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I've been trading stocks since 2009, but really amped up my activity once the pandemic started to offset advertising losses. I've done quite well in my trading, so I thought I would share my positions, as well as my due diligence behind them. Note that I am not a registered financial advisor, and this is not financial advice; these stocks are merely the ones I own at the moment. Also, upon request, I've added a star rating system. My favorite stocks are four stars.

Updated May 16, 2021

The stock market once again felt like a bottomless pit in the early and middle parts of the previous week, as small- and mid-cap stocks continued to get hammered. However, things began turning around Thursday, headlined by an AMC mini-squeeze. Friday was especially promising. Let's hope this is the beginning of a reversal for small- and mid-cap stocks, and not just a bull trap! Our economy is in the toilet, but small- and mid-cap stocks have been getting crushed unfairly for a long time, and the market tends to look ahead, so there's a good chance for a reversal.

GameStop (GME):

Feb. 7, 2021 update: This was my due diligence on GameStop. I sold most of my position two weeks ago, albeit for less than I wanted to. I'm still holding some shares (one percent of my original position.) I'm still a big fan of the company and Ryan Cohen. I believe Cohen has a great plan for GameStop, and I wouldn't even rule out an acquisition by Microsoft. GameStop still has the potential to skyrocket because it continues to be heavily shorted. It's not quite clear what the short interest is at the moment; I've seen projections ranging from 49 percent to 200-plus percent. We'll find out soon enough once short interest is updated. In the meantime, I'd wait on possible dips to buy back into this high-upside company.

Feb. 15, 2021 update: A quick update on GameStop. Zacks issued a price target for GameStop, which is in the $300s. Given the high short interest (around 80%), the small float, and everything Ryan Cohen is bringing to the company, that seems like a reasonable expectation. It seems as though the short sellers have lost momentum because they haven't been able to drive the price below $47. GameStop may go back up soon. If it dips lower, I'll have interest in re-purchasing shares.

Feb. 21, 2021 update: Here we go again? DeepF**ingValue, the guy who made $40 million on GameStop calls, just doubled down his stake. He now owns 100,000 shares of GameStop.

Also, take a look at article from WallStreetBets. It says that short interest may now be as high as 432 percent, which would make the stock price $130,000 per share! I'm buying more shares Monday, though I will acknowledge that the stock price could still dip. These scumbag hedge funds won't go down without a fight.

Feb. 28, 2021 update: I'm dropping this to two stars because of the price share increase. I'm still holding all of my shares. First of all, we're going to have a gamma squeeze next week because 20,000 or so call options were in the money because of the $100-plus close, meaning about 2 million shares will be bought early next week. Second, Ryan Cohen tweeted something cryptic about a frog and ice cream. I took this to mean one of two things: The most likely message is that he's now the CEO of the company. The better scenario is a Microsoft buyout. The ice cream could mean "soft," so if the frog can mean "micro" somehow, then that may indicate a Microsoft buyout, which would make lots of sense because Microsoft closed its stores and wants to beat Sony. This is wishful thinking, but Cohen officially becoming CEO is bullish as well.

March 5, 2021 update: Ryan Cohen tweeted a picture of what looked like a dog puppet Thursday afternoon, and GameStop shot up nearly four percent. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2021 stock market. I'm not quite sure what the tweet means. Perhaps he's suggesting that GameStop will follow the trajectory of his former company, Chewy, which is something I've believed ever since he bought into GameStop.

March 14, 2021 update: GameStop made a huge surge on Wednesday, reaching as high as $340. It quickly crashed because of a coordinated short attack. Seriously, look at GameStop's chart and compare it to AMC"s chart on that day. Both had the same movement. This was clear market manipulation, which is illegal. Of course, nothing will happen to these criminals, but the important thing is that it shows how desperate the hedge funds are not to lose their shirts. They're trapped, and everyone knows it.

March 21, 2021 update: GameStop finished above $200, which was good for all of the options to be in the money. There's still major potential here, as GameStop continues to be extremely shorted. I also can't wait to see what Ryan Cohen has up his sleeve, so I'm still holding most of my shares.

March 24, 2021 update: Overall earnings weren't great, but they weren't expected to be great. PS5 supplies were limited, and many stores were still closed. Plus, Ryan Cohen hasn't taken over yet. The one strong positive was the e-commerce increase.

I was more curious about the earnings call. It was a big disappointment, to say the least. However, as I soon discovered, this was for good reason because of the 10-K filing GameStop released. They discussed why they won't be doing an offering, in this extremely important text:

To the extent aggregate short exposure exceeds the number of shares of our Class A Common Stock available for purchase on the open market, investors with short exposure may have to pay a premium to repurchase shares of our Class A Common Stock for delivery to lenders of our Class A Common Stock.

And boom goes the dynamite. Despite some reports to the contrary, this is saying GameStop is STILL more than 100-percent shorted. Straight from the horse's mouth.

Think about how absolutely f***ed these short sellers are. GameStop may dip today, but it's going to absolutely go nuts one of these days. If it falls sharply, I will be buying dips.

April 4, 2021 update: According to the SEC, GameStop had 708,000 shares failed to deliver, so $78 million worth of shares will have to be bought on the market in the next 21 days. That could cause this stock to rise again.

April 11, 2021 update: You may have heard that there will be some dilution with GameStop. It's just 3.5 million shares, however, which is nothing. It's a big deal for GameStop, however, as they'll make more than half a billion dollars with the tiny offering. This will allow them to clear their debt and/or make a big purchase. I still can't wait to see what Ryan Cohen has in store for the company.

April 18, 2021 update: Former CEO George Sherman had to forfeit some shares for failing to meet expectations. GameStop will be able to raise more than $100 million off these shares without diluting, which is exciting. I can't wait to see what Ryan Cohen has in store for this company. I imagine we'll have some concrete answers once everyone admits that the pandemic is finished, but I'd be shocked if it doesn't involve buying Steam.

April 25, 2021 update: It was nice to finish above $150 for the week because 8,943 call options finished in the money at exactly $150. This means 894,000 shares will have to be bought, nearly representing 1/27th of the float. Meanwhile, Ryan Cohen tweeted out a picture of an American flag. It'll be great when he's legally allowed to speak about GameStop and his plans for the company.

May 9, 2021 update: It's amazing that GameStop has remained steady at this level. It's still heavily shorted, so there's a standoff between the demonic short-sellers and the GameStop WSB crowd that wants to punish those who tried to bankrupt this company, just so they could avoid paying taxes.

May 16, 2021 update: GameStop ran a bit with AMC on Thursday. All of the BANG KEN stocks (Blackberry, AMC, Nokia, GameStop, Koss, Express, NAKD) did well that day. If AMC runs, all of the BANG KEN stocks will move as well.

At any rate, here was why I loved GameStop. I have some new stocks I like below this analysis:

GameStop? The video game store? Yes, GameStop.

If you haven't been following it at all, you might assume that GameStop is on the verge of bankruptcy. You may think of it as the next Blockbuster. This thesis couldn't be further from the truth. GameStop has done a great job of re-branding itself. Its online sales have skyrocketed, showing an increase of 800 percent in Q2 (source.) GameStop now provides same-day delivery, giving it an edge over Amazon and Wal-Mart. It revamped its Web site and app. It's on pace for a billion dollars in e-commerce in 2020.

If that's not enough for you, Ryan Cohen has bought 10 percent of the company. Cohen was the former CEO of Chewy, and he sold it for $3 billion. Chewy became a great company because of its retail/e-commerce hybrid model, and Cohen plans on transforming GameStop into a similar type of entity to compete with Amazon like Chewy does. In fact, Ryan Cohen sees GameStop rivaling Amazon long term. That may sound odd at first, but think about it: Cohen's former company, Chewy, rivals Amazon in its sector. With same-day delivery and an already-established brand, GameStop can rival Amazon in the gaming and computer accessories sector.

Cohen's plan is why GameStop has been closing plenty of stores lately. The plan is to shut down the least-profitable establishments and keep the most-profitable ones open while increasing an online, same-day delivery presence. Cohen is extremely selective in his investments, so his purchase of GameStop really turned some heads. I was already an investor, but that 10-percent stake made me even more convinced that the stock will skyrocket.

Cohen's investment is far from the only reason to be bullish on GameStop. Other reasons include:

  • The new Playstation and XBox consoles will be released this holiday season. During the previous two console releases, GameStop's stock rose to at least $50 on both occasions. The stock, as of this writing, is $10.49. That's 5x the profits without any other factors!

  • Speaking of the new consoles, there was a bearish sentiment directed at GameStop because it was believed that the new consoles would not have disc drives, and thus negating GameStop's game sales. Versions of the Playstation 5 with and without disc drives have been released, and yet 76 percent of those purchased from GameStop have disc drives.

  • Another investor, Richard Mashaal of Senvest, bought five percent of the company. To quote Mashaal, "We seek out of favor, unloved, misunderstood, and underappreciated companies where expectations, sentiment and valuations are all low ... Over one or two or three years they can change and improve, for a better outlook, so they are no longer unloved, and get multiple expansion."

  • GameStop and Microsoft have a new partnership which involves revenue sharing.

  • GameStop currently has close to $800 million in cash. It's close to $12 cash per share, which is less than the current stock price. If you were Scrooge McDuck and bought up every single share of GameStop, you would have more money than you invested. There's debt, of course, but with the great amount of money GameStop will make from new console purchases and increased online sales, that won't be an issue.

  • With all of these positive factors, GameStop must skyrocket. It's a guarantee because its short interest, as of this writing, is way above 100 percent, with $70 million shares shorted and $48 million public float. This means that every single share of GameStop has been shorted, plus numerous extra. Short sellers did this because they thought bankruptcy was inevitable, but that thesis has been debunked. GameStop has nearly a billion dollars in cash, the new consoles have disc drives, and the company's S&P credit rating just improved. And, as mentioned, with Playstation 5 and the new XBOX consoles set to be released within weeks, GameStop will rake in tons of money.

    So, we know now that bankruptcy is completely off the table. All of the short sellers anticipated this bankruptcy thesis, but they were completely wrong. Thus, they will either have to cover soon or continue paying a borrowing fee. Once the stock rises as a result of all the optimism mentioned above, the margin calls for the short sellers will come. When the short sellers cover, the stock price will increase. A higher stock price means more shorts covering, which only further increases the price. Rinse, repeat.

    This, as you may know, is called a short squeeze. We recently saw Kodak (KODK) go from $2 to $60 on a short squeeze, and yet that was only 10-percent shorted at the time. Overstock (OSTK) went from $2 to $120 on a short squeeze. Even KBIO, a failing biotech company that is now defunct, went from 44 cents to $45. None of these companies were 100-percent shorted. GameStop is more than 100-percent shorted! This could be the mother of all short squeezes. My conservative price target for GameStop is $50, but it could easily approach $120 like Overstock if the short squeeze is as nuts as I think it will be.

    If you're looking at the chart, you may have seen that GameStop recently dropped from $15.60 last Friday to $10.49 heading into Halloween weekend. This was the byproduct of election week (most stocks plummeted) and short selling on low volume. Once the volume picks up, presumably after the election and when the consoles are released, GameStop will be back at $15 and will continue to climb.

    Nov. 10 update:

    GameStop is up about 10 percent since I recommended it here last Monday. There's exciting news coming beyond the console releases this week:

    That's right - GameStop is now offering free shipping on same-day delivery above orders of $35. That's awesome because it will allow GameStop to compete with Amazon in their particular sector.

    Also, GameStop just filed an 8-K this afternoon. They announced that they are paying off $125 million in debt early. This will crush any sort of bankruptcy thesis the short sellers still may have foolishly believed. GameStop will skyrocket soon, and once it does, it'll go up even more because of the massive short squeeze.

    Dec. 8 update:

    GameStop, as of this posting, is in the mid-$16 range. So far, so good.

    I wanted to provide an update for Q3 earnings, which will be released after Tuesday's trading hours are complete. Many traders dump a stock when earnings are announced, even without reading the earnings report. I don't understand this strategy, but that's what happens. Check out what happened for $HPE's Q3 earnings. Hewlett Packard had an amazing Q3 earnings report, but the stock price dropped five percent regardless. It has since risen 20 percent, so those who dumped it can't feel too smart.

    I believe there's a chance GameStop will immediately drop 5-10 percent, as the Q3 earnings aren't supposed to be very good. The Q4 earnings will be amazing, but there wasn't much happening in Q3. However, there's still a chance GameStop will be higher a week after earnings because we could see great guidance and news during the conference call. GameStop has been getting record sales during the Black Friday/new console release period, so some mention of that would be great.

    If you haven't gotten into $GME yet, I would wait until the earnings dip. I'll be looking to pick up more shares then.

    Dec. 22 update:

    As expected, Q3 earnings tanked GME's stock price. I thought it would go to the mid-12s and early-13s, and that's exactly where it went. The price has recently rallied to the mid-15s, as there was a ton of insider buying last week. By whom, you ask? None other than our great friend, Ryan Cohen:

    Cohen now owns nearly 13 percent of GameStop. He bought half a million shares at $16.02! He knows where the price of this stock is going, unlike the dumb short sellers who continue to short. Many of them will lose everything in the coming months.

    Jan. 19 update:

    Congrats to those who have invested into GameStop! I have not sold a single share because the short squeeze hasn't happened yet. Also, Cohen has seized control of the company. You may have seen that some insiders have sold their shares of GameStop. Those were people on the board of directors whom Cohen has ousted and replaced with his supporters.

