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I’ve been trading stocks since 2009, but really amped up my activity once the pandemic started to offset advertising losses. I’ve done quite well in my trading, so I thought I would share my positions, as well as my due diligence behind them. Note that I am not a registered financial advisor, and this is not financial advice; these stocks are merely the ones I own at the moment. Also, upon request, I’ve added a star rating system. My favorite stocks are four stars.

Updated Feb. 2, 2023

I haven’t posted an update in quite a while for two reasons. First, this was the first year I was raising a child during football season, so things were very hectic and I didn’t have time to update this page, especially late in he year when the bye weeks were over and there were more games to cover. With the football season finished, I can go back to updating this regularly.

Second, with the charges filed against Zack Morris and Atlas, I thought I needed a very thorough update, which I could not have provided during the regular season.

I am still holding all of my main positions that were listed below, and unlike Atlas and some prominent YouTubers, I will provide proof in each instance. I also had a section of RSI 30 stocks, most of which I sold at some point. I still have ATER, NEGG and SFT (formerly LOTZ).

We’ve gone through a brutal bear market, but with the federal reserve finally easing interest rate increases, it sounds as though we’re going to have a nice 2023.

New Positions:

Genius Group (GNS):

If you haven’t been following the saga surrounding Genius Group, you’re in for a treat. Genius Group CEO Roger Hamilton has been going off on naked short sellers on Twitter under the handle @RogerHamilton. His stock cratered after an IPO price of $6, dropping all the way to 30 cents despite a $19 price target by Zacks. Hamilton hired a former FBI director to look into the naked short selling, which has caused his stock to have a borrowing-fee cost of more than 300 percent.

Ever since Hamilton began posting on Twitter, his stock has gone nuts. It has risen from 30 cents to a recent high of $7. It has since consolidated in the low $5s.

I would still recommend buying this stock because Hamilton has promised to use a “machine gun” approach on naked short sellers. He plans on issuing a special dividend, a new stock spin-off, something via the blockchain, and other things. Any news on this will send the stock skyrocketing when the shorts have to begin covering, and they will certainly need to soon. The public float of GNS is only 10 million, yet there were 125 million shares sold short on one day last week. How is that even possible? I think the shorts from below $1 are trapped, and they will be absolutely f**ked when this blows up.

As mentioned, I’m going to show you all my positions, so I will be disclosing that I have a great price average. However, I’d still be interested in buying GNS on any sort of dip below $5 because I think there’s a good chance this pulls what SPRT did back in the summer of 2021. With a similar float, SPRT rose from $5 to $60.

Core Stock Plays:

GameStop (GME):

Feb. 7, 2021 update: This was my due diligence on GameStop. I sold most of my position two weeks ago, albeit for less than I wanted to. I’m still holding some shares (one percent of my original position.) I’m still a big fan of the company and Ryan Cohen. I believe Cohen has a great plan for GameStop, and I wouldn’t even rule out an acquisition by Microsoft. GameStop still has the potential to skyrocket because it continues to be heavily shorted. It’s not quite clear what the short interest is at the moment; I’ve seen projections ranging from 49 percent to 200-plus percent. We’ll find out soon enough once short interest is updated. In the meantime, I’d wait on possible dips to buy back into this high-upside company.

Feb. 15, 2021 update: A quick update on GameStop. Zacks issued a price target for GameStop, which is in the $300s. Given the high short interest (around 80%), the small float, and everything Ryan Cohen is bringing to the company, that seems like a reasonable expectation. It seems as though the short sellers have lost momentum because they haven’t been able to drive the price below $47. GameStop may go back up soon. If it dips lower, I’ll have interest in re-purchasing shares.

Feb. 21, 2021 update: Here we go again? DeepF**ingValue, the guy who made $40 million on GameStop calls, just doubled down his stake. He now owns 100,000 shares of GameStop.

Also, take a look at article from WallStreetBets. It says that short interest may now be as high as 432 percent, which would make the stock price $130,000 per share! I’m buying more shares Monday, though I will acknowledge that the stock price could still dip. These scumbag hedge funds won’t go down without a fight.

Feb. 28, 2021 update: I’m dropping this to two stars because of the price share increase. I’m still holding all of my shares. First of all, we’re going to have a gamma squeeze next week because 20,000 or so call options were in the money because of the $100-plus close, meaning about 2 million shares will be bought early next week. Second, Ryan Cohen tweeted something cryptic about a frog and ice cream. I took this to mean one of two things: The most likely message is that he’s now the CEO of the company. The better scenario is a Microsoft buyout. The ice cream could mean “soft,” so if the frog can mean “micro” somehow, then that may indicate a Microsoft buyout, which would make lots of sense because Microsoft closed its stores and wants to beat Sony. This is wishful thinking, but Cohen officially becoming CEO is bullish as well.

March 5, 2021 update: Ryan Cohen tweeted a picture of what looked like a dog puppet Thursday afternoon, and GameStop shot up nearly four percent. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2021 stock market. I’m not quite sure what the tweet means. Perhaps he’s suggesting that GameStop will follow the trajectory of his former company, Chewy, which is something I’ve believed ever since he bought into GameStop.

March 14, 2021 update: GameStop made a huge surge on Wednesday, reaching as high as $340. It quickly crashed because of a coordinated short attack. Seriously, look at GameStop’s chart and compare it to AMC”s chart on that day. Both had the same movement. This was clear market manipulation, which is illegal. Of course, nothing will happen to these criminals, but the important thing is that it shows how desperate the hedge funds are not to lose their shirts. They’re trapped, and everyone knows it.

March 21, 2021 update: GameStop finished above $200, which was good for all of the options to be in the money. There’s still major potential here, as GameStop continues to be extremely shorted. I also can’t wait to see what Ryan Cohen has up his sleeve, so I’m still holding most of my shares.

March 24, 2021 update: Overall earnings weren’t great, but they weren’t expected to be great. PS5 supplies were limited, and many stores were still closed. Plus, Ryan Cohen hasn’t taken over yet. The one strong positive was the e-commerce increase.

I was more curious about the earnings call. It was a big disappointment, to say the least. However, as I soon discovered, this was for good reason because of the 10-K filing GameStop released. They discussed why they won’t be doing an offering, in this extremely important text:

To the extent aggregate short exposure exceeds the number of shares of our Class A Common Stock available for purchase on the open market, investors with short exposure may have to pay a premium to repurchase shares of our Class A Common Stock for delivery to lenders of our Class A Common Stock.

And boom goes the dynamite. Despite some reports to the contrary, this is saying GameStop is STILL more than 100-percent shorted. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Think about how absolutely f***ed these short sellers are. GameStop may dip today, but it’s going to absolutely go nuts one of these days. If it falls sharply, I will be buying dips.

April 4, 2021 update: According to the SEC, GameStop had 708,000 shares failed to deliver, so $78 million worth of shares will have to be bought on the market in the next 21 days. That could cause this stock to rise again.

April 11, 2021 update: You may have heard that there will be some dilution with GameStop. It’s just 3.5 million shares, however, which is nothing. It’s a big deal for GameStop, however, as they’ll make more than half a billion dollars with the tiny offering. This will allow them to clear their debt and/or make a big purchase. I still can’t wait to see what Ryan Cohen has in store for the company.

April 18, 2021 update: Former CEO George Sherman had to forfeit some shares for failing to meet expectations. GameStop will be able to raise more than $100 million off these shares without diluting, which is exciting. I can’t wait to see what Ryan Cohen has in store for this company. I imagine we’ll have some concrete answers once everyone admits that the pandemic is finished, but I’d be shocked if it doesn’t involve buying Steam.

