2015 NFL Draft Mailbag

I received many e-mails and tweets about my 2015 NFL Mock Draft and the upcoming NFL Draft in general. To share the answers to the questions publicly, I decided to start up a mailbag column. Pass along your NFL draft questions and comments. I’ll put together a mailbag periodically that answers questions/comments sent via email [email protected] or on Twitter @draftcampbell.

Feb. 13, 2015

From Jeff Bowen, Portland, Oregon

“I’m a huge fan of your draft. At first I didn’t understand the Winston pick first, and that’s not just because I’m from Oregon. But now it makes the way you cleared it up. The reason I emailed you is I wanted to ask your opinion of this. I’ve been reading a lot or rumors of Seattle wanting to take either Gurley or Gordon this year due to Lynch wanting too much money or retiring. Do you think that’s a serious thing to consider? Also, do you think Seattle has a need at TE? I’m a huge Maxx Williams fan and that would be great if they didn’t trade up and just took him at the bottom of the first. ”

Thanks for reading my mocks. I think if Gurley or Gordon fell to the Seahawks – both would be great picks – but I don’t think either one will get there. I think both stand a good chance of going in the top 25. I’d be surprised if Gurley or Gordon makes it to Seattle, and I think the organization would have to trade up for them.

I do think the Seahawks could upgrade the tight end position. Luke Wilson doesn’t produce a lot, and they don’t have a young play-maker developing behind him. I think Maxx Williams going to Seattle at the end of the first round could be a really nice value pick for the team. He would give Russell Wilson a big target and a play-maker to work the middle of the field. Landing the No. 1 tight end there and a potential 10-year starter could be a really nice value for a pick at the end of the first round.

I really appreciate your reading my mocks, Jeff. Thanks for the feedback. If you want to send in the name of your town, I’ll include your email in my next mailbag.

From Ed Fredstein, Indian Trail, North Carolina

“Thanks for the Mock, but being a Steelers fan I can tell you there is a 100% chance they will not draft a DT save Gregory or Williams in round 1. It will ultimately come down to CB or OLB depending on who they have rated higher at that point. They will not even go DT in round 2. Maybe round 3.

With Harrison and Ike likely gone, they only have 2 CB’s and 1 OLB under contract. I would like to here more detail regarding why you are saying DT.?”

Thanks for the email. I definitely think that outside linebacker and cornerback are in play for the Steelers with their first-round pick. I’ve mocked both of those positions to Pittsburgh in the past and will in the future, I’m sure. In that mock, I had the Steelers taking a first-round caliber corner (Ifo Ekpre-Olomu) in Round 2. So from a value perspective, they may be able to wait there. The Colbert-Tomlin regime hasn’t taken a corner in the first round in the past, so I’m more inclined to project the organization to take a corner on Day 2. Pittsburgh also didn’t take edge rushers in the first round until Jarvis Jones, who I had mocked to the team for months and on draft day.

The Steelers have shown an inclination to draft for the defensive line in the first and second round. I think Pittsburgh could do better than McClendon at nose tackle. He had a meager 20 tackles and one sack on the season. A disruptor over the center will help Pittsburgh’s run defense and pass rush better.

Thus, I think Danny Shelton or Eddie Goldman would make sense as an impact nose tackle like the Steelers had in Casey Hampton. Plus, they are wanting to add more 4-3 looks. If Pittsburgh is going to run some 4-3, the organization is going need more bodies and talent on the inside. In the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, I think a tackle is in play along with corner and rush linebacker.

From twitter, @theHojo

“KC drafting another speedy, raw receiver with questionable hands will set them back another five years…”

I don’t think missing on a receiver in the middle of the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft would set Kansas City back five years. The team missed on Jonathan Baldwin, but still were able to make the playoffs last year. As far as your description regarding Sammie Coates. I can understand that given what you saw at Auburn, but at the Senior Bowl, he looked good running the short to intermediate slants, digs and crosses that are the staple routes of any West Coast offense. I think Andy Reid could work with him. Finding a receiver with Coates’ size and speed isn’t easy.

From twitter, @AsleepT

“Texans still aren’t drafting a RB coming off ACL with two bad ankles in 1st after Clowney.”

No sources have said anything about Gurley having bad ankles, so I’m not sure about that. Without a worthy quarterback to consider, the Texans won’t reach in the first round, and they always want elite talent. Gurley could platoon with Foster for a year or two, and that could extend Foster’s career/effectiveness. Houston will be out of luck with landing a franchise quarterback, so the team better be able to run the ball.

From twitter, @professornegro

“Why would the Titans take Marcus Mariota at #2 when they’ve publicly committed to Zach Mettenburger ?�

As we had in the rumor mill recently, sources with the Titans have told us that Mettenberger wouldn’t prevent them from taking a quarterback. They feel they have to get that position right, and if there is a quarterback available who grades out as being worthy of going that high, they will pull the trigger on him. Tennessee talking about Mettenberger is a public vote of confidence, but numerous sources say that the team hasn’t been won over that he’s the long-term starter.

From twitter, @hmabdou

“there is simply no way that Dorial Green-Beckham would last until the Seahawks pick in round 3. In fact I think he goes rd. 1�

I haven’t heard any team say they are grading Green-Beckham in the first round. Most teams I’ve spoken with have him in the Round 3 to 5 range because his off-the-field issues are significant. In fact, the Texans and Eagles have already ruled out drafting him. More teams are going to follow suit in the months to come.

From Terry Turlock, Turlock, California

“Hello Charlie,

I am old timer who enjoys your take on the NFL draft. The Arizona Diamondbacks hold the first pick this year. What position holds value with their pick? Very best to you in 2015.�

Thanks, Terry. I think a pitcher is going to hold the most value. There are some good high school players, but it’s hard to say if they will grade out that high before the season. I think Brady Aiken, last year’s first pick, could hold the most value. Also, Duke’s pitcher and Virginia’s pitcher could be worthy of that pick. Hopefully, some good position players break out to give the Diamondbacks more options.

Once again send questions/comments via email [email protected] or on Twitter @draftcampbell.

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