    Cohen has big-time visions for GameStop. He could take the company to an $8-10 billion market cap, which would make the stock worth well into triple digits. I wouldn't expect an offering anytime soon either because Cohen specifically discussed crushing the short sellers in his 13D letter to the board.

    I'd write more, but there's a post on Reddit that describes my bull thesis on this company perfectly. The language is vulgar, as a warning, but it's amazing DD. Here's the post on why GameStop could approach $300.

    Jan. 25 update:

    Well, that was something! GameStop hit $73 on Friday before a halt prevented what seemed like a march straight to $100. It closed at $65, but was still up 51 percent on the day.

    I was asked by multiple people if the short squeeze is over. I shocked them by telling them it hadn't even begun! Short interest is still at 140 percent, as Friday's action was the result of a gamma squeeze. This was the market makers buying shares to hedge against $60 calls that expired on Friday. With the close being $65, all the calls were in the money, meaning all of those shares will have to be bought over the next couple of days. It's unclear what the exact number of shares is, but it's estimated between 15 and 20 million. Keep in mind that GameStop's float is less than 50 million shares!

    Here's a nice write-up on Friday's GameStop Gamma Squeeze.

    I'm still holding full. I've set a sell limit at $260, which was just me multiplying Friday's close by four. I have no idea how high this is going, but once we get into triple digits, I'd suggest setting a very comfortable stop loss in case something crazy happens.

    Other Positions:

    I'm currently in several other positions. I don't have time to post all of the due diligence on them now because I'm busy with the NFL season, but I will provide more analysis come January.

    Here are the other positions. I'm not as high on them as GameStop, but I'm heavily invested in each:

  • AMC Entertainment (AMC)
    I've been eying this one for a while because this is the sister stock of GameStop. It's missing GameStop's Ryan Cohen-related upside, but it's a beaten-down stock that is heavily shorted. It's actually the third-most-shorted stock on the market behind only GameStop and Virgin Galactic. It's easy to see why; the pandemic decimated this industry, which was already hurting as a result of streaming.

    However, AMC has announced that it won't be closing theaters, unlike Regal. With the vaccine being distributed, people will begin to go out, and one thing they'll want to do is go to the movies. After all, almost everyone in the United States hasn't been to the movies in about a year. This will be a novelty, at least for a little while. As this happens, we can enjoy growth in this stock as the scumbag short sellers cover. (New 1/25/2021)

    Update (1/31/21): AMC is the next company to be short squeezed. As with GameStop on Friday, Jan. 22, there will be a gamma squeeze. This is when tons of options finish in the money, forcing huge buys on Monday and Tuesday.

    Update (2/7/21): The shorts continued their dirty tricks with AMC, while Robinhood prevented people from buying the stock. It seems as though restrictions were lifted, but it might be a while until AMC squeezes. The volume needs to be there. That said, I saw a Reddit post where WallStreetBets was calling for all of its eight million members to buy 30 shares of AMC to squeeze out the shorts. I may just buy 30 shares every hour for the hell of it.

    Update (2/15/21): As with their assault on GameStop, the short sellers seem to have lost control of AMC. They drove the price down from $19 to $5.50, but the price has remained stagnant in recent days. Meanwhile, there's been some heavy institutional buying, including Blackrock, which purchased about three million shares to increase their stake of the company to 6.2 million shares.

    Update (2/21/21): It seems as though we've reached support in the mid-$5 range. It doesn't appear as though the stock is going down any further, especially with so many institutions like Blackrock buying into this company.

    Also, take a look at this video. According to Trey's Trade's documented research, 99.2 percent of AMC shares are currently being held, and some people's orders aren't being filled. This is exactly what happened before GameStop's first mother of all short squeezes:

    Update (2/28/21): What a finish to the week! Being above $8 was huge because there were 200,000 or so call options in the money, which means 20 million shares will be bought early next week. This is what happened to spark the GME surge in January. First, the gamma squeeze, and then the short squeeze. Remember, there are lots of institutions onboard like Blackrock. They know where this is headed. I think something in the $50-80 range is definitely possible if we get multiple squeezes, and that's not even the bullish outlook.

    Update (3/5/21): Despite the market crash, AMC has held up well. It's still above $8 as of this writing. I'm not sure why there hasn't been a huge volume frenzy in the wake of all the call options finishing in the money. This stock is being held back by massive amounts of "fail to deliver" shares, which will have to be delivered at some point in the future.

    Update (3/11/21): AMC's initial announced earnings figures were naturally poor, but this was already factored into the share price. The important part of earnings was guidance on the earnings call. I wasn't able to listen because I had my wisdom teeth removed (they grew in very late for me), but my friend and fellow investor Tom took down some great, detailed notes of the AMC earnings call, and he gave me permission to share them with you:

    This is all positive. Life is already returning to normal in some states, and the laggard states will be pressured to follow suit in the near future. People will want to go out, and they'll want to make trips to the movie theater. There will be huge demand for this, so things will return to normal for AMC. Remember, AMC traded in the high teens a couple of years ago, so it would make sense for it to return to that price without any other factors.

    There are, of course, other factors, namely the impending gamma and short squeezes. There's something called the DTCC Rule arriving on March 19, and it'll put way more pressure on the shorts to cover their positions. You can look it up or watch this video where this Galactic Finance guy did a good job of describing it:

    So, with a natural price of $15-20, we could definitely see AMC eclipse $50 and perhaps approach triple figures during the squeezes. It won't soar like GameStop because the float is seven times larger, but there's so much upside with this stock right now.

    Update (3/21/21): Friday was a good day in the market, but not so much for AMC. We needed to finish above $14 for a bulk of the options to be in the money. If you weren't paying attention late in the day, there was a huge war for $14. The short sellers put up enormous walls at every cent at $14 and above. It seemed as though we had a chance to be above $14, but there was a ridiculously large short order that sent AMC downward 40 cents in seconds. AMC then rebounded and nearly hit $14, but finished just shy.

    This was clear market manipulation, and the people behind this should be in prison. Nothing will happen legally to them, but they will lose out in the long run. Think about what happened: Some huge hedge fund put out all the stops and took out a short position on AMC to plummet the stock, and yet it rebounded and nearly rose to where it was in a matter of minutes. These hedge funds won the battle, but they are screwed long term because of their disgusting avarice.

    If you missed the Friday action, check out this replay video. It was absolutely wild:

    At any rate, we had some very good news earlier in the week when Fidelty purchased 514,000 shares. There's no way Fidelity is investing $7 million on a dud.

    Update (3/28/21): AMC dropped this week because it was heavily shorted. The short sellers are running out of ammunition, so I expect AMC to spike hard at any time.

    Update (4/4/21): Short sellers continued to attack AMC, spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, despair) in the process. The shorts were spreading rumors about AMC issuing 500 million shares, but this is not true. This is up for vote on May 4. If you've received a shareholders' voting ballot through your brokerage, make sure you vote NO on Item 1.

    By the way, I mentioned that there were many GameStop shares that failed to deliver. According to the SEC, 11 million shares of AMC failed to deliver, so $100 million in shares will need to be bought on the market in the next 21 days! Can you say reversal?

    Update (4/11/21): AMC fell to the mid-9s after a nice opening to the week. As a reminder, 11 million shares will need to be purchased in the next 14 days. There's not much else to say, but this was a beautiful sight to see:

    Update (4/18/21): A couple of exciting things to discuss. First, Trey's Trades did a fantastic interview with AMC CEO Adam Aron. I encourage all of you to watch this if you're the slightest bit bearish on AMC:

    For the tl;dw crowd, Aron promised not to dilute any shares this year, so even if the 500 million share surplus is passed, he cannot issue any shares until Jan. 2, 2022.

    Meanwhile, the borrowing fee for shorting this stock was 1.8 percent on Monday. It's now 17.4 percent!

    The scum trying to bankrupt this company now have to pay 17.4 percent interest every day to hold their short positions. Have fun doing that!

    Update (4/25/21): Friday's close felt different, didn't it? I imagine the new short-selling rule had a big part in that. Historically, there would be crazy ladder attacks to push AMC down past a key number like $10. There were 26,088 call options at $10, so the shorts would've fought like hell to drive the price down. This Friday, however, they had no juice. I hope this is a sign that the endgame is near.

    Update (5/8/21): We had a nice close on Friday, with $9.50 being a key number for options. This came days after a very positive earnings call. My friend and fellow investor Tom took some great notes on the call, so here they are in case you missed it:

    Things are moving in a positive direction. The AMC CEO pulled the 500 million dilution proposal, while the borrowing fee has risen to 26 percent. This will put even more pressure on the short sellers, who would cover ASAP if they had any sort of intelligence.

    Update (5/16/21): It seems as though we have begun the squeeze. Thursday was terrific, and while Friday appeared to have a sell-off, that was just more illegal ladder attacks by the short-selling scum. This is a losing battle for the shorts, who are now paying anywhere between 70 and 90 percent on their short sales. These people are complete morons. They had to be bailed out after what happened with GameStop, and the same thing will occur with AMC. If they had any brains, they would cover now, but what we're seeing instead is a veritable maelstrom of avarice. I promise you, the pigs will get slaughtered.

    Now, I've been asked what a good price target is for the AMC short squeeze. I believe that because AMC has 7.7x the free float of GameStop, and GameStop reached $440, AMC will reach $57 at the very least. However, a congressional testimonial revealed that GameStop would have reached the thousands had Robinhood not committed blatant market manipulation (why is Vlad not in prison yet?) If GameStop could get to $1,000, then AMC can reach $129. However, thousands is plural, so if GameStop could reach $2,000, then AMC would be $259.

    This is all just guesswork, and I'm sure some would say I'm being pessimistic because #AMC100KSqueeze was trending on Twitter. I suppose $100,000 per share is possible, but that would require every single retail trader to coordinate and collude to never sell until that price is reached, and it would also require AMC to never dilute at insane prices (AMC would make $5 trillion if they diluted 500 million shares at $10,000 per share!) It's possible $100,000 is reached, but it's also possible that I could win the lottery and then get struck by lightning on the same day.

  • Blackberry (BB)
    Blackberry? Don't they make outdated phones!? Most people think so. I asked a dozen people this week what they thought Blackberry does as a company, and all 12 told me that Blackberry makes phones.

    Blackberry hasn't made phones in years. It is now a software company. One thing they do is write the software for smart cars. In fact, Blackberry signed a partnership with Amazon for this very reason.

    Furthermore, Blackberry announced a partnership with Baidu, the Chinese version of Google, for similar reasons.

    You can read more about Blackberry on Reddit. Yes, Reddit. This is one of many meme stocks that were banned/restricted on Robinhood. This is why it fell from $27 to $14 last week after it skyrocketed. Shorts were aggressively shorting Blackberry to keep it below $15 because so many $15-plus calls would have created a monstrous gamma squeeze.

    Now with that over, Blackberry could continue to ascend. It could dip in the next couple of days if the Robinhood people haven't moved their funds yet, but there's no reason for the buying not to commence once people can actually buy this stock. (New 1/31/2021)

    Update (2/7/21): As expected, Blackberry dipped from $14 to $11, but went back up to $13. Going above $13 was important, as lots of $13 calls were in the money. This should cause the price to rise, along with the fact that Zacks just raised their price target for Blackberry to $29:

    That's not even including the impending short squeeze. I'm interested to see what the updated number is, given that this was heavily shorted down from $27.

    Update (2/15/21): More than 10,000 $13 calls printed, so the stock price should rise this week. Also, there's been a ton of institutional buying, as you can see here. This company has a ton of promise, and we have a large gap to fill up to $27.

    Update (2/21/21): It was a rough week for the market, and one hedge fund likely shorting this stock paid to have this downgraded. This is still a great company with an outstanding CEO. With AMC and GameStop bound to bounce back soon, Blackberry should match the price movement as one of the BANG stocks.

    Update (2/28/21): I thought Blackberry would go with GameStop and AMC, but after an initial surge, it dropped a bit. Don't worry though because Blackberry is still a great company that should be worth more. If you're worried, check out this article: Why Your Stock is Always Red. It's a fantastic read. If you're the least bit concerned about Blackberry, or any other of your stocks constantly falling, you must check out this article.

    Update (3/5/21): Blackberry finished below $10 on Thursday, and it went down to $9.61 in after-hours training. Tech sell-off has hurt this stock, but it'll run eventually. I'll be aggressively buying if this drops into the $8 range.

    Update (3/14/21): Blackberry made a nice move up this week with tech recovering, closing at $11.85. It's amazing how many people don't even know what Blackberry does. It should be trading close to $30.

    Update (3/21/21): Blackberry's earnings are next Tuesday. An earnings blowout could shoot this stock up, as it could make people examine this company and realize that it doesn't make phones anymore.

    Update (3/28/21): Blackberry dropped because the SEC told them it has to report its earnings differently than it has in the past. Ah, so the SEC is actually doing something even though the hedge funds are getting away with blatant criminal behavior, I see. Earnings may not look as great as a result, so it might be a viable strategy to sell and then buy back in cheaper. I don't think I will be doing this because Blackberry seems to be getting more hype on WSB at the moment. Regardless, this is still a great play for the long term because autonomous driving is the future, and Blackberry has a stranglehold on the software side of that industry.

    Update (4/4/21): I can't say I'm surprised that Blackberry reported poor earnings. I thought there would be more hype from it from WSB, so I should've listened to my own advice and sold, then re-bought. Blackberry's success will be recognized in the future. They have partnerships with Amazon and Baidu that will pay off in the future, which is why Zacks released a $29 price target on this company.

    Update (4/11/21): Blackberry bounced back a bit, going to the mid-9s before closing at $9.13 for the week. This is still severely undervalued. We just need some major news for this to rocket.