April 25, 2021 update: It was nice to finish above $150 for the week because 8,943 call options finished in the money at exactly $150. This means 894,000 shares will have to be bought, nearly representing 1/27th of the float. Meanwhile, Ryan Cohen tweeted out a picture of an American flag. It’ll be great when he’s legally allowed to speak about GameStop and his plans for the company.

May 9, 2021 update: It’s amazing that GameStop has remained steady at this level. It’s still heavily shorted, so there’s a standoff between the demonic short-sellers and the GameStop WSB crowd that wants to punish those who tried to bankrupt this company, just so they could avoid paying taxes.

May 16, 2021 update: GameStop ran a bit with AMC on Thursday. All of the BANG KEN stocks (Blackberry, AMC, Nokia, GameStop, Koss, Express, NAKD) did well that day. If AMC runs, all of the BANG KEN stocks will move as well.

May 23, 2021 update: There’s been some chatter about Melvin Capital covering all of their shorts. If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell to you. There are plenty of shorts infesting this stock who will be forced into covering eventually.

May 30, 2021 update: GameStop had a great week, shooting up as far as $250. It settle beneath that number, but it was still encouraging. I believe the true short squeeze will occur if this vaults over $300, as there was a ton of shorting done at that level in early March.

June 6, 2021 update: GameStop is still looking good. According to iBorrowdesk, there aren’t any shares available to short anymore. We could be on the brink of another squeeze.

June 13, 2021 update: In what has become typical price action for GameStop, the stock was as high as $333 this past week, and yet it fell to $210 despite beats across the board on the earnings call. The stock plummeted because, you guessed it, short selling! There were tons of expiring options at $250, $300 and $400 that the shorts couldn’t allow to finish in the money, so they continued to dig their grave even deeper by shorting GameStop more. Remember that every short seller is a future buyer, so GameStop will just go higher in the long run because of this utterly foolish behavior.

Also, it’s worth noting that GameStop diluted five million shares, but this is a good thing. This wasn’t a large offering, and five million shares allowed the company to raise another billion dollars. This will eliminate all debt, and with the previous offering, will permit them to buy Steam or make another huge move. GameStop could be trading in the thousands when all is said and done.

June 20, 2021 update: The short sellers did a number on GameStop this past week, dropping the price down to the low $200s. There aren’t many shares available to short anymore, so I don’t expect this to go down much further.

June 27, 2021 update: GameStop’s at-the-market offering completed this past week. The company now has $2 billion in cash with no debt. I can only imagine what Ryan Cohen and his Amazon team are going to do with those funds. GameStop’s price is not dropping anytime soon.

July 4, 2021 update: I love both GameStop and AMC, but GameStop’s market cap should be higher than AMC’s right now. Fundamentals don’t matter for “meme” stocks, but GameStop has no debt. That’s not a negative for AMC – I still expect triple digits sometime soon – but rather a positive for GameStop, so I’m going to bump this up to four stars again. GameStop was shorted a great deal down from $300, so the scumbags responsible for that will have to buy back shares soon enough.

July 11, 2021 update: GameStop isn’t heavily shorted via the Ortex numbers, but there are so many fail to delivers that must be considered. The fact that the hedge funds haven’t been able to drive the price down much further below $200 is a huge sign of strength.

July 18, 2021 update: GameStop plummeted this week because of extremely aggressive shorting by the hedge funds. We now have a nice entry for those who haven’t invested in GameStop. Either way, these new shorts will have to buy back this stock eventually, and I believe they’ll be doing so at a higher price.

Aug. 1, 2021 update: There’s a great buying opportunity with GameStop right now with it dropping to the $160 range. It’s very oversold (RSI 34), while shares available to borrow have quickly been disappearing.

Aug. 8, 2021 update: Once again, this is a great buying opportunity for GameStop, which was just added to the Russell 400. I picked up 10 more shares this past week.

Aug. 15, 2021 update: I have no real update here, outside of saying it’s still a good time to buy. One thing I’ll note is that Ryan Cohen posted a South Park meme on Twitter. It’s been a while since I tried to decipher his Twitter posts, but this one was obvious. What’s the famous quote from South Park? Obviously, “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!” Kenny, as in Ken Griffin, the guy most notorious for shorting GameStop and AMC!

Aug. 22, 2021 update: I have nothing to note this week, outside of yet another Ryan Cohen tweet, where a guy in short shorts dances. I assume this is a reference to those still dumb enough to short GameStop. It’s just a waiting game at this point before news drops and the shorts are forced into covering.

Aug. 29, 2021 update: GameStop gapped up from the $150 range to $200. We still have a long way to go because the shorts still have lots of covering to do at some point.

Sept. 5, 2021 update: Earnings are coming up on Wednesday. This will be the first earnings report from the new management team, so perhaps we’ll finally learn what this compnay plans to do with its $2 billion and no debt!

Sept. 12, 2021 update: So, how about that earnings call!? Earnings were mixed, but then GameStop had a very brief earnings call under new management. They read the numbers, and that was it. They took no questions and issued no guidance. GameStop dropped to around $175, but quickly rebounded. To me, this didn’t matter because GameStop could just as easily release news any day; they didn’t need to do so on the earnings call. GameStop has nearly $2 billion in cash and no debt. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do.

Sept. 19, 2021 update: GameStop rose at one point during the week upon Gary Gensler defending Reddit investors, citing that shareholders have a right to “smash” shorts. This seems like all be talk though because Gensler has done nothing about all the synthetic shares, and no punishment has come to Robinhood or Citadel for the nonsense they pulled on Jan. 28.

Sept. 26, 2021 update: There was an interesting tweet from Unusual Whales made over the weekend:

Let’s hope there’s some punishment for this in the near future. Meanwhile, GameStop can issue the kill shot itself:

There’s speculaton this will happen at some point, and when it does, we will see a massive squeeze that could send GameStop into quadruple digits, which would’ve happened if Robinhood and Citadel didn’t commit crimes on Jan. 28.

Oct. 3, 2021 update: As we all know, Robinhood froze trading of GameStop and the other “meme” stocks on Jan. 28. Citadel was linked to this, but Ken Griffin had sworn testimony that he didn’t collude with Robinhood. However, new leaked documents have revealed that the two entities worked together. If those documents are true, then that means Griffin is guilty of perjury. We’ll see if the SEC does anything about it. I’m not holding my breath.

Oct. 10, 2021 update: Maybe this is nothing, but shares available to borrow have been disappearing. This is from iBorrowDesk:

Oct. 17, 2021 update: Look at shares available to borrow on Friday:

The shorts are running out of ammo, and with AMC set to explode again, GameStop will run along with it.

Oct. 24, 2021 update: There are still limited number of shares available to short. GameStop dropped Friday, but I wouldn’t buy more until it hit the $150 range. By the way, the SEC report on GameStop and AMC was such a joke. It reminded me of this:

Oct. 31, 2021 update: I thought this was interesting: GameStop seems to be moving into the Mark Zuckerberg Metaverse by posting a Head of Web3 Gaming job position. I think this stock is going to go nuts once all of these moves are made.

Nov. 7, 2021 update: GameStop hit as high as $245 this past week after opening below $190. The stock dropped because of, you guessed it, shorting and other market manipulation. Take a look:

The market makers made sure to drop this below $220 for the week because they didn’t want all of those options finishing in the money. Had they done so, the market makers would’ve had to purchase tons of GameStop shares, causing the price to rise, and in turn forcing some of the crooked hedge funds to cover.

