2013 NFL Free Agents: Quarterbacks

2013 NFL Free Agent Positions:
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2013 Free Agency: Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of Sept. 1, 2013.
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  1. Joe Flacco, QB, Ravens. Age: 28.
    Re-signed with Ravens (6 years, $120.6 million)

    I had this prepared prior to his playoff run: “Joe Flacco considers himself elite, but he’s way too inconsistent to be on that level. He’s a good starter who still has the potential to take the next step, but he has yet to do that.” Well, Flacco has proven that once again, he steps up when it counts the most. He deserves a big contract.

  2. Tim Tebow, QB, Jets. Age: 26.
    Signed with Patriots

    Dumb, homoclitic ESPN groupthink believes that Tim Tebow should either move to the tight end position or be relegated to the CFL. In reality, Tebow is a solid starting quarterback. He makes things happen on the football field (but not in practice, duh, Jets), inspires teammates and just wins football games. After all, leading a mediocre Denver team to the playoffs (after Kyle Orton’s horrific start with the same squad) and compiling 400 yards of offense against Dick LeBeau’s defense in a postseason victory is no fluke. Tebow still has room for growth. A coach with a great imagination could run a highly successful offense with the former Gator. The problem with Tebow has very little to do with what he does on the field. The media creates such a distraction with him that it can hurt the team. Tebow needs to go to a small-market organization to avoid that. The Jaguars make all the sense in the world, as Tebow would be a colossal upgrade over either Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne.

  3. Kevin Kolb, QB, Cardinals. Age: 29.
    Signed with Bills

    Kevin Kolb hasn’t been officially released, but the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that it’ll happen in the next couple of days. Kolb is a borderline starter for a team. He can be effective when on the field, as we saw when he threw eight touchdowns to just three picks in 2012, leading Arizona to a surprising 4-1 record to kick off the year. However, Kolb is very brittle. He’s been injured every single season in which he was supposed to be the starter.

  4. Matt Moore, QB, Dolphins. Age: 29.
    Re-signed with Dolphins (2 years, $8 million)

    Matt Moore has thrown 17 touchdowns to just nine interceptions in the past two seasons. His completion percentage has never been great, but he’s shown that he can get the job done if he has the talent around him.

  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Bills. Age: 30.
    Signed with Titans (2 years)

    Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for a career-high 3,832 yards in 2011 and maintained a 23-16 touchdown-to-interception ratio in 2012. Those numbers look solid, but Fitzpatrick is more of a very good backup or just a spot starter. His weak arm should prevent him from landing another starting gig.

  6. Matt Cassel, QB, Chiefs. Age: 31.
    Signed with Vikings

    Matt Cassel has proven that he can take a team to the playoffs if he has terrific coaching and great personnel around him. Everything has to be perfect. But even then, he can’t advance in the postseason because of his physical limitations. All Cassel should have been this whole time is a top-notch backup.

  7. Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Titans. Age: 38.
    Signed with Colts (2 years)

    Matt Hasselbeck’s days as a starter are long gone, but he proved that he can still be a very capable backup. He threw seven touchdowns to five interceptions in eight games last season.

  8. Jason Campbell, QB, Bears. Age: 31. — Signed with Browns (2 years)
  9. Brian Hoyer, QB, Cardinals. Age: 27. — Signed with Browns (2 years)
  10. David Garrard, QB, None. Age: 35. — Announced retirement
  11. Dennis Dixon, QB, Ravens. Age: 28. — Signed with Eagles (2 years)
  12. Tarvaris Jackson, QB, Bills. Age: 30. — Signed with Seahawks
  13. Trent Edwards, QB, Eagles. Age: 29.
  14. Charlie Batch, QB, Steelers. Age: 38.
  15. Rex Grossman, QB, Redskins. Age: 33. — Re-signed with Redskins
  16. Dan Orlovsky, QB, Buccaneers. Age: 30. — Re-signed with Buccaneers
  17. John Skelton, QB, Cardinals. Age: 25. — Claimed by Bengals
  18. Byron Leftwich, QB, Steelers. Age: 33.
  19. Chase Daniel, QB, Saints. Age: 26. — Signed with Chiefs
  20. Drew Stanton, QB, Colts. Age: 29. — Signed with Cardinals (3 years)
  21. Brady Quinn, QB, Chiefs. Age: 28. — Signed with Seahawks
  22. Derek Anderson, QB, Panthers. Age: 30. — Re-signed with Panthers (1 year)
  23. Matt Leinart, QB, Raiders. Age: 30.
  24. David Carr, QB, Giants. Age: 34. — Re-signed with Giants
  25. Kellen Clemens, QB, Rams. Age: 30. — Re-signed with Rams
  26. Bruce Gradkowski, QB, Bengals. Age: 30. — Signed with Steelers (3 years)
  27. Josh McCown, QB, Bears. Age: 34. — Re-signed with Bears (1 year)
  28. Tyler Thigpen, QB, Bills. Age: 29.
  29. Luke McCown, QB, Falcons. Age: 32. — Signed with Saints (1 year)
  30. JaMarcus Russell, QB/OT, Raiders. Age: 28.
  31. Jordan Palmer, QB, Jaguars. Age: 29.
  32. John Parker Wilson, QB, Jaguars. Age: 27. — Claimed by Steelers
  33. Caleb Hanie, QB, Broncos. Age: 27.

2013 NFL Free Agent Positions:
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