    Update (4/18/21): Nothing new to add at the moment. We're waiting on some news that we'll get this quarter.

    Update (4/25/21): There were 5,500 Jan 2022 $40 call options purchased this past week. Yes, someone, or some people, believe that Blackberry will hit $40 by January!

    Update (5/8/21): Blackberry has been shorted over the past couple of weeks. This is good news for the long run. We know Blackberry is not going bankrupt, so every short seller on this company is a future buyer.

    Update (5/16/21): There was some nice inside buying on Blackbeery at cheap prices. Credit Suisse bought 400,000 shares at $7.53. Vanguard purchased about 700,000 shares at the same price. Hopefully we get to profit along with these hedge funds as the BANG KEN stocks explode once again.

  • Clover Health (CLOV)
    This will become Clover (CLOV) in January following a merger. This is Chamath Palihapitiya's health care SPAC, which could approach $50. (New 12/22/2020)

    Update (1/19/21): This was previously IPOC and has merged into CLOV. This is now my second-largest position behind GME. Clover Health has partnered with Wal-Mart and CVS to aid those companies into their venture into health care. Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya has bought 40 percent of this company. Furthermore, Chelsea Clinton is on the board of directors of this company. There's no way the Clintons have set up Chelsea to fail. She'll be buying her eighth yacht in no time, thanks to what she'll make from this company.

    If you look at the chart, you may notice that this stock has declined a few dollars in recent weeks. This is based on some crazy manipulation. Market makers dragged down the price of the stock to ruin some Jan. 15 options. There have been some big buys during that period, and yet this price has fallen. This indicates that there will be a huge reversal in the near future. Reuters has listed the book value of this company at $38, so we could see this stock hit $40 or even $50 in the near future.

    Update (1/26/21): Once we're finished with the GameStop mother of all short squeezes, I'll be buying lots more shares of CLOV. I wrote up a $50 price target last week, but I think this has long-term $100-plus potential.

    Update (1/31/21): I bought more shares of CLOV. The price has remained stagnant because this company is highly shorted. The largest shareholder of CLOV, the great Chamath Palihapitiya, has been attacking the crooked hedge fund managers, so they've been shorting his company as a result. Citadel, one of these scummy hedge funds, has forced Robinhood to restrict the purchase of CLOV to one share per user. Once the floodgates open, these hedge funds will pay the price.

    Update (2/7/21): CLOV dropped to $11 on Friday because of a bogus hit piece published by Hindenburg. The report was complete nonsense, and Hindenburg even said that it didn't have a short position in Clover. If it felt that adamant about the hit piece, why didn't they short the company? It's likely someone paid off Hindenburg to write it. At any rate, Clover responded well, prompting Bank of America to issue a $20 short-term price target. CLOV remains a great investment.

    Update (2/15/21): There's nothing new to add at the moment. This is just a reminder that the stock market requires lots of patience. I initially bought GameStop at $5.50 in May. It dropped to $3.80 in July, and it crossed the $5 mark in August again. The rest is history. The sky is the limit with this company, but it takes a while to reach the skies.

    Update (2/21/21): Clover is heavily shorted, so a squeeze for either GameStop or AMC could mean good things for it. It's lame that the stock price has dropped from $13 to $10, but it's not a big deal as long as you don't sell for a loss. I held GME through drops from $5.50 to $3.80, $9 to $6, $16 to $11, $20 to $12, and $44 to $33. Stock prices fall, and then they bounce back. CLOV is still a great hold for the long term.

    Update (2/28/21): Speaking of stocks always falling, Clover owners know this well. However, I think we're entering a reversal. The RSI is below 30, and there was 1.03 million in after-hour volume on Friday, most of which was right before the 8 p.m. close. There were some huge purchases made, most likely from those who know something very positive ahead of earnings. I think we could see a similar chart to FSR, which plummeted from $18.24 in mid-September to $8.70 at the end of October. It's now trading at $28.50.

    Update (3/5/21): I received a couple of e-mails about Clover. The stock has dropped to $7.29, which is a complete joke. Despite the constant falling price due to massive short attacks (close to 60% short interest!), there have been some big-money buys. You better believe smart investors and institutions are loading up on this company. Furthermore, earnings looked good - $600 million in revenue last quarter and a 50-percent increase in customers - and the National Institutes of Health just gave Clover a grant. This stock is going to have a massive short squeeze at some point. I certainly will not miss out on that.

    Update (3/14/21): Clover finally stopped bleeding, rising to $8.91. Remember, there's tons of short interest here because the hedge funds wanted revenge on Chamath, who spoke out against them in the CNBC interview back in January. Once Clover announces more partnerships, this stock will shoot up, and the shorts will be forced to cover. I'm still bullish on this heading to $100.

    Update (3/21/21): Clover has appeared to have broken its downtrend. Unless the market crashes, I could see this eclipsing $10 in the near future. It's amazing how undervalued Clover is right now. It reminds of GameStop when it was $3.80 in mid-July.

    Update (3/28/21): Nothing new to report. This is still criminally shorted and oversold.

    Update (4/4/21): Some of you may not like this, but eTrade asked me to lend my shares out for shorting, and I said yes. I did this for two reasons: First, it would give me an idea of how shorted a company is if my shares were borrowed immediately. Second, I'll be making money off interest from these dumb short sellers with zero risk to myself, so why not? I can tell you this: All of my Clover shares were borrowed immediately! They were gone the first day (the same thing happened with my AMC shares.) I can't say I'm surprised by this. Clover is so manipulated and shorted, people should go to prison for what they've done. I remain bullish on this stock for the long term.

    Update (4/11/21): Clover shot up $2 on Thursday because of some great news. Clover received a government contract to work in 10 states. There was a pullback on Friday with the market sell-off, but Clover should be trading much higher in the wake of this announcement. They'll make much more revenue as a result of this, so their future quarterly earnings will be better.

    Update (4/12/21): I'm doing an update today on Clover because Vanguard bought 18 percent of Clover Health. That's 26 million shares. The last time a stock of ours was heavily shorted and saw a big whale buy a chunk of the company, it was GameStop back in September when Ryan Cohen purchased 9.9 percent of it. GameStop went up to $7 that day, which is where Clover is now. This is HUGE. I bought 1,100 more shares today:

    What's crazy is that the other ETFs will see this huge buy and may pile in as a result, which is what happened with GameStop. The float will shrink, and there will be a massive squeeze as a result. I've been saying that Clover will be $100 one day, and I'm now thinking that is a conservative estimate.

    Update (4/18/21): Clover is 140-percent shorted, apparently! I think it's closer to 60 percent, but hey, I'll take the great news! Expect a huge squeeze in the near future.

    Update (4/25/21): We had higher new lows this past week. Clover seems to be in the process of squeezing, as the short-selling scum can't naked short effectively anymore.

    Update (5/8/21): Weeks after Vanguard bought 18 percent of this company, Baillie Gifford & Co. bought 5.1 million shares. This is setting up for a huge spike in the near future.

    Update (5/16/21): There's a sea of green on the Clover filings page. It's only a matter of time before this heavily shorted company skyrockets.

  • Clovis Oncology (CLVS)
    Are you looking to buy stock from a cheap company that cured cancer? Then, Clovis Oncology is for you!

    Yes, you read that correctly. Clovis has a drug called Rubraca, which is nearly FDA approved (in Stage 3.) It kills cancer cells. You'd think this would generate more fanfare, but short sellers have infested this company. This stock is 42-percent shorted, and the float isn't very large (86.43 million). And you wonder why I hate short sellers so much. They're literally trying to put a cancer-curing company out of business so they can take tax-free profits for themselves? What evil scumbags.

    When this gets some attention, it'll squeeze. Clovis is 55.6-percent owned by institutions, so they're well aware of the potential with this company. The most recent price target we have is from H.C. Wainwright, which is $33. However, it could go higher with a major squeeze. (New 3/11/2021)

    Update (3/21/21): Clovis had a 50-percent run on Friday, going as high as $8.90 before falling below $8. It ran on great news, as Clovis took a step closer to FDA approval for their ovarian cancer drug. What a great company. I bet everyone wants them to succeed.

    Well, not quite. Clovis fell from $8.90 to the high $7s because Goldman Sachs reiterated a sell rating on Clovis despite the great news. Why did they do this? Because they have a huge short on Clovis.

    That's right - Goldman Sachs wants a company working hard and successfully to cure ovarian cancer to go bankrupt.

    I can't believe how disgusting this is. I mentioned avarice in the AMC entry, but this is the prime definition of it. If you still think short selling should be legal, you should have your head examined, because it allows scumbag hedge funds like Goldman Sachs to attempt to force good companies like Clovis into bankruptcy, just so they don't have to pay taxes on their short. These people are gross.

    This needs to be discussed publicly. Tweet @GoldmanSachs and ask them why they're trying to destroy a company working to cure women's cancer. If we put enough public pressure on them, perhaps they'll cover their short and allow this good company to thrive.

    Either way, this got attention from Wall Street Bets, so it sounds like more people will be jumping into this stock this upcoming week.

    Update (3/28/21): The short sellers continue to pile into Clovis. There is going to be an absolute bloodbath once there's FDA approval for their new drug, or if there's a buyout. Meanwhile, HC Wainwright issued a price target of $13.

    Update (4/4/21): As I explained in the Clover write-up, I allowed eTrade to lend my shares. My Clovis shares were snatched up immediately as well. It's amazing how many evil people there are out there who don't want women's cancer to be cured. At any rate, Clovis will squeeze upon FDA approval or buyout, so just be patient with this one.

    Update (4/11/21): Clovis dropped to $6.23. This is market manipulation/short sellers trying to drop the price. If you can be patient, you'll be rewarded.

    Update (4/18/21): There's some negative sentiment here regarding a 250 million share shelf offering vote that will take place soon. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, outside of it being an opportunity for scumbag bears being able to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, despair). A shelf offering allows a company to issue shares whenever it needs to, and I imagine Clovis will want to do this once the share price skyrockets in a GLSI- or SAVA-type fashion.

    Update (4/25/21): Earnings are coming up on May 5, but the big news we're waiting for is FDA approval of one of Clovis' drugs. The FDA has been slowed down with trying to approve the Covid vaccine, which is why all bios have taken a hit recently. Things will eventually revert to normal; just be patient.

    Update (5/8/21): This was shorted into the mid $5 range since my previous update. Nothing has changed with this company, which remains a huge squeeze candidate.

    Update (5/16/21): Vanguard bought 1.3 million shares of Clovis at an average price of $5.91. They now own 7.6 million shares. I would love to see the borrowing fee (1.6%) explode on this heavily shorted stock to finally push the shorts out of their position.

  • Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings (CRBP)
    Here's another heavily shorted weed stock. Corbus is 20-percent shorted, and it recently closed an offering of $6 per share. Despite the $6 per share offering, this stock is trading at $3, which makes no sense. There's a huge gap to fill to $9, and this should run with the other weed plays. (New 2/21/2021)

    Update (2/28/21): Bumping this up to four stars on this insane dip. Again CRBP had a $6 per share offering, and it's now trading above $2. That makes zero sense. Also, the MJ ETF - the largest marijuana sector ETF - just increased its ownership of CRBP by 122 percent.

    Update (3/5/21): The marijuana sector hasn't been immune to the crash, with CRBP closing at $1.88 on Thursday. Again, they did an offering at $6, so this price doesn't make any sense.

    Update (3/14/21): This moved up to $2.33 this past week, but it's still underpriced. Once again, Corbus did an offering at $6. There's no reason it should be trading this low.

    Update (3/21/21): Corbus has been upgraded to buy by Zacks. In fact, it's Zacks' No. 2 stock in terms of estimate revisions. Again, there was an offering at $6, so there's more than a 50-percent discount on this stock right now.

    Update (3/28/21): As you can see above, I bought some Corbus under $2, which is a steal.

    Update (4/4/21): As I explained in the Clover write-up, I allowed eTrade to lend my shares. All of my Corbus shares were borrowed as well. Corbus is in Phase 3 of a clinical trial, so we're just waiting on news.

    Update (4/11/21): This stock moved well on Thursday because of the new Corbus marijuana patent. It then dropped on Friday along with the market sell-off. This company should be much higher than it is at the moment.

    Update (4/18/21): Marijuana stocks have been getting hammered for nearly two months now. BlackRock owns 5.6 million shares of CRBP, so enjoy the great buying opportunity.

    Update (4/25/21): Another bio hurt by the FDA delay. I think this will hit $6 eventually, but it may take a while.

    Update (5/8/21): Corbus is awaiting Phase 3 trials, which are due sometime this quarter. Blackrock continues to own 5.6 million shares of this company, so they're optimistic.

    Update (5/16/21): I think people are beginning to catch on how cheap these bio stocks are. Corbus had a nice rally on Friday, as did most of the weed stocks.

  • Document Security Systems (DSS)
    This stock is WAY underpriced. Equity per share is $16.07, and yet the price is below $5! Having shares of DSS will give you two shares of the Impact IPO that will be released in 2021.

    Update (12/22/20): Still holding strong! I believe the price of this stock will come close to doubling in the coming months.

    Update (1/19/21): Nothing has changed yet. I'm awaiting news on the Impact Bio IPO shares that we will obtain for holding this stock.

    Update (1/26/21): Blegh. DSS had an offering, but the stock price has gone up since then. It's a nice time to buy low, especially with shares of Impact IPO coming soon.

    Update (1/31/21): No real update. Waiting on Impact IPO news.