Nov. 14, 2021 update: There was a nice buy this week, with American International Group purchasing 101,000 shares of GameStop. Also, I noticed that the cost-to-borrow increased to 1.1 percent from 0.8 this Friday. That may not seem very significant, but I can’t remember the last time I saw that figure over one. Perhaps it’s a glitch, but it could be the beginning of a trend. If the cost-to-borrow rate increases, it’ll put pressure on the short sellers.

Nov. 21, 2021 update: GameStop had a nice surge Friday, and it was cool to see the filing for Spdr Midcap 400 ETF buy 543,000 shares of GameStop.

Nov. 28, 2021 update: This stock dropped from $245 to $200 this week, but those who have been invested in GME for a while know that this is all too common. Curiously, shares available to borrow disappeared Friday:

Dec. 5, 2021 update: Did not buy the dip here yet. I’m waiting for a possible $150, which would be RSI 30 on the chart. GameStop’s earnings are on Dec. 8. This could go one of two ways. The first is that the earnings call with reveal nothing yet again. The second is that we’ll get news on GameStop’s NFT ventures, which is a thing because GameStop has hired NFT people.

Dec. 12, 2021 update: Another earnings report disappointment! What a surprise! Year-over-year sales were up, and GameStop beat the top line, but the disappointment came via the earnings call, which is all too common. GameStop is going to do some insane things at some point, but I don’t understand why they would necessarily announce it during earings. It’s nice to take advantage of these falling prices. I put in a buy order at $143, which did not fill.

Dec. 19, 2021 update: My $143 buy order finally filled, which was nice. GameStop ran along with AMC on Friday. It’s still a reasonable price right now, but there could always be a pullback.

Dec. 26, 2021 update: As some of you know, I lend out my shares so I can have a better understanding of what the short sellers are doing with each ticker. On Thusday, for the first time since I began to lend my shares, my GameStop shares weren’t borrowed. This could be a temporary glitch, or someone covering those specific shares. Still, it’s a concern. We’ll see what happens next week.

Jan. 9, 2022 update: GameStop soared in after-hours trading Thursday because of the news that it would be entering the NFT market. We already knew this, so it’s puzzling why such a report would cause such a rise in stock price. Nevertheless, GME has a billion in cash, no debt and a rockstar CEO. Oh, and lots of illegal shorts that must be covered eventually.

Jan. 16, 2022 update: GameStop’s short interest continues to rise. It’s as if the dumb bears haven’t learned a single thing from other dumb bears who went completely bankrupt a year ago. GameStop’s market cap is now under $9 billion, which seems low for a company with a billion in cash, no debt and a rockstar CEO.

Jan. 30, 2022 update: There’s been lots of talk about on-balance volume on Twitter and Stocktwits the past couple of weeks. I urge you to read up on it because it’s a good indicator of where a stock price should be and which stocks have unfairly fallen due to low-volume algorithmic trading. GameStop is a classic example of the latter, as you can see here:

Just look at the red volume bars and compare them to the positive gray bars. There’s no reason GameStop should be down from the $250 range, as on-balance volume has not been adjusted at all despite the severe price drop. Compare this to Peleton, for example:

Here, Peleton’s on-balance volume moved with the stock price, indicating that there’s no manipulation. You can see that by the red volume days. People actually sold their Peleton shares! Conversely, barely anyon has been selling GameStop, meaning that the current stock price is incorrect and supressed.

Feb. 6, 2022 update: GameStop’s cost to borrow has gone up. It’s now at 2.2 percent. That’s not a high number, but it had been under one for a long time. This is obviously a trend in the right direction.

Feb. 13, 2022 update: GameStop rebounded well this week, bouncing up from the $95-100 range to the $120s. Ryan Cohen has been more active on Twitter as well, which is something I like to see.

Feb. 20, 2022 update: GameStop hovered between the $120 and $130 range all week, but the big news is that Citadel is under DOJ investigation for their illegal short selling. This could be the beginning of the end for Ken Griffin, so a short squeeze could happen soon.

Feb. 27, 2022 update: I bought more GameStop on Wednesday. It wasn’t even a good price; it was just in response to Ryan Cohen’s latest tweets. He posted these emojis in reverse chronological order:

Shorts. Arrrrrr. Dead. ??????. Calls.

Shorts are dead, margin(??) calls? I’m excited.

March 6, 2022 update: Ryan Cohen tweeted out an apple emoji, which had people speculating that there will be an Apple partnership. I’ve said it before, but the sky is the limit with Cohen running this company. I can’t wait to see what he does with GameStop.

March 13, 2022 update: The big news concerning GameStop this week is that Ryan Cohen bought 10 percent of Bed, Bath & Beyond (BBBY). It’s a brilliant move by him because if he gets BBBY to squeeze, GME will as well (as will AMC, KOSS, EXPR, etc.) This will be Cohen’s way of proving that all of this nonsense is manipulated as hell, and yet the SEC does nothing about it.

Speaking of Cohen, he has moved earnings up a week to fall on his late father’s birthday. If this isn’t a bullish sign, I don’t know what is. I’ll be buying more GameStop shares early this week with the RSI at a low 35.

March 20, 2022 update: There was a ton of hype for GameStop’s earnings because Ryan Cohen moved up the date to his late father’s birthday. Revenue beat, but EPS was a huge miss. When I saw that negative EPS, I figured we’d finally hear something on the earnings call. Instead, it was a 5-minute nothing-burger. However, GameStop rallied Friday. Part of the reason was the report about 10 percent of the float being locked up by retail registering through ComputerShare. It’s only a matter of time before the entire float is locked up.

March 27, 2022 update: We had two extremly bullish events for GameStop this past week. First, there was buying from numerous insiders, including Ryan Cohen, who purchased 100,000 more shares! Second, the cost to borrow increased to 27 percent according to iBorrowDesk. Plenty of call options finished in the money at $150, so I would expect the price to continue upward this week.

April 3, 2022 update: WOW! GameStop announced a dividend stock split! This means you’ll get more shares than what you already own. Sure, the stock price will dip a bit, but that’s only in the short term. If you look at how Tesla and other companies have reacted to stock splits, it’s very bullish. Besides, it’s not just a regular stock split. It’s a dividend, so we’ll be getting more shares than what the stock split is worth.

Oh, and there’s another bullish thing to keep in mind: When a stock split occurs, all shares are recalled. This means all shares are counted, so that it’ll reveal all naked shorting. These shares will have to be covered, meaning we’re all going to be rich. Ryan Cohen is the man.

April 10, 2022 update: It’s insane to me that this stock fell so much since the dividend stock split announcement. I’m interested in buying more shares, but the market is in such rough shape that we could get a better price. RSI is still over 50 anyhow.

April 17, 2022 update: We had some exciting news early in the week when philanthropist Bill Pulte announced that he made a six-figure purchase of GameStop:

May 8, 2022 update: We’re about a month away from the dividend stock split! GameStop’s RSI is 37, so it’s a good time to buy. We could go lower in the next couple of weeks though.

May 15, 2022 update: I couldn’t believe how cheap shares were this week, as we dipped into the low $80s on an RSI below 30. What’s wild is that on Wednesday, when the stock price dropped from $91 to $82, Fidelity showed that 94 percent of the orders were buys!

Ridiculous. This might be the last time we get shares below $100 prior to the dividend stock split.

May 22, 2022 update: Retail stocks were hurt by Target’s horrible earnings report, including GameStop. The dividend stock split is approaching soon, and I’m planning to buy more shares.

