Eagles-Browns NFL Draft Trade: Winners and Losers

I graded the Eagles-Browns NFL Draft Trade Wednesday afternoon, but we’ve only scratched the surface. A trade like this has sent a ripple throughout the entire 2016 NFL Draft, and the entire league, for that matter. Numerous teams and players were affected by this deal, so let’s discuss who won and lost as a result. I did this for the Rams-Titans deal, so why not do the same for this Philadelphia-Cleveland transaction?

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Eagles-Browns Trade Winners

Baltimore Ravens
In my 2016 NFL Mock Draft, I discussed my growing belief that the Chargers weren’t going to draft Laremy Tunsil. If I’m right, Tunsil is bound to fall right into Baltimore’s lap, given that Cleveland is now no longer an option for him. Ozzie Newsome will once again win the draft.

Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, QBs
Prior to this trade, there was speculation that the Browns would pass on a quarterback entirely, even if they couldn’t move the pick. This ensures that Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, in some order, will be the top two selections of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Cleveland Browns
As mentioned, I graded the Eagles-Browns trade, and I gave Cleveland an easy A+. The Browns will be able to bolster their roster and build for the future rather than spend a top choice on a mediocre quarterback prospect. Things are looking up in Cleveland for the first time in quite a while.

Robert Griffin, QB, Browns
Robert Griffin was told that he would be competing with a young quarterback this season. That will now be a second- or third-round prospect, so Griffin will have the opportunity to start. He’ll be under center until he gets hurt or fumbles too many times, but he’ll at least have the chance to screw up.

Miami Dolphins
I’ll discuss this later, but if the Browns don’t want Ezekiel Elliott at No. 8, there will be a better chance that the Dolphins will obtain the prospect they’ve loved all along. Then again, I don’t know why they moved down in the first place in exchange for injury-prone and overpaid players, but that’s another story.

San Diego Chargers
Charlie Campbell listed Jalen Ramsey as an option for the Browns in his mock draft. This trade now means that Ramsey is guaranteed to fall to San Diego, allowing the Chargers to secure the top prospect in this entire class at the No. 3 spot.

San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers are a train wreck, and nothing they do in the draft will change that. However, the two quarterbacks going one-two guarantees that a blue-chip prospect like DeForest Buckner, Joey Bosa or Myles Jack will fall into their laps at No. 7. Now, if only they could get rid of their owner, general manager and head coach…

Eagles-Browns Trade Losers

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State
Ezekiel Elliott was considered the favorite to go to the Eagles at No. 8. If the Browns don’t want to use a first-round selection on a running back, Elliott will fall a few spots. The Buccaneers certainly won’t be interested, and I don’t think the Giants will take him either. Elliott could drop to Chicago, or even Miami.

Philadelphia Eagles
Making a crazy move up in the draft seldom works, and the Eagles will have major depth issues going forward unless they nail every single draft selection. Plus, it’s not like they’re getting a blue-chip quarterback prospect. There were going to be better options in the future, so the Eagles should’ve just been patient.

Sam Bradford, QB, Eagles
Sam Bradford goes from a starting NFL quarterback to… what? Trade fodder? Who in their right mind is going to give up much for an overpaid, injury-prone quarterback who is just an average talent at best? Perhaps the Eagles will find a buyer. Maybe the Broncos and 49ers will be interested in some sort of three-way trade that involves Bradford going to San Francisco and Colin Kaepernick getting shipped to Denver. We’ll see, but Bradford’s outlook isn’t bright right now.

Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss
Once thought to be the No. 1 overall pick, Laremy Tunsil will likely fall to No. 6 in the wake of this trade, since he’s not an option for Cleveland anymore. It’s not a huge deal, as Tunsil will be going to a winning organization, but he won’t be happy about losing out on extra money.

Eagles-Browns Trade Poll

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