Super Bowl LVII Odds Picks

By Walt - @walterfootball
June 1, 2022

This page will break down the Super Bowl LVII odds. I'll discuss which Super Bowl LVII odds I plan on wagering, which I am close to wagering, and those I am avoiding. This Super Bowl LVII Odds page will be updated periodically throughout the offseason.

Here are the current Super Bowl LVII odds and where you can get the best number for each team:

Buffalo Bills: 6.5/1 (BetUS, FanDuel)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 7.5/1 (Bookmaker, BetUS)
Kansas City Chiefs: 10/1 (Bovada, DraftKings)
Los Angeles Rams: 11/1 (BetUS, FanDuel)
Green Bay Packers: 12/1 (FanDuel)
San Angeles Chargers: 16/1 (FanDuel)
Denver Broncos: 20/1 (Bookmaker)
San Francisco 49ers: 20/1 (Bookmaker)
Cincinnati Bengals: 22/1 (FanDuel)
Indianapolis Colts: 22/1 (FanDuel, DraftKings)
Dallas Cowboys: 22.5/1 (Bookmaker)
Baltimore Ravens: 22.5/1 (Bookmaker)
Cleveland Browns: 25/1 (Bookmaker)
Philadelphia Eagles: 33/1 (BetUS)
Tennessee Titans: 35/1 (DraftKings)
Arizona Cardinals: 37.5/1 (Bookmaker)
Las Vegas Raiders: 40/1 (FanDuel, DraftKings)
Miami Dolphins: 40/1 (FanDuel, DraftKings)
Minnesota Vikings: 50/1 (DraftKings)
New England Patriots: 50/1 (Bovada, DraftKings)
New Orleans Saints: 50/1 (DraftKings)
Washington Redskins: 80/1 (BetUS)
Pittsburgh Steelers: 100/1 (Bookmaker)
New York Giants: 135/1 (Bookmaker)
Chicago Bears: 150/1 (DraftKings)
New York Jets: 150/1 (BetUS, FanDuel)
Detroit Lions: 165/1 (Bookmaker)
Jacksonville Jaguars: 165/1 (Bookmaker)
Carolina Panthers: 175/1 (Bookmaker)
Atlanta Falcons: 250/1 (Bookmaker, FanDuel)
Houston Texans: 350/1 (Bookmaker, FanDuel)

Super Bowl LVII Odds Video:

Jacob Camenker from the SportingNews and I discussed our thoughts on the Super Bowl LVII Odds:

See which dark-horse Super Bowl odds we like the most!

Super Bowl LVII Odds - Already Wagered:

I've already wagered on the following Super Bowl LVII odds:

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl odds Cincinnati Bengals (20/1) - March 4
I've heard the opinion that the Bengals absolutely won't be back in the Super Bowl anytime soon because Dan Marino, like Joe Burrow, reached the championship in his second year, but never made it back. This is a simple-minded argument to make. Cincinnati's great obstacle is all the competition in the AFC, but thanks to Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase being on rookie deals, the Bengals have the third-most cap space in the NFL. They'll be able to add some great talent to improve their roster. I think they're quite the bargain at 20/1 on FanDuel.

Denver Broncos Denver Broncos (22/1) - March 4
Here we go again with the Broncos. They're not 50/1 this time, but there's still a chance that Aaron Rodgers is traded to Denver. NFL Network is currently talking about Rodgers considering going to Denver. If that happens - he may stay in Green Bay - the Broncos will suddenly be 6/1 or 7/1 rather than 22/1.

Detroit Lions Detroit Lions (165/1) - June 1
Jared Goff has taken a team with a great supporting cast to the Super Bowl before, and that's what he has in Detroit. The Lions have an extremely talented receiving corps (Amon-Ra St. Brown, D.J. Chark, Jameson Williams, T.J. Hockenson), a top-five offensive line, a solid running game, and an improved defense featuring Aidan Hutchinson. They destroyed the Cardinals late last season and were beating Green Bay before Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the starters were pulled. The Lions reside in a weak division and conference, and they have a very easy schedule.

Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl odds San Angeles Chargers (25/1) - March 4
I love the Chargers at 25/1. Justin Herbert is on a rookie deal, meaning the team should have tons of cap space. That is indeed true, as the Chargers have the fourth-most money at their disposal. They don't have very many needs, but they'll be able to address them with all the cap room they have at their disposal. I also like Brandon Staley, despite his timeout gaffe against the Raiders in the season finale. Had the Chargers just made the playoffs, this number would be 20/1 at most, so we're getting great value at 25/1.

Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl odds Jacksonville Jaguars (125/1) - March 4
Jacob Camenker made great points about the Jaguars in our Super Bowl LVII odds picks video:

I had the Jaguars in the lower tier, but I've decided to bet them before the 125/1 figure disappears. The Jaguars have the second-most cap space in the NFL, and Trevor Lawrence is expected to make a huge leap in his second year. Jacksonville also plays in a soft division, so this could be the Bengals of 2022.

Update: I don't recommend this because the Jaguars squandered their chance in free agency with dumb signings.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl odds Philadelphia Eagles (33/1) - June 1
The Eagles should not be 33/1. They're the best team in the division, and they reside in the NFC, the weaker of the two conferences. They added A.J. Brown to bolster their receiving corps; their offensive line is top notch; their secondary now has two shutdown cornerbacks with James Bradberry joining the team; and their defensive line will have Brandon Graham back from injury. Jalen Hurts could end up being a liability, but he'll be better with Brown at his disposal. Plus, don't forget that he can lean on his dominant running game.

Super Bowl LVII Odds - Best of the Rest:

I like these Super Bowl LVII odds and may bet them soon:

Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills (6.5/1)
The Bills are the best team in the NFL, so I'll be looking to bet them at some point. I'd like to find 8/1 or 9/1, if possible.

Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns (25.6/1)
The Browns were 16/1 last year. They're 25/1 now with Deshaun Watson, which seems like it's a way too high. I'd like to see what Watson's suspension will be.

Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs (10/1)
I'm always going to consider wagering on Patrick Mahomes. We're getting more value with the Chiefs now; they went from 7.5/1 to 10/1 in the wake of the Tyreek Hill trade. Hill being gone is a bummer, but the Chiefs have more receiving depth now than they did last year.

San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers (20/1)
The 49ers were a dropped interception away from making the Super Bowl this past season. If Trey Lance makes a big leap in his second year, as expected, the 49ers will have a great chance of appearing in the Super Bowl. My only concern here is Deebo Samuel possibly being traded.

Super Bowl LVII Odds - Needs Better Value:

I think these teams have a decent chance to win the Super Bowl, but I want a better number:

Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens (22/1)
I either need better odds or some news on Ronnie Stanley being healthy. Stanley's status is crucial to the Ravens' chances of winning the Super Bowl this year.

Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas Raiders (40/1)
The Raiders play in the toughest division in the NFL, but they're a very good team. They can get into the playoffs if there are injuries to other teams in the division.

Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins (40/1)
I'm shocked the Dolphins are 40/1. They seemed like the next Vince Young "Dream Team." I guess people are just down on Tua Tagovailoa.

New England Patriots New England Patriots (50/1)
It wouldn't take a much better number for me to bet the Patriots. Mac Jones will continue to improve, while Bill Belichick will continue to sport a great defense.


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