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2011 Fantasy Football: Mailbag

There will be many more 2011 Fantasy Football Rankings and features in the late spring and summer, including tons of 2011 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts and Player Rankings. I'll also have an extensive 2011 NFL Fantasy Football Preseason Stock Report. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.

2011 Fantasy Football - Mailbag (June 5):

The following two 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions are regarding the Fox Sports Fantasy Football Draft.

  • From Rick James:

    You talked yourself right into waiver wire fodder on Collie in round 7. I like almost all your other picks..but I don't know who was on the board. You would be better off taking another kicker before drafting Collie. Like if you are drafting IDP, Ras-I Dowling will miss at least 9 games this year...great talent...built out of egg shells.

    --> I absolutely love Austin Collie this year. He's one of my favorite sleepers right now. When healthy, he's a stud capable of posting WR1 numbers. Yes, the concussions are an issue, but he only had two last year, and is currently completely healthy. Will he last 16 games? I don't know. But I'm looking forward to getting WR1-type numbers out of my seventh-round pick for at least 10 weeks.

  • From Matt:

    Any way you can post the results of the whole draft? I'd like to see where the other players are being draft at. BTW Nice value on Best and Collie.

    --> Thanks! I'd like to post the results of the whole draft, but I was asked just to list my picks. The FOX Sports Fantasy Football magazine will be released later this month, so you can see the complete results in there.

    The following six 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions are regarding the early 2011 Fantasy Football Top 150 Cheat Sheet.

  • From Multiple People:

    You have Peyton Hillis way too low! You're an idiot!

    --> I loved Peyton Hillis last year. I drafted him in most of my leagues. But he is No. 66 in my early cheat sheet this year.

    I know Hillis is being drafted in the second round of some early fantasy mocks, but I don't care. Hillis really wore down at the end of last season, and now he has to share carries with Montario Hardesty, whom the Browns really like. Plus, you can't possibly ignore the dreaded Madden Curse.

    You can go ahead and draft Hillis in the second or third round if you want. I guarantee you'll be searching for a new starting running back in Week 8 or 9 if you do.

  • From JTJC:

    Where is Pettigrew he had 722 yards and 71 receptions. those r good stats for a 2nd year TE

    --> The early cheat sheet was exactly what that adjective indicates - early. I miscalculated some players because I didn't complete my fantasy rankings just yet. I do like Brandon Pettigrew, and he definitely will be listed when I update my cheat sheet soon.

  • From Devilsaccomplice:

    Curious, I know its one spot but how/why is Mclin ahead of D Jack?

    --> DeSean Jackson will be ahead of Jeremy Maclin when this is updated, but they are very close. I don't trust Jackson. He's too brittle. After he was knocked around in the Houston game, he ran nothing but go routes. He did nothing after the second Dallas game for that reason. He also doesn't catch many touchdown passes, and he's very inconsistent. Furthermore, I don't trust Philadelphia's quarterback to stay healthy behind that weak offensive line.

    I'm not going to have Jackson on any of my fantasy teams this year.

  • From Disagree:

    As someone who probably does as much or more research than sites like this one, I respectfully disagree with quite a few of the rankings. Where's the QB in Arizona? Larry Fitz is nothing without one. 22 is waaaaaaay too high. You'd have to be on drugs to spend a low third round pick on him.

    --> For all the research you did, you failed to look at Larry Fitzgerald's stats last year. He had 90 catches, 1,137 yards and six touchdowns. Yeah, he's nothing all right. Fitzgerald's quarterbacking situation will automatically improve in 2011 because either Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton is better than the drunken Derek Anderson.

  • From Chris H:

    Jamaal Charles in the second round? cmon. he had BY FAR the highest ypc last year and aging thomas jones is bound to lose some of the carries. and 3 QBs in the 1st round? i was hoping to look for some good 2011 mocks to compare mine too but this is a joke.

    --> Your fantasy team will be a joke if you spend an early pick on Jamaal Charles. Kansas City's offense is going to take a MAJOR step backward in the wake of Charlie Weis' departure, and every single player on that team will be affected - including Charles.

  • From Marques Colston:

    How am i that low should be higher. i have four 1000 yard seasons and 760 yard season but i missed a few games that year and i average 8 touchdowns a year walt

    --> Sorry, Marques. I'm not a fan of you this year. You recently had the fifth knee surgery of your 5-year career, so that raises a major red flag for me. I just can't draft you with an early pick. I'm sorry, bro.

    The following two 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions are regarding the 2011 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings.

  • From Matt:

    Looks like you have finally learned your lesson after you extremely overvalued rookies Ryan Mathews and Knowshon Moreno the past two years. Can't trust rookies.

    --> Ehh... not really. I drafted Mike Williams in most of my leagues last year, and that worked out. I'm just not a fan of rookies this year because of the lockout.

  • From Zizkov:

    Why do you include a guy like Murray, who you presume will have no impact whatsoever, but not Shane Vereen, who will definitely take away carries from the Law Firm (who's stock is down after the draft)?

    --> Because I have no idea what Bill Belichick is going to do with his backfield. I think I'm just going to avoid all New England Patriot running backs all together and let the other owners in my league figure that one out. Seriously, anything can happen there, and I wouldn't be surprised.

