NFL Hot Press: Teven Jenkins as Consensus Second-rounder

Teven Jenkins as Consensus Second-rounder

Updated March 25, 2021
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

The 2021 NFL Draft looks strong at the offensive tackle position, with a number of tacles projected to the first-round. One prospect commonly forecase for Round 1 is Oklahoma State right tackle Teven Jenkins (6-5, 320), who has good athleticism to go with size and strength. spoke with sources from seven teams to learn where they had Jenkins at the moment, and none of them had a first-round grade on him. Five of those teams had Jenkins graded in Round 2, while the other two teams had him in Round 3. Even though Jenkins is not a consensus first-rounder, multiple team sources believe he has a shot at going late in Round 1.

“We have him in the [second round],” said a NFC director of college scouting. “There is some guard projection in there as well. I think the athletic ability and traits will push him up boards for teams that need an offensive tackle. Isaiah Wilson went in the [first round] last year. Late in the [first round], some teams take guys that have second-round grades.”

Multiple team sources said Jenkins could be best served in the NFL by moving inside to guard. A number thought he would be fine as a right tackle, but none of the team sources said they thought Jenkins could play left tackle in the NFL.

“I think he goes early [in Round 2],” said a national scout. “He’s an odd dude and might quit on you, but has all the tangibles.”

Jenkins has the size, the strength and the athleticism to have a shot at ending up as a first-round pick despite a consensus second-day grade around the NFL.