NFL Hot Press: Some Teams Think Becton has Top-16 Potential

Some Teams Think Becton has Top-16 Potential

Updated Dec. 21, 2019
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

The 2020 NFL Draft looks like it has the potential to be a quality year for offensive line talent, with a number of good prospects for the opening night. One prospect who created a first-round buzz in scouting circles is Louisville offensive tackle Mekhi Becton. In speaking to sources from four different teams, they thought Becton could end up being the second offensive tackle drafted after Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, and they believe Becton could go as a top-16 selection. However, he is a polarizing prospect who other teams don’t see as a high first-rounder.

The 6-foot-7, 369-pounder is a massive blocker who is a good athlete for his size. The evaluators who are high on Becton feel he has a ton of upside with athleticism to go along with being a giant at the point of attack. Those evaluators feel that Becton could end up going in the first half of Round 1 if the pre-draft process goes well for him.

We spoke with sources from three different teams who were down on Becton, and they cited a few reasons why they had him lower. They felt Becton had weight issues and also had concerns with the makeup of his football character. Some felt Becton didn’t push himself because he didn’t have to at Louisville. Also, they were curious to see how a lower back issue could get evaluated by team doctors and what the medical projection would be. That being said, they did feel he was a tough and competitive player in game action.

In the passing-driven NFL, there are always teams looking to improve their pass protection, and blockers like Becton who have the size to be a force in the ground game and the skill set to protect will be in demand. During the leadup to the 2020 NFL Draft, Becton will be a prospect to watch as he has the potential to rise high in the first round, or be in store for a significant fall because of his polarizing status.