NFL Disaster Ratings: Retirement and Injury

This is a new feature where I’ll list Disaster Ratings (one being the least problematic, to 10 being code red) for NFL teams involving offseason retirements and injuries. With some of the recent players going down or calling it quits, I thought it would be nice to have a new section where I can discuss and rate everything.

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June 28 Updates

Patriots fined $1.1 million and forfeit 2021 third-round pick: 2/10 Disaster Rating
It’s quite the coincidence that the Cam Newton signing was announced just ahead of this penalty. The Patriots have been fined $1.1 million and will have to forfeit a third-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft for filming the Bengals’ sideline.

I can’t speak to Bob Kraft’s finances amid the pandemic, but losing a third-round pick is not such a big deal. The Patriots surrendered a first-round selection several years ago due to another cheating incident, and that didn’t prevent them from winning the Super Bowl on multiple occasions. Granted, things will be more difficult without the greatest quarterback of all time, but this lost draft choice won’t really affect New England too much. It’ll be like the team drafted a bust in the third round, which is a common occurrence.

It must be noted that the Patriots are getting off with a light infraction. The NFL obviously found them guilty of spying on an opponent, so the penalty of a forfeited third-round pick isn’t much of a deterrent. I’m also still confused about why the Patriots would spy on a 1-12 Cincinnati team, and it also makes me wonder what else Bill Belichick has done.

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