    Trent hasn't been as strong as he was in his first season with the Raptors, but he is the prototypical NBA shooting guard when considering his size and offensive skills. He is still just 24 and could become a legit second option.

  14. Kelly Oubre, SF, Charlotte Hornets, UFA, 27
    Oubre was a strong role player in Phoenix and Washington, but might be the second best player for the Hornets this season. He is also a solid defender and could be the third- or fourth-best player on an excellent team. He's very likely to be traded.

  15. Grant Williams, SF, Boston Celtics, UFA, 24
    The Celtics actually denied Williams' option for next season, but he's been a revelation for them and will get a big contract this offseason from a team other than Boston. He is one of the NBA's best shooters and a big three-and-D talent, who at 24 wil be one of the youngest free agents.

  16. Christian Wood, PF, Dallas Mavericks, UFA, 27
    Whether starting or as a sixth man, Wood has continued his act as one of the best offensive scoring bigs in the NBA and one of the best shooting bigs. He's a big piece for Dallas, but will the club pay him?

  17. Kyle Kuzma, PF, Washington Wizards, PO, 27
    Kuzma has quietly become a 20-point scorer and is a very strong shooter. He is the perfect modern power forward and will probably be traded this season. There's not a NBA team that couldn't use him.

  18. Cam Johnson, PF, Phoenix Suns, RFA, 24
    It's no secret that Johnson wants a huge extension, so Phoenix might not keep him, but he's a starter and a valuable piece for an elite team. He is one of the league's best shooters and a four who shoots in the 40s will get a lot of money.

  19. Jakob Poeltl, C, San Antonio Spurs, UFA, 27
    Poeltl is as solid as it gets at the five. He basically averages a double-double and is an incredibly efficient scorer. The rebuilding Spurs are very like to trade him, so expect a big-needy team to sign him. He would be helpful to a number of franchises.

  20. Dillon Brooks, SF, Memphis Grizzlies, UFA, 27
    Brooks is a talented scorer and as a defender, but is an average shooter, which is the only reason why he's not a four-star free agent. Brooks plays his role so well for the Grizzlies that he needs to be re-signed by them.

  21. Jordan Clarkson, SG, Utah Jazz, PO, 30
    Clarkson is starting for the Jazz and scoring a lot of points, which has been his skill since he was drafted. He is best as a sixth man on an elite team, but this has been his best season and he will be paid well.

  22. Bogdan Bogdanovic, SG, Atlanta Hawks, PO, 30
    The younger Bogdanovic brother isn't the scoring machine that his brother is for the Pistons, but he is one of the best sixth men in the league and could start on many teams. He is a fantastic shooter and a gifted scorer.

  23. Josh Hart, SG, Portland Trail Blazers, PO, 28
    Hart is a unique talent. He can score 20 points in some games, is an elite rebounding guard, an excellent shooter and also a strong distributor. There will be many suitors for him.

  24. Kevin Love, PF, Cleveland Cavaliers, UFA, 34
    Kevin Love was once one of the NBA's best players, now he's one of the best reserve big men in the league. He quietly just helps his team win. Love is still a fantastic scorer and an elite shooter, and it's difficult to really see him walking from this Cavaliers team that is one piece from joining the league's contenders. Heck with one more season of development, Cleveland could possibly win a championship.

  25. Tre Jones, PG, San Antonio Spurs, RFA, 23
    Jones has proven himself a solid starter, but he should be a sixth man. Jones won't be too expensive, so he's likely to stay with the Spurs.

  26. Moritz Wagner, PF, Orlando Magic, UFA, 26
    Wagner is an efficient scorer and talented rebounder who is a very talented third big man.

  27. Will Barton, SF, Washington Wizards, UFA, 32
    Barton continues to score the basketball and could have a huge role off the bench for a playoff team, like when he was in Denver. His scoring talent is wasted on a non-playoff roster.

  28. Harrison Barnes, SF, Sacramento Kings, UFA, 30
    Barnes has been a strong scorer in his very long career and can still give you 15 points a night, but his shooting has been poor this season. Regardless, he is a huge part of an excellent team and still a solid starter.

