2022 NFL Week 1 Spreads Review

I’ll be looking at the 2022 Week 1 NFL point spreads that were released today. I’ll give my take on the spread and which way I’m leaning at the moment. Of course, I’ll have my official selections posted on my NFL Picks page come September, so stay tuned for that!

Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams
Line: Rams -1.

My Guess: Rams -2.5.

This spread may shock some clueless people in the media. Facebook friend Joe B. pointed out that CBS wrote that the Rams were pretty much the same team. Uhh, yeah, except for their Pro Bowl left tackle retiring and their Hall of Fame edge rusher going to the very team the Rams will play in Week 1. I like the Bills to win this game because they’re the better team.

Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets.
Line: Ravens -5.5.

My Guess: Ravens -6.

The Ravens usually get a Week 1 bump because John Harbaugh has a fantastic track record to kick off the season. This is why I was a bit high in my guess. I would bet the Ravens at this number.

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons.
Line: Saints -4.

My Guess: Saints -3.5.

I was wondering how the sportsbooks would view the Falcons in the wake of his trade to Indianapolis. It turns out that they’re slightly more bearish than me. That, or I’m not as high on the Saints as the sportsbooks are. At any rate, I’d probably take a shot with the home underdog at more than a field goal.

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins.
Line: Dolphins -3.

My Guess: Dolphins -2.5.

I didn’t know if the sportsbooks would give the Dolphins the full field goal or not. They’ve gotten it, as Miami is a heavily hyped team. The Patriots look great here, as Bill Belichick will have tons of time to prepare.

Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers.
Line: No Line.

My Guess: Browns -6.5 (Watson) or Panthers -1 (Brissett).

There’s no spread posted because it’s unclear if Deshaun Watson will be suspended. I’d have heavy interest in the Browns if Jacoby Brissett were named the starter because I’m a fan of betting on good teams using their backup quarterbacks.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals.
Line: Bengals -7.

My Guess: Bengals -5.5.

I missed some key numbers here, so even though my guess was 1.5 points off the mark, it was way off target. I thought the Steelers would get more respect even though Ben Roethlisberger is no longer on the roster because Pittsburgh is such a public team. Even though my number was short, I’d still be on the Bengals.

San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears.
Line: 49ers -6.5.

My Guess: 49ers -6.5.

I nailed this number exactly. The 49ers are the play because the Bears are absolutely dreadful. I’ll be shocked if they’re not a bottom-three team this year.

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions
Line: Eagles -4.

My Guess: Eagles -3.5.

The Eagles demolished the Lions when these teams played in Detroit last year. Perhaps this is a nice revenge spot for the Lions, who are not one of the two worst teams in the NFL again this year. There’s a bit of value with Detroit, making them a bit appealing.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans.
Line: Colts -7.5.

My Guess: Colts -6.5.

It’s interesting that the Colts are getting the full touchdown, plus the hook. I don’t think they’re that good. Matt Ryan is past his prime; the offensive line has lost some key blockers lately; and the defense still has some concerns, particularly in the secondary. The Texans suck, but I would bet them to cover this large spread.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Redskins.
Line: Redskins -4.

My Guess: Redskins -5.5.

I thought we’d get more points with the Jaguars than just four. They’ll be better than they were last year – if only by default – but the same thing can be said of the Redskins. I’d side with Washington in this instance.

Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals.
Line: Chiefs -3.

My Guess: Chiefs -3.

The second spread I guessed correctly, though this one wasn’t difficult to figure out. I’d be worried about the Chiefs looking ahead to their Thursday night battle against the Chargers, but I’d still trust Andy Reid to cover this spread against the DeAndre Hopkins-less Cardinals.

Las Vegas Raiders at San Angeles Chargers.
Line: Chargers -4.

My Guess: Chargers -4.

I was close to going with -3.5, but I ended up with the correct -4 guess. The Chargers would definitely be the play for me if they weren’t potentially looking ahead to battling the Chiefs on Thursday night. I’d side with the Raiders for this reason.

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings.
Line: Packers -1.5.

My Guess: Packers -1.5.

Can anyone tell me why there’s no line on this game at Bookmaker? Is Aaron Rodgers still mulling retirement, or something? I don’t get it. At any rate, guessing Packers -1.5 correctly wasn’t expected, but I think I’d be on the Packers because Minnesota has a new head coach who might be outmatched in the season opener.

New York Giants at Tennessee Titans.
Line: Titans -7.

My Guess: Titans -6.5.

These are not your slightly older brother’s Titans. Tennessee has lost some key personnel. The Giants, conversely, will be better than they were last year because they’ve added some talent on the offensive line. Saquon Barkley also figures to be much healthier now that he’s another year removed from his torn ACL. I like the Giants.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys
Line: Buccaneers -2.

My Guess: Buccaneers -2.5.

I didn’t think the sportsbooks would quite make the Buccaneers three-point road favorites in the opener. They seem to be the right side though, as Dallas lost lots of talent this offseason.

Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks
Line: Broncos -4.

My Guess: Broncos -7.5.

Wow, I was way off here. I view the Broncos as an elite NFL team with Russell Wilson at the helm, but the sportsbooks apparently disagree! I’ll be on Denver, which should surprise no one.

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