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2023 NBA Free Agency: The top NBA free agent point guards for 2023. Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of July 7, 2023.
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  1. James Harden, PG, Philadelphia 76ers, PO, 34
    Harden in Philadelphia has turned into a point guard instead of a scorer first, second and third. He is one of the elite playmakers in the league, and he can also give a team 25-30 points if needed. It appears he will either return to Houston or stay in Philadelphia.

  2. Kyrie Irving, PG, Dallas Mavericks, UFA, 31
    No statements about Irving’s life off the court will be made, but he is the biggest talent in free agency and nearly got five stars. He fits to perfection with Luka Doncic, and the Nets should re-sign him.

  3. Fred VanVleet, PG, Toronto Raptors, PO, 29
    As you can see, there is a huge jump from the second player to the third, but VanVleet is a champion and a fantastic offensive player. He has run the Raptors really well for a really long time. VanVleet is a talent who can make a playoff team into a true contender.

  4. D’Angelo Russell, PG, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 27
    Russell’s season has been hot and cold, but he was recently an all-star point guard and he has been excellent with the Lakers after being in Minnesota. Russell should be re-signed by them.

  5. Russell Westbrook, PG, Los Angeles Clippers, UFA, 34
    Westbrook isn’t the MVP he once was, but was a brilliant sixth man early in the season. That is likely who he should be, but he is starting for the Clippers now and playing well. They should re-sign him.

  6. Tre Jones, PG, San Antonio Spurs, RFA, 23
    Jones has proven himself a solid starter, but he should be a sixth man. Jones won’t be too expensive, so he’s likely to stay with the Spurs.

  7. Dennis Smith Jr., PG, Charlotte Hornets, 25, UFA
    It is true that Smith was a draft bust, but he is still a very young monster athlete and gifted scorer who is having a very nice season. A team should gamble on him with a decent contract.

  8. Jevon Carter, PG, Milwaukee Bucks, PO, 27
    Carter started for Milwaukee because of injuries, but is a big rotation player for an elite team. He is a talented shooter, playmaker and defender who should stay with the Bucks.

  9. Reggie Jackson, PG, Denver Nuggets, UFA, 32
    Jackson was a starter for one of the best teams in the NBA for awhile, but he is currently playing very poorly in bench role in Denver.

  10. Coby White, PG, Chicago Bulls, RFA, 22
    White had a rough start to his season, but has improved in a big way, providing shooting, playmaking and scoring in the second unit.

  11. George Hill, PG, Indiana Pacers, UFA, 36
    Hill has been one of the best role player guards in the NBA for awhile now, and he still makes a difference, but at 36, he isn’t the talent he was.

  12. Dennis Schroder, PG, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 29
    Schroder said “no” to a massive contract recently, and it’s a shame because he is just an average-level second point guard.

  13. Kendrick Nunn, PG, Washington Wizards, UFA, 27
    Nunn was not a big factor on the Lakers, but his fit on the Wizards has been solid. He has proven that he is a baller in previous seasons.

  14. Cory Joseph, PG, Detroit Pistons, UFA, 31
    Joseph is a skilled reserve point guard who is still a strong role player. He could play a big role on a playoff team, and his talent is wasted on the Pistons.

  15. Patrick Beverlry, PG, Chicago Bulls, UFA, 35
    Beverly is a fantastic defender, an excellent rebounder and can shoot the ball. His age lowers him a bit, but he has been brilliant since he signed with the Bulls.

  16. Goran Dragic, PG, Milwaukee Bucks, PO, 36
    Dragic is instant offense and has a strong jump shot. He is a perfect bench guy for playoff teams.

  17. Gabe Vincent, PG, Miami Heat, UFA, 27
    Vincent is a low-efficiency bench scorer with some playmaking ability. He is suited to be a strong fourth guard for a team.

  18. Dalano Blanton, PG, Toronto Raptors, RFA, 23
    Blanton is a solid scorer and pesky defender at guard. He needs a bigger role.

  19. Ish Smith, PG, Denver Nuggets, UFA, 34
    Smith has been a scoring bench guard for a long time and quietly an excellent sixth man. He just doesn’t have a role with the Nuggets, a team that has one of the NBA’s strongest benches.

  20. Raul Neto, PG, Portland Trail Blazers, UFA, 31
    Neto is a third point guard, but he is a trusted veteran and simply plays his role well.

  21. Matthew Dellavedova, PG, Sacramento, UFA, 32
    Dellavedova was once a fantastic bench player, but he is a non-factor for Sacramento.

  22. Ryan Arcidiacano, PG, New York Knicks, UFA, 29
    Archie is a classic reserve guard. He is a solid shooter and playmaker who knows who he is.

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