2011 NFL Draft Stock

By Matt McGuire
Sept. 11, 2010
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This is a list of players who have seen a change in their 2011 NFL Draft stock.

2011 NFL Draft Stock Week 2: Up

Darius Morris, T, Temple
Going into this game, I was looking forward to watching outside linebacker Adrian Robinson and safety Jaiquawn Jarrett, but the player who impressed me the most was easily right tackle Darius Morris. He flashed a nice skill set and was very consistent all game – I never remember one bad play that stood out. He has a mean streak, solid athleticism, good footwork and nice knee bend, and he showed a lot of awareness and instincts. He reminds me a lot of former Hoosier Rodger Saffold, who came out of nowhere his senior year to get picked at No. 33 overall by the Rams. Morris can play right tackle and guard in the NFL. make sure to catch Temple next time they are broadcasted.

Brandon Harris, CB, Miami
I haven’t gotten to the second half of the tape vs. Ohio State, but Harris DOMINATED in the first half. So much so that Ohio State completely avoided him in the second quarter. He broke up passes, displayed excellent coverage and nice athleticism, and was a beast against the run. He is competitive and really puts a lot of effort on the field. I can’t wait to see the second half and I doubt I’ll be disappointed. This could be changed if I see a poor second half – so it’s pending me finding time to watch the tape.

2011 NFL Draft Stock Week 2: Down

Adrian Robinson, OLB, Temple
Robinson was a beast in 2009 which is why I gave him a first-round grade to start the year. He was the opposite of a beast against Central Michigan. He made no impact plays. While he showcased nice athleticism and was very impressive in coverage, he gets frustrated when run at and simply can’t take on a block to save his life. He made no impact as a pass rusher in his limited opportunities, and he looks like a 4-3 SAM and 3-4 rush linebacker in the NFL only. Robinson played like one of those mid-round picks with upside, and he needs to be more productive and become more of a playmaker if he wants to get drafted highly.

Orlando Franklin, T, Miami
One draft expert who thinks highly of himself at ESPN gave Franklin a big grade to start the season, and his name doesn’t rhyme with Mel Kiper Jr. Franklin is too raw. He has mediocre footwork, and he has no clue what to do with his hands. He has plenty of athleticism, coordination and other physical tools, but he isn’t technically sound at all. Looks like a mid-round pick.

2011 NFL Draft Stock Week 2: Stable

Pernell McPhee, DE, Mississippi State
I expected to see a very good pass rusher and athlete in McPhee in his game against Auburn, but it didn’t happen. He played the run very well showing some physicality, competitiveness and toughness. However, then I recalled he didn’t play at 285 pounds last season. He bulked up to play 5-technique in the Bulldog’s 3-4 defense, a position he won’t play in the NFL. If McPhee was at his playing weight (260-268), then he would obviously showcase a lot more speed, explosiveness and balance than he did on Thursday night. I’m holding out my evaluation on McPhee this year. I want to see him come to the Senior Bowl at his proper playing weight. If he tears it up in Mobile, then you heard it hear first. He is simply out of position and not at his proper weight; he is doing this as a good teammate; not because he is lazy or uncommitted to the game.

Jaiquawn Jarrett, S, Temple
Jarrett isn’t a very good athlete and lacks some range, but there is no doubt in my mind he is a very good football player. Don’t get me wrong – he will not be a first-round pick and the best he can probably hope for is late second round, but Jarrett has the competitive fire you want in a football player. He takes on blocks with authority and he leaves it all on the field. He showcased good instincts and a knack for the game against the Chippewas. Like McPhee, he is out of position playing free safety when he will be a strong safety in the NFL. Jarrett gets too high with his backpedal, but this is very correctable. Jarrett is a mid-round talent, but he’s worth mentioning. I think he has the potential to be a starter at the next level.

Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
Andrew Luck will be a first-round pick, and I believe he is a first-round talent with first-round intangibles. So what’s the problem? I don’t have a problem, but I don’t think Luck lived up to the hype in his game against UCLA. Some are saying he’s the “real deal” and yes, while I do think he’s a very good quarterback prospect, he isn’t in the same class as Jake Locker. Luck is very efficient, smooth, accurate and talented, but he has shaky accuracy, he tends to float his deep balls, and his arm isn’t as strong as Locker’s. While I see several flaws in Lucks’ game, I do like him. My review of Luck can best be described as “mixed.”

Cameron Heyward, DL, Ohio State
I watched first half tape only, but Heyward was powerful, focused and competitive against Miami. The problem is he is very inconsistent, and I don’t want you getting your hopes up on him. He was invisible against Marshall and I’ve seen a ton of inconsistency in the past. We need to see a consistent season out of Heyward before we think he’s going to be a stud in the league.


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