NFL Hot Press: Makeup Concerns Could Hurt Mack Wilson

Makeup Concerns Could Hurt Mack Wilson

Updated March 26, 2019
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

The 2019 NFL Draft is not unlike many years in that teams do not have 32 players who have graded out as first-round picks. Without 32 true first-rounders, some players with second-round grades are going to get selected on the opening night of the draft. Entering the draft season, Alabama linebacker Mack Wilson was in the running to be one of those second-rounders who would be selected in Round 1, but he hurt himself at the NFL Scouting Combine with some poor interviews, plus teams have some makeup concerns with Wilson.

The issues aren’t said to be major, but sources at four different teams thought that Wilson could have a bit of a slide in the 2019 NFL Draft because of those concerns. Teams express reservations about Wilson’s character, his personal makeup, and how he will fit in the locker room.

A few sources thought that Wilson would still go in the second round, while some felt that his range was in the middle of the second round to the middle of the third round. Once the drafting starts, these kind of slides can go longer than expected, and that was the case last year with former teammate Ronnie Harrison. The hard-hitting safety was thought to be a likely second-rounder heading into the draft because of makeup and character concerns, but Harrison slid to late in the third round before he was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Teams don’t believe that Wilson is in store for as long of a slide as Harrison had, but Wilson’s makeup is definitely something that teams are considering after some poor interview sessions at the combine. If Wilson does have a slide into the third round like Harrison, it will be the character concerns as the catalyst.