May 29, 2022 update: I doubled my GameStop position this week. Yes, doubled. I bought heavily in the high $90s and low $100s, and then I bought more shares at $127. GameStop is having its stock split meeting on June 2. Ryan Cohen is going to squeeze short sellers into oblivion. Also, liquidity will shrink for short sellers because of new Chinese regulations on June 3. And furthermore, the cost-to-borrow rate has skyrocketed! It’s now around 70 percent to borrow GameStop stock. GameStop had its huge run in January 2021 when the CTB percentage shot up, and the same thing is going to happen again.

June 5, 2022 update: Good news, bad news. The bad news is that while the new float and stock split were approved, we didn’t get any info from the June 2 meeting. The good news is that the stock split can come at any time, as though Ryan Cohen has the shorts by the balls. Remember, these scumbags cannot cover because no one is selling their GameStop shares. In fact, IBKR can’t find any new shares to lend! The borrowing fee is about 100 percent, which is nuts. If that maintains, and the shorts hold their position for the entire year, they’ll have to pay back all the money they borrowed without covering a single share!

June 12, 2022 update: GameStop had a nice Friday, finishing green despite the market being blood red. We’re waiting patiently on the dividend stock split. It’s unclear when that’ll be, but Ryan Cohen has the shorts by the balls.

June 19, 2022 update: There are going to be a massive number of fail-to-delivers come July 5. I’d expect a surge in price at or around that date, and that could end up coinciding with the dividend split announcement to really squeeze the shorts like a vice.

June 26, 2022 update: July 5 is approaching quickly, and iBorrowDesk is showing no shares available to borrow. Oh, and then there’s this:

July 3, 2022 update: July 5 is the next trading day. I’m also here to report that fail to delivers are through the roof, much like they were in January 2021:

This should be a fun month!

July 10, 2022 update: Stock split dividend! The ex-dividend date is July 18, and we’ll be getting our new shares on July 22.

If you’re wondering why this is so bullish, consider two things: One, a normal stock split is a positive indicator. It’s a sign of strength, and a lower price will entice people to buy more shares.

Two, this is not an ordinary stock split. It’s a stock split dividend, which will f**k with the shorts. Ryan Cohen knows exactly what he’s doing, and anyone short GameStop will pay dearly.

July 17, 2022 update: Monday is the final day to buy shares if you want to be part of the stock split dividend. GameStop has been rising nicely and should continue to do so. It’s worth noting that the NFT marketplace that GameStop launched saw $2 million in transactions in the first 48 hours.

July 31, 2022 update: This is extremely important. If you received your dividend shares, there’s a good chance you don’t actually have them. My GameStop shares quadrupled on the 21st, but then on the 22nd, they went back to the original share count. This did not change until Wednesday when I called my broker, eTrade. My account rep told me that eTrade has not received these new shares and they were just fronting fake GameStop shares to their clients. I suspect the same thing is happening at other brokers. If so, we could be in for an extremely wild ride of Ryan Cohen decides to issue a share recount.

Aug. 7, 2022 update: GameStop has recognized that brokers have handled the stock split dividend incorrectly – treating it like a regular dividend – and that they gave out fake shares to their clients (as I mentioned in the July 31 update.) Here’s the official update from GameStop regarding the mishandled stock split dividend. If the brokers end up correcting this, things could get pretty nuts.

Aug. 14, 2022 update: GameStop is hitting higher lows, as it’s a ticking time bomb until the brokers correctly issue the stock split dividend.

Aug. 21, 2022 update: There’s a lot of FUD circulating by the mainstream media and hedge funds. “RYAN COHEN SOLD BBBY, SO HE COULD SELL GME OMG!!!!” How dumb. Cohen didn’t sell his GameStop shares at $480, so why would he sell now? Cohen is fully involved in GameStop, whereas BBBY was just an avenue to make money for him.

Aug. 28, 2022 update: GameStop continued to have some pain because of Bed, Bath and Beyond, but it maintained the trend line and set up higher lows. I bought more shares on Thursday.

Sept. 11, 2022 update: GameStop went on to bleed when the CFO of Bed, Bath and Beyond committed suicide, but GameStop then recovered because of their positive earnings and NFT partnership. GameStop is very cheap right now and poised to run.

Sept. 18, 2022 update: Not a bad week for GameStop, considering the rest of the market. It’s only a matter of time.

Sept. 25, 2022 update: GameStop had an unexpected rally at the end of Friday, so hopefully that continues into next week.

Oct. 2, 2022 update: The shares to borrow disappeared late Friday, and the max cost to borrow spiked to about 900 percent. Hopefully this is the beginning of something great!

Oct. 16, 2022 update: Ryan Cohen hadn’t tweeted in a while, but reappeared this week, causing the stock to jump to $26. It finished negatively on the week, falling to $24.80. I picked up more shares on Friday at $25.10.

Nov. 6, 2022 update: Surprise, surprise, we had more corruption happen. GameStop hit $34 early last week, but it was halted and then taken down. This happened to AMC prior to the APE split. This is f**king bulls**t, but it’s these a**holes just kicking the can down the road. They will pay eventually.

Nov. 20, 2022 update: Ryan Cohen was trending on Twitter on Saturday because he released some children’s books. This doesn’t have anything to do with GameStop at first glance, but anything to keep Cohen and GameStop more relevant is a good thing.

Nov. 27, 2022 update: There was a recent article discussing how the shorts don’t have enough shares to drive this stock down much further. This coincides with a very low number of shares to borrow. Here’s something from less than a month ago, stating that GameStop is a few dollars from going parabolic. Unfortunately, it hasn’t hit the $30 mark yet.

Feb. 2, 2023 update: GameStop was dragged down as a sympathy to Bed, Bath and Beyond, which has since filed for bankruptcy. Luckily, the two have finally stopped moving together, and GameStop seems to be rising. I’ve also seen posts from people posting about how their brokerages can’t find shares of GME to lend. Here’s an example:

I received the same request one week prior to GameStop’s crazy squeeze in January 2021. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!

Anyway, here’s my position to prove to you that I don’t pump and dump like Atlas (allegedly) did:

At any rate, here was why I loved GameStop. I have some stocks I like below this analysis, but I want to keep this here in case the SEC comes knocking on my door:

GameStop? The video game store? Yes, GameStop.

If you haven’t been following it at all, you might assume that GameStop is on the verge of bankruptcy. You may think of it as the next Blockbuster. This thesis couldn’t be further from the truth. GameStop has done a great job of re-branding itself. Its online sales have skyrocketed, showing an increase of 800 percent in Q2 (source.) GameStop now provides same-day delivery, giving it an edge over Amazon and Wal-Mart. It revamped its Web site and app. It’s on pace for a billion dollars in e-commerce in 2020.

If that’s not enough for you, Ryan Cohen has bought 10 percent of the company. Cohen was the former CEO of Chewy, and he sold it for $3 billion. Chewy became a great company because of its retail/e-commerce hybrid model, and Cohen plans on transforming GameStop into a similar type of entity to compete with Amazon like Chewy does. In fact, Ryan Cohen sees GameStop rivaling Amazon long term. That may sound odd at first, but think about it: Cohen’s former company, Chewy, rivals Amazon in its sector. With same-day delivery and an already-established brand, GameStop can rival Amazon in the gaming and computer accessories sector.

