Why Do the Lions Have Just 500 Fans in the Stands?

It’s hard to believe that some people thought that the NFL wouldn’t complete its season. Some of these individuals even gave up playing fantasy football this year because they were so pessimistic. Countless leagues were canceled because of this deranged mindset that was so prevalent in the summer.

There have been a couple of postponed games, but everything has gone smoothly for the NFL otherwise. In fact, many cities have begun allowing fans into the stands. The loons who were so pessimistic about the 2020 NFL season even concluding likely never would have imagined this, but there were so many teams that permitted a live audience. Here’s what the fan attendance looked like in Week 8 of 2020:

Florida has handled the so-called pandemic better than every state other than South Dakota, so it would make sense that the Dolphins would have more fans than anyone. Missouri and Ohio have also done a terrific job. Meanwhile, New York has had the most deaths, thanks to deranged governor Andrew Fredo purposely killing elderly people in nursing homes by flooding the facilities with sick patients. Fredo is one of the dumbest people in a position of power, so therefore, it’s impossible for any New York-based team to have fans, at least according to Fredo. Wisconsin and Illinois are also run extremely poorly, which sucks for Packers and Bears fans.

None of this is a surprise, though there’s one number that sticks out on this chart. That would be “500,” as in the number of fans allowed in Ford Field for the Lions’ battle against the Colts.

I don’t understand why 500 people were allowed in the stadium. Five hundred is obviously better than zero, but if the Lions were going to permit fans to enter Ford Field, then why not allow a reasonable number like something in the high-four or low-five digits?

This is a classic example of extreme stupidity. Ford Field is cavernous, and even a number 10 times that figure would allow people to space out and be safe. I don’t even think that’s necessary, given that the minor illness circulating through the country has a 99.98-percent survival rate, but even when being cautious, 500 is pathetically low. In fact, it’s embarrassing.

I personally believe that all stadiums should be allowed to fill to capacity. I don’t understand why any government official or NFL organization has the right to tell ordinary people what to do with their lives. If fans want to go to games, why not allow them to do so? These fans are adults, so they can make their own decisions. No one is forcing them to attend games, so why not allow people to make their own call? Why should anyone else decide for them?

It’s their body, their choice.

But even if authoritarians make it so people don’t have a choice, it really makes no sense to have just 500 fans in a stadium. If you’re going to allow any fans, there’s absolutely no reason to limit the figure to 500.

Hopefully common sense prevails. I’d ordinarily be more optimistic about something like this, but after the lunacy I heard from many people this summer, I’m not confident we’ll have any sort of logical results anytime soon.

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