  29. Jae Crowder, SF, Phoenix Suns, UFA, 32
    Jae Crowder has wanted a trade for awhile and is not with his team, which will cost him a lot of money. Still, he is a big-time energy three-and-D role player.

  30. Dennis Smith Jr., PG, Charlotte Hornets, UFA, 25
    It is true that Smith is a draft bust, but he is still a very young monster athlete and gifted scorer who is having a very nice season. A team should gamble on him with a decent contract.

  31. Ayo Dosunmu, SG, Chicago Bulls, RFA, 23
    Donmusu has started this season and has played well for the Bulls. He is a combo guard who can shoot, defend and score, and as a restricted free agent, he will likely be re-signed.

  32. Thomas Bryant, C, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 25
    Bryant has had a very solid season for the Lakers, who given starter minutes would be about 15-10. He is also a very efficient scorer.

  33. Caris LeVert, SF, Cleveland Cavaliers, UFA, 28
    LeVert is a big-time talent, but injuries have really hurt his career. He is a very talented offensive player who can play point guard, shooting guard or small forward, and his versatiity makes him a valuable asset and fantastic sixth man.

  34. T.J. Warren, PF, Brooklyn Nets, UFA, 29
    Warren's injuries have been severe, but when he is on the court, he scores the basketball. If he can stay healthy, he will cash in big.

  35. P.J. Washington, PF, Charlotte Hornets, RFA, 24
    Washington is a very solid player having arguably his best NBA season, and as a power forward, he can shoot the ball, which doubles his value. Washington is one of few the few assets for the Hornets, and they would be wise to keep him as a building block.

  36. Matisse Thybulle, SF, Philadelphia 76ers, RFA, 26
    Thybulle is one of the best defenders in the NBA, but offensively is a project. It isn't easy to be a guard or forward who cannot shoot, but if he is used correctly, he could be an excellent piece for a team.

  37. Victor Oladipo, SG, Miami Heat, UFA, 30
    If Oladipo hadn't suffered from multiple injuries, there is little doubt he'd be ranked among the first nine players. He is playing very well for Miami as a sixth man, which is his ideal role.

  38. Rui Hachimura, PF, Washington Wizards, RFA, 24
    Hachimura is quietly having a really nice season for the Wizards. As a combo forward, he is an efficient scorer and talented rebounder. If Hachimura had an improved his jumper, he would get a lot more on his deal.

  39. Mason Plumlee, C, Charlotte Hornets, UFA, 32
    Plumlee is a solid veteran center who can start but should be a third big. He is a very efficient scorer and talented rebounder who likely will go to a playoff team. He could be dealt this season.

  40. Dwight Powell, PF, Dallas Mavericks, UFA, 30
    Powell has been the third big man for the Mavericks since Dirk Nowitzki. His ability to perform as a four and a five, his energy and his hustle as well as being efficient makes him a valuable talent.

  41. Yuta Watanabe, SF, Brooklyn Nets, RFA, 28
    This season, Watanabe is the NBA's best shooter, hitting more than half his three-pointers. Watanabe is a specialist who should be paid well, as he is playing his best basketball for one of the league's elite squads.

  42. Seth Curry, SG, Brooklyn Nets, UFA, 32
    Curry, like his older brother, is one of the most efficient shooters in the league. He is a brilliant offensive player, but is a small two-guard and is not much of a playmaker, which hurts his rating.

  43. Bruce Brown, SF, Denver Nuggets, PO, 26
    Brown is a hustle guy who simply helps his team win games. He defends, is an excellent shooter, an efficient scorer and can be a solid playmaker. He deserves a bigger contract.

  44. Georges Niang, PF, Philadelphia 76ers, UFA, 29
    Niang is a fantastic NBA role player who is one of the best shooting forwards in the league and can play the three or four.

  45. Damien Lee, SG, Phoenix Suns, PO, 30
    Stephen Curry's brother-in-law has performed well for the Suns in his bench role, which is important because they have very few solid reserves. He is a very efficient scorer and fantastic shooter from three.