    Update (2/7/21): DSS had a second offering, which sucks in the short term, but the money will likely be used to make an acquisition of some sort. This is one of my least-favorite stocks right now; I'm only holding on for the Impact IPO shares.

    Update (2/15/21): Just a reminder that the float here is just 4.35 million shares, and this stock is 14.7-percent shorted. This could blow at any moment.

    Update (2/21/21): This continues to be undervalued. Be patient, and it'll pay off.

    Update (2/28/21): This stock was hurt by the market crash and the Bitcoin drop - they handle blockchain security - which would explain why it dropped to $3.50. This is very undervalued. Increasing to two stars.

    Update (3/5/21): There's no news here, but the $3 price is way too low. This is a bargain right now, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this go to $2.50.

    Update (3/14/21): DSS is approaching $4 again, and I'm bullish on it eclipsing that figure this week. With Bitcoin soaring, blockchain plays should do well, and this is one of them.

    Update (3/21/21): DSS had a nice week, closing at $4.26. It sounds like Impact Bio IPO share distribution will be in Q2. For every share of DSS you own by a certain date, you'll get two shares of Impact. I currently have 3,500 shares, and I'm looking to add more if this dips under $4.

    Update (3/28/21): It's not shown above, but I bought some DSS under $4. This is an NFT play that hasn't spiked yet.

    Update (4/4/21): Some of my DSS shares were borrowed, but not all of them. This is a cheap buy with tons of upside. Now that this is well under $4, I'm bumping it up to three stars.

    Update (4/11/21): DSS dropped on low volume this past week. It's insanely cheap at the moment.

    Update (4/18/21): DSS continues to fall because of manipulation. It's extremely oversold and will have a huge bounce once there's some news.

    Update (4/25/21): DSS announced that they are moving to a huge facility (150,000 square feet), which could come with some other news. There are so many catalysts with this company. Given the new short-selling rules, this could squeeze sooner than expected.

    Update (5/8/21): A 13F filing revealed Friday that Blackrock bought 525,000 shares of this company at $4.67. Think of how undervalued DSS is at the moment.

    Update (5/16/21): Here's another nice 13F filing: Vanguard bought 435,000 shares at $4.92. DSS continues to be a heavily shorted undervalued stock.

  • DraftKings (DKNG)
    This stock fell from $60 to $35 because of the 180-day lockdown period, plus election week. This is a great buy-low opportunity for a company with a billion in cash and no debt. DraftKings is the future of fantasy football and gambling. It will be $100 one day.

    Update (12/22/20): Andrew Cuomo has destroyed New York, so he may be forced into legalizing gambling. If so, we may see a $100 price.

    Update (1/19/21): We're still waiting on New York to legalize gambling. It's going to happen sooner or later because the dumb politicians in New York have bankrupted the state. Hey New Yorkers, you may want to vote these idiots out at some point.

    Update (1/26/21): No change. Come on New York, legalize sports gambling!

    Update (1/31/21): These are so many $60 calls of DraftKings expiring Friday, Feb. 5:

    If the stock price closes above $60 next week, this will skyrocket the following week. Look for the scumbag shorts to keep this below $60 with all their might.

    Update (2/7/21): The stock closed above $60, so it should continue to rise. DraftKings remains a strong play until some of the major states legalize sports betting.

    Update (2/15/21): The most Feb. 12 calls were at $60 and $61, and they all finished in the money, which provides a nice outlook for the coming week. The most Feb. 19 calls are currently for $65, so let's see if this trend continues.

    Update (2/21/21): The most Feb. 19 calls ended up being at $60, which were in the money. I don't see why this wouldn't keep going up. We'll see $100-plus at some point.

    Update (2/28/21): DraftKings just had a great earnings report, and they just increased their revenue guidance. There's no reason this should be trading for less than $100 per share.

    Update (3/5/21): DraftKings should have soared in the wake of their great earnings, but the market crash prevented that from happening. We'll see this approach $100 once everything returns to normal.

    Update (3/14/21): DraftKings crossed $70 for the first time this past week. With Penn running to $130, we should see DraftKings make a run to triple digits soon.

    Update (3/21/21): DraftKings had a strong close to the week, finishing at $71.98. DraftKings basically just prints money, so the sky is the limit for this company.

    Update (3/28/21): DraftKings dropped along with everything else last week. Anything less than $60, and you could be looking to double your money within a year.

    Update (4/4/21): No DraftKings shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details.) There's some negativity here, however, because Major League Baseball engaged in SJW nonsense by moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta. I don't think it was a coincidence that none of DraftKings' MLB contests filled that day.

    Update (4/11/21): There are rumors of sports betting being legal in New York by the beginning of the NFL season. If that happens, this will take off toward $100.

    Update (4/18/21): DraftKings has partnered with the NFL to be their sports betting partner. You'd think this would cause its stock price to skyrocket, but it barely moved.

    Update (4/25/21): I still have no idea how DraftKings is under $100, let alone $60. I have no news to report, but this continues to be undervalued.

    Update (5/8/21): I wrote above that the market felt like a bottomless pit this past week. Companies with great earnings tanked, and that includes DraftKings. It beat revenue estimates, yet lost money because they spent a ton on advertising. This reaction might be the dumbest thing ever. Why would DraftKings be punished for advertising in an attempt to recruit future customers? It makes no sense. They basically print money, and they should be over $100 right now.

    Update (5/16/21): I don't understand how DraftKings fell to $41 at some point this week, but it jumped back up on Friday. This is still a nice time to get into DraftKings, which should be at least $100.

  • Fisker (FSR)
    Henrik Fisker's EV company (just switched from SPAQ to FSR.) I think this will be $50 minimum one day, but may take a while. Fisker has a billion dollars, so this stock is worth $18.18 in cash. It's extremely undervalued at $10.

    Update (12/8/20): Fisker is now trading at $17.24. There's still plenty of room for growth.

    Update (1/19/21): Fisker has fallen a couple of bucks since my previous update. It's a bit disappointing, but I'm still very bullish on the company.

    Update (1/26/21): No change since last week. I'm still bullish here. Patience.

    Update (1/31/21): Still no change. Fisker will be bringing lots of cars to the market in the coming future.

    Update (2/7/21): No change. Fisker will skyrocket in the future, but not anytime soon, barring unexpected big news.

    Update (2/15/21): If you didn't believe in market manipulation, take note that there were 24,436 Feb. 12 calls at $19, and this stock closed at $18.99. Fisker closing above $19 would've meant that 2.4 million shares would've been bought, which would've been huge. Still, the outlook for Fisker is very bright, with Morgan Stanley issuing a $27 price target.

    Update (2/21/21): It was disappointing to see this stock drop $1 last week, but it's not a big deal. This company has huge upside for the long term.

    Update (2/28/21): Apple deal! Fisker exploded this past week, rising to $28.50 by the end of the week. This stock is still cheap, however, as Morgan Stanley has given it a regular price target of $40 and a bullish price target of $90. I can't blame them, given that Apple manufacturer FoxConn will be producing their vehicles. Everyone who was chasing the CCIV crooks should be interested in Fisker instead.

    Update (3/5/21): Fisker has fallen to $21 because of this crash. It hasn't helped that shorts have been attacking this company because the cars won't be coming for a while. And here I thought the stock market is supposed to look ahead... At any rate, this company has a bright future with Apple manufacturer FoxConn making the cars.

    Update (3/14/21): The Bank of Norway added 1.1 million shares of Fisker in the mid-$20s. They are very well aware of Fisker's potential once the cars begin to go to market. Be patient with this one. There's enormous upside.

    Update (3/21/21): Fisker is very undervalued again. It's currently trading at 0.5x 2025 projected revenues. Nio, by comparison, is trading at 3.25x 2025 projections. Even just doubling it to 1x would bring Fisker into the $40s. My price target remains $50, though it may take a year to get there.

    Update (3/28/21): Henrik Fisker announced a date when they'll be showing off the Fisker Ocean production vehicle. That date is Nov. 17. That may seem like a while from now, but time will fly by quickly.

    Update (4/4/21): No Fisker shares were borrowed from me (see CLOV for details.) This was surprising to me because automobile companies dropped because of the chip shortage. Fisker will rebound and eventually skyrocket in seen months.

    Update (4/11/21): Fisker plummeted down to the 200-day moving average ($15.39), so this is likely its floor. RSI is 34 and Slo Stochastics are the lowest it has ever been:

    This is a great buying opportunity, given the major potential of this company. There's been lots of institutional buying at this range, so the sharks agree.

    Update (4/18/21): Invesco bought nearly three million shares of Fisker at $15.03. Think this is undervalued right now?

    Update (4/25/21): Fisker was beginning a nice reversal last week, but crashed on one of the days before rebounding. If you're wondering what that was about, a short-selling scum put out a hit piece on Fisker, all while touting Tesla. The hit piece was nonsense, so it's not a surprise that Fisker bounced back well.

    Update (5/8/21): Tech stocks were shorted heavily these past two weeks, and Fisker is no exception. I'm sure Fisker will have another violent spike once they release more news. We still have to wait a bit until they release their product, but it'll be coming eventually.

    Update (5/16/21): Fisker and Foxconn had a nice announcement on Thursday where they promised to deliver an EV priced at $30,000. I expect the EV market to be on fire soon in the wake of the gas shortage.

    I've heard this described as the Michael Jordan of stocks. FUBO has millions of subscribers and will soon be integrating sports betting with their streaming abilities. This stock is like PENN/DKNG and ROKU had a baby. I think this could be $200 one day. (New 11/20/2020)

    Update (12/22/20): Wow, I hope all of you bought this! It went as high as $51 on Monday.

    Update (1/19/21): I sold some of my shares at $60, but I'm still holding a position. The stock is now 40-percent shorted, so it's going to happen an awesome squeeze once they have some great news/earnings.

    Update (1/26/21): FUBO is beginning to squeeze. I believe we'll be back at $60 soon.

    Update (1/31/21): The squeeze continues! FUBO is one of the stocks restricted by Robinhood, so once the nonsense ends, and the floodgates open, FUBO's ascent should continue.

    Update (2/7/21): I'm looking forward to seeing what FUBO's short interest is during the next update. It's likely still very high, and if so, we could see it squeeze to $100.

    Update (2/15/21): There are currently 14,900 Feb. 19 $50 calls, so if the stock price finishes above $50 at the end of the week, this will skyrocket. That's going to happen eventually anyway, as there's a 50 million float with high short interest. Also, Goldman Sachs and Vanguard bought a combined nine million shares.

    Update (2/21/21): We had some great news last week. Check it out:

    Six institutions just gobbled up nearly half the float. FUBO is going to skyrocket in the near future. We should see $100 at some point.

    Update (2/28/21): The stock price is now $35.30, which is an incredible bargain. Buy the dip! Remember, six institutions ate up half the float last week. They know big things are coming.

    Update (3/5/21): Here are FUBO's killer earnings. Tell me if that warrants a drop from $47 to $31:

    Even better, look at institutional ownership:

    Wow, 90-percent institutionally owned! The public float is less than seven million shares, and it's heavily shorted. The big-money people know where this is going.

    Update (3/14/21): FUBO dipped in after hours heading into the weekend. The reason was because the president of the company resigned, but he'll be taking another role within FUBO. This drop isn't warranted, so I'll be buying dips this upcoming week. Remember, this is 90-percent owned by institutions, so the real float is very small.

    Update (3/21/21): Will Meade, who worked for a billion-dollar hedge fund, shorted this stock when it was $60 several months ago. Meade just announced that he's now long on FUBO. Meade was all over GameStop back in August when the company was in the $4s all month.

    Update (3/28/21): What the shorts did to this stock on Friday was disgusting. Viacom plummeted, and the shorts used that as an excuse to sink this stock. We were able to pick up some incredibly cheap shares, however.

    Update (4/4/21): No FUBO shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details), though I imagined that wouldn't have been the case a week ago. FUBO appears to be in reversal, thanks in part to the news that FUBO will carry Marquee Sports Network. The two parties reached a deal on Thursday, which is a big deal. FUBO figures to have more Chicago viewership as a result.

    Update (4/11/21): FUBO skyrocketed on Friday, moving from $20 to $25 before dropping to $23.31 during the sell-off. The big news was that FUBO will be broadcasting the next World Cup. Many people watch soccer for some reason, so this will obviously help the company.

    Update (4/18/21): I can't believe FUBO is under $20. So many institutions bought in at the high $20s, $30s and even low $40s. I don't think they're going to take a big loss on this promising stock.

    Update (4/25/21): I still can't believe this was under $20. It finally passed that number during the reversal, and it's not a coincidence that this happened once naked shorting was curbed.

    Update (5/8/21): Scumbags have been shorting this into oblivion recently. They'll be sorry if Tuesday's earnings report is positive. We're looking to see if FUBO added lots of new customers. Needham's Laura Martin speculated that FUBO would add two million customers per year. She has given FUBO a $60 price target.

    Update (5/16/21): Stocks have been dropping on good, and even great earnings. FUBO's earnings were incredible! This is why it shot up after being crushed into the teens by the shorts. FUBO is incredibly underpriced right now, and we're beginning to see the borrow rate rise a bit. It just reached 4.7 percent, which is triple from where it was a week ago.

  • Golden Nugget Online (GNOG)
    The Houston Rockets' owner also owns Golden Nugget Online. There will be a merger soon with this ticker becoming GNOG. I expect it to be valued in the mid $20s.

    Update (12/8/20): My original price target for this was $30, and we're almost there!

    Update (1/19/21): We're still... almost there! New York legalizing gambling will take us way past $30.