Cohen’s plan is why GameStop has been closing plenty of stores lately. The plan is to shut down the least-profitable establishments and keep the most-profitable ones open while increasing an online, same-day delivery presence. Cohen is extremely selective in his investments, so his purchase of GameStop really turned some heads. I was already an investor, but that 10-percent stake made me even more convinced that the stock will skyrocket.

Cohen’s investment is far from the only reason to be bullish on GameStop. Other reasons include:

  • The new Playstation and XBox consoles will be released this holiday season. During the previous two console releases, GameStop’s stock rose to at least $50 on both occasions. The stock, as of this writing, is $10.49. That’s 5x the profits without any other factors!

  • Speaking of the new consoles, there was a bearish sentiment directed at GameStop because it was believed that the new consoles would not have disc drives, and thus negating GameStop’s game sales. Versions of the Playstation 5 with and without disc drives have been released, and yet 76 percent of those purchased from GameStop have disc drives.

  • Another investor, Richard Mashaal of Senvest, bought five percent of the company. To quote Mashaal, “We seek out of favor, unloved, misunderstood, and underappreciated companies where expectations, sentiment and valuations are all low … Over one or two or three years they can change and improve, for a better outlook, so they are no longer unloved, and get multiple expansion.”

  • GameStop and Microsoft have a new partnership which involves revenue sharing.

  • GameStop currently has close to $800 million in cash. It’s close to $12 cash per share, which is less than the current stock price. If you were Scrooge McDuck and bought up every single share of GameStop, you would have more money than you invested. There’s debt, of course, but with the great amount of money GameStop will make from new console purchases and increased online sales, that won’t be an issue.

  • With all of these positive factors, GameStop must skyrocket. It’s a guarantee because its short interest, as of this writing, is way above 100 percent, with $70 million shares shorted and $48 million public float. This means that every single share of GameStop has been shorted, plus numerous extra. Short sellers did this because they thought bankruptcy was inevitable, but that thesis has been debunked. GameStop has nearly a billion dollars in cash, the new consoles have disc drives, and the company’s S&P credit rating just improved. And, as mentioned, with Playstation 5 and the new XBOX consoles set to be released within weeks, GameStop will rake in tons of money.

    So, we know now that bankruptcy is completely off the table. All of the short sellers anticipated this bankruptcy thesis, but they were completely wrong. Thus, they will either have to cover soon or continue paying a borrowing fee. Once the stock rises as a result of all the optimism mentioned above, the margin calls for the short sellers will come. When the short sellers cover, the stock price will increase. A higher stock price means more shorts covering, which only further increases the price. Rinse, repeat.

    This, as you may know, is called a short squeeze. We recently saw Kodak (KODK) go from $2 to $60 on a short squeeze, and yet that was only 10-percent shorted at the time. Overstock (OSTK) went from $2 to $120 on a short squeeze. Even KBIO, a failing biotech company that is now defunct, went from 44 cents to $45. None of these companies were 100-percent shorted. GameStop is more than 100-percent shorted! This could be the mother of all short squeezes. My conservative price target for GameStop is $50, but it could easily approach $120 like Overstock if the short squeeze is as nuts as I think it will be.

    If you’re looking at the chart, you may have seen that GameStop recently dropped from $15.60 last Friday to $10.49 heading into Halloween weekend. This was the byproduct of election week (most stocks plummeted) and short selling on low volume. Once the volume picks up, presumably after the election and when the consoles are released, GameStop will be back at $15 and will continue to climb.

    Nov. 10 update:

    GameStop is up about 10 percent since I recommended it here last Monday. There’s exciting news coming beyond the console releases this week:

    That’s right – GameStop is now offering free shipping on same-day delivery above orders of $35. That’s awesome because it will allow GameStop to compete with Amazon in their particular sector.

    Also, GameStop just filed an 8-K this afternoon. They announced that they are paying off $125 million in debt early. This will crush any sort of bankruptcy thesis the short sellers still may have foolishly believed. GameStop will skyrocket soon, and once it does, it’ll go up even more because of the massive short squeeze.

    Dec. 8 update:

    GameStop, as of this posting, is in the mid-$16 range. So far, so good.

    I wanted to provide an update for Q3 earnings, which will be released after Tuesday’s trading hours are complete. Many traders dump a stock when earnings are announced, even without reading the earnings report. I don’t understand this strategy, but that’s what happens. Check out what happened for $HPE’s Q3 earnings. Hewlett Packard had an amazing Q3 earnings report, but the stock price dropped five percent regardless. It has since risen 20 percent, so those who dumped it can’t feel too smart.

    I believe there’s a chance GameStop will immediately drop 5-10 percent, as the Q3 earnings aren’t supposed to be very good. The Q4 earnings will be amazing, but there wasn’t much happening in Q3. However, there’s still a chance GameStop will be higher a week after earnings because we could see great guidance and news during the conference call. GameStop has been getting record sales during the Black Friday/new console release period, so some mention of that would be great.

    If you haven’t gotten into $GME yet, I would wait until the earnings dip. I’ll be looking to pick up more shares then.

    Dec. 22 update:

    As expected, Q3 earnings tanked GME’s stock price. I thought it would go to the mid-12s and early-13s, and that’s exactly where it went. The price has recently rallied to the mid-15s, as there was a ton of insider buying last week. By whom, you ask? None other than our great friend, Ryan Cohen:

    Cohen now owns nearly 13 percent of GameStop. He bought half a million shares at $16.02! He knows where the price of this stock is going, unlike the dumb short sellers who continue to short. Many of them will lose everything in the coming months.

    Jan. 19 update:

    Congrats to those who have invested into GameStop! I have not sold a single share because the short squeeze hasn’t happened yet. Also, Cohen has seized control of the company. You may have seen that some insiders have sold their shares of GameStop. Those were people on the board of directors whom Cohen has ousted and replaced with his supporters.

    Cohen has big-time visions for GameStop. He could take the company to an $8-10 billion market cap, which would make the stock worth well into triple digits. I wouldn’t expect an offering anytime soon either because Cohen specifically discussed crushing the short sellers in his 13D letter to the board.

    I’d write more, but there’s a post on Reddit that describes my bull thesis on this company perfectly. The language is vulgar, as a warning, but it’s amazing DD. Here’s the post on why GameStop could approach $300.

    Jan. 25 update:

    Well, that was something! GameStop hit $73 on Friday before a halt prevented what seemed like a march straight to $100. It closed at $65, but was still up 51 percent on the day.

    I was asked by multiple people if the short squeeze is over. I shocked them by telling them it hadn’t even begun! Short interest is still at 140 percent, as Friday’s action was the result of a gamma squeeze. This was the market makers buying shares to hedge against $60 calls that expired on Friday. With the close being $65, all the calls were in the money, meaning all of those shares will have to be bought over the next couple of days. It’s unclear what the exact number of shares is, but it’s estimated between 15 and 20 million. Keep in mind that GameStop’s float is less than 50 million shares!

    Here’s a nice write-up on Friday’s GameStop Gamma Squeeze.

    I’m still holding full. I’ve set a sell limit at $260, which was just me multiplying Friday’s close by four. I have no idea how high this is going, but once we get into triple digits, I’d suggest setting a very comfortable stop loss in case something crazy happens.

    Other Positions:

    I’m currently in several other positions. I don’t have time to post all of the due diligence on them now because I’m busy with the NFL season, but I will provide more analysis come January.

