2019 MLB Mock Draft Continued

Last update: Monday, June 3, 2019.
By Charlie Campbell.
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  1. Pittsburgh Pirates: George Kirby, RHP, Elon
    The Pirates could use more pitching, and Kirby looks like a safe pick. He’s enjoyed a rise this spring while showing excellent control to produce a tremendous striketout-to-walk ratio.

  2. St. Louis Cardinals: Quinn Priester, RHP, High School
    Starting in the mid-teens, there could be a run on high school pitchers, and Priester could be one of the first to come off the board. Of the prep arms, some feel who Priester might be the one who moves the fastest through the minors, and that could make him a nice fit for the Cardinals. They can never have enough talented young pitching to face off against Chicago and Milwaukee.

  3. Seattle Mariners: Logan Davidson, SS, Clemson
    At the start of the process, I remember seeing Davidson receiving some projections of going higher in the first round. With his power and speed, it would not be surprising if Davidson goes higher.

  4. Atlanta Braves: Brett Baty, 3B, High School
    The Braves add their second bat in the first round, and Baty has the potential to go in the top 20. He might be a top-10 pick if it weren’t for his age, as he is older than most high school prospects, but he has a combination of hitting for average and power that should have him go in the top 25 despite being older than typical high school players.

  5. Tampa Bay Rays: Kody Hoese, 3B, Tulane
    Hoese has been one of the best power hitters in college baseball this year, and he could be a nice fit for Tampa Bay. Brendan McKay is probably going to be a pitcher in the bigs, so that opens up another corner spot for Hoese. One can imagine that Hoese’s power will play well at the Trop if he can battle his way up through the minors.

  6. Colorado Rockies: Michael Busch, 1B/OF, North Carolina
    Bush is a disciplined hitter, and supposedly that is what the Rockies are targeting. He is a versatile player who could play in the outfield, first base, and some think he could play second base as well, so that offers nice flexibility for Colorado.

  7. Cleveland Indians: Braden Shewmake, SS, Texas A&M
    The Indians are supposedly into prep arms or college bats. Shewmake could provide more security than a prep arm, and Cleveland has had a tendency to play things safe.

  8. Los Angeles Dodgers: Gunnar Henderson, SS, High School
    The Dodgers don’t shy away from taking prep players or guys who are fast risers with big upside. That would fit Henderson, who has been a climber this spring.

  9. Arizona Diamondbacks: Daniel Espino, RHP, High School
    The Diamondbacks added a prep bat to lead off their four first-rounders and follow it up with a prep arm. Espino could go higher than this due to his developed arm and polish, so this is a nice value for Arizona.

  10. Chicago Cubs: Will Wilson, SS, N.C. State
    The Cubs are always on the look out for college bats, and I want to put Tulane third baseman Kody Hoese to them, but I’m not sure he gets to their pick or the Cubs take him given their stars on the corners of their infield. Thus, I could see Chicago adding some depth for up the middle with a balanced shortstop like Wilson.

  11. Milwaukee Brewers: Seth Johnson, RHP, Campbell
    The Brewers could use more young pitching talent, and Campbell has big upside. Campbell has been a late riser and has a fast ball that pushes triple digits.

  12. Oakland A’s: Kameron Misner, OF, Missouri
    The A’s were jilted by Kyler Murray and could use a replacement. Misner is known to have a skill set with speed and power, and he also isn’t a prospect for the NFL.

  13. New York Yankees: Tyler Callihan, 3B, High School
    New York adds a high upside prep player who has a good bat, but also is a little old for a high school prospect.

  14. Los Angeles Dodgers: J.J. Gross, RHP, High School
    The Dodgers take another big upside player with Gross, who has a power arm with one of the best breaking balls in this draft class.

  15. Houston Astros: Maurice Hampton, OF, High School
    The Astros have a great farm system, and their ability to develop talent might be enough to sway Hampton from playing baseball and football at LSU.

  16. Arizona Diamondbacks: Rece Hinds, 3B, High School
    Hinds is raw power third baseman with big upside for the Diamondbacks. If they can cut down on his strikeouts, he could be a revelation for one of their late first-round picks.

  17. Arizona Diamondbacks: Hunter Barco, LHP, High School
    The Diamondbacks add another prep arm arm to finish off their first-round haul. Barco might be the only prep left-hander who goes in the first round.

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