Super Bowl LVI Odds Picks

By Walt - @walterfootball
May 19, 2021

This page will break down the Super Bowl LVI odds. I'll discuss which Super Bowl LVI odds I plan on wagering, which I am close to wagering, and those I am avoiding. This Super Bowl LVI Odds page will be updated periodically throughout the offseason. Unless noted, these odds are from DraftKings.

Super Bowl LVI Odds - Already Wagered:

I've already wagered on the following Super Bowl LVI odds:

Denver Broncos Super Bowl odds Denver Broncos (25/1)
I mentioned on the WalterFootball YouTube channel - please subscribe! - that I already bet on the Broncos at 30/1. Jacob Camenker was smarter than me, wagering Denver at 50/1 on the day the Aaron Rodgers news was announced. It sounds like Rodgers will be traded to the Broncos after June 1. That's no guarantee, but Denver altered its draft plans for that possibility. If it happens, the Broncos will suddenly be 6/1, so 25/1 is still a great number.

Super Bowl LVI Odds - Best of the Rest:

I like these Super Bowl LVI odds very much and will likely bet them soon:

Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals (40/1)
My only worry with this bet is that Kyler Murray is injury-prone. If he can stay healthy, the Cardinals will have a chance to win the Super Bowl this year. Murray will have more experience, while the defense got an injection of nice talent this offseason. I think 40/1 is a very solid number.

Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs (5.25/1)
I'm going to hunt for a 6/1 this summer. Patrick Mahomes is going to be very motivated after being humiliated in the Super Bowl, and Andy Reid has done a great job of retooling the offensive line.

Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams (13/1)
The Rams are an extremely well-coached team with a terrific defense, a sound offensive line, and dynamic offensive play-makers. Their issue has been Jared Goff, but that's not a factor anymore. Matthew Stafford gives the Rams a great chance to win the Super Bowl.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6.5/1)
The Buccaneers brought all of their free agents back, so there's a great chance they'll repeat.

Washington Redskins Washington Redskins (50/1)
The Redskins have the best defense in the NFL. They also possess some terrific offensive play-makers and a stout offensive line. Ryan Fitzpatrick being the quarterback isn't ideal, but if Jimmy Garoppolo could take a stacked team to the Super Bowl, Fitzpatrick can certainly do so. I'm hoping to find a sportsbook that has the Redskins listed at 60/1.

Super Bowl LVI Odds - Needs Better Value:

I think these teams have a decent chance to win the Super Bowl, but I want a better number:

Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills (13.5/1)
The Bills are a great team, but I want a better number than 13.5/1 (at Bookmaker.) Perhaps we'll get that during the year if Buffalo loses two games in a row.

Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns (16/1)
I love Cleveland's offensive line. This team nearly beat the Chiefs last year, yet Odell Beckham Jr. wasn't even playing. That said, I'd like to see 20/1 for me to bet the Browns.

Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts (25/1)
The Colts have a great roster. If Carson Wentz performs like he did prior to 2020, Indianapolis will have a decent chance to win the Super Bowl. The problem is that we don't know if Wentz will play well, so I would need a better number than 25/1.

Los Angeles Chargers San Angeles Chargers (33/1)
I'd be a much bigger fan of the Chargers at 33/1 if they didn't play in the same division as Patrick Mahomes and potentially Aaron Rodgers. In fact, the Chargers would be an auto-bet if they were in the NFC.

Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks (25/1)
I will never doubt Russell Wilson. However, I would need this to be in the 30s to bet Seattle. Perhaps we'll get an opportunity to bet such a number if the Seahawks lose the season opener.

Super Bowl LVI Odds - Staying Away:

I have no interest in these Super Bowl LVI odds:

  • Atlanta Falcons: 65/1 (Bookmaker) - Atlanta's defense stinks.

  • Baltimore Ravens: 16/1 (Bookmaker) - The pass rush was depleted, and Lamar Jackson hasn't shown enough as a passer to beat great teams in the playoffs.

  • Carolina Panthers: 75/1 (Bookmaker) - This team isn't ready to make a Super Bowl push yet.

  • Chicago Bears: 70/1 (Bookmaker) - I would like this much more if Justin Fields had NFL experience. I'm not betting on a rookie quarterback to win the Super Bowl.

  • Cincinnati Bengals: 120/1 (Bookmaker) - Is Joe Burrow even healthy?

  • Dallas Cowboys: 33/1 (Bookmaker) - If this were the stock market, I would short this absurd number. Dallas should be 80/1.

  • Detroit Lions: 185/1 (Bookmaker) - I wouldn't even bet this at 10,000/1.

  • Green Bay Packers: 20/1 (Bookmaker) - Aaron Rodgers might be traded, and the offensive line is in shambles anyway.

  • Houston Texans: 210/1 (Bookmaker) - I wouldn't even bet this at 100,000/1.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars: 140/1 (Bookmaker) - I'll be looking to bet the Jaguars to win Super Bowl LVII, but I'm not putting my money on a rookie, even if it's Trevor Lawrence.

  • Las Vegas Raiders: 70/1 - I'm not betting on a team with a terrible defense and an offensive line that lost three starters.

  • Miami Dolphins: 28/1 - I'd have some interest at 50/1.

  • Minnesota Vikings: 43.5/1 (Bookmaker) - Kirk Cousins is not winning the Super Bowl.

  • New England Patriots: 30/1 - Cam Newton can't stay healthy, and Mac Jones is the next Matt Barkley, according to one NFL team.

  • New Orleans Saints: 36/1 (Bookmaker) - I would short this number as well. The Saints lost Drew Brees and several defensive starters.

  • New York Giants: 75/1 (Bookmaker) - I don't trust Jason Garrett to develop Daniel Jones.

  • New York Jets: 110/1 (Bookmaker) - Maybe next year? Zach Wilson isn't ready yet.

  • Philadelphia Eagles: 80/1 (Bookmaker) - How is this horrible team only 80/1? I wouldn't even bet them at 8,000/1.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 40/1 - I'm not touching a team that lost three offensive linemen and some defensive starters.

  • San Francisco 49ers: 15/1 (Bookmaker) - If Trey Lance had experience, I'd be interested in the 49ers.

  • Tennessee Titans: 40/1 - The Titans have an awful defense, and now their offense might not be as good because offensive coordinator Arthur Smith is no longer with the team.


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