    Here are the other positions. I’m not as high on them as GameStop, but I’m heavily invested in each:

  • AMC Entertainment (AMC) & AMC Preferred Equity (APE)
    I’ve been eying this one for a while because this is the sister stock of GameStop. It’s missing GameStop’s Ryan Cohen-related upside, but it’s a beaten-down stock that is heavily shorted. It’s actually the third-most-shorted stock on the market behind only GameStop and Virgin Galactic. It’s easy to see why; the pandemic decimated this industry, which was already hurting as a result of streaming.

    However, AMC has announced that it won’t be closing theaters, unlike Regal. With the vaccine being distributed, people will begin to go out, and one thing they’ll want to do is go to the movies. After all, almost everyone in the United States hasn’t been to the movies in about a year. This will be a novelty, at least for a little while. As this happens, we can enjoy growth in this stock as the scumbag short sellers cover. (New 1/25/2021)

    Update (1/31/21): AMC is the next company to be short squeezed. As with GameStop on Friday, Jan. 22, there will be a gamma squeeze. This is when tons of options finish in the money, forcing huge buys on Monday and Tuesday.

    Update (2/7/21): The shorts continued their dirty tricks with AMC, while Robinhood prevented people from buying the stock. It seems as though restrictions were lifted, but it might be a while until AMC squeezes. The volume needs to be there. That said, I saw a Reddit post where WallStreetBets was calling for all of its eight million members to buy 30 shares of AMC to squeeze out the shorts. I may just buy 30 shares every hour for the hell of it.

    Update (2/15/21): As with their assault on GameStop, the short sellers seem to have lost control of AMC. They drove the price down from $19 to $5.50, but the price has remained stagnant in recent days. Meanwhile, there’s been some heavy institutional buying, including Blackrock, which purchased about three million shares to increase their stake of the company to 6.2 million shares.

    Update (2/21/21): It seems as though we’ve reached support in the mid-$5 range. It doesn’t appear as though the stock is going down any further, especially with so many institutions like Blackrock buying into this company.

    Also, take a look at this video. According to Trey’s Trade’s documented research, 99.2 percent of AMC shares are currently being held, and some people’s orders aren’t being filled. This is exactly what happened before GameStop’s first mother of all short squeezes:

    Update (2/28/21): What a finish to the week! Being above $8 was huge because there were 200,000 or so call options in the money, which means 20 million shares will be bought early next week. This is what happened to spark the GME surge in January. First, the gamma squeeze, and then the short squeeze. Remember, there are lots of institutions onboard like Blackrock. They know where this is headed. I think something in the $50-80 range is definitely possible if we get multiple squeezes, and that’s not even the bullish outlook.

    Update (3/5/21): Despite the market crash, AMC has held up well. It’s still above $8 as of this writing. I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a huge volume frenzy in the wake of all the call options finishing in the money. This stock is being held back by massive amounts of “fail to deliver” shares, which will have to be delivered at some point in the future.

    Update (3/11/21): AMC’s initial announced earnings figures were naturally poor, but this was already factored into the share price. The important part of earnings was guidance on the earnings call. I wasn’t able to listen because I had my wisdom teeth removed (they grew in very late for me), but my friend and fellow investor Tom took down some great, detailed notes of the AMC earnings call, and he gave me permission to share them with you:

    This is all positive. Life is already returning to normal in some states, and the laggard states will be pressured to follow suit in the near future. People will want to go out, and they’ll want to make trips to the movie theater. There will be huge demand for this, so things will return to normal for AMC. Remember, AMC traded in the high teens a couple of years ago, so it would make sense for it to return to that price without any other factors.

    There are, of course, other factors, namely the impending gamma and short squeezes. There’s something called the DTCC Rule arriving on March 19, and it’ll put way more pressure on the shorts to cover their positions. You can look it up or watch this video where this Galactic Finance guy did a good job of describing it:

    So, with a natural price of $15-20, we could definitely see AMC eclipse $50 and perhaps approach triple figures during the squeezes. It won’t soar like GameStop because the float is seven times larger, but there’s so much upside with this stock right now.

    Update (3/21/21): Friday was a good day in the market, but not so much for AMC. We needed to finish above $14 for a bulk of the options to be in the money. If you weren’t paying attention late in the day, there was a huge war for $14. The short sellers put up enormous walls at every cent at $14 and above. It seemed as though we had a chance to be above $14, but there was a ridiculously large short order that sent AMC downward 40 cents in seconds. AMC then rebounded and nearly hit $14, but finished just shy.

    This was clear market manipulation, and the people behind this should be in prison. Nothing will happen legally to them, but they will lose out in the long run. Think about what happened: Some huge hedge fund put out all the stops and took out a short position on AMC to plummet the stock, and yet it rebounded and nearly rose to where it was in a matter of minutes. These hedge funds won the battle, but they are screwed long term because of their disgusting avarice.

    If you missed the Friday action, check out this replay video. It was absolutely wild:

    At any rate, we had some very good news earlier in the week when Fidelty purchased 514,000 shares. There’s no way Fidelity is investing $7 million on a dud.

    Update (3/28/21): AMC dropped this week because it was heavily shorted. The short sellers are running out of ammunition, so I expect AMC to spike hard at any time.

    Update (4/4/21): Short sellers continued to attack AMC, spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, despair) in the process. The shorts were spreading rumors about AMC issuing 500 million shares, but this is not true. This is up for vote on May 4. If you’ve received a shareholders’ voting ballot through your brokerage, make sure you vote NO on Item 1.

    By the way, I mentioned that there were many GameStop shares that failed to deliver. According to the SEC, 11 million shares of AMC failed to deliver, so $100 million in shares will need to be bought on the market in the next 21 days! Can you say reversal?

    Update (4/11/21): AMC fell to the mid-9s after a nice opening to the week. As a reminder, 11 million shares will need to be purchased in the next 14 days. There’s not much else to say, but this was a beautiful sight to see:

    Update (4/18/21): A couple of exciting things to discuss. First, Trey’s Trades did a fantastic interview with AMC CEO Adam Aron. I encourage all of you to watch this if you’re the slightest bit bearish on AMC:

    For the tl;dw crowd, Aron promised not to dilute any shares this year, so even if the 500 million share surplus is passed, he cannot issue any shares until Jan. 2, 2022.

    Meanwhile, the borrowing fee for shorting this stock was 1.8 percent on Monday. It’s now 17.4 percent!

    The scum trying to bankrupt this company now have to pay 17.4 percent interest every day to hold their short positions. Have fun doing that!

    Update (4/25/21): Friday’s close felt different, didn’t it? I imagine the new short-selling rule had a big part in that. Historically, there would be crazy ladder attacks to push AMC down past a key number like $10. There were 26,088 call options at $10, so the shorts would’ve fought like hell to drive the price down. This Friday, however, they had no juice. I hope this is a sign that the endgame is near.

    Update (5/8/21): We had a nice close on Friday, with $9.50 being a key number for options. This came days after a very positive earnings call. My friend and fellow investor Tom took some great notes on the call, so here they are in case you missed it:

    Things are moving in a positive direction. The AMC CEO pulled the 500 million dilution proposal, while the borrowing fee has risen to 26 percent. This will put even more pressure on the short sellers, who would cover ASAP if they had any sort of intelligence.

    Update (5/16/21): It seems as though we have begun the squeeze. Thursday was terrific, and while Friday appeared to have a sell-off, that was just more illegal ladder attacks by the short-selling scum. This is a losing battle for the shorts, who are now paying anywhere between 70 and 90 percent on their short sales. These people are complete morons. They had to be bailed out after what happened with GameStop, and the same thing will occur with AMC. If they had any brains, they would cover now, but what we’re seeing instead is a veritable maelstrom of avarice. I promise you, the pigs will get slaughtered.

