2015 Cleveland Cavaliers

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Cleveland Cavaliers (Last Year: 53-29)

2015-16 Projected Depth Chart:

C: Timofey Mozgov/Anderson Varejao/#Brendan Haywood

PF: *Tristan Thompson

SF: ^LeBron James/^Mike Miller

SG: *Iman Shumpert/^J.R. Smith/Joe Harris

PG: Kyrie Irving/*Matthew Dellavedova

NBA Free Agents:

PF-Kevin Love (UFA)

C-Kendrick Perkins (UFA)

SF-James Jones (UFA)

SF-Shawn Marion (UFA)

*PF-Tristan Thompson (RFA)

*SG-Iman Shumpert (RFA)

*PG-Matthew Dellavedova (RFA)

^SF-LeBron James (PO)

^SG-J.R. Smith (PO)

^SF-Mike Miller (PO)

#C-Brendan Haywood (TO)

2015-16 Team Salary: Approximately $46.3 million

NBA Offseason Team Needs:

1. Everything: From LeBron’s future to Kevin Love opting out and becoming a free agent, to figuring out what to do with restricted free agents Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, and Matthew Dellavedova; it is going to be an awfully interesting and active offseason in Cleveland. Two things are certainties: Kyrie Irving returning to run the point and having two solid big men options with Timofey Mozgov and Anderson Varejao (assuming the latter can stay healthy.) Everything else is up in the air.

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