  46. Montrezel Harrell, PF, Philadelphia 76ers, PO, 28
    Harrell is still a fantastic hustle big man, a skill that no longer is a valued talent, as the NBA wants shooters from non-defensive big men. Give him 20 minutes off the bench a game though, and he will thrive.

  47. Jevon Carter, PG, Milwaukee Bucks, PO, 27
    Carter started for Milwaukee because of injuries, but is a big rotation player for an elite team. He is a talented shooter, playmaker and defender who should stay with the Bucks.

  48. Jalen McDaniels, PF, Charlotte Hornets, RFA, 25
    McDaniels is an efficient shooter and scorer who also has a bit of playmaking ability. He has started this season and played well for Charlotte, and he would be at least a three-star free agent if he improved from range.

  49. Max Strus, SG, Miami Heat, UFA, 27
    Strus has had a very nice season for Miami. He hasn't been efficient, but he can really score. The Heat lack depth and should keep him.

  50. Darius Bazley, PF, Oklahoma City Thunder, RFA, 23
    Bazley is a shooting forward with shot-blocking talent, but has a smaller role this season.

  51. Andre Drummond, C, Chicago Bulls, PO, 28
    Drummond is one of the best rebounders in history, which is a fun fact, and he is more than capable of scoring the ball. Drummond is not much of a defender, however, and he can't shoot the ball.

  52. Terrence Ross, SG, Orlando Magic, UFA, 28
    Ross is an athletic scorer who isn't the strongest fit for his current team. He can be a strong veteran for a playoff team.

  53. Reggie Jackson, PG, Los Angeles Clippers, UFA, 32
    Jackson is a starter for one of the best teams in the NBA and has been for awhile. He's a mediocre playmaker, which is why he should be the third guard on an elite team, but is a talented scorer.

  54. Torrey Craig, PF, Phoenix Suns, UFA, 32
    Craig is one of if not the best role player on the Suns and is a fantastic shooter. He is one of the only talented role players on Phoenix and has made the most of his team's lack of bench players.

  55. Coby White, PG, Chicago Bulls, RFA, 22
    White is having a rough season, but can still really shoot the ball. He still has the ability to be an elite sixth man.

  56. Shake Milton, SG, Philadelphia 76ers, UFA, 26
    Milton has a four-star name, and he is a solid talent in his own right. Milton is an efficient scorer and shooter with playmaking ability who could be a really solid third guard for many teams.

  57. DeAndre Jordan, C, Denver Nuggets, UFA, 34
    Jordan is still an excellent rebounder and would average a double-double if he was given some more time. Jordan is no longer a starter, but is one of the best reserve centers in the NBA.

  58. Naz Reid, C, Minnesota Timberwolves, UFA, 22
    Naz Reid produces when he gets minutes and deserves a larger role. He can really affect the game with his style, but there are so few minutes available with the Timberwolves.

  59. Josh Richardson, SG, San Antonio Spurs, UFA, 29
    Richardson is a solid scorer and shooter who should be traded this season. As a fourth perimeter guy, he is perfect, but he is not a fit for a rebuilding team.

  60. Keita Bates-Diop, SF, San Antonio Spurs, UFA, 27
    Bates-Diop is an efficient shooter and scorer who is having a career year with the Spurs.

  61. Lonnie Walker, SG, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 23
    Lonnie Walker is a solid role player who is having a really strong season with the Lakers. This season, he is a very efficient shooter and scorer, and has been one of few Lakers who has performed well.

  62. Justise Winslow, SF, Portland Trail Blazers, UFA, 27
    Winslow isn't the player many thought he could become, and he is a mediocre at best offensive player. Still, Winslow is a talented role player.

  63. Trey Lyles, PF, Sacramento Kings, UFA, 27
    If you are a power forward who can shoot the ball, you have value in the NBA. Lyles may only be an average shooter, but adding size with shooting ability is important in today's league.