    Now, I’ve been asked what a good price target is for the AMC short squeeze. I believe that because AMC has 7.7x the free float of GameStop, and GameStop reached $440, AMC will reach $57 at the very least. However, a congressional testimonial revealed that GameStop would have reached the thousands had Robinhood not committed blatant market manipulation (why is Vlad not in prison yet?) If GameStop could get to $1,000, then AMC can reach $129. However, thousands is plural, so if GameStop could reach $2,000, then AMC would be $259.

    This is all just guesswork, and I’m sure some would say I’m being pessimistic because #AMC100KSqueeze was trending on Twitter. I suppose $100,000 per share is possible, but that would require every single retail trader to coordinate and collude to never sell until that price is reached, and it would also require AMC to never dilute at insane prices (AMC would make $5 trillion if they diluted 500 million shares at $10,000 per share!) It’s possible $100,000 is reached, but it’s also possible that I could win the lottery and then get struck by lightning on the same day.

    Update (5/23/21): More massive market manipulation. The inflow was greater than the outflow, yet the stock price dropped at the end of the week. The shorts continued to short shares that shouldn’t be available. This happened with GameStop before its squeeze, so it’s just a matter of time.

    Update (5/30/21): Wow, what a week! We reached $36.72 early on Friday before the price came crashing down to $26. This was not a retail sell-off, however. This was all shorting. Take a look:

    There were SEVEN times the number of shares borrowed versus returned. That’s insane! The hedge funds shorted AMC like hell to prevent an insane gamma squeeze, but they dug their graves deeper instead.

    I have not sold a single share of AMC. This is only the beginning. Remember, when GameStop went from $20 to $42 in mid-March, it dropped to $31 on the very same day. These wild swings are to be expected in these short squeezes, as the scumbag hedge funds are fighting for their financial lives.

    Update (6/2/21): This is not the squeeze. Despite AMC rising as high as $61, short interest actually increased by 1.03 percent! That’s right – the dumb short sellers are still attacking this stock. Despite their efforts, AMC is surging because of FOMO buying and gamma hedging. The shorts haven’t bought back the stock.

    I haven’t sold a single share of AMC yet. I will not sell until all of the short sellers cover. I’ll provide updates about this and let you know about my status, but we’re heading into triple digits.

    One last thing: Don’t be afraid of halts. We had two already today, and I’m sure there are more to come. Volatility halts are normal, and the same exact thing happened with GameStop when it ran to $100 for the first time.

    Update (6/3/21): AMC plummeted Thursday to as low as $37.66 for two reasons, one of which is illegitimate. That reason would be the 11.5 million shares AMC sold today. It’s obviously not the best news that they sold those shares, but that’s such a small percentage of the float that it really doesn’t matter when factoring in that AMC made nearly $600 million on the transaction. That will just strengthen their company in the long run, which is a good thing for us shareholders.

    Also, the filing contained some language that people translated into FUD. This language said: “Under the circumstances, we caution you against investing in our Class A common stock, unless you are prepared to incur the risk of losing all or a substantial portion of your investment.” This is just legal jargon the lawyers included to prevent any potential lawsuits. We’ve seen lawsuits tank other companies unfairly, so AMC is just preventing that from happening. I don’t consider this to be significant whatsoever. I don’t think Adam Aron would’ve said that by choice.

    So, the real reason for the drop? Blatant market manipulation. I have some graphics for you. First, look at AMC and GameStop today:

    It’s the exact same chart. This is the short sellers’ attempt to seize control after things got out of hand for them Wednesday.

    Take a look at this as well:

    Those 2.8 million shares, which were returned on the run from $43 to $56 early on Thursday, were quickly shorted. Fortunately, the borrowing fee has risen to 19 percent, which will only pressure the scumbag short sellers even more.

    This price action is common in these sorts of moves. Look at GameStop from January:

    On Jan. 25, GME fell from $159 to $61!

    The short sellers still have to cover. Per the Ortex data, AMC is more shorted now than it was prior to Wednesday. These parasites will have to buy back the shares at some point, so we will make lots of money if we just hold. I haven’t sold a single share yet. Don’t be scared by the short sellers’ tactics of spreading fear, uncertainty and despair!

    Update (6/6/21): Trey’s Trades had a great interview with AMC CEO Adam Aron once again Thursday. Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it yet:

    The biggest takeaway from the video is that Aron explained the 8.5 and 11.5 million share sales were part of the 20 million shares given to AMC from a previous shareholder meeting. Aron and the rest of the board could have taken the money for themselves, but decided to sell the shares in order to raise nearly a billion dollars to strengthen the company. AMC now has $2 billion in cash, so bankruptcy is completely off the table. This was the short sellers’ thesis, so they’ll have to cover soon.

    Furthermore, you may have noticed that #nakedshorts was trending on Twitter on Saturday. This is because a host from MSNBC, a news channel which is basically Citadel’s mouthpiece, let that term slip:

    This could be a huge spark. We know what the “real” short interest is, but the short sellers have been aggressively naked shorting, which means they’ve been short selling shares that don’t exist. It’s bad enough to short a stock, but shorting synthetic shares is illegal. Yet, hedge funds like Citadel don’t care. That’s how desperate they are to send this company into bankruptcy. Except, with the $2 billion in cash, AMC is not going bankrupt. There could be at least a billion synthetic shares that must be covered. I’ve written that $140ish is a price target that makes sense to me, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we wake up one day, and AMC is sitting at $500 per share.

    Regardless, I still haven’t sold a single share, and I will not sell my entire position until Ken Griffin, Gabe Plotkin and the other hedge fund short sellers are living in cardboard boxes. This is Occupy Wall Street 2.0 – the real Occupy Wall Street – and the public will win this time.

    Update (6/13/21): I still have not sold a single share of AMC. In fact, I’ve added to my position. Wednesday and especially Thursday weren’t pretty as far as price action was concerned, but I thought it was great because the hedge funds continued to short the stock heavily. They continued to dig their grave even deeper because nothing they did worked. They tried to have AMC finish below $45 because there were lots of call options at that price. Not only did AMC exceed $45; it nearly reached $50 on Friday afternoon. Closing at $50.01 may have been the final nail in the coffin for the hedge funds because there were an insane number of call options. We didn’t quite get there, but we still had a terrific close to a roller coaster week.

    Moving forward, there are a ridiculous number of call options in the money that expire on June 18. This week could be insane as a result. I’ll let Trey’s Trades explain it in this fantastic video:

    Update (6/20/21): The AMC short sellers dug their own grave much deeper this week. They did everything in their power to make sure AMC would close out the week below $60 because there were an insane number of call options at that price. The apes fought hard, but ultimately lost. Had the good guys won, there would’ve been an enormous gamma squeeze.

    However, it’s important to zoom out and remember that a week ago, we were fighting for $50. The week before, we were fighting for $48. And the week before that, we were fighting for $26. We may have lost the battle this week, but we’re winning the war.

    Update (6/27/21): This past week wasn’t great overall, with AMC falling from $59 to $54. However, there were some positives:

    First, the SEC passed the NSCC-2021-002 rule. It automates margin calls, which can be devastating for short sellers. It’s had no apparent impact yet, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t in the coming weeks.

    Second, shares on loan increased from 90 million to 97 million, and the free float percentage on loan is 19 percent. That may sound small compared to the 140 percent GameStop once had, but think about it this way: GameStop’s float is 65 million, so 140-percent short interest on that is 91 million short shares. That’s fewer than the number of AMC shares that are currently short because AMC’s float is much larger!

