College Football Returns

This past weekend felt like the real return of college football. Sure, we had some games in the prior three weeks, but the SEC was not playing then. The SEC teams finally kicked off their 2020 campaign, and it was a blast. We had some shocking upsets like Mississippi State upsetting LSU in Baton Rouge, and Nick Saban failing to cover against Missouri despite having the entire pandemic to prepare for that game. Apparently, the Coronavirus affects coaches’ brains in addition to their lungs.

Perhaps the greatest upset was seeing the same people on Twitter who opposed college football returning discuss the games openly on that platform. For instance, Action Network writer Karen Rovell, one of the greatest detractors to college football returning, posted more than 20 tweets discussing college football on Saturday. This was shocking to me. I thought Rovell would cower in the corner of his attic, frantically biting his nails because everyone would be in danger of real college football returning.

Not all college football detractors were vocal on Twitter, however. USA Today’s Christine Brennan, who wrote that the Big Ten returning was worse than Jerry Sandusky raping boys, didn’t mention anything. Then again, if her beat is the Big Ten, perhaps she’ll discuss that conference when it returns to action in October. I’m willing to bet this happens.

I’m so glad that Rovell, Brennan and the rest of the blue-checkmark brigade on Twitter lost the college football battle. This standoff was a fight for freedom. The blue checks, like Mask Karens and authoritarian politicians who want to keep things locked down forever, desire conformity and control. They want the masses to fall in line and follow the rules. Nothing gives them greater pleasure than to see everyone be miserable. And even then, they won’t even be truly happy because these are unhappy, disgusting people.

Canceling college football would have been a major failure for our country. The United States of America was founded on breaking the rules, after all. We openly defied the British government and escaped their tyranny in order to achieve freedom. Had these blue checks been alive in the late 1700s, I’m sure they would have supported the British government because following the rules is paramount and going to war kills people. Sound familiar?

College football returning is obviously nowhere near as important as the War of Independence, but there is a great significance to it. And that’s exactly why the authoritarian scum on Twitter is so upset about it being played again. They crave control and conformity. If someone says the wrong thing, they pounce on this individual and attempt to cancel them. They are a minority, but a very loud one that has had way too much power for its small numbers in recent years. They thought they could put a stranglehold on college football, but the great leaders responsible for the return of college football proved that the blue checkmarks don’t have much power after all.

It’s all been a trick; a shadow on the wall. The authoritarian blue-check scum have no real power. We know that now. So, the next time they’re attacking a person or an idea on Twitter, pay no attention to them. They can’t actually do anything besides whine and complain like the true losers that they are. We have college football as proof of that.

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