Chet Gresham’s Fantasy Football Defense Rankings: Week 8

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Below are my fantasy defense rankings and a set of links for my positional Weekly NFL Fantasy Football Rankings. Keep in mind that this list is for this week only; not the entire rest of the season.

The rankings are based on a traditional scoring system.

2019 Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: QB | RB | WR | TE | DEF | FLEX

2019 Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings – PPR: RB | WR | TE | FLEX

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  1. Pittsburgh Steelers versus Dolphins
    Ryan Fitzpatrick is always the quarterback to target for a D/ST’s highest upside. He can play well, but he will always be a threat for multiple turnovers.

  2. New England Patriots versus Browns
    The Patriots have played a gaggle of awful offenses, but I don’t think any other defense would have the turnovers and touchdowns they do with the same record. They will likely come back to earth at some point, but Baker Mayfield has been a turnover machine so far.

  3. Minnesota Vikings versus Redskins
    The Vikings should stonewall Adrian Peterson, and the only threat Washington has is Terry McLaurin, who will likely see bracketed coverage all game.

  4. Los Angeles Rams versus Bengals
    The Rams’ defensive line smothered the Falcons last week and will likely murder the Bengals “offensive line.”

  5. San Francisco 49ers versus Panthers
    If it weren’t for Christian McCaffrey, I’d have the 49ers as my No. 1 D/ST, but he is a magician.

  6. Tennessee Titans versus Bucs
    Maybe the bye week got Jameis Winston’s head screwed back on correctly, but he’ll have trouble with the Titans’ defense, and we know how bad he can be when he gets rolling.

  7. New Orleans Saints versus Cardinals
    The Saints have been playing stout defense, ranking ninth in adjusted sack rate and in the top 12 of run and pass defense DVOAs after a poor start to the season. The Cardinals’ offensive line is still a mess, and they’ll be without David Johnson.

  8. Green Bay Packers at Chiefs
    Matt Moore isn’t good, and the Packers are.

  9. Chicago Bears versus Chargers
    The Bears have hit the skids defensively, but the Chargers’ offensive line has been poor of late and the game is in Chicago.

  10. Jacksonville Jaguars versus Jets
    The Jaguars’ defense hasn’t been good, but Sam Darnold was shell-shocked last week, plus the Jets organization is a dumpster fire.

  11. Buffalo Bills versus Eagles
  12. Detroit Lions versus Giants
  13. Los Angeles Chargers at Bears
  14. Indianapolis Colts versus Broncos
  15. Seattle Seahawks at Falcons

  16. Philadelphia Eagles at Bills
  17. Carolina Panthers at 49ers
  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Titans
  19. New York Jets at Jaguars
  20. New York Giants at Lions

  21. Denver Broncos at Colts
  22. Arizona Cardinals at Saints
  23. Kansas City Chiefs versus Packers
  24. Washington Redskins at Vikings
  25. Oakland Raiders at Texans

  26. Cleveland Browns at Patriots
  27. Atlanta Falcons versus Seahawks

2019 Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: QB | RB | WR | TE | DEF | FLEX

2019 Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings – PPR: RB | WR | TE | FLEX

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