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Welcome to my 14th-annual Super Bowl Live Blog. I’ll be posting comments like this throughout the evening every few minutes. Keep refreshing this page if you want to check out what I think about the game, announcers, commercials, etc.

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6:02: I’ll begin shortly, but this is the best Joe Buck has ever sounded!

6:12: That was a great presentation. My only question is where was Nathan Peterman? He had one of the best performances ever for the Chargers defense.

6:14: “I’m sure they loved being on the field.” – Joe Buck or Troy Aikman. Charlie Campbell responds: “I’m sure they loved the check the NFL cut them to be there.”

6:15: I posted my final thoughts on the NFL Picks page. Good luck to those of you betting this game (unless you’re betting against me.)

6:17: We saw Jonathan Ogden during the ceremony. This was the third time in three days I saw him down here in Miami. Charlie joked that I should say, “There’s a drink on the table. I’ll try to get by you to get it” and then tape it for the site as I fail epically. I then said, “What if I got by him? People would say I was the best football player to never play in the NFL!”

6:19: Does FOX really need two sideline reporters? I don’t even think they need one!

6:24: My wife is here along with Charlie…

Charlie: If you want to play a drinking game, drink every time Joe Buck is annoying.

*** Charlie and I laugh ***

Wife: It would help if I knew who Joe Buck was!

6:25: I don’t think the long blond hair is working out for Whitney Houston.

6:26: I’ve never heard of this Denny Lovato character. I have to tell you that when you get into your 30s, you begin ignoring music completely.

6:28: This national anthem is taking an eternity. I should’ve taken the over. These celebrities are such egomaniacs that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to be on camera as long as possible.

6:31: Speaking of Hollywood, it’s time for yet another 80s remake because Hollywood can’t think of new ideas!

6:32: So many people bet on heads and tails. I hope it lands on edge so people stop betting the coin toss.

6:33: This might be the best part of the game.

6:36: Live-action Mulan! Another remake! Let’s see if Disney ends the story correctly with Mulan committing suicide, which is what happened in real life.

6:39: My wife asked where the Super Bowl will be in two years. I said Los Angeles, but then added that the NFL could move the game if there’s too much poop and too many syringes on the ground by then.

6:40: What is this 5-hour long commercial with dumb kids running around? Can’t they just start the game?

6:41: Joe Buck is speaking in Spanish, and he has never sounded better, except for when he was muted.

6:43: I’d honestly prefer for FOX to leave this in Spanish. I don’t want to hear Joe Buck.

6:45: Some people on Twitter are saying that 5-hour kids commercial was great. These people are dumb.

6:46: Ugh, why did I take French in high school? What a waste of time that was. If I took Spanish, I could understand what the hell they are saying!

6:49: The English broadcast is back! “I don’t know the difference.” – my wife.

6:50: I’m going to miss that aye-aye-aye. “That’s better than anything Joe Buck could say.” – Charlie

6:52: Chiefs jumped offside, but weren’t penalized for it. The 49ers stall, but get points.

49ers 3, Chiefs 0

6:55: What’s the average IQ of people who watch The Masked Singer? Negative-55?

6:58: Fun fact about Tyreek Hill: He could pass for a Lannister bastard. Tyreek sounds like Tywin, and Hill is the surname for bastards in the Lannisport region.

7:02: I’m kind of shocked that Jennifer Lopez is doing the Super Bowl halftime show. I thought she just acted and maintained a giant butt. I didn’t know she was a musician.

7:05: Huge run by Mahomes! The Chiefs have first-and-goal.

7:06: My wife just asked if we can watch the Puppy Bowl at halftime. That made me wonder why the NFL doesn’t have the Puppy Bowl at the stadium on its regular broadcast. That would be much better than these dumb musicians sounding terrible. And yes, they run the risk of a puppy pooping on the field, but they took the same gamble when they had those kids on the field earlier.

7:07: Again with the Spanish!?

7:09: Great play call by Andy Reid to convert the fourth down!

7:10: The Spanish broadcaster just said pantalones. This Spanish broadcast is so interesting.

7:11: Mahomes scores on the option!

