2024 NBA Mock Re-Draft: Round Two

Johnny Furphy
2024 NBA Draft Grades
31. Toronto Raptors: Bobi Klintman, F, Sweden USC
The Raptors have some talented forwards, but they could stand to add depth at the position. Bobi Klintman is an excellent fit for the Raptors.

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32. Utah Jazz: Johnny Furphy, SG/SF, Kansas Kansas
The Jazz used two picks on guards, so it’s now time to address the forward situation. It was shocking to see Johnny Furphy not be drafted on Wednesday night.

33. Milwaukee Bucks: Kyle Filipowski, C, Duke Duke
Brook Lopez is entering his contract year, so the Bucks may want to add another big man.

34. Portland Trailblazers: Tyler Kolek, PG, Marquette
Here’s some backcourt depth for the Blazers, who are thin in the area.

35. San Antonio Spurs: Juan Nunez, PG, Germany Germany
I would expect the Spurs to use multiple picks on guards, as they happen to be very weak in that area.

36. Indiana Pacers: Tyler Smith, PF/C, USA USA
The Pacers need to make sure they get better defensively because they can’t stop anyone.

37. Detroit Pistons: Harrison Ingram, SF/PF, North Carolina North Carolina
The Pistons could go after a talented four to go with the wing they acquired in the first round.

38. New York Knicks: Jonathan Mogbo, PF/C, San Francisco SanFrancisco
The Knicks should continue to add quality depth just in case they suffer countless injuries like they did in the playoffs.

39. Memphis Grizzlies: Jaylen Wells, SF, Washington State
The Grizzlies are a thin team, so they should focus on adding the top players available at every choice.

40. Portland Trailblazers: Kevin McCullar, SG, Kansas
This is Portland’s fourth pick, so they could just add the best player available or trade away this selection.

41. Philadelphia 76ers: Trentyn Flowers, SF/PF, USA
The 76ers could have used their initial pick on a power forward. Because they didn’t, they may want to do that here.

42. Charlotte Hornets: Pelle Larsson, SG/SF, Arizona
Another wing player for a Hornets team that needs all the help it can get.

43. Miami Heat: Jamal Shead, PG, Houston
Here’s some guard depth for a Miami team that had plenty of injuries this past season.

44. Atlanta Hawks: Ajay Mitchell, PG, UC-Santa Barbara UC-Santa Barbara
The Hawks could stand to add a promising point guard as an insurance policy for Trae Young.

45. Sacramento Kings: Justin Edwards, SG/SF, Kentucky
The Kings went with a guard in the first round, so they could find a wing with this selection.

46. Los Angeles Clippers: Cam Spencer, SG, Connecticut
The Clippers have some old guards they’ll need to replace in the near future.

47. Orlando Magic: Adem Bona, C, UCLA UCLA
Jarrett Allen dominated the Magic, so here’s a center to help in that regard.

48. San Antonio Spurs: Melvin Ajinca, SG/SF, France
With numerous picks during the 2024 NBA Draft, the Spurs are likely to pursue a developmental foreign prospect.

49. Indiana Pacers: Oso Ighodaro, PF/C, Marquette
The Pacers could stand to add another big man for depth, as they need to get better in that area.

50. Indiana Pacers: Tristen Newton, G, Connecticut
The Pacers’ other consecutive second-round pick could be used on a guard to help in terms of depth.

51. New York Knicks: Jalen Bridges, SF, Baylor
The Knicks drafted a developmental player initially, so getting someone who can contribute sooner rather than later makes sense.

52. Oklahoma City Thunder: Keshad Johnson, SF/PF, Arizona
Another guard? Maybe not. The Thunder need some forward depth.

53. Minnesota Timberwolves: K.J. Simpson, PG, Colorado Colorado
Mike Conley is an older player, so the Timberwolves can find a point guard for the future.

54. Boston Celtics: Nikola Djurisic, SG/SF, Serbia
The Celtics are loaded right now, so they may want to add a stash player.

55. Los Angeles Lakers: Bronny James, G, USC
Probably the easiest pick to predict in the entire 2024 NBA Draft.

56. Phoenix Suns: Ulrich Chomche, C, Cameroon
The Suns can try to develop a center via a project like this.

57. Memphis Grizzlies: Enrique Freeman, PF/C, Akron
The Grizzlies are weak at center, so this is an area they must continue to address.

58. Dallas Mavericks: P.J. Hall, C, Clemson
The Mavericks have an incredible backcourt, so they need to add some bigs.

2024 NBA Draft Grades

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