NBA 2018 Season Preview – by WFDevTeam

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…in the previous Episode of the NBA (the 2017-18 season)

  • Golden State remains invincible.
  • Houston doubles down on offense. Because “1/2 the defense =’s twice the offense” – D’Antoni Game of Zones

  • Lebron plays every single regular season game which I assume was just to shut up critics about him pacing himself in the past. Embarrasses Toronto. Defeatsthe evil ghosts of TD Garden. Only to get swept by GS (though they should have won game 1)
  • Boston (and Tatum) is insanely good
  • The Process comes alive

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This upcoming season

  • Golden State wins the Finals in a 3 game sweep
  • Lebron is in LA
  • Boston becomes a super team via growth of young players and superstars returning from injuries
  • Ben Simmons takes 2 legitamate 3 pointers and even makes 1, some time late in season…perhaps against the Dallas Mavericks on April Fools day.

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