Jean Fugett: Around the NFL

By Jean Fugett; thanks to Charlie Campbell – @draftcampbell is proud to partner with former Redskins and Cowboys tight end Jean Fugett, Jr. Esq. Fugett grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Amherst College. He was the last pick of the 13th round in the 1972 NFL Draft. Fugett made the Cowboys as a backup to future Hall of Famer Mike Ditka. Fugett eventually became a starter for Tom Landry’s Cowboys and started in Super Bowl X. He made the Pro Bowl in 1977.

As a free agent, Fugett went from being the lowest-paid starting tight end to the highest-paid with the Washington Redskins. While playing for legendary Redskins coach George Allen, Fugett attended law school at George Washington University at night.

During and after his playing days, Fugett worked with CBS, the Washington Post and other media. He went on to serve as Director and Vice-Chair of the McCall Pattern Company Management Committee, founded a Baltimore law firm and partnered with Fanfone in Europe.

After the death of his brother Reginald F. Lewis in 1993, Fugett took over TLC Beatrice International Foods, the largest black-owned and black-managed business in the world at the time. Fugett has served on committees with the NFL Players Association and on the Leadership Council for the American Diabetes Association Maryland Chapter. would like to thank Redskins president Bruce Allen and senior vice president/executive producer of media Larry Michael for connecting us to Fugett. Now, let’s let Jean take over.

Offensive Players of the Week: Derek Carr, quarterback, Oakland Raiders and Jordan Howard, running back, Chicago Bears

Defensive Player of the Week: Vic Beasley, linebacker, Atlanta Falcons

Coach of the Week: John Fox, head coach, Chicago Bears

Goat of the Week: Gus Bradley, head coach, Jacksonville Jaguars

First: I want to salute Andre Johnson for a great career. He retired this week after 14 seasons in the NFL. I think Johnson is a Hall of Famer right now and retires as one of the 10 best wide receivers in NFL history. He made it to 35 years of age as a wide receiver; what a great career! He is a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee in my opinion. Johnson and Marvin Harrison are the only receivers in NFL history to have four seasons of 100 receptions and 1,400 yards. But, Harrison had an advantage named Peyton Manning throwing him the ball. The best quarterback for Johnson, over 14 seasons, was probably Matt Schaub, which makes Johnson’s accomplishment even more remarkable. Congratulations on a great career, Andre, and welcome to the retired players. We look forward to seeing you inducted in Canton.

An interesting aspect this past week in the NFL was that for the second week in a row, a game ended in a tie. Some wonder if overtime in the NFL is a good idea. Believe me, 60 minutes of game time is plenty and about the outer limit for a well-conditioned NFL body competing against another well-conditioned NFL body at full speed.

No one really knows the limit of the human body when it comes to football. Add another 15 minutes and we are really outside the limits. Fortunately, it does not happen very often, until the last two weeks.

Vince Lombardi once famously said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Many didn’t understand what he meant; when football players are tired they will not hit with the same enthusiasm and often end up out of position and get injured. This leads to running backs taking over games in the fourth quarter because of the fatigue of the defense. Fatigue is a real career danger for every professional football player.

Ties have always been part of the game and can be honorable when each team gives their best. Overtime adds a gladiator element to the game that it does not need. 60 minutes is enough.

The rating declines in the NFL is being blamed on many things. The fact that there are 18 NFL teams that are .500 and there are five more at 4-3. Mediocre. Do we really want parity in the NFL?

Lastly, I think we could have three playoff teams out of the AFC West and three playoff teams out of the NFC East. Those two divisions are very strong this year.

Elimination List
  • Cleveland Browns
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Miami Dolphins
  • New York Jets
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Chicago Bears
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Carolina Panthers

  • AFC

    New England has a three game lead in the AFC East after blowing out the Bills. Buffalo is one of the many .500 teams and need LeSean McCoy back to be a true threat. The Jets beat the Browns, but New York is still too far behind. Miami had a bye.

    Pittsburgh has a one-game lead as well in the AFC North, and that tie last week with Washington could come back to hurt the Bengals when they are trying to catch the Steelers. The Ravens could go on a streak as they have a quarterback who can push them to wins in Joe Flacco. When will Big Ben return? Who knows.

    Former Redskin and Cowboy tight end Jean Fugett was a Pro Bowler in 1977 and a starter in Super Bowl X.

    Houston has a one-game lead over the improving young Titans in the AFC South. We added the Jaguars to our elimination list this week. Blake Bortles and the Jaguars’ defense have played so poorly that Jacksonville is eliminated from the playoff race before even having played eight games. I will reserve judgement on the Colts. They are now 3-5, but they have a great quarterback, Andrew Luck, and are the type of team that could go on a streak because of him. However, the Colts have a very thin margin for error.

    In the AFC West, Derek Carr setting a passing-yards record for the Oakland Raiders was incredible, especially when you consider the quarterbacks in the organization’s history, like Ken Stabler and Daryle Lamonica. While Carr was spectacular, the Raiders’ defense set the all-time NFL record for the most penalties in the same game. Both the Chiefs and Broncos won, so the AFC West is especially strong now. The in-division games between these three teams are going to be huge.


    Dallas is up two games in the win column in the NFC East and in control, but Dak Prescott looked tentative last week and was not stepping into his throws. I think before too long we’re going to see Tony Romo back as the starter. The NFC East has another big game this week with the Giants versus the Eagles. The tie could really hurt the Redskins because that is one game they cannot make up in the win column in a division that could produce three playoff teams.

    Chicago just proved that the Vikings may not be one of the better of teams in the league or in the NFC North. Minnesota has a great defense, but the offense? Many thought the Bears would lose out the season after such a poor start. When Jay Cutler is healthy, he plays well and the Bears are not so bad. Playing at home in a division game on Monday Night Football was enough motivation for the Bears.

    How Minnesota has been able to win without Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson is amazing. The Vikings are going to feel pressure from Green Bay, and maybe Detroit, so the Vikings will need that 5-0 start to help sustain them to get into the postseason. If Minnesota plays around .500 ball after the 5-0 start, that should be enough for the team to get into the playoffs.

    Atlanta has a one-game lead in the NFC South division. Tampa Bay and New Orleans are only one game out in the loss column. The Buccaneers and the Saints are still alive. I think Carolina’s rough start will probably keep the team from the playoffs this season. The Bucs and Saints are playing well now. The Saints and Seahawks game was one of the most interesting last week. Playing in New Orleans, the Saints are tough, but they were not favored to beat Seattle. New Orleans used a balanced attack with equal rushes and passes, and beat Seattle. When was the last time the Saints could say they won with the run! Entering the game, the Saints had the 28th-ranked rushing offense in the league, yet they were able to rush against the Seahawks’ defense. Maybe New Orleans has found something.

    Seattle is now two straight games without a win, but is still in control of the NFC West division. The 49ers are already eliminated. I think Arizona is done, and I think the Rams are done. The Rams should be on the elimination list shortly. The tie will hurt Arizona.


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