Chiefs 7, 49ers 3

7:13: I guess per that commercial, Tom Brady isn’t retiring?

7:14: I just checked Twitter to see what people were saying about the FOX Spanish broadcast, but a bunch of elitist blue checkmarks were complaining about the Donald Trump commercial. I’ll say this about the blue checkmarks: No one complains better than them. No one.

7:16: Props to Jacob Camenker, who said that he liked Mahomes to score the first touchdown at 14/1 odds!

7:18: Wait, what was that Super Monday commercial? Is The Office coming back?

7:19: It’s crazy that FOX had three years to figure this out, and they can’t even get the English broadcast on TV.


Charlie just said that we should replace Joe Buck with this Spanish guy and keep Troy Aikman. I’m down for that.

7:27: Andy Reid going for it! Chiefs convert!

7:29: Apparently, it didn’t matter. The pass went, as the announcer said, “incompleto.” Here comes the kicking unit.

Chiefs 10, 49ers 3

7:36: Raheem Mostert is going full Mostert. He’s becoming the guy everyone thought he’d be when he entered the 2015 NFL Draft.


Chiefs 10, 49ers 10

7:40: That Rick and Morty Pringles commercial is the clear winner thus far.

7:43: Nice move by Damien Williams. At least I think that’s him. I have no idea with this broadcast.

7:46: One of the Spanish guys keeps saying “Pepe.” Is there a Pepe on one of these teams I didn’t know about?

7:47: Coke, no one cares if a stupid celebrity is going to a party or not.

7:48: I’m so glad they killed off Mr. Peanut for that pay off.

7:50: Why didn’t Mecole Hardman throw away the ball? He took a 4-yard loss for nothing. That was just stupid football.

7:51: The announcer called Robert Saleh “Senor Robo Saleh.” I love this guy.

7:55: I can’t believe the 49ers are letting this go to half. They should’ve been more aggressive in this situation.

8:00: HUGE CATCH BY GEORGE KITTLE! Except, offensive pass interference negates it.

8:01: A kneel-down to end the opening half, and the Spanish announcer is going nuts!

8:02: It’s 10-10 at halftime. I think we’re going to see some major fireworks in the second half. It wouldn’t surprise me if this game ended 34-31, of something.

8:07: Someone at the Super Bowl is asleep:

Good thing this a**hole didn’t pay five figures for this ticket, or anything.

8:13: Jennifer Lopez looks good in her red dress, but who is that man in the space suit?

8:16: I can’t say this for certain but I think Jennifer Lopez was lip singing that “home tonight” song. She sounded much different when she yelled “no fighting.”

8:18: I was at a strip club recently, and this pole dancing is giving me flashbacks of me wasting my money.

8:21: Jennifer Lopez isn’t lip singing now. I wonder why she did it earlier and isn’t doing it now. And where’s that man in the spacesuit?

8:22: Great, more kids on the football field. Why not just have puppies? Same difference.

8:24: That “mucho gracias” from Jennifer Lopez made me wonder if FOX fixed its English broadcasting signal.

8:26: These commercials may not be great, but the responses are terrific:

8:28: “Best halftime show I’ve seen in a long time.” – Michael Strahan. Really? Someone needs to make sure Strahan has taken his concussion medication.

8:31: IT’S STILL SPANISH!?!?!?!?

8:35: Do you guys think Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are working right now? Why would they be, given that FOX is broadcasting in Spanish?

8:39: There’s JUUUSHAKA again!

8:42: The 49ers had a nice drive, but they stalled right outside the red zone. The 42-yard kick is good.

49ers 13, Chiefs 10

8:44: Why is Bud Light making a seltzer? It seems dumb. I remember Starbucks’ stock tumbling because they got into sandwiches, then it rose again when they began concentrating more on coffee. If you know how to short stocks, I’d short Budweiser.

8:50: Mahomes sacked and fumbled! Oi-yae-yae!

8:51: And now Mahomes is picked. It didn’t look like Mahomes didn’t see the linebacker. Which linebacker? I have no idea, thanks to the Spanish broadcast.

8:57: Great poise on third down by Garoppolo with a big conversion. And Jushaka to the goal line.