    Update (1/26/21): Again, still waiting on Andrew Cuomo to do the inevitable.

    Update (1/31/21): No new news. Still holding full.

    Update (2/7/21): What I said about DraftKings applies to Golden Nugget. We should see most states legalize gambling in the coming years. This has high upside.

    Update (2/15/21): No real update on this ticker. This has been bleeding down slowly, so we should be getting a nice price on this soon.

    Update (2/21/21): No update again. This price has fallen enough where I'm considering buying dips to add to my position.

    Update (2/28/21): I'm increasing this from one to four stars. We've had some exciting news on this recently. First, Golden Nugget reached an agreement with New York, pending legislation. That's HUGE! Second, expected revenue from New Jersey alone is $122 million. Think about what New York will bring, as well as other states when GNOG is leal there. GNOG is a sleeping giant with less than a $1 billion market cap, and the chart has bottomed (RSI is 28.16.) We might see a slight dip with warrants expiring on March 8, but this should take off after that.

    Update (3/5/21): Despite the great New York news, GNOG fell to $13.65 at the Thursday close and $13.18 after hours. I'm buying.

    Update (3/14/21): Golden Nugget hit $17 in after hours heading into this weekend. That's still extremely cheap. As I wrote in the DraftKings area, GNOG could see some growth because of Penn's movement.

    Update (3/21/21): Golden Nugget's earnings are this Tuesday. I'm expecting reported growth with it being available in more states. I hope they have more guidance on newer states being involved.

    Update (3/24/21): Good news, bad news for the Q4 earnings. First, the bad news: Golden Nugget lost $16 million in Q4, but I wouldn't read too much into this because they were still getting their app set up in various new states. The good news is that Golden Nugget increased its revenue guidance in 2021 to between $130 and $145 million. This is a 51-percent increase versus 2020 at midpoint. Overall, this is a good earnings report, though short sellers could use the revenue to drive the price down. If they do, I'll be buying the dip.

    Update (4/4/21): No GNOG shares were borrowed from me (See CLOV for details.) I think we're at the bottom with Golden Nugget, save for a potential market crash.

    Update (4/11/21): Golden Nugget went to $18 on Thursday as a result of the New York gambling news (even though it was already authorized to be used in New York.) It dropped back down to $16 during the Friday sell-off. It's still greatly undervalued.

    Update (4/18/21): There seemed to be some exciting news this past week with the CEO appearing to buy 400,000 shares of this company. Those shares, however, were gifted to him as part of a package deal. There's no other news to report, so I figured I'd mention this.

    Update (4/25/21): Volume has been low lately, despite the low price of GNOG. Some news could send this soaring, given the short-selling rule change and the apparent end of the bear market regarding SPACs/former SPACs.

    Update (5/8/21): Here's another Blackrock play! Blackrock bought 670,000 shares of Golden Nugget in a 13F filing released Friday. I've felt that GNOG is insanely undervalued right now, and Blackrock agrees.

    Update (5/16/21): Vanguard bought 1.49 million shares of Golden Nugget! Even better, Golden Nugget has made some nice revenues that we will see in their May 25 earnings report.

  • Iterum Therapeutics (ITRM)
    Two people just bought 50 percent of this company, including Alex Denner, who used to run healthcare investments for Carl Icahn. Just like that, half the float disappeared, and this was already a low-float stock! $ITRM just filed for an NDA (new drug application), and they're expected to be approved in seven or eight weeks. This stock has a huge gap to fill to $4, and the short squeeze could take us into the $6-$10 range. (New 12/8/2020)

    Update (1/19/21): We're still awaiting news on their NDA. There's a 60-day window, so we'll hear something soon.

    Update (1/26/21): We had a nice week with this, as the stock rose from $1.30 to $1.90. We should be getting big news this week.

    Update (1/31/21): Zack Morris posted a tweet he regretted regarding ITRM not being an overnight play. Naturally, some people sold. Morris, however, said that he expects this stock to be at least $5 by the summer, which is a good, albeit conservative price target.

    Update (2/7/21): This stock dropped to $1.25 last week, but only because the company offered more shares to Denner. There was some confusion about it being a regular offering, but that was not the case. Denner invested even more money into this company, which was a very bullish indicator. I increased my position by 50 percent on the dip.

    Update (2/15/21): This stock shot up to $2.60 this past week, but dropped to $2 after hours on Friday because Denner sold his shares. That was huge, but all hope is far from lost. Denner has received royalty-linked notes that will net him 15-20 percent of U.S. sales, so he was taking profits and moving on and spending all his money on something else. I wonder if his move means that he wanted a buyout, but Iterum was unwilling to move in that direction. Meanwhile, Sabby, a notorious short seller, bought 7.75 million shares, while New Leaf Ventures, which specializes in buyouts, purchased 5.3 million shares. Zack Morris, meanwhile, remained bullish on the company, purchasing 50,000 shares on the dip to $2. The target price here remains around $5.

    Update (2/21/21): We got some great news Friday afternoon, as Iterum closed their offering with a $35 million purchase. Last week, I wrote that Alex Denner sold out of his shares, but other big buyers have replaced him. I'm still confident we're heading to $5-plus territory.

    Update (2/28/21): No update this week except for the reduced share price as the result of the market crash and more short interest. Short interest here is now above 10 percent, so we'll get a nice squeeze soon.

    Update (3/5/21): The price of $1.36 ($1.29 after hours) is insanely cheap. We're waiting on FDA news in the summer, so we weren't expected to see this fly at the moment anyway.

    Update (3/14/21): Iterum said that it hasn't had any issues with the FDA yet, so potential approval of their drug by the summer is looking good.

    Update (3/21/21): Beth Hecht was named to the board of directors of Iterum. She's an attorney who specializes in intellectual property and corporate transactions. This goes with the theory that Iterum is bound for a merger or a buyout.

    Update (3/28/21): We're just biding our time until there's a buyout or FDA approval. Canaan Partners, the largest institutional holder of Iterum, has an extensive history of being involved in buyouts.

    Update (4/4/21): All of my ITRM shares were borrowed instantly (see CLOV for details.) I can't say I'm surprised, given that the shorts have been attacking this company ever since Alex Denner sold his shares. Of course, Denner will still get 15-20 percent of U.S. sales, so this shouldn't have mattered too much. At any rate, we're still waiting for June-July for FDA approval.

    Update (4/11/21): Iterum dropped 18 percent Friday because of the FDA delay. The FDA is backed up, which is hardly a surprise because the Covid vaccines haven't even been approved by them yet. I don't see this as a reason to sell. I've seen other bio stocks have FDA delays, only to be approved in the future.

    Update (4/18/21): This stock price continued to fall because of the FDA delay. This just created a great buying opportunity for us. Unfortunately, I put in a buy order at $1.03, and it didn't fill. It could still happen though because we'll have to wait for a few months for the FDA approval. It'll happen at some point.

    Update (4/25/21): I managed to buy more shares at $1.03 early last week before ITRM rose to $1.20. This is only the beginning, as FDA approval will quadruple this price at the very least.

    Update (5/8/21): Nothing new to report with Iterum. We're waiting on results that should be available in July.

    Update (5/16/21): I'm not happy to see the borrowing fee decrease, but to make up for it, we have lots of institutional buying for ITRM, as all of these entities are fully expecting ITRM to explode upon FDA approval.

  • Kempharm (KMPH)
    Borrowing this one from Will Meade. Kempharm is a heavily shorted pharmacutecal company. According to Market Watch, Kempharm is 61-percent shorted! Despite this, Kempharm has $78 million in cash and no debt. They have an FDA-approved adderall-type pill for children. The ADHD market was valued at nearly $18 billion in 2019, so there's a ton of potential here, especially if KMPH squeezes. (New 3/28/2021)

    Update (4/4/21): A grand total of five of my 1,250 KMPH shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details.) This is surprising, given how shorted this company is.

    Update (4/11/21): Here's some positive KMPH news. Despite this, the stock price dropped to $9.15.

    Update (4/18/21): Despite the good news last week, this stock price is down to the mid $8s. As I wrote above, it's a rough, bear market right now for the speculative stocks.

    Update (4/25/21): Samuel Braun filed a 13G with the SEC, disclosing 7.2-percent ownership of KMPH (2.06 million shares.) Braun made eight figures off GameStop, so he obviously knows a short-squeeze candidate.

    Update (5/8/21): Blackrock bught 58,883 shares of KMPH per a May 7 13F filing. That's not a huge amount, but it was nice to see. KMPH is cheap, and according to Fintel, it's the 42nd-most likely stock to have a short squeeze.

    Update (5/16/21): Vanguard bought 817,000 shares of KMPH. This was one of many institutional buys for KMPH. Look at that beautiful sea of green!

  • CarLotz (LOTZ)
    CarLotz is criminally underpriced because, you guessed it, the company is heavily shorted.

    CarLotz is an online car vendor, much like Carvana and Vroom. However, unlike Carvana and Vroom, which trade at 6x and 2.2x forward sales, respectively, Lotz only trades at 0.7x sales because the price has been crushed by the shorts. If it traded similarly to Vroom, Lotz would be $34 right now. If it traded similarly to Carvana, it would be $88!

    CarLotz is well off right now and has tons of potential. It currently possesses $300 million in cash and has just $6.6 million in debt. Its visitors have tripled to 189,000 per month. They expect sales growth of more than 500 percent within the next two years, and sales of a billion by 2022.

    Half of LOTZ's float of 117 million is owned by insiders and institutions. They know how profitable this will be for them, so I've been buying aggressively in the $8 range. (New 3/11/2021)

    Update (3/21/21): There have been big buys coming in on Lotz, yet the price keeps dropping. This is because the stock is being manipulated so that the hedge funds can load up and make tons of money on this company. Lotz should be $34 at the very minimum, for reasons discussed above.

    Update (3/24/21): CarLotz has a new price target from a premium analyst. Barrington Research initiated a buy rating with a price target of $22 for LOTZ. I still think that's too cheap, but it's a great start. It's ridiculous that LOTZ is trading at $8. It reminds me of when GameStop was spinning its wheels in the $4 range throughout the month of August, and then it eventually took off. You just have to be patient with these plays. The old saying is that the stock market is the transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient.

    Update (4/4/21): None of my LOTZ shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details.) I don't have much to add this week, but I thought it was cool that the CarLotz in Seattle, which just opened, already has 75 Google Reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.

    Update (4/11/21): Nothing crazy this week, except that the Q1 earnings date was announced. It's about a month away from now, on May 10.

    Update (4/18/21): SPACs and former SPACs have been getting crushed ever since Chamath Palihapitaya's interview on CNBC following the GameStop spike. The good news is that one of these former SPACs, Clover, is now beginning a huge short squeeze. LOTZ will have one as well in the future. For now, this stock is extremely undervalued.

    Update (4/25/21): Former hedge fund portfolio manager Will Meade posted about LOTZ on Twitter this past week, identifying it as a potential squeeze with a $22 price target.

    Update (5/8/21): Carlotz's earnings are on Monday, and I'm expecting positive things from this growing, yet heavily shorted company.

    Update (5/16/21): Carlotz had good earnings, but plummeted because the market was crashing for small- and mid-cap stocks. However, Vanguard bought 3.2 million shares of Carlotz, so it's nice to know that they agree that this company is undervalued.

  • Lucid Motors (CCIV)
    I'm jumping in on CCIV at this very low price. I think the EV market is going to be hot, and CCIV has been shorted into oblivion. There are only 300 shares available to short at a 31.7-percent borrowing fee. CCIV is in the top 150 stocks that are most likely to squeeze, according to Fintel, so I expect this stock to jump soon, especially when the merger happens (Churchill Capital Corp IV will become Lucid, and the ticker will change.) (New 5/16/2021)

  • Neptune Technologies & Bioresources (NEPT)
    Outside of GameStop, our top plays have come from bio and pharma companies with huge insider buying. This is another one. Perceptive Advisors is one of the top biotech hedge funds, and they own about 18 percent of this company. What's even better is that their buy price is above the current price of $1.96! Neptune just raised $55 million shares with an offering at $2, so they have a ton of cash. They also just bought 51 percent of Sprout Foods. There's a huge gap to fill, and I think we should see this go up to at least $5. (New 2/21/2021)

    Update (2/28/21): Again, one of the top biotech hedge funds has a position here of more than $2. This stock price is $1.58. That's absurd. There's amazing value available here. I added more to my position this past week.

    Update (3/5/21): How smart do you feel that you get to buy a stock at $1.40 ($1.37 in after hours) that one of the top biotech institutions purchased above $2? What a steal!

    Update (3/14/21): Neptune rose back to $1.70 by the end of the week. This is still cheaper than the $2 price institutions paid. It won't last much longer, so enjoy the dip while it lasts.

    Update (3/21/21): Again, the price on this stock makes no sense, based on what price the hedge funds were buying. I'm dropping this to two stars because there's a law firm that is trying to get people to sue Neptune for price losses. This occurs all the time and isn't a big deal, but it could cause the price to dip.

    Update (3/28/21): Look at how much institutions have invested into Neptune at higher average prices:

    There's no way all of these institutions are going to lose this much money.

    Update (4/4/21): None of my NEPT shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details.) There's nothing new to say about Neptune this week, save for it trademarking "Eco Tables." I'm not sure what this is yet, but there could be positive news on the horizon.

    Update (4/11/21): Neptune closed at $1.43 for the week, which is a nice reversal. Hopefully we can move back up closer to $2 soon.

