NFL Hot Press: Some Evaluators Compare Wanogho to Greg Little

Some Evaluators Compare Wanogho to Greg Little

Updated Aug. 6, 2019
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

The hard work of the 2020 NFL Draft is underway around throughout NFL, with teams’ area scouts back on the road at college campuses watching practice and scouting the players who will make up the next draft class. NFL teams are always on the lookout for potential franchise left tackles, as quality edge protectors are a vital necessity for protecting franchise quarterbacks across the league. One intriguing potential prospect to fill that role according to team sources is Auburn’s Prince Tega Wanogho. Area scouts say that Wanogho has a great skill set, but needs work, and in that regard, they feel he could be the Greg Little of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Little looked like a future star when he replaced Laremy Tunsil at Ole Miss as a freshman. Many thought Little could turn into a high first-round pick like Tunsil, who was a consensus top-10 selection prior to a draft-day slide. With a near prototypical skill set, Little looked like he could be a special prospect, but inconsistent play throughout his sophomore and junior years led to him being a second-round pick of the Carolina Panthers rather than a high first-round pick.

Area scouts say that the 6-foot-7, 301-pound Wanogho is very similar to Little in that Wanogho also has a great skill set but is very raw, inconsistent, and needs a lot of development. Unless Wanogho shows big improvement throughout the 2019 season, sources don’t see him as a plug-and-play starter for the NFL. They think he could have the physical talent to be a franchise left tackle, but they see him as more of a second-round pick heading into the 2019 season.