2015 NFL Draft Trade Grades

By Walter Cherepinsky – @walterfootball
May 1, 2015

I’ve posted 2015 NFL Draft Grades for every pick. Why not grade all of the trades?

Titans trade No. 33 to Giants for No. 40, No. 108 (4th), No. 245 (7th)
The Titans were set to select Dorial Green-Beckham, but they had so many options at their disposal that they traded down to pick up an extra fourth. Despite this, they still landed the player they coveted most. Now that’s how you trade in the NFL Draft.

The Giants, meanwhile, felt as though they had to move up for Landon Collins because there wasn’t another second-round safety. I don’t think New York had to press the issue, but I certainly understand why the team pulled the trigger.

Grade for Titans – A+
Grade for Giants – B-

Rams trade No. 41 to Panthers for No. 57 (2nd), 89 (3rd), No. 201 (6th)
What the hell were the Panthers thinking? If they surrendered a third- and a sixth- to move up to the top half of the second round, you’d think that they would at least draft a left tackle to protect Cam Newton. Instead, they selected a player they probably could’ve gotten at No. 57. What an awful move.

The Rams got away with armed robbery, easily winning this trade. They squandered the third-rounder they got in return, but that won’t factor into this write-up because all I’m doing is grading the trade.

Grade for Rams – A+
Grade for Panthers – MILLEN

Browns trade No. 43 and No. 229 (7th) to Browns for No. 51 (2nd), 116 (4th), No. 195 (6th)
The Texans gave up a lot to move ahead eight spots, but they didn’t think Benardrick McKinney would fall to them. They coveted McKinney all along, but there were several teams with inside linebacker needs drafting ahead of them that they couldn’t just sit there and take the risk.

The Browns, meanwhile, secured a nice haul, picking up fourth- and sixth-round choices. I didn’t like the player they ultimately chose at No. 51, but doing this trade was a good move.

Grade for Browns – A
Grade for Texans – B+

Dolphins trade No. 47 and No. 191 (6th) to Eagles for No. 52 (2nd), 145 (5th), No. 156 (5th)
The Eagles had two fifth-round choices, and they used them both to move up five spots, all while obtaining a sixth-rounder in return as well. They really wanted to land Eric Rowe, so they managed to do so while barely giving anything up. Great job by Chip Kelly.

The Dolphins score well in this deal, too. Why not pick up a fifth-rounder and move up about 40 slots with one of the other selections?

Grade for Eagles – A
Grade for Dolphins – B+

Cardinals trade No. 55 to Ravens for No. 58 (2nd), 158 (5th)
This is another trade in which both teams did well. Ozzie Newsome’s eyes must have been poppiing out of his head once he saw that Maxx Williams was available at No. 55. Dealing a fifth-rounder just to secure a prospect that talented is well worth it. The Cardinals, meanwhile, did well to just move down a few spots.

Grade for Cardinals – B+
Grade for Ravens – A

Colts trade No. 61 and No. 128 (4th) to Buccaneers for No. 65 (3rd), 109 (4th)
The cost of moving up just four spots on Day 2 is apparently worth 19 places in Round 4. Interesting. The Buccaneers were scared to death that the Seahawks were going to snatch Ali Marpet off the board, and rightfully so – Marpet was someone Seattle coveted. The Colts, meanwhile, did well to slide up half a round in the fourth frame.

Grade for Colts – B+
Grade for Buccaneers – B+

Redskins trade No. 69 to Seahawks for No. 95 (3rd), No. 112 (4th), No. 167 (5th), No. 181 (6th)
The Seahawks gave up way too much for Tyler Lockett. They could’ve obtained someone like Justin Hardy, Rashad Greene, or maybe even Lockett himself had they stayed patient at No. 69. Surrendering a four, a five and a six to move up an entire round is ridiculous. The Seahawks usually draft well, but perhaps they just don’t trade well within the draft. The Redskins easily won this deal.

Grade for Redskins – A
Grade for Seahawks – D

Jets trade No. 70 to Texans for No. 82 (3rd), No. 152 (5th), No. 229 (7th), DeVier Posey
DeVier Posey? Why would the Jets want him? That seems like the Texans were that fantasy trader in your league who tries to throw in a backup defense as part of the deal, as if that’s going to make a difference.

Houston, again, wanted to land a talented prospect whom it didn’t think was going to be available. Jaelen Strong is a steal in Round 3, so it was worth trading all those picks. The Jets did well to secure a fifth and seventh just to slide down 12 spots. Oh, and they got Posey, too. Almost forgot.

Grade for Jets – A
Grade for Texans – A

Vikings trade No. 76 to Chiefs for No. 80 (3rd), No. 193 (6th)
Giving up a sixth-rounder to move up four spots in the third frame is fair. Doing so just to select Chris Conley, a player who easily could’ve dropped to the team’s original spot is stupid. This was not a good move for the Chiefs, though it’s not major enough to hurt them at all.

Grade for Vikings – B+
Grade for Chiefs – C

Vikings trade No. 80 to Lions for No. 88 (3rd), No. 143 (5th)
I love how the Vikings are picking up all of these extra fifth- and sixth-rounders. They are going to have lots of depth if they can hit on their selections. The Lions may have been able to wait for Alex Carter, so I don’t think I would’ve surrendered a fifth-round choice for him. I don’t think it’s a bad move, but I wouldn’t have done it.

Grade for Vikings – A
Grade for Lions – C+

Patriots trade No. 96 and No. 219 (7th) to Browns for No. 111 (4th), 147 (5th), No. 202 (6th)
Was Xavier Cooper still going to be around at No. 111? It’s possible, but I don’t think so. Thus, I can see why the Browns moved up for him. The problem is that they surrendered too much. Giving up three third-day choices made this move too pricey for them. The Patriots definitely won this deal, but I can at least understand why Cleveland pulled the trigger.

Grade for Patriots – A
Grade for Browns – C+

49ers trade No. 15 to Chargers for No. 17, No. 117 (4th), 2016 5th-rounder
I like Melvin Gordon, but this trade was puzzling for the Chargers. I know for a fact that the Texans were not going to select Gordon, so I don’t know why San Diego felt the need to trade up two spots for him. They surrendered two early third-day selections just to leap up a couple of picks when they didn’t even need to.

The 49ers, meanwhile, were able to obtain the player they coveted two places later. I don’t like Arik Armstead very much, but when just looking at this trade alone, there’s no doubt that they were the victors.

Grade for 49ers – A
Grade for Chargers – D

Lions trade No. 23 to Broncos for No. 28, 143 (5th), 2016 5th-rounder, Manny Ramirez
This seems like a lot to move up just five spots in the 20s, but unlike the Chargers, I can understand why the Broncos did it. There were just too many teams that could’ve taken Shane Ray – Arizona, Baltimore, Dallas – before the 28th-overall selection. Ray was a steal; he was once a projected top-10 selection, but character issues made him fall. The Broncos are desperate to win now, so it’s understandable why they would not only take a risk, but move a lineman and two fifth-rounders just to get a talented prospect.

The Lions, meanwhile, had their eye on improving the offensive line. They added Manny Ramirez via this trade and Laken Tomlinson five spots later. Tomlinson was still a slight reach at that point, but I like that Detroit moved down rather than take their guy extremely prematurely.

I feel like both teams won this trade. It made sense to each franchise, and both the Lions and Broncos figure to benefit.

Grade for Lions – B+
Grade for Broncos – B+

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