    Third, we were able to close above $54, saving those options. The hedge funds really wanted for AMC to finish below $54. Want proof? Look at this:

    There were so many sell orders guarding $54.01, and yet the apes broke through to finish above that price! This is a nice win for the cause.

    AMC is still going to go to the moon. I have not sold any shares. In fact, I bought more on Friday!

    Update (7/4/21): AMC had a rough Friday. Some scam company called Iceberg Research announced they were short on AMC, prompting me to post this:

    Other short sellers used this to spread FUD, which is why AMC dropped to $49. However, there was a huge rally late in the day, and then again in after-hours trading, when someone bought more than 500,000 shares at $52! This should set up for a fantastic Tuesday.

    Update (7/11/21): What a crazy week! AMC dropped to $38 on Thursday morning. I took the opportunity to buy more shares, and I was thrilled to see the price rebound to $49 later the same day. We closed at $46 in what was a positive week overall. Sure, the price dropped a bit this week, but short interest increased.

    There are about 100 million shares on loan. When GameStop was 140-percent shorted prior to their major spike from $10ish to $480, there were 70 million shorted shares. Thus, AMC is about 40 percent more shorted than GameStop was at $10, which is nuts. Going 48x on AMC from $46 would give us a stock price of $2,208, and that’s not even counting the unknown number of synthetic shares.

    Update (7/18/21): I received plenty of e-mails and Facebook messages from people panicking about AMC’s drop this week. If Thursday weren’t positive, I would have posted an emergency update.

    I’m not concerned about AMC at all. In fact, I bought more shares this week. The hedge funds have done everything in their power to make sure AMC wouldn’t finish above $40 this week because there are a high number of $40 call options expiring on the 16th. Had we finished at $40.01 this week, the hedge funds would’ve been absolutely f**ked.

    And yet, they’re still f**ked. Look at this:

    Shares available to borrow are vanishing quickly. The hedge funds did all they could to scare retail investors. Some sold, but those shares went to stubborn people like myself who won’t be selling no matter what. If this falls to $10 like some dumb bears say – there’s no chance it will – I’ll buy 10,000 more shares. This is a battle we will win, but it won’t happen overnight. Stay patient and don’t panic, and we will profit greatly.

    Update (8/1/21): It was a typical week for AMC. It started hot, then faded as hedge funds and market makers made sure the popular call strikes didn’t finish in the money. People, please stop buying calls! Buy shares instead. The options market is completely rigged, as I’ve shown you many times on this page. Buying shares is the way, and I’ve once again done so this past week.

    Update (8/8/21): Swiss National Bank bought 637,000 shares of AMC at an average price of $33.66. Meanwhile, utilization and shares on loan are now the highest they’ve been since the first squeeze in early June:

    I bought about 75 shares of AMC this past week. Let’s go!

    Update (8/15/21): I bought 20 or so more shares of AMC this week, which had an unusually positive Friday. Also, the Treasurer of the State of North Carolina bought 145,000 shares of AMC, which was cool to see.

    Update (8/22/21): AMC was looking good this past week when it hit $37, but heavy shorting brought it down to $32 on Friday morning before it finished in the green. There is better news, however:

    Get ready for blastoff soon!

    Update (8/29/21): AMC had a great Monday, rising as high as $48. The price dropped, however, because the market makers didn’t want lots of the options to finish in the money. Just take a look at the options chain:

    There’s no way in hell the market makers and hedge funds were going to allow AMC to finish above $43, and especially $45. Had AMC closed above $45 on Friday, there would have been a huge gamma squeeze. This is yet another example of the market being rigged. Fortunately, this just means that more shorting happened, so we will go higher eventually. Just be patient, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

    Update (9/5/21): It was in the hedge funds’ best interest that AMC close below $44 this week. Why? Take a look:

    Surprise, surprise, AMC was below $44 for most of the day. Fortunately, the ape army came through and the price finished above $44! It was a great victory, one that should mean posiitve things for the future, much like $8.01 did at the beginning of March. AMC is still insanely shorted, and some speculation has arisen with Jeff Bezos paying Citadel to short AMC so Amazon could conduct a buyout. I don’t know how legitimate this is, but if you search “Jeff Bezos AMC” on Google or YouTube, you’ll find some information about that.

    Update (9/12/21): AMC closed above $50, which meant many call options were in the money. This is huge, as is the announcement that all Disney movies will exclusively be in AMC theaters moving forward. If I were short AMC, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

    Update (9/19/21): I bought more shares of AMC this week when the price hit $44. The stock price dropped this week because of blatant short ladder attacks. Remember, the hedges are in a huge hole. They can’t keep doing this forever.

    Update (9/26/21): What I wrote about GameStop applies to AMC as well if the CEO goes that route. Meanwhile, AMC had a huge win for $40 this week. We finished at $40.01 to claim lots of $40 call options. It felt a lot like the battle for $8.01 back in the winter. Four months after that, AMC hit $72. Could we 9x again in four months?

    Update (10/3/21): What happened on Thursday? AMC was $34, and within an hour, it shot up to $41. Ortex said that a million shares were covered, so that means we still have 107 million real shares to go (plus all the synthetics). If a million covered shares translates to a $7 gain, that means a $749 gain for all the real shares. I can’t even venture a guess as to how high this could go once the synthetic shares are covered.

    Update (10/10/21): Short interest is about as high as it was right before the first huge squeeze we had back in late May/early June:

    This is a powder keg that’s ready to blow again. Last time, we went from $9 to $72. If we 8x again, we’ll hit about $300 on the second squeeze, but I’m just guessing that we’ll have the same multiplier.

    Update (10/17/21): We had a nice end of the week. AMC was in the $41 range for most of Friday, but the hedge funds and market makers wanted to make sure it closed below $41 because of the following:

    The good news is that all those $40 call options finished in the money, so I’d consider that a win! This was a nice step on our path to the second squeeze.

    Update (10/24/21): AMC fell at the end of the week because of the DWAC mayhem. It’s not great that we have to wait longer for this, but there’s some good news, which is that the borrowing fee rose from 0.7 to 1.3 percent. Also, people who made money on DWAC could buy back into AMC at this lower price. I bought more shares on Friday.

    Update (10/31/21): AMC dropped into the mid $30s this week, but the lower we drop, the greater the squeeze will be. This is yet another sign that it’s still going to happen:

    This is a bit misleading because Citadel didn’t join the apes. They’re still short AMC, but they realized that they had to hedge their dumb short position.

    At any rate, here’s more proof the market is rigged:

    AMC popped above $36 Friday, but quickly dropped because the market makers didn’t want these call options to be in the money. Thankfully, the $35 calls finished in the money.

    Update (11/7/21): Here’s some bullish news: Alicia Reese has a $7.50 price target for AMC.

    Why is this bullish? Take a look at Reese’s track record:

    Almost everything this brain-dead fool says is wrong, so that means there’s a good chance Reese is incorrect about AMC. Perhaps Reese should adjust her price target from $7.50 to $750.00, or even $7,500.

    At any rate, we had a nice close to the week, with plenty of $40 and $41 call options finishing in the money. I’ve heard people say that if we eclipse either $45 or $48.50, we will rocket. That’ll happen eventually; it’s a matter of when, and not if.

    Update (11/14/21): Much was made about Adam Aron selling 625,000 shares of AMC, but he announced he would do this much earlier in the year on one of they Trey Trades videos for tax purposes. He takes most of his income in