NFL Hot Press: Titans Will Consider Quarterback at No. 2

Titans Will Consider Quarterback at No. 2

Updated Jan. 11, 2015
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

Recent reports came out that the Tennessee Titans could look to address a position other than quarterback with the second-overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen stated that Tennessee was content with Zach Mettenberger moving forward as their starting quarterback. Our sources with the Titans said that Mortensen is correct that they are indeed content with Mettenberger, but they will consider a quarterback with the second-overall pick, and Mettenberger’s rookie year won’t prevent them from taking a signal caller at No. 2.

Sources with Tennessee feel that they have to get the quarterback position right, and they can’t pass on a potential franchise quarterback. Overall, the Titans were pleased with Mettenberger in his rookie year and aren’t opposed to entering training camp with him as the favorite to be the starter. However, the importance of the position compels Tennessee’s front office to take another quarterback if a potential franchise quarterback is there at No. 2. If Mettenberger beats out Mariota/Winston, and Mettenberger becomes a good starter, then Tennessee could have a valuable trade commodity in one of its quarterbacks.

Sources with the Titans say that Mettenberger had a nice rookie year, but couldn’t stay healthy, and they believe they have to get the quarterback position right. Thus, Mariota or Winston landing in Tennessee is still very likely.

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