Live 2015 NBA Draft Grades: Round Two

Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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  1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Cedi Osman, SG, Turkey – D Grade
    His name is pronounced “Cheddy” which makes me crave cheese. Maybe he’ll play in the NBA one, maybe he won’t. Ah, love the international draft and stashes of the second round.

  2. Houston Rockets: Montrezl Harrell, PF, Louisville – A Grade
    I had Harrell as a first round prospect so this is a great second round value. He is undersized to be an NBA power forward but is extremely long and aggressive. Harrell could find a role off the Rockets’ bench.

  3. Boston Celtics: Jordan Mickey, PF, LSU – B- Grade
    The Celtics need some depth inside and Mickey is long and athletic but a bit undersized. He could stick on the roster though since Brandon Bass is a free agent.

  4. Los Angeles Lakers: Anthony Brown, SF, Stanford – B Grade
    Brown is a shooter who has good size and length for the next level. He could add some depth on the wing behind Kobe and Nick Young.

  5. Philadelphia 76ers: Guillermo Hernangomez, C, Spain – D Grade
    The Sixers love centers more than David Kahn loved point guards. A likely draft and stash prospect, but Philly needs to find some guards eventually, right?

    Walt’s Edit: I’ll include my dad’s thoughts on the Sixers’ picks. My dad likes this guy. “He’s good! He’s 240 pounds! But another center?”

  6. Cleveland Cavaliers: Rakeem Christmas, PF, Syracuse – A+ Grade
    Love this pick and value for the Cavs. I think Christmas can find his niche as a rebounding/shot-blocking bench player especially on a Cleveland team that could lose Kevin Love and possibly Tristan Thompson to free agency.

  7. Philadelphia 76ers: Richaun Holmes, PF, Bowling Green – C- Grade
    Hey, another post player for Philly. Holmes brings more versatility to the floor but again, the Sixers know they need guards on a basketball team, right?

    Walt’s Dad’s Take: “How many f***ing centers and power forwards do they need? Why not some guards!?”

  8. Detroit Pistons: Darrun Hilliard, SG, Villanova – D- Grade
    Wow. Didn’t think he’d get drafted. He has a smooth stroke from the outside but I don’t see him being a contributor at the next level. There are some better upside type players available that would be worth the risk here.

  9. Charlotte Hornets: Juan Vaulet, SF, Argentina – D Grade
    I hate this part of the second round with all these internationals being drafted when most never come to the NBA.

  10. Miami Heat: Josh Richardson, SG, Tennessee – B Grade
    I liked Richardson at Tennessee. He’s athletic, has good size, and plays hard. He should stick on the Heat roster.

  11. Brooklyn Nets: Pat Connaughton, SG, Notre Dame – C- Grade
    Wait, is he going to play baseball or basketball? He could find his niche as a role player since he rebounds well and can shoot it from deep. Connaughton is a crazy athlete so he could stick with the Nets who need depth on the wing.


  12. Utah Jazz: Olivier Hanlan, PG, Boston College – B Grade
    The Jazz have young guards on their roster but could use a shooter which Hanlan does very well. Like the current guards on their roster, Hanlan can likely play both guard spots if needed.

  13. Indiana Pacers: Joseph Young, SG, Oregon – B+ Grade
    Hey, I got a second-round pick right! Young is a shooting guard trapped in a point guard’s body but he knows how to score the rock and could provide some needed offense off the Indiana bench.

  14. Phoenix Suns: Andrew Harrison, PG, Kentucky – A- Grade
    The Suns love guards, and Andrew Harrison is well worth the second round gamble here.

  15. Boston Celtics: Marcus Thornton, PG, William & Mary – F Grade
    Boston loves guards like Philly loves bigs. The Celtics had four solid guards entering tonight and added three more in this draft which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Draft a foreign dude or a small forward, huh?

  16. Toronto Raptors: Norman Powell, SG, UCLA – B+ Grade
    The Raptors acquired this pick from Milwaukee in the Greivis Vasquez trade. Toronto needs wing depth and Powell is a good value here who could stick on their roster.

  17. Philadelphia 76ers: Arturas Gudaitis, C, Lithuania – D Grade
    Another big… LOL… that’s all I got.

    Walt’s Dad’s Take: “I thought the Sixers were going to take Obama!” (No idea) “Another center! We have six centers! I like what they’re doing because they don’t want to pick up s***. Who knows, maybe they’ll be good.”

  18. Oklahoma City Thunder: Dakari Johnson, C, Kentucky – A- Grade
    A big body on the inside, Johnson is a solid value here for Oklahoma City. The Thunder do have young bigs like Steven Adams and Mitch McGary but could lose Enes Kanter in free agency. Walt’s Dad’s Take: “Thank God! I thought he was going to the Sixers, too!”

  19. Washington Bullets: Aaron White, PF, Iowa – D Grade
    White does bring some versatility to the floor but I don’t see him being a contributor at the next level.

  20. Atlanta Hawks: Marcus Eriksson, SG, Sweden – D Grade
    Since nobody cares about this pick, why does ESPN have this 13-year-old kid grading draft outfits? Does anybody watching actually care about this? I hate ESPN.

    Walt’s Take: Seconded! At least we got to see Shannon the Sideline Reporter.

  21. Orlando Magic: Tyler Harvey, SG, Eastern Washington – B Grade
    He’s a big time scorer from a small school. The Magic have targeted their need for shooters in this draft and have landed a pair of gunners.

  22. Dallas Mavericks: Satnam Singh Bhamara, C, India – D Grade
    I’m having Gheorge Muresan flashbacks. Or maybe that is the Great Khali from WWE? Dallas would make a pick like this.

  23. Cleveland Cavaliers: Sir’Dominic Pointer, SF, St. John’s – D Grade
    I didn’t expect him to get drafted but he is athletic and can maybe develop into a defensive wing. Don’t see him making a roster.

  24. Portland Trailblazers: Daniel Diez, PF, Spain – C Grade
    Man, there are a lot of Euro dudes stealing the shine of dumb underclassmen who declared and haven’t gotten drafted.

  25. San Antonio Spurs: Cady Lalanne, PF, UMass – C+ Grade
    The Spurs need an injection of youth and depth up front off their bench. He could stick on the roster.

  26. New Orleans Pelicans: Branden Dawson, PF, Michigan State – A+ Grade
    Maybe I’m drunk on what Draymond Green did this past season, but I really think Dawson can be a valuable role player at the next level. This is a great pick and I think he could come off the bench and help the Pelicans right away.

  27. Denver Nuggets: Nikola Radicevic, PG, Serbia – D Grade
    I really don’t get the drafting a foreign dude theory when you can roll the dice on Cliff Alexander or Christian Wood.

  28. Philadelphia 76ers: J.P. Tokoto, SF, North Carolina –
    Hey, Philly drafted a guard! He should have returned for his senior season but this is a solid value this late. He doesn’t shoot it well but does a lot of other things well and could develop into a glue guy.

    Walt’s Dad’s Take: “That’s a good one! He’s not bad, right?”

  29. Atlanta Hawks: Dimitrios Agravanis, PF, Greece – D Grade
    I’m proposing a rule that international players are ineligible to be drafted in the second round. Who is with me? Adam Silver, make it happen.

  30. Philadelphia 76ers: Luka Mitrovic, PF, Serbia – D Grade
    Post player. Foreign guy. Enjoy, Philly. By the way, DAMN, poor Cliff Alexander and Christian Wood…

    Walt’s Dad’s Take: “Ha! Another big man. It’s all for the future, Walt. Except for Tokoto, it’s all for the future. Good draft.”

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Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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