Make Two MNF Games Permanent

I enjoyed the recent Steelers-Redskins and Bills-49ers double-header so much that I wanted to write an article about it. I had an idea, which was ground-breaking; something no one had ever thought of before.

My idea: There should be two Monday night games each week.

I planned to write an article about it, but the more I planned my words, the more familiar the concept sounded. I eventually came to realize that someone had already thought of this idea.

What genius came to this realization before me? I pondered this for days until I finally remembered who this genius was.

It was me!

I wrote an article about why there should be two Monday night games each week in the middle of October. Now that we’ve had another dosage of two Monday night games, I’m even more eager for this to be a permanent fixture of the weekly NFL slate.

Rather than rehash the entire article, I’ll just re-post it:

I’m an optimist. I often find silver linings amid misfortune, almost instinctively. This wasn’t always the case, as I used to be miserable before the age of 22, but ever since I decided to pursue writing as a full-time career, everything brightened.

Those who have been reading this Web site for quite some time know this. I had a multi-year slump of terrible picks in the middle of the ’10s decade, stemming from my infatuation with trends. Though I hated losing with my selections, I would always try to take positives from my poor results. I liked the idea of learning from my mistakes, and when there weren’t any obvious lessons to absorb, I could always post entertaining hate mail, which many readers have told me they enjoy. After all, it wasn’t for hate mail, we wouldn’t have met the one-and-only Ross Avila.

I believe there are silver linings to find in the “pandemic” as well. The “pandemic” has obviously been terrible for many people even though it has been largely overblown by the media and the blue checks on Twitter. It’s terrible that a single person had to die of the virus, let alone the CDC-reported 10,000 or so who have perished of the disease. Old folks in nursing homes had to die by themselves because corrupt governors like Andrew Cuomo sent sick people to infect them, all so the death rate would spike and lockdowns could be justified. Many people lost businesses as a result of these completely unnecessary lockdowns. Decades of work evaporated in a flash.

Misfortune has created opportunities for some, however, as those who invested in the stock market in late March have done very well for themselves. I plan to make a million dollars off GameStop stock, for example (my average is $6.31.) Meanwhile, there will be incredible business ventures when the media and government finally admit that Fauxvid-19 is mostly a sham. I’ve maintained that the best time ever to open a restaurant or bar will be the day a vaccine is introduced. Not only will people be eager to eat out in public; there will also be far less competition than there has been in the past, due to old restaurants and bars closing.

The NFL has found a silver lining amid the pandemic as well. Lots of revenue was lost by unnecessarily empty stadiums, but the league has unintentionally found a brand new revenue stream it can exploit going forward:

The Monday Night Double-Header.

Due to NFL games shuffling around because of positive tests, we’ve now experienced four Mondays in which we’ve had two games. And I must say that it’s been extremely enjoyable each time. I look forward to every football game, but having two on Monday night is such a treat. It’s far more exciting from all angles. It’s not just entertaining; it’s great from a daily fantasy perspective as well. I hate DraftKings showdown contests because it’s required to be very contrarian not to have the same lineup as a million people. Having identical lineups with many others is far less likely on a two-game slate.

There are so many other positives to having a Monday double-header each week. If the originally scheduled game is a lopsided stinker where one team is favored by double digits, there will be a far better chance we’ll be able to see at least one competitive contest on Monday.

Oh, and then there’s the money. FOX pays $660 million per year for the right to broadcast Thursday Night Football, per ESPN’s Karen Rovell. It’s reasonable to expect that the NFL could secure a similar deal from one of the other networks, or perhaps a tech giant like Amazon, Hulu or GameStop.

Given how successful the Monday night double-header has been thus far, albeit in a small sample size, the league should explore this venture. Making tons of money off this new-found opportunity would be one heck of a silver lining.

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