NFL Hot Press: Multiple Teams Grade Brad Kaaya in Mid Rounds

Multiple Teams Grade Brad Kaaya in Mid Rounds

Updated Nov. 10, 2016
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

It has been a number of years since the NFL had a strong quarterback class entering the league, and that streak looks likely to extend with an underwhelming 2017 NFL Draft. A few weeks ago, reported that multiple teams had second-day grades on Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson with two playoff teams projecting him as a late third-, early fourth-round pick. Watson isn’t the only quarterback who is being graded lower than media hype would suggest. Miami’s Brad Kaaya has been discussed as a potential early-rounder, but he is receiving mid-round grades in speaking with sources at multiple teams.    

Every area scout, national scout, scouting director, and general manager agreed with what has been writing all season in our college game recaps. Kaaya has two serious flaws of looking down at the rush when he feels pressure, and a crippling lack of mobility to avoid sacks. This season, Kaaya has completed 63 percent of his passes for 2,340 yards with 17 touchdowns and six interceptions. He has had a number of underwhelming games.   

One general manager of a playoff team that is very skilled at quarterback evaluation said they had Kaaya as fifth-round pick. They feel he has no mobility and can’t throw well while under pressure, and his arm is decent but doesn’t blow them away. Two other teams said they graded Kaaya as a late third-, early fourth-rounder. 
Sources also say that Kaaya doesn’t get high marks on leadership. He isn’t a bad teammate, but he doesn’t rally the troops or push the team in crunch time. There also has been talk that Kaaya is too concerned with the NFL, as he feels this could be a good time to come out. Supposedly, he knows that he is getting some mid-round grades but thinks he could rise into possibly the second round because of the weak quarterback class. Teams think Kaaya will probably skip his senior year and enter the draft, but if he does, he could be in for a long wait on draft day if a team doesn’t reach and the league stays consistent with his mid-round grades.