  64. George Hill, PG, Milwaukee Bucks, UFA, 36
    Hill has been one of the best role player guards in the NBA for awhile now, and he still makes a difference, but at 36, he isn't the talent he was.

  65. Jeff Green, PF, Denver Nuggets, UFA, 36
    Remember when Jeff Green was drafted fifth to the SuperSonics? He was paired with Kevin Durant in the draft to be the foundation of the franchise. He's no Durant, but he has had a really nice career and plays a big role for Denver, which is arguably the best team in the West.

  66. Danilo Gallinari, PF, Boston Celtics, PO, 34
    The Italian forward is aging and recovering from a torn ACL and would probably have a third star if healthy, as he's a strong shooter and scorer. Gallinari would be smart to take his option, as he would likely receive the minimum coming off an injury.

  67. Cam Reddish, SF, New York Knicks, UFA, 23
    Reddish is a scorer who just hasn't found the right team. Given his talent, he would be a smart pickup for a franchise that wants an athletic small forward.

  68. Dennis Schroder, PG, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 29
    Schroder said no to a massive contract recently, and it's a shame because he is just an average-level second point guard.

  69. Donte DiVincenzo, SG, Golden State Warriors, PO, 26
    DiVincenzo is a strong three-and-D player for the Warriors. He has been a key role guy on talented teams for years, as he was in Milwaukee with Giannis Antetokounmpo. A championship-caliber roster seems to be where DiVincenzo belongs in the NBA.

  70. Blake Griffin, Boston Celtics, C, UFA, 34
    Griffin isn't the dunk-machine star he was with the Clippers, but Griffin has made himself into a fantastic role guy. He hustles, he rebounds, and he really helps in the little aspects that help his team win.

  71. Jaylen Nowell, SG, Minnesota Timberwolves, RFA, 23
    The Timberwolves have pathetic depth, the least in the league, but Nowell has been solid and had a huge jump in numbers.

  72. Nickeil Alexander Walker, SG, Utah Jazz, RFA, 24
    The Jazz combo guard is a strong bench guy, as he is an uber-talented scorer who has been really efficient. He still hasn't found the right fit for him.

  73. Bismack Biyombo, C, Phoenix Suns, UFA, 29
    Biyombo was considered somewhat of a draft bust, but the big man's been an efficient scorer, an excellent rebounder and a solid defender. His length is simply incredible, which he has put to use well.

  74. Kendrick Nunn, PG, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 27
    Nunn is a non-factor on the Lakers, and his numbers this season are trash, but he has proven that he belongs in the league and could rebound. This rating is generous, but Nunn has the talent.

  75. Otto Porter Jr., Toronto Raptors, PF, UFA, 30
    Porter is a forward who can shoot, score and be a playmaker for his team, but he hasn't played a role this season.

  76. Joe Ingles, SF, Milwaukee Bucks, UFA, 36
    Joe Ingles is 36 and is coming off injury, but is a big-time shooter, a strong playmaker and a solid veteran rotation guy.

  77. JayMachal Green, PF, Golden State Warriors, UFA, 33
    Green has been a productive role player for a Warriors team that has really needed some. The forward scores efficiently and rebounds the ball quite nicely.

  78. JaVonte Green, PF, Chicago Bulls, PO, 30
    Green is an excellent hustle guy who gives so much energy when on the court and is a ridiculous athlete and hard worker. He is small and lacks offensive talent, which hurts his rating, but is a strong role player.

  79. Cory Joseph, PG, Detroit Pistons, UFA, 31
    Joseph is a skilled reserve point guard who is still a strong role player. He could play a big role on a playoff team, and his talent is wasted on the Pistons.

  80. Robin Lopez, C, Cleveland Cavaliers, UFA, 35
    Robin Lopez isn't the offensive player his twin, Brook, is, but Robin Lopez has been a strong defensive center for a long time. He serves the Cavaliers quite well as the fourth big man.

  81. Patrick Beverley, PG, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 35
    Beverly has been a fantastic defender, decent offensively, and can shoot the ball. His age lowers him a bit.