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    Matt 06-12-2011 11:38 am (total posts: 4)
    26     21

    "Matt, was Adrian Peterson an exception too? How about Steve Slaton? Jonathan Stewart? Matt Forte?"
    Ok, with the exception of Adrian Peterson, all of those other guys were sleeper, late round, little risk-big reward type picks. I'm fine with spending an 8th or 9th round pick on a rookie RB if I think there is a chance he can develop into a stud for me. That is what happened with those guys. What I am not ok with is spending a 2nd round pick on an unproven rookie (Moreno, Mathews) and immediately labeling them as my RB1.

    That's all I am saying. Don't take the rookie RBs in the EARLY rounds and essentially wager your draft on them. Take them late. If they do good, then great. If not, so what? You already got your starters in the early rounds.
    @ Walter- this is 'Wow' 06-12-2011 11:03 am (total posts: 1)
    26     23

    Who said I had Charles at number 1? That was Evan Silva on Rotoworld. Arian Foster is my number one. And the point I was trying to make was, that last year you said they would be picking 4th in the draft. This year, on an early mock, 11th. I didn't look back far enough at all I guess... sorry about that.
    Imposter 06-12-2011 10:52 am (total posts: 1)
    19     26

    Hello, my name is Walter Cherepinsky, and I am better than ALL of you.
    Imposter 06-12-2011 09:17 am (total posts: 1)
    28     24

    I suck
    WalterHatestheChiefs 06-12-2011 03:02 am (total posts: 1)
    26     26

    I think it's your own fault for being so disappointed with the Chiefs of previous years. Why would anyone ever have any expectations for a Herm Edwards team?
    Walter 06-11-2011 03:41 pm (total posts: 3)
    26     26

    @Yashi - But now Todd Haley has his awesome Thomas Jones to take all of the carries in the first quarter.
    Walter 06-11-2011 03:40 pm (total posts: 3)
    28     25

    Matt, was Adrian Peterson an exception too? How about Steve Slaton? Jonathan Stewart? Matt Forte?

    Mathews and Moreno were the exceptions (and only because they both got hurt); not Mike Williams.
    Matt Dingleberry 06-08-2011 12:07 am (total posts: 2)
    22     26

    @Matt...he liked Tate because he was a big back in the Houston system. Had he known Arian Foster was going to start over the 2nd round pick...or that Tate would get hurt rather, he obvi would have liked Foster just as much. Probably the same for the Browns, pretty solid Oline there.

    My first year in fantasy football...I drafted some guy to be my third runningback. I said, "I'll take L. Taminson." Turned out to be Ladanian Tomlinson (rookie year), and I ended up taking him with my first round pick the follwing two years as well.
    Matt 06-06-2011 02:20 pm (total posts: 1)
    26     25

    Looks like you have finally learned your lesson after you extremely overvalued rookies Ryan Mathews and Knowshon Moreno the past two years. Can't trust rookies.

    --> Ehh... not really. I drafted Mike Williams in most of my leagues last year, and that worked out. I'm just not a fan of rookies this year because of the lockout.
    This is the first year in a long time you haven't drastically overvalued rookies, especially rookie RBs. If I can recall correctly, you had early second round grades on Moreno and Mathews in their rookie years. And before they got injured last year you were already gushing over Tate and Hardesty. Yes, you hit on Mike Williams, but he is the exception, not the rule. Lockout or no lockout, you should stay away from rookies in the early rounds. Take the safe, proven player.
    yashi 06-06-2011 09:49 am (total posts: 1)
    22     27

    Charles was the best RB in the league down the stretch in 09 after he was finally made the starter, and Charlie Weis was in South Bend at the time.
    John 06-05-2011 08:08 pm (total posts: 2)
    26     26

    I can imagine Hillis going either way. If the Browns manage to develop a WR who can direct the defense's attention away from Hillis, he could have another good year. If Hillis is the only offense they have again, expect him to slow down sooner because defenses will clamp down on only him, and force the Browns to beat them with their WR corps.
    The only Jags Fan 06-05-2011 12:42 pm (total posts: 1)
    26     26

    I drafted Mike Williams late in my drafts on both of my teams last year base on Walts advice. Worked out pretty well for me too. Also, I drafted Fitzgerald last year in the 4th rd, and cringed when I did it, but he started every game and produced despite D. Anderson. Peyton Hillis was my suprise stud last year, but I got him on waivers in week 3. I wont be drafting him this year though. I am chalking him up to a 1 yr wonder. I loved Jamall Charles last year as well, but with Weiss gone, and a moron of a head coach still there, I agree he drops off this year too.
    doug 06-05-2011 11:34 am (total posts: 1)
    27     26


    he had mike williams listed as one of his favorite sleepers, i'm sure you could find it archived on the site...i spent the majority of my final round draft picks on williams because of that piece of advice
    nycsportzfan 06-05-2011 11:13 am (total posts: 1)
    27     26

    U drafted both Peyton Hillis and Mike Williams(bucs) on most your teams last yr? Sure you did....LOL Your full of it, i could see u picking em up early, as i did with Mike Williams, but there was just no reason to draft either player before the season began, it would of been extremely stupid if u did... Its just like any other fantasy yr, guys come outta nowhere, and are taken during the season... I'm sorry, i just don't buy u taking Hillis and Willimas on most your teams, at least drafting them..
    Walter 06-04-2011 01:41 pm (total posts: 3)
    26     27

    First comment... we're going to have comment boards like this all over the site soon. We're still working out the kinks, so this is not the finished product.

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