2024 NBA Mock Draft: Round Two

Toronto Raptors: Boni Klintman, F, Sweden

The NBL – an uber-talented Australian league- prospect was impressive in his single season at Wake Forest and now in said NBL. He’s a nice prospect for the Raptors.

Utah Jazz: Justin Edwards, SF, Kentucky

The Jazz simply need talent, and Edwards is a lottery talent who just needs to develop. He had a rough freshman season, but he’s very talented.

Milwaukee Bucks: Tristen da Silva, SF, Colorado

Da Silva may be a first-round pick, but adding him to the Milwaukee bench would be a big deal here. He can be a shooting and scoring combo forward who could be a valuable reserve.

Portland Trail Blazers: Trevon Brazile, F, Arkansas

Brazile is a 6-foot-10 monster athlete who can give the Trail Blazers a bouncy bench piece and add to their big rotation.

San Antonio Spurs: Dillon Mitchell, F, Texas

The Spurs need help at forward, and the former lottery prospect is a very nice potential developmental piece. He is a plus athlete, rebounder and defender at 6-foot-9, but his offense is rough.

Indiana Pacers: Jaylon Tyson, SG, California

Tyson is a 6-foot-7 guard who is an excellent scorer, can shoot well, and has really developed as a playmaker. He is a versatile talent for Indiana’s bench.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Ryan Dunn, F, Virginia

The Timberwolves have arguably the top defense in the league, and Dunn is arguably the 2024 NBA Draft’s No. 1 defender. He has no offense though.

New York Knicks: Trentyn Flowers, SG, USA

An athletic guard in the NBL with excellent size, he has versatility, which the Knicks need. He is an interesting talent.

Memphis Grizzlies: Cam Spencer, SG, Connecticut

Spencer is an excellent shooter, is a pesky defender and has playmaking skills, but he’s a small two guard. Regardless, the Grizzlies could use a three-and-d guard

Portland Trail Blazers: Adem Bona, PF/C, UCLA

Bona is a slightly short center, but he defends and rebounds as a five should. He has no shot but is still efficient as a scorer. The Trail Blazers lack a big like him.

Philadelphia 76ers: Trey Alexander, G, Creighton

Alexander is a volume scorer who was very efficient as a sophomore, but as a junior, he was poor. Alexander is a very strong playmaker and could easily become a valuable reserve for Philadelphia.

Charlotte Hornets: Bronny James, SG, USC

If James stays in the 2024 NBA Draft, he will get chosen, simply because he will make that team money. The Hornets could use an athletic defender at guard and fans, so it’s a fine spot for him. James would give Charlotte a lot of media attention.

Miami Heat: Reece Beekman, PG, Virginia

Beekman is an ace defender who can score and really run a team. He can be a nice reserve point guard for the Heat.

Houston Rockets: Oshaese Ighodaro, F, Marquette

The Rockets need to add cheap talent and size, and Ighodaro could help there. He defends and rebounds well, but has no shot.

Sacramento Kings: Ulrich Chomche, C, Cameroon

Chomche is an interesting prospect as he is big and an excellent shot-blocker, plus he can really shoot the ball. Chomche would be a strong reserve to Domantas Sabonis at the five. Chomche is a potential home run for the Kings, given their need to add talent.

Los Angeles Clippers: Grant Nelson, PF, Alabama

With Alabama’s massive run, Nelson became a big name in the tournament. He has size, length and a lot of talent. He can shoot, blocks shots, and is a plus rebounder at 6-foot-11. The Clippers lack a player like Nelson.

Orlando Magic: Baba Miller, F, Florida State

Miller has the size, athleticism and talent to become a Heat role player and is a very nice fit. He still needs a lot of development, but the talent is there.

San Antonio Spurs: Dillon Jones, SF, Weber State

Jones is a heavy, although smallish forward, but he’s an excellent and efficient scorer, a monster rebounder and a talented playmaker. He also manages to defend. The Spurs could put him in a number of roles.

Indiana Pacers: D.J. Burns, C, N.C. State

Burns had an incredible NCAA tournament run, and although football people want to groom him as an offensive lineman because he is 6-foot-9, 350-plus pounds, which is perfect for a left tackle, he loves basketball. Regardless, Burns is so big and skilled, he should be able to be a valuable role player. The Pacers could use a big like him.

Indiana Pacers: Nikola Durisic, SF, Serbia

Durisic could have been drafted last offseason and could be this offseason. A forward with scoring and playmaking ability, he would be a nice developmental project for the Pacers.

Washington Wizards: Pacome Dadiet, SG, France

Another cog in the French basketball machine, Dadiet is a nice prospect for Washington, which is just trying to find keepers.

Golden State Warriors: Mark Sears, G, Alabama

Sears had an All-American-level season for a very talented Alabama team. He’s a strong playmaker, an excellent shooter and a pesky defender, but is only average as an athlete, plus he is only 6-foot-1. He could be a nice reserve for the Warriors though, as they like proven college studs.

Detroit Pistons: Coleman Hawkins, F, Illinois

Offensively, Hawkins is a versatile scorer, possessing strong shooting ability out to the three-point line and the handle to take slower bigs to the rim and finish with his athleticism. Playing at Illinois didn’t do him any favors defensively, because he was taken advantage of on the glass and didn’t make the improvements NBA teams were looking for.

Boston Celtics: Tristan Newton, PG, Connecticut

The All-American and national champion starting point guard is a strong scorer and playmaker at 6-foot-5, but he’s not efficient or very athletic. He’s a very Boston Celtics type of role guy.

Los Angeles Lakers: P.J. Hall, C, Clemson

Hall is a scoring big man who can shoot and is a solid shot-blocker, but a mediocre rebounder. He would be a nice reserve prospect for the Lakers because they need depth among their big men.

Denver Nuggets: Matthew Murrell, SG, Ole Miss

Murrell is an ace shooter who brings a bit of playmaking as well. The Nuggets could use cheap younger specialists like him.

Memphis Grizzlies: Jalen Bridges, SF, Baylor

Bridges has been a potential second-round pick for a couple of years, but just had a rock-solid fourth college season. He would fit the Grizzlies.

Dallas Mavericks: Anton Watson, SG, Gonzaga

This team needs cheap role players, and the 6-foot-8 senior is an excellent three-and-d talent. Dallas could really use one of them.

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