Why Didn’t Trevor Lawrence Have a Choice to Play?

The Clemson-Notre Dame tilt was one of the most anticipated college football games of the 2020 regular season. Obviously, there are some psychopaths out there who weren’t anticipating any college football games like this cat lady…

…But for those of us sane people who believe that little boys being raped is far worse than college football being played, the battle between two top-four teams was going to be an exciting experience.

Unfortunately, the Clemson-Notre Dame matchup was tainted ahead of time because one of the quarterbacks, who happens to be the greatest prospect at his position since at least Peyton Manning, was ruled out a week ahead of time. We knew this for sure on a tweet made on Halloween:

“Dabo Swinney just told reporters Trevor Lawrence will be OUT vs. Notre Dame.”

My primary question is: Why? The Clemson-Notre Dame affair was slated for a week later on Nov. 7. How could anyone possibly know that Lawrence wouldn’t be able to test negative by that date? Why was something like this predetermined so far in advance?

Why didn’t they wait? What if Lawrence tested negatively that upcoming Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday or Saturday morning? It seems so silly to determine that Lawrence would automatically be positive seven days after the announcement, especially when he was initially positive in advance of Halloween. There’s no logical reason to assume that he’d be “sick” for two weeks!

Of course, the argument could be made that Lawrence should have had a choice to play regardless of how he tested. With virtually no symptoms, Lawrence was not in any danger. No athlete his age is, by the way. Athletes in their late teens or early 20s have better than a 99.99-percent survival rate. The flu is deadlier, yet if one of the players had the flu, they’d be given an IV before kickoff and then sent off to play.

It only seems fair to ask Lawrence what he would want to do. Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?” Lawrence being stripped of his personal freedom is a violation of what we stand for in America. His game status should have been his call.

Luckily all of this is moot. Lawrence is perfectly healthy now, and Clemson still has a chance to win the national championship. So, all I basically did in this post is troll the douche bag blue checkmarks on Twitter like Christine Brennan. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

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