    Update (4/18/21): Marijuana stocks continue to be hammered. Fortunately, the house marijuana banking bill received 17 new consponsors Friday, and it's going to be voted on Monday. The bill being passed will be huge for these marijuana plays.

    Update (4/25/21): Another bio that's been hurt recently. There were some huge buys in the $1.80 range, so this is extremely undervalued right now.

    Update (5/8/21): This continues to be undervalued as it drips downward in price. Bios have been hurt by the FDA trying to approve the Covid vaccines, but they'll bounce back eventually.

    Update (5/16/21): Friday was a good day for this stock. Let's hope it keeps moving with all of the other bios. This has nothing to do with the price movement, but I finally got someone to short my shares, though only 10 percent of my shares of Neptune were shorted.

  • Regulus Therapeutics (RGLS)
    There's a ton of insider buying in this stock by many of the big bio players. I wish I had more time to do DD on this, but this price could double or even triple in the near term. (New 12/22/2020)

    Update (1/19/21): This stock has risen since the end of December and has met compliance by being over $1 for 10 days. I suspect we'll get some news on this in the near future that will cause this stock to skyrocket.

    Update (1/26/21): This rose quite well on Friday. This has some major potential.

    Update (1/31/21): No new news. Still holding full.

    Update (2/7/21): This is another Alex Denner bio play. He knows something most of us don't, so Regulus should rise in the long term.

    Update (2/15/21): As I pointed out under ITRM, Alex Denner sold his position, so he could have increased his stake in this company as a result. We wouldn't know that quite yet, but don't be surprised if we get some very bullish filings in the near future.

    Update (2/21/21): Regulus had some nice movement this past week, and we should hit $2 rather soon.

    Update (2/28/21): This stock dropped along with the rest of the market. There are some incredible bargains available at the moment, including this.

    Update (3/5/21): This is now $1.15 ($1.10 after hours). Yet, Biotechnology Fund just bought 10 percent of this company a few weeks ago when this price was higher. Not to sound like a broken record, but we're getting a great bargain at this price.

    Update (3/14/21): Friday was great! Regulus hit $2.15 at one point, ultimately finishing at $1.96 on the week. I don't think the major inside buyers were going to sell at just $2.15, so I expect this to continue to rise.

    Update (3/21/21): There were some large buy orders on Regulus at the end of the week. Though we closed a bit lower this week than we did the prior week, I'm still very bullish on this company.

    Update (3/28/21): Short interest has risen a lot recently. Regulus used to be 5-percent shorted. Now, short interest is up to 13 percent. This is why the stock price fell from $2.10 to $1.50. Short sellers are a cancer, and the world would be better without them.

    Update (4/4/21): None of my RGLS shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details.) This is surprising to me because RGLS has been shorted more recently. We know a press release is coming soon, so a squeeze could happen.

    Update (4/11/21): Regulus was $1.46 early on Friday, but the market sell-off dropped it to $1.38. This was all on low volume, so I'm not concerned. Big news is coming at some point in the next few months.

    Update (4/18/21): My Regulus shares were finally borrowed. All of them were borrowed on a day in which the share price dropped 7.9 percent. As a reminder, all short sellers are future buyers, so I'm looking forward to when they have to do so in the wake of some impending news.

    Update (4/25/21): Fintel identified RGLS as the stock that has the 41st-most potential of a short squeeze. Here's the link to this information, but you'll have to pay for it. Fintel has IMAC as the most likely to squeeze, so I bought some shares of that. IMAC has a 95-percent borrowing fee!

    Update (5/8/21): Regulus has earnings this week, so perhaps this stock will rebound. It's been hit hard like other bios, yet Victory Capital Management bought 2.2 million shares at $1.45.

    Update (5/16/21): H.C. Wainwright raised their price target from $1.50 to $2 on this undervalued, heavily shorted stock. Vanguard agrees, buying 2.9 million shares at an average price of $1.46.

  • Rocket Companies Inc. (RKT)
    No one hates short sellers more than I do. I hope they all rot in prison, and if they happen to suffer their demise behind bars, I would ask for their skulls so I could drink out of them.

    Someone who hates shorts almost as much as I do is the CEO of Rocket Companies. Rocket absolutely destroyed earnings, yet short sellers have infested the stock. As a result, Rocket is 38-percent shorted.

    So, what is the Rocket CEO going to do about this? Not only has he ordered a $1 billion buyback of shares; he has issued a dividend that the short sellers will have to pay for! If you hold Rocket through March 8, you will get $1.10 per share. Once you do, the shorts will have to pay $1.10 per share!

    Is this devious? Absolutely, but I love it. I'm in favor of anything that makes shorts miserable.

    At any rate, Rocket is severely underpriced. Once the short squeeze happens, we could see this move to $100. (New 3/5/2020)

    Update (3/14/21): This is still very underpriced and very shorted. With the DTCC rule going into effect on March 19 - as discussed in the AMC entry - there will be more pressure on the shorts to cover, which could cause this stock to rocket (pun intended.)

    Update (3/21/21): The alleged presidential administration is offering a $15,000 tax credit to first-time home buyers. There will also be DACA eligibility. All of this should result in more home sales, which will only pump up Rocket's financial numbers. Rocket is a $100 company that is being heavily shorted right now.

    Update (3/24/21): Rocket announced an extended partnership with Mint that will allow people to purchase a home entirely digitally. Rocket is also in the process of paying out its dividend and will re-purchase $1 billion worth of shares in the near future. This is all just a reminder that the people running this company hate short sellers with a passion. They have my full support.

    Update (4/4/21): None of my Rocket shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details.) This was surprising to me because Rocket is so manipulated. Just look at the price action this past week. Rocket would always open higher, due to buying enthusiasm, and then it would come crashing down because of shorting. Remember, Rocket's CEO might be the only person on the planet who hates short sellers more than me, so he will make them pay eventually.

    Update (4/11/21): Rocket is in severe oversold territory. Yet, it's still higher than it was on most occasions prior to March. The next squeeze should send this to $50 or higher.

    Update (4/18/21): We're about a month away from earnings, which are always great for Rocket (especially in the wake of this housing boom.) Amazing earnings could force all the shorts into covering.

    Update (4/25/21): Earnings will be on May 5, and I expect them to be good. The shorts have held this company down for quite some time, so they may not be able to stop it when some great news is revealed.

    Update (5/8/21): Rocket's earnings were good. Great, in fact. Look at this:

    Despite this, Rocket tanked because there was an EPS loss of a penny. Unreal. The short-selling scum are trying to drive the price into the ground, creating this:

    Almost everyone is losing money on Rocket right now, which is crazy because it's a terrific company with outstanding financials.

    Update (5/16/21): Rocket's great earnings weren't kind to the stock, pushing it down to the high teens. Think about that for a second. I imagine things will be corrected eventually; this just takes some patience.

  • Selecta Biosciences (SELB)
    Harvard professor Timothy Springer made a billion dollars by being early on Moderna. As of a few weeks ago, he disclosed a 17-percent ownership in Selecta. Will Springer be right again? I'm betting yes.

    Update (1/19/21): The same applies to this as RGLS. This stock has been slowly rising in the past few weeks, but this will soar upon some great news.

    Update (1/26/21): Still waiting on news for this. Be patient.

    Update (1/31/21): We went up a leg, as SELB traded in the $4 range all week. This stock continues to have major potential.

    Update (2/7/21): We went up another leg; SELB is now trading in the $5 range. Something big might be coming soon.

    Update (2/15/21): The chart shows a bull flag, for those interested in those sorts of things. Again, this stock has huge potential.

    Update (2/21/21): We'll get some news here sooner or later, which will send this flying.

    Update (2/28/21): As with RGLS, this stock price dropped along with the rest of the market. This has some great potential down the road.

    Update (3/5/21): Another steal with SELB closing at $3.81 on Thursday. This stock is 60-percent owned by institutions. They know what's up.

    Update (3/14/21): This company is 60-percent owned by institutions. I've been hearing some rumors about shares not being available, which reminds me of what happened to GameStop before its surge. This obviously will not be GameStop, but I'm expecting Selecta to soar upon any news.

    Update (3/21/21): Selecta rose 4 percent in the Friday after hours because Peter Traber increased his ownership to 26 percent. I imagine he knows of things coming that will send this soaring.

    Update (3/28/21): No news to report. Selecta is very cheap right now. I'll be buying under $4.

    Update (4/4/21): None of my Selecta shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details.) Institutions have been buying instead. I hate Goldman Sachs, but they bought a million shares of SELB, which is obviously good news.

    Update (4/11/21): There's been tons of institutional buying, but no news in a while. Any positive news could cause this to skyrocket.

    Update (4/18/21): Selecta has gotten hurt like all of the other bios because of the FDA delay.

    Update (4/25/21): Anything under $4 is a great bargain. Again, this is another bio that has been hurt by the FDA delay, which is only temporary.

    Update (5/8/21): Selecta has earnings this week, but we're waiting on news. Given the high amount of institutional buying - Blackrock just increased to 6.2 million shares - it would be shocking if we didn't get news at some point this year.

    Update (5/16/21): Owning this stock is like watching paint dry. I have nothing to report this week, but it's only a matter of time before we get some big news.

  • Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp V (IPOE)
    This is another Chamath play, so I can understand why you would be wary after the Clover debacle. However, SoFi is a monster company doing billions in revenue. There's an NFL stadium named after them. I've been waiting for a great entry point, as IPOE - which will become SoFi following the merger - was trading at $26 in early February. It has since dropped because of both the crash and the negative sentiment about Chamath in the wake of the Clover debacle. This company is 20-percent shorted, so it's going to explode once Clover recovers and traders have faith in Chamath again.

    The only reason this is two stars at the moment is because I think this could drop to the $12 range. There's also an unfair stench surrounding SPACs right now because of the crooks at CCIV, but people will soon forget and eventually treat SPACs favorably again. (New 3/5/2020)

    Update (3/14/21): This stock hit $13 a week ago, and now it's $19. And yet, it's still extremely underpriced! This is a growth stock you'll be able to hold forever in your portfolio, and yet it's not even $20 at the moment.

    Update (3/21/21): IPOE's merger vote is April 9. Assuming the merger passes, this will be known as SOFI shortly afterward. There will be a down day to buy dips when the name transfers - some brokerages won't have shares available for purchase - and then this company should shoot up, as people finally understand that IPOE was Sofi all along.

    Update (3/28/21): Sofi put out a great tweet on Friday:

    That's the reason why Sofi was up Friday when everything was down. This is a great company that will be $100-plus one day.

    Update (4/4/21): Almost all of my IPOE shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details), which is good news because the idiot short sellers are paying me 15-percent interest. Morons! At any rate, I want to correct some bad information I gave to you on March 21. I said the merger date was April 9, but that was the deadline for which IPOE would announce the merger. I saw Aug. 23 as the correct merger date. Regardless, that gives us plenty of time to accumulate.

    Update (4/11/21): Sofi rose with Clov on Thursday, as some of those who shorted Chamath Palihapitiya's stocks covered. There's still insanely high shorting, however. Look at the information from iBorrowDesk:

    There are barely any shares left to short, and the borrowing fee is now in the 40s. The short sellers are losing control of this quickly.

    Update (4/18/21): SPACs like IPOE continue to get hammered, but there are barely any shares left to short. IBorrowDesk is showing just 6,000 shares remaining to be shorted. The borrowing interest is spiking. This is all music to my ears. I bought more IPOE this past week than any other company, save for CLOV.

    Update (4/25/21): I posted a link of stocks most likely to squeeze. IPOE was third as of Thursday! There aren't any shares left to short, and borrowing fee for short sellers has risen to 60 percent! With IPOE filing merger papers, this is going to squeeze rather violently. IPOE will be a triple-digit stock someday, which is why I bought aggressively when it dipped into the $14s and low $15s:

    Update (5/8/21): Did you notice IPOE skyrocket late on Friday? This is because they announced their official merger and ticker-change date. IPOE will become SOFI on June 1. This stock is severely underpriced and shorted, making it my top recommendation at the moment.

    Update (5/16/21): The borrowing fee has risen to 96.3 percent. Let me say that again. The borrowing fee is 96.3 percent!!! Idiots shorting this great company will have to give back all of the money they borrowed without covering within a year, so it's just a waiting game. Seriously, just look at this:

    The vertical bars are shares available to short, which have disappeared. The red line is borrowing fee. The black bar is the stock price. How does something like this not explode and squeeze violently?

  • Thunder Bridge Acquisition II (THBR)
    How can you not like a company called Thunderbird, which was the toughest boss in Zelda II? OK, this is Thunder Bridge and not Thunderbird, but still. At any rate, here's a semi-conductor play. This is intriguing because there's a global shortage in semi-conductor chips, so there could be lots of interest in this one. There was a $1.2 million buy at $14 on this stock, so someone with a ton of money agrees. This stock is heavily shorted (26.64%), so this one will shoot up when we get some news. (New 1/19/2021)

    Update (1/26/21): This dipped a bit this past week, but that's a good thing. There's some serious consolidation happening. This company has very high potential.

    Update (1/31/21): Consolidation and shorting. This stock has dipped, but there's a $10 floor because it's a SPAC. This company has enormous potential.

    Update (2/7/21): No update. Buy the dip!

    Update (2/15/21): The government has acknowledged the shortage of semiconductors, which caused the stock price to rise on Thursday. It dropped back down on Friday. The stock is still criminally underpriced and heavily shorted.

    Update (2/21/21): We're still waiting an announcement from the vice president's administration on the shortage of semiconductors. Thunder Bridge is extremely underpriced right now.