8:58: Raheem Mostert with the touchdown! San Francisco up by two scores.

49ers 20, Chiefs 10

9:01: Was that a commercial not to get Alexa? Because it certainly worked.

9:02: I knew who Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kevin Hart and John Hamm were, but who the fook was that Liev Schriber character? Never heard of him.

9:04: Nice scramble by Mahomes to get the first down.

9:06: The third quarter has ended. The Chiefs are down 10, but driving. And yet, we’ve only had one good commercial thus far.

9:10: Mahomes is lucky Kwon Alexander just dropped a potential interception. The Chiefs take advantage with a first-down throw to Tyreek Hill.

9:11: Great moves by Damien Williams! Chiefs now in field goal range.

9:14: Mahomes picked on third down! Aye-aye-aye! The throw was behind Hill.

9:16: Are people actually going to watch the XFL? It’s the AAF all over again. It’s scrubs who aren’t good enough for the NFL. Who cares?

9:21: Big stop by the Chiefs defense to force a punt. They need to score on this drive, or the game is over.

9:27: Offcials missed Mahomes getting hit in the head. They call that nine out of 10 times. Ten out of 10 when I’m betting on the defense.

9:29: Kyle Shanahan is “protestondo” the call, per the Spanish announcers.

9:30: Great tweet from Philly broadcaster Glen Macnow: “Feels like Andy is going to run out the clock with an eight-minute touchdown drive here.”

9:32: Huge throw by Mahomes to Hill! How was he that wide open!?

9:34: Pass interference! Travis Kelce’s drawn penalty sets up first-and-goal at the 1-yard line.

9:35: Touchdown, Mahomes to Kelce!

49ers 20, Chiefs 17

9:41: Chiefs force a three-and-out! Here comes Mahomes!

9:42: We could be watching history with Mahomes on this drive.

9:43: Mahomes gets out of a sack to convert the first down!

9:44: Mahomes to Watkins, now in the red zone! Aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye!!!

9:45: Mahomes to the 5-yard line! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!!!

9:46: Touchdown, Mahomes to Damien Williams! WOWA-WEEWAA WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOOOOPP!!!

9:47: “I’m watching the Super Bowl in Spanish every year!” – Charlie

9:48: Why isn’t there a chip in the ball to determine if the ball crosses the goal line? They have chips in jerseys to see how fast guys run. We can’t have chips in balls?

9:49: Call stands! Touchdown, Chiefs!

Chiefs 24, 49ers 20

9:49: “Celebrelo, Patrick! Celebrelo!”

9:52: Why are the 49ers huddling!?

9:56: Just saw that Mahomes’ ninth touchdown this postseason is the most of any quarterback in a single playoff run under the age of 25. Incredible.

9:58: Kendall Fuller drops the game-winning interception!

9:59: Garoppolo overthrows Emmanuel Sanders!

10:00: Turnover on downs! The 49ers still have three timeouts, however.

10:02: Damien Williams touchdown! Good night!

Chiefs 31, 49ers 20

10:03: I’d say Damien Williams wins MVP, but you can give it to Mahomes.

10:04: I’m glad Andy Reid is going to win the Super Bowl. When I picked the Chiefs to win in my season previews, some people said Reid would choke. One woman I spoke to earlier in the week told me that Reid is a “terrible” coach. I’m happy he’s proving everyone wrong.

10:07: Garoppolo is picked on a desperation throw! One final AYE-AYE-AYE!!!

10:08: Orange Gatorade wins the prop!

10:10: It was a pleasure to watch history. This is the first of many Super Bowls for Patrick Mahomes.

10:13: Here’s the DraftKings winner:

It was a chopped pot that claimed $64,000 each. My best lineup had Raheem Mostert and Robbie Gould instead of Tyreek Hill and Kendrick Bourne. That’s what I get for trusting a stupid kicker.

10:16: I’m going to have the Super Bowl LIV Recap at some point tonight. In the meantime, you can check out our 2020 NFL Mock Draft, 2021 NFL Mock Draft and 2022 NFL Mock Draft here. Thanks for reading my incoherent thoughts throughout this exciting Super Bowl!

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