  82. Danny Green, SG, Memphis Grizzlies, UFA, 35
    Once an elite three-and-D guy, Green is technically with the Grizzlies, but he hasn't been healthy. Regardless, Green can continue as a shooting specialist for Memphis.

  83. Goran Dragic, PG, Chicago Bulls, PO, 36
    Dragic is instant offense and has a strong jump shot. He is a perfect bench guy for playoff rosters and has been one of Chicago's most efficient bench guys.

  84. Aaron Holiday, SG, Atlanta Hawks, RFA, 24
    The third brother is a shell of Jrue Holiday, but Aaron Holiday is young and has a skill, plus is a very strong shooter. He has a chance to improve too, making him a prospect to keep an eye on.

  85. Dario Saric, PF, Phoenix Suns, UFA, 28
    Saric is almost 7-foot and can shoot threes, which earns him two stars and an NBA deal. He was once a big-time draft pick, and he was a really solid player for the 76ers, but he just hasn't played very much.

  86. Danuel House, SF, Philadelphia 76ers, PO, 29
    House is an athletic scorer who has had a rough season shooting the basketball. Regardless, he plays a big role for a playoff team.

  87. Derrick Jones Jr., SF, Chicago Bulls, PO, 26
    Jones is a decent energy forward whose athleticism is his largest talent. He is not much of a scorer, but he plays hard and helps his team a lot.

  88. Gabe Vincent, PG, Miami Heat, UFA, 27
    Vincent is a low-efficiency bench scorer with some playmaking ability. He is suited to be a strong fourth guard for a team.

  89. Austin Reaves, SG, Los Angeles Lakers, RFA, 23
    Reaves is a young shooter and scorer, who has been a bright light for a team that lacks shooting and is disappointing to say the least. He's had a a really strong second season for the Lakers.

  90. Talen Horton-Tucker, SF, Utah Jazz, PO, 23
    The former Lakers forward had a really nice stretch in Los Angeles, but this isn't his season, as he hasn't provided much help to the Jazz. If Horton-Tucker can perform like when he was with the Lakers, he could likely find more playing time for the Jazz.

  91. Drew Eubanks, PF, Portland Trail Blazers, UFA, 26
    Eubanks is a productive second-unit big man who is an efficient scorer, can shoot a bit and rebounds and blocks shots well.

  92. Weyen Gabriel, PF, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 26
    Gabriel is a talented young big man who is a solid shooter and scorer.

  93. Isaiah Roby, C, San Antonio Spurs, UFA, 25
    Roby was a really productive big in Oklahoma City, but he has a small role for the Spurs. Roby has proven that he can shoot and score off the bench; he just needs a different team.

  94. Nick Richards, C, Charlotte Hornets, UFA, 25
    Richards is a really solid second-unit center who is making the most of his minutes this season. His shot-blocking and rebounding numbers are fantastic.

  95. R.J. Hampton, SG, Orlando Magic, RFA, 25
    Hampton is a talented scorer and rebounder for a guard, but he needs to be more efficient. He is very talented.

  96. Jock Landale, C, Phoenix Suns, UFA, 27
    Landale has been a productive reserve big for the Suns who scores efficiently, can shoot and notches a lot of rebounds and blocks.

  97. Gorgui Dieng, C, Sacramento Kings, UFA, 32
    Dieng was a double-double machine when he was with the Timberwolves, but now he is a spot role player.

  98. Jaxon Hayes, C, New Orleans Pelicans, RFA, 23
    Yes, Hayes has not played like the the 10th pick from his draft, but he is still a somewhat productive per-minute guy. On a team other than the Pelicans, he could find a role.

  99. Austin Rivers, SG, Minnesota Timberwolves, UFA, 30
    At this point, Rivers is in the NBA for one reason; he remains a fantastic shooter. Still, he is little more than a third-string combo guard.

  100. Stanley Johnson, SF, San Antonio Spurs, UFA, 25
    The former lottery pick is a solid role player who has played well this season and might be earning himself a semi-nice contract.

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