    Update (2/28/21): Several car companies had to shut down production due to a lack of semiconductors. I'm not sure why the government hasn't asked for companies like THBR to ramp up their production, but it should happen soon.

    Update (3/5/21): Vice President Joe Biden will talk about semiconductors one day, mark my words. He'll have to wake up from one of his five daily naps, but I'm confident he'll get to it sooner or later. Until then, anything under $11 is a steal.

    Update (3/14/21): Thunder Bridge eclipsed $12 at one point on Friday, ultimately finishing at $11.79. Are people finally beginning to realize that semiconductor stocks are undervalued because of the shortage? This company has received $20 price targets, which isn't high enough, as far as I'm concerned.

    Update (3/21/21): Roth starts THBR at Buy with a price target of $20. That's nice, but $20 is still too cheap!

    Update (3/28/21): Nio has stopped production due to a chip shortage. With that in mind, how has this chip company bottomed out? It makes no sense!

    Update (4/4/21): Jim Cramer talked about Thunder Bridge on his show, which sparked this stock to climb up to the $11 range. I still don't understand why this hasn't gotten more attention, given the chip shortage. Oh, and none of my THBR shares were borrowed.

    Update (4/11/21): It's crazy that this stock price can't hold. Every time it looks like it's making a move, it comes crashing back down to the low or mid $10s. Yet, there are two legitimate price targets of $20 and $17 on this stock.

    Update (4/18/21): Another SPAC that is getting crushed. Everything is cylical, so THBR will have its day.

    Update (4/25/21): THBR is one of many SPACs that had to re-file papers because of the warrants rule change, stemming from the CCIV fraud. We'll see what happens, but there's no downside here because THBR can't go below $10.

    Update (5/8/21): Let's give a shout out to the CEO of this company for delaying the merger; otherwise, the stock price would've gone below $10. With the bear market for SPACs coming to an end soon, THBR could run eventually.

    Update (5/16/21): We have a nice IBorrowDesk chart on THBR. Shares to borrow are disappearing, and the borrow fee skyrocketed from 0.5 percent to 7.9 percent. The short-selling scum have pinned down this stock to $10 - it can't go lower because it's a SPAC - but perhaps this is a sign that it's close to finally moving.

  • United Wholesale Mortgage (UWMC)
    I've been monitoring this for quite some time. UWMC is the second-largest mortgage originator in the country. It also offers a 10-cent dividend. And to top it off, UWMC will have a commercial during Super Bowl LV!

    UWMC was shorted from $14 down to $10.50 heading into eanings, which were very positive. Despite this, the shorts continued to attack UWMC, which fell below $10. The drop was unwarranted, especially when considering that UWMC's prior evaluation was based on an income forecast of less than $2 million. Yet, UWMC had $1.37 billion net income in Q4 alone! Based on an evaluation of $5 billion or more, the price of this stock should be $25 at the very least. (New 2/7/2021)

    Update (2/15/21): This stock continues to be greatly underpriced. Just be patient with this one. As a bonus, you'll be able to collect a 4.4-percent dividend while you wait.

    Update (2/21/21): This stock continues to be shorted into oblivion. Remember though that every short seller is a future buyer, so some great news will send this flying on a squeeze.

    Update (2/28/21): UWMC's RSI is now 23. That's insane. This is so undervalued and shorted. It's only a matter of time before the stock price rises.

    Update (3/5/21): This stock rose as a sympathy play to Rocket on Wednesday, but it collapsed because of the market crash. What a shame. I thought this would hit $20 if Rocket kept going. Rocket will fly at some point, so look for the undervalued UWMC to go with it.

    Update (3/14/21): Again, this will rise on either Rocket's movement, or some great financials. UWMC's previous earnings were positive, so I don't see why the next earnings report would be worse.

    Update (3/21/21): UWMC wasn't included in the Russell index, which could cause this stock to drop. However, it sounds like there was a technical issue that could be resolved quickly. This reminds me of when Tesla was expected to be included in the S&P 500, but wasn't. The stock tanked, but then soared when it was included in the S&P 500 months later.

    Update (3/28/21): There's no news of note, but this is a cheap entry. The initial quarterly dividend will pay out for the first time in less than a month.

    Update (4/4/21): All of my UWMC shares were borrowed right away, which is hardly a surprise (see CLOV for details.) UWMC will be issuing its dividend at the end of the month, so that's something the short sellers will have to pay for.

    Update (4/11/21): Look at how insane this is:

    This represents the average cost of everyone who owns the stock. This means that 99.6 percent of UWMC stockholders are currently losing money (minus the dividend that was just issued.) That's crazy! This reminds me of what GameStop used to look like last summer.

    Update (4/18/21): Another SPAC/former SPAC that is getting hammered. UWMC had great 2020 financial results, so there's no reason for the stock price to be this low.

    Update (4/25/21): Unlike THBR, UWMC already merged, so there are no impending re-filings. Again, there's no reason why this stock price should be so low. Given the new short-selling rule, we should see a steady increase.

    Update (5/8/21): UWMC's earnings are coming up this week, and I expect the numbers to be great like Rocket's. Maybe it'll actually go up, unlike Rocket. It must be noted that Blackrock bought 1.34 million shares of UWMC.

    Update (5/16/21): OH, BABY! There's so much great news regarding this ticker. Not only did UWMC have great earnings; the company declared a 300 million buyback! And if that wasn't great enough, take a look at this:

    Again, the vertical bars are shares available to short, and the red line is the borrowing fee. As you can see at the very bottom, the borrowing fee has shot up to 93.6 percent! This is a sign that this is going to squeeze soon.

  • Vislink Technologies (VISL)
    VISL is a very heavily shorted stock (20% at the very least) with a low float of 20.8 million. The space ETF is coming, which means a lot for this company. Furthermore, two companies, Empery Asset Management and Iroquois Capital, just purchased a combined 15 percent of this company. What does that mean besides the float decreasing even further? It could also mean a buyout or a merger. Vislink just hired a new chair who specializes in mergers. I think we can see this stock price rise into the high teens. (New 2/15/2021)

    Update (2/21/21): This stock bounced between $4 and $5 this past week. It's still heavily shorted, and there's a low float. Big news is coming, which will cause this to skyrocket. As I wrote last week, we'll see this in the high teens at some point.

    Update (2/28/21): Yet another stock that's super cheap due to the recent crash. Once this goes, it'll really fly because of the 25-percent short interest.

    Update (3/5/21): VISL fell to $2.92 on the Thursday close and then $2.77 after hours. This is insanely cheap, with it expecting to go to double digits when the space ETF arrives.

    Update (3/14/21): VISL rose to $3.51 to close the week, and yet it's still very cheap. This could easily triple in price at some point this year.

    Update (3/21/21): There was some major buying in the Friday after hours, with 519,000 shares being purchased. Apparently, some big whale understands how undervalued this stock is.

    Update (3/28/21): Short interest is 30 percent now! This is a very low float stock, so this could skyrocket at a moment's notice.

    Update (4/4/21): It should come as no surprise that all of my VISL shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details.) Short interest continues to grow, which is music to my ears.

    Update (4/11/21): VISL received a multi-million dollar contract late this past week, and yet the stock price dropped. "Buy the rumor, sell the news" doesn't apply because there was no rumor. VISL continues to be undervalued.

    Update (4/18/21): VISL continues to fall on low volume, as this stock is heavily manipulated. Heavy manipulation often translates to huge pops in the future, so it's just a matter of waiting.

    Update (4/25/21): The CEO of VISL bought 17,000 shares this past week. That would explain the price rising. He's obviously bullish about the company, so there could be some great news on the horizon.

    Update (5/8/21): Here's another Blackrock purchase, with it purchasing 758,000 shares at an average price of $2.13.

    Update (5/16/21): Vanguard followed Blackrock into this, buying 1.7 million shares.

  • VYNE Therapeutics (VYNE)
    This is another insider biotech play, like ITRM and RGLS. Perceptive, one of the top biotech hedge funds, bought $10 million worth of shares of VYNE at $2.37. With that purchase, they own nearly 15 percent of the company. VYNE had an offering to accommodate this purchase, which is why the stock price fell from $2.64 to $1.98 a couple of weeks ago. This drop was not warranted, so this stock price should continue to rise. I think this will hit $5 at some point. (New 2/7/2021)

    Update (2/15/21): Remember, a top biotech fund bought 15 percent of this company at $2.37. This is currently underpriced at $2.65. Earlier this month, Blackrock purchased seven percent of this company. Again, it'll be shocking if we don't see $5.

    Update (2/21/21): This stock did a reverse split for some reason. Reverse splits are usually bearish because companies whose shares are under $1 need to do them to regain compliance, but VYNE didn't need to do that. This reverse split shrank the float considerably, so any positive news will send this stock flying.

    Update (2/28/21): One of the top biotech hedge funds bought $10 million worth of shares at a higher price than this is listed for now. Think about that for a second.

    Update (3/5/21): Vyne continues to fall ($6.68 close, $6.45 after hours), yet one of the top biotech funds bought $10 million worth of shares at a much higher price. Once things return to normal, this will skyrocket.

    Update (3/14/21): Vyne rose to $7.39 to close the week. There's nothing else to report, outside of this still being cheaper than the price in which some of the top biotech funds purchased shares.

    Update (3/21/21): There was some insider buying of VYNE this week with Patrick Lepore purchasing nearly $100,000 worth of shares with an average price of $7.41. This is extremely bullish, obviously.

    Update (3/28/21): The inside and institutional buying occurred at higher than the current price. They're not going to lose money on this.

    Update (4/4/21): None of my VYNE shares were shorted (see CLOV for details), perhaps because all of the institutional buying occurred at a higher price. The billionaires won't lose their money on this.

    Update (4/11/21): VYNE was trending on StockTwits late Friday, and I'm not sure why. There was some heavy price action, with short sellers trying to drag the stock under $6 to trigger stop losses. This is a PSA that setting stop losses is a horrible idea because the algos will find them. Having mental stop losses is fine, but do not ever physically set them.

    Update (4/18/21): Another bio hurt by the FDA delay. This has fallen on low volume, and the RSI is now 27, the lowest it has been in more than a year.

    Update (4/25/21): We're in a holding pattern right now because of the FDA delay. Again, this is only temporary, so patience will pay off.

    Update (5/8/21): I invested into Vyne because Perceptive bought 15 percent of the company. Unfortunately, Perceptive sold a million shares of Vyne. This was not their whole position, but it was not encouraging to see this. Meanwhile, Blackrock sold 8.3 million of their 12 million shares of Vyne. I'm considering just giving up on this and taking a loss, but I may sell just some of my position I'll let you know what I end up doing in the next update.

    Update (5/16/21): I ended up selling half my shares. I still may sell off everything else. Vanguard dumped 5.1 million of its 7.5 million shares.

  • XL Fleet Corp (XL)
    This is another EV stock that could explode. PIC will have a merger soon, and it's close to 50-percent shorted. And to top it off, the float is only about a million! This is going to explode any day. (New 11/20/2020)

    Update (1/19/21): This is formerly PIC. This stock rose to $32, but was shorted heavily down to $20. Citron posted a $60 price target on this stock, which would mean a lot more if I trusted them. However, this stock is 51.7-percent shorted! It should squeeze in the near future.

    Update (1/26/21): There's a new price target on this, with one firm issuing a $30 goal. We saw this rise on Friday, so it should continue to squeeze upward.

    Update (1/31/21): Vice President Joe Biden announced that he wants all government vehicles to be EV. This makes me more bullish on XL, which has naturally been shorted into oblivion. According to, 72 percent of the shares are shorted. All short sellers are future buyers, so I'm loving this. Just be patient.

    Update (2/7/21): This is still heavily shorted. It will squeeze at some point; you just need to be patient.

    Update (2/15/21): The EV sector will be hot at some point in the near future, so we could see this rip. XL has been consolidating tightly, and there are lots of Feb. 19 $22.50 calls (10,064 as of this writing), so we'll really see this take off if the stock price is above that figure by the end of the week.

    Update (2/21/21): No new news to speak of at the moment. I'm still high on XL. There are price targets of $30 and $60 on this company.

    Update (2/28/21): This stock has been beaten down like so many. This reminds me of FSR. I expect this to have a big jump soon. It's heavily shorted, and the RSI is below 30.

    Update (3/5/21): Carson Block, a scumbag and traitor to America, runs Muddy Waters, a scam hedge fund. He published a flimsy short report on XL, causing it to plummet. XL's response wasn't great, which didn't help. When I saw this, I knew other shorts would attack this, so I sold my shares. However, I will look to get back in at a much lower price.

    Update (3/14/21): As promised, I'm back in XL. The drop from the bogus Muddy Waters report is likely finished.

    Update (3/21/21): XL's earnings are next Tuesday. We could use some good news to make people forget about the Muddy Waters smear.

    Update (3/28/21): I bought some shares under $10. This is way too cheap. This stock was once $30 before some smears and short attacks.

    Update (4/4/21): You may have noticed that XL plummeted on Thursday. This is because there was a reported 267-percent loss for their quarterly earnings. Except, that wasn't true. The quarterly results were compared to the annual results accidentally. In reality, XL had a 33-percent EPS beat in the previous quarter! This is great news, yet the stock plunged because of the error. XL is a huge bargain right now, which is why I scooped up so many shares, as seen above.

    Update (4/11/21): XL predictably rose this past week, hitting a high of $10.77. However, Friday's sell-off dropped it to $8.06. It's unbelievable to me that XL hasn't reverted to the high teens based on their positive earnings report. You'd think a 33-percent EPS beat would spark some enthusiasm.

