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How do I pay to participate in a Public League?
We only accept PayPal. As you sign-up for a league our website will prompt you to insert your PayPal information and make a payment. It’s easy and secure!

What are the general league rules?
Each of the formats have their own scoring systems but there are some general rules for all our leagues. Basically all of our leagues use a traditional head-to-head system. All leagues will have either 12 or 14 teams, depending on league. Flex positions may be filled with a RB, WR, or TE only. Each league has specific line-up requirements. Each team will be allowed two roster spots for each starting spot (ie: 9 starters demands 18 overall roster spots). There will be no injured-reserved list, nor any taxi squads. Owners may set or change their starting players up until each player’s individual game time. Once a game has started, all players involved in that game are frozen into whatever spot they have been set at that exact time (as starters or bench players). We encourage all owners to submit a lineup before Sunday to avoid any possibility of not submitting your desired lineup. All leagues will use waiver wire system that places teams in reverse order of the standings.

What are the league scoring rules/format?
All of our leagues will use decimal scoring. Scoring is as follows:

Performance Scoring:
Passing TD’s 6 points
Rush & Receiving TD’s 6 points
Every 25 yards Passing 1 point
Every 10 yards Rushing 1 point
Every 10 yards Receiving 1 point
300+ yards Passing 2 points (Bonus)
125+ yards Receiving 2 points (Bonus)
125+ yards Rushing 2 points (Bonus)
Passing 2pt Conversion 2 points
Rushing 2pt Conversion 2 points
Receiving 2pt Conversion 2 points
Receptions (PPR Only) 1 point
Interceptions Thrown (-1) points
Fumbles Lost (-1) points
Kicking Game  
FG Made (0-39 yards)
3 points
FG Made (40-49 yards) 4 points
FG Made (50+ yards) 5 points
Xtra Point Made 1 point
Def/ST Scoring  
All Def/ST TD’s 6 points
QB Sack 2 points
Interception 3 points
Fumble Recovery 3 points
Safety 4 points
Blocked Kick 2 points
Defensive Shut-out 7 points
2-5 points Pts Against 4 points
6-10 points Pts Against 3 points
11-15 points Pts Against 2 points
16-20 points Pts Against 1 point
TD-Heavy Scoring:
Passing TD’s 6 points
Rushing or Receiving TD’s 6 points
Every 100 yards Passing 1 point
Every 50 yards Rushing 1 point
Every 50 yards Receiving 1 point
Kicking Game  
Field Goal Made (40-49 yards) 3 points
Field Goal Made (50+ yards) 4 points
Def/ST Scoring  
All Def/ST TD’s 6 points
Interception 1 point
Fumble Recovery 1 point
Safety 2 points
Defensive Shut-out 7 points

What are the League Costs/Fees?
You may choose from public leagues at all of the following price levels: $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1,000. There are no transaction fees or hidden charges of any kind.

What are the payouts?
The percentage of payouts increase as the value of each league increases. The lower priced leagues will payout 60% of the total league fees while the larger entry fee leagues will payout 80% of the total league fees. Every league will pay out a prize to the total points winner of the regular season in addition to 1st and 2nd place fantasy playoff winners.
Prizes will be sent by PayPal only!

When is my draft?
All leagues have their drafts listed in USA Eastern Time.

What about in-season trades?
The Weekly trading deadline is Saturday 12:30pm Eastern Time. The season trading deadline is the Saturday 12:30pm Eastern Time before week 9. Trades may not be approved until late on Saturday night. Any player approved in a trade will be eligible to start the same week as long as the game has not been played yet. You will need to adjust your lineup accordingly. It is the owner’s responsibility to reset your starting lineup once a trade has been approved by the admin team. Trades that have not been accepted or rejected before the deadline will be deleted. This will alleviate any issues of owners receiving offers but not responding and waiting until the opportunity to jump on the trade once they see it benefits them due to a players injury status changing. If you proposed a trade to someone and it gets deleted at deadline, you could propose the same trade again the following week. A trade will not be approved if any players involved in the trade are injured after the trade was proposed. This shouldn’t come into play often as trades will not remain on the table and be deleted weekly. All trades will be reviewed and must be approved by our administration team. An e-mail will be sent to all members of the league when a trade has been accepted. Any member of a league may protest the trade during a 24-hour period. If there is no protest and our admin team believes the trade is fair, the trade will be allowed. If a trade is protested, the owner protesting the trade MUST GIVE A VALID REASON why they think the trade cannot help one of the teams or show signs of collusion for the veto to be considered. A valid veto is a veto explained in detail how a trade cannot benefit one of the trading teams. The fact that one team is getting the better of the deal is NOT a valid explanation, nor a valid reason for trade protest. The purpose of a trade is to make your team better. If a team has surplus at one position – kudos to them, they drafted well and now have excess to trade in one position to improve another. That is THE key aspect in trading. You ought not condemn a trade simply because someone had a good draft. If our admin team agrees with the protest or is able to see the side of the protestor, then we will ask both owners involved in the trade to give us the reasoning for the trade they agreed to. If we are satisfied that the trade is fair, then the trade will stand. Our call is FINAL! If our admin team is not satisfied with the answers or responses, then we can reject the trade. We reserve the rights the be the absolute and sole arbitrator in any such matters, with absolute discretion and authority. Trades will only be rejected for collusion or if seems to be egregiously lopsided.

Do you have Live Scoring? How are official stats handled?
YES, we do have Live Scoring on the website! The live scoring page will automatically refresh once per every minute. Although live scoring is a great feature to follow your fantasy game, it may not be 100% accurate. Actual results will be confirmed after a review of all the stats. A preliminary stat review will be done after the games are complete and officially reviewed again on Monday. Actual results will be posted after the Monday night game (official from Stats, Inc.) but the stats may change as the NFL reviews stats during the week.

How are the playoffs handled for the Public leagues?
Each league will have 13 regular season games (NFL weeks 1-13) and 3 playoff weeks (NFL weeks 14-16). All of our leagues will have 6 playoff teams. The division winners and the next best records regardless of division will make the playoffs. In week 14 the top two teams will have BYE weeks. The 3rd seeded team will play the 6th seeded team while seeds #4 and #5 will face off. In week 15, the worse remaining seeded team will play the best of the two BYE teams while the other two remaining teams will face off. Week 16 will be the Fantasy Bowl.

What are the Tie-Breakers?
Regular season games can end in ties. Games that end in a tie will be worth ½ win in the standings. In the fantasy playoffs the tiebreaker will go to the higher seeded team coming into playoffs. The Regular season tie-breakers for playoff seeding will as follows:
1) Best record
2) Points scored for the season
3) Head-to-Head Record
4) Points scored against for the season
5) Coin Toss

What happens if I miss my live draft?
Our online software will draft on your behalf using the "best available player" method. You may prerank your players if you wish.

What if my league doesn’t fill?
You will be refunded 100% of your money.

What do you do with abandoned teams?
Unfortunately this happens in many leagues every season. We will make every effort to contact the owner. If not we will insert what we feel is his best lineup. If you notice that a team may have been abondoned and a lineup is not submitted before the 1st game of that week, send a message to "admin", no quotes. Put the name of the league and team and we will review the team in question.

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