    Update (4/18/21): Another former SPAC getting crushed. The RSI is 25, which is alarmingly low. And yet, XL beat EPS by 33 percent in their earnings report. What the shorts and market makers have done to this company is criminal, but remember, every short seller is a future buyer.

    Update (4/25/21): Again, the SPAC bear market is abating. XL had good earnings, so there's no reason it shouldn't rise soon.

    Update (5/8/21): XL continues to be undervalued, and Blackrock agrees again. Blackrock bought 745,000 shares to increase their overall stake to 1.745 million. Meanwhile, the borrow rate of XL has risen lately, moving to 10 percent. It was in the 4-5 percent range in April and 1-2 percent range in March. We could have the beginning of a squeeze brewing.

    Update (5/16/21): The borrowing fee is steadily rising, reaching 12.9 percent by the end of the week. The best news, however, is that Vanguard bought 7.8 million shares!

  • Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (ZYNE)
    Zynerba is extremely undervalued, but don't take my word for it. Here are some price targets:

    Yet, ZYNE is trading for just $5 right now. This is a marijuana play with huge upside. I've seen some technical analysis that indicates that ZYNE should be trading at $56! (New 2/7/2021)

    Update (2/15/21): CNBC published an article about how marijuana stocks were overpriced on Friday morning. When the market opened, the short sellers attacked this stock and others. The SEC will do nothing about this sort of market manipulation, much like they'll allow Robinhood to prevent who buys what. It's ridiculous. Anyway, if you're wondering why this stock plummeted from $8.74 to $5.64, there's your reason. That said, don't panic. The greedy short sellers want you to throw away your shares for a loss. Every short seller is a future buyer, and now this low-float stock is heavily shorted. This has the potential to really skyrocket at some point.

    Update (2/21/21): Short interest on this stock rose to 14 percent. This was because of the CNBC article I discussed last week. There's no reason this stock should have crashed the way it did, but we at least found support in the $5 range. We'll see a nice squeeze in the future.

    Update (2/28/21): Another stock that's way too cheap right now. Remember, this has gotten multiple price targets in the teens.

    Update (3/5/21): This is a great bargain at $4.09/$4.00, though the price could continue to drop amid the crash. Remember all of the price targets, and know that Vanguard owns a million shares of this company at a higher price.

    Update (3/14/21): Zyne is back to $4.71. I still expect it to hit the mid-teens to match the aforementioned price targets.

    Update (3/21/21): Zyne had a fine week, moving to $5.31 by Friday close. It randomly shot up into the $7 range at the end of one day, but plummeted back to normal the following day. I tried to find a reason why that happened, and I couldn't identify anything. I will say though that the same thing happened to GameStop. When it was stuck in the $4s throughout the month of August, it randomly shot up to $6.50 in one after hours and then returned to normal. This was when Ryan Cohen purchased his shares. Did some big player buy into Zyne? Maybe...

    Update (3/28/21): Zyne is back under $5, making it a nice bargain. This stock is now shorted in double digits (11.5%).

    Update (4/4/21): All of my Zyne shares were borrowed (see CLOV for details), so no surprise there. Again, this stock is being shorted in the double digits, so a big spike is coming once the scumbags need to cover.

    Update (4/11/21): Zyne will present at the Needham Virtual Healthcare Conference on April 12. Hopefully we'll get some positive news from that.

    Update (4/18/21): Check out what I wrote today under Neptune. If the bill is passed, this will see a huge reversal.

    Update (4/25/21): There was no news that bumped this stock from $3.80 to $4.40, and then back down to $4.20. I imagine there was a short covering, and then some bag holders sold some shares. Either way, this is still way below the price targets mentioned earlier.

    Update (5/8/21): Here's an encouraging graphic:

    There was a ton of buying on Friday, which was great to see.

    Update (5/16/21): Vanguard increased their shares from 1.03 million to 1.1 million at an average share price of $3.97.

  • OTC Stocks:

    OTC stocks (over the counter) can't be purchased at every brokerage. You can do so at eTrade and Fidelity, among others. These are penny plays, but have enormous potential. Don't go crazy with them because they can legitimately go to $0. Because most people won't be able to purchase them, I won't provide updates for them until I sell:

  • ENZC
  • HQGE
  • LTNC (LTNC will work with Manny Pacquiao to distribute LTNC to Asia!

  • Closed Positions:

  • Birks Group (BGI)
    You may have noticed that I bought shares of BGI. Birks Group, a jewelry chain, is a reopening stock that could hit triple digits upon a short squeeze or buyout. It's not even trading at double cash per share ($1.77). It's very heavily shorted - IBorrowDesk is slapping this with a 106-percent borrowing fee and there are only 150,000 shares remaining to borrow - and the float is miniscule. There are only 4.32 million outstanding shares. Some rich shark could just spend $14 million to buy up the entire float and then recall his borrowed shares to create a violent spike. This could actually happen if there's an acquisition, which seems likely. (New 4/4/2021)

    Update (4/11/21): This fell hard this past week, and I think it'll drop to $2. However, it has major potential for the future, especially as Q4 approaches and people realize that the pandemic is over.

    Update (4/18/21): Parts of Canada going into extreme lockdown for a virus with a 99.98-percent survival rate is really hurting this stock right now. That said, this company is trading around its cash per share, which is just ridiculous. This is extremely oversold at the moment. The RSI (32) is the lowest it's been in a year.

    Update (4/25/21): BGI had a nice surge on Friday, rising 27.5 percent during regular hours and 19.37 during after hours. It seems to me that some shorts are trapped. No shares are available to short anymore, so this could squeeze hard soon.

    Update (5/8/21): BGI has fallen on hard times recently with some growing concerns about its debt, coupled with draconian Canadian lockdowns. The borrowing fee has fallen as well. This could squeeze hard if the company can show that it's turning things around, but I wouldn't blame anyone for getting out of this.

    Update (5/16/21): I sold because I was too concerned with BGI's debt. It ended up being a mistake because BGI shot up on Friday, but as Cam Newton once said, hindsight is 50-50.

  • Dillard's (DDS) - Another high short-interest play on another debunked bankruptcy thesis. They've been aggressively buying back their shares and issuing a dividend. It sounds like they may take their company private, which will force a squeeze to happen.

    Update (12/8/20): People within the company have continued to buy back their shares. I believe we'll see the share price above $90 in a few months.

    Update (12/22/20): I've closed my position for now. I may re-buy at a lower price, but I'm concerned that many insiders have sold shares in the previous week.

  • Exela (XELA) - I'm not a big penny stock guy, but this should be $2 at least. They're the only company with at least a billion in revenue ($1.3 billion in 2020) trading below 50 cents. Debt is the big issue, but they just received a huge contract from the VA and a deal with Mastercard to pay off the debt. With that, and other big contracts, debt will be a thing of the past. This company is expecting a great earnings report for Q4.

    Update (12/8/20): This stock hasn't moved much since posting, but we're waiting on what should be an outstanding Q4 earnings report.

    Update (12/22/20): I sold my shares when this hit the 50-cent range on Friday. I'm interested in re-buying in the low 40s.

    Update (1/19/21): This hit $1.10. I put in a stop loss at $1, and it sold once the stock fell back to that price. I'll be interested in re-buying if this falls again.

  • Express (EXPR)
    A beaten-down retailer expanding its e-commerce exponentially, all while being heavily shorted by people not paying attention to the dynamics of the company. Sound familiar?

    Express is a mini-GameStop. It will not hit $100, but it should be trading in double digits. Express is doing a great job of building up their e-commerce, all while closing stores that aren't profitable, which is exactly what GameStop did last year. Their guidance during their earnings call was great, so this cheap company will rebound. Again, Express is heavily shorted, and it's 60-percent owned by institutions. The float isn't very large (60 million), which once again matches GameStop. (New 3/11/2021)

    Update (3/21/21): It seems as though people are catching on to Express, with it closing at $5.33 on Friday. I expect this to hit $10 at some point. I'm dropping this from four to three stars because of the price increase.

    Update (3/28/21): Momentum stopped on Express because of the red market. It's still very shorted - only 200,000 shares left to short - so we could see a spike to $10 at any time.

    Update (4/4/21): No Express shares were borrowed from me (see CLOV), which was absolutely shocking. There are now 300,000 shares left to short, per IBorrowDesk. I'm still bullish on this.

    Update (4/11/21): Express really pissed me off last week. Part of the reason why GameStop skyrocketed is because they never had an offering. Express, however, issued a shelf offering of 25 million shares. It's going to be difficult for this to squeeze as a result.

  • Hewlett Packard (HPE) - Insiders have been buying shares aggressively, and their company has been generating more revenue than expected. They also just got a $160 million contract to power a Finland super computer. There's so much good news, but the stock has fallen, presumably because of short-selling parasites. HPE currently is valued at $12.50 per share in equity, making its price of $8.50 extremely undervalued. (Update: I'm not as high on this now that the price has risen to $10.40.)

    Update (12/8/20): Congrats to those who bought at $8-$9! I've sold two-thirds of my shares. I think we could see $15. $HPE had a great earnings report.

    Update (12/22/20): HPE filed for a shelf offering. That's not the worst thing in the world, but I've decided to close my position. If the price drops, I may buy back in, as this still offers a great dividend.

  • Nokia (NOK)
    Everyone has heard of the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google). Well, the WallStreetBets version of that is BANG. Nokia is the "N" in that acronym, along with Blackberry, AMC and GameStop. Unlike Blackberry, AMC and GameStop, Nokia wasn't heavily shorted once the spending spree began, but Nokia has been heavily shorted in the past several days. The next short report update will likely confirm this.

    Can you imagine how dumb the short sellers felt when they saw that Blackrock owns 333 million shares of Nokia per their Jan. 29 13G filing? Yes, Blackrock believes in this company so much that even though they already owned 300 million shares, they decided to increase their ownership by almost 7 percent!

    Nokia dipped below $5 on Friday because heavy shorting wanted to make sure the tons of $5 calls wouldn't finish in the money. This, of course, was before they knew about Blackrock. The fools will pay. They shouldn't have shorted Nokia, which is a good company that is heavily involved in 5G technology. (New 1/31/2021)

    Update (2/7/21): Nokia beat earnings, yet the stock price went down 50 cents. This looked like manipulation to me because there were so many $4.50 Feb. 5 calls. Nokia has $8 billion cash on hand, and it will dominate the 5G market. Buy the dip and hope NOK finishes above $5 next week because so many calls will be in the money.

    Here's an article about Nokia being free cash-flow positive, which argues that NOK should be worth between $6 and $7.50 at the very moment.

    And that doesn't even take into account that Nokia is discussing buying back 500 million shares and issuing a dividend.

    Update (2/15/21): There's lots of news pending with this company, as referenced in the Feb. 7 update. Can't wait to see what happens. In the short term, a key price to watch will be $4.50. There are currently 28,741 Feb. 19 calls at that price. By comparison, there were only 11,759 Feb. 12 calls at $4 and $4.50 COMBINED!

    Update (2/21/21): We're still waiting on news. I'm still bullish on this stock.

    Update (2/28/21): Nokia plans to give a "long-term" outlook at Capital Markets Day on March 18, so we may get some of the aforementioned updates then.

    Update (3/5/21): Nokia is a great buy under $4 (under $3.80 after hours.) They have deals with Google and Japan, and big news will be coming soon.

    Update (3/14/21): Nokia is back above $4. The company is planning to announce a renewed strategy on March 18 during its Capital Markets Day event. Hopefully that causes a price spike on this stock.

    Update (3/21/21): Nokia signed a 5G eqiupment deal with AT&T. You'd think this would have inflated the stock price, but it has remained stagnant. My guess is that the stock price is being held down so the hedge funds can jump in, but we'll see.

    Update (3/28/21): Here's a bullish article about Nokia, which includes a $6 price target.

    Update (4/4/21): I sold some of my Nokia stock this week. I still like this stock, but I'm worried that some of the hedge funds under fire from GME and AMC are very invested into this company. If they get margin called, they'll have to sell their Nokia shares. I'll be interested in buying back the shares I sold once everything calms down.

  • Virgin Galactic (SPCE) - This is a huge short-interest play, with the short interest at nearly 100 percent. SPCE is the second-most shorted stock in the world, only behind GameStop, of course. This is the first stock in a new sector. It could be worth a ton of money by 2023, especially when it squeezes.

    Update (12/8/20): Looking great! Buy any dips you see!

    Update (12/22/20): I sold my shares today as a result of one of the insider selling his shares. I'll be interested in re-buying at a lower price.

  • Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) - Let's buy some weed stocks before the drug is legal everywhere! This is why lots of people have been bullish on Sundial, which was as high as $1.46 last week. It was shorted down from there, meaning the short interest that FinViz displays (15.2%) could be lower than it is at the moment.

    There will be a bit of a gamma squeeze here as well. There were 19,519 50-cent calls that finished in the money on Jan. 29. The true test will be if this can go above $1 on Feb. 5:

    If SNDL closes above $1 next Friday - or better yet, $1.50, we will have blast off. Either way, this is a WallStreetBets stock that has been restricted. There will be lots of buying once the Robinhooders move their funds or are allowed to buy again. SNDL had an offering recently, so it can't have another one until March 29, so don't worry about anything like that until then. (New 1/31/2021)

    Update (2/7/21): SNDL's offering has closed, and it can't have another one until the end of March. With the government looking to legalize marijuana everywhere, SNDL should be above $2 sometime soon.

    Update (2/15/21): I sold my shares around $2.20. I don't mind owning this stock through the middle of March, but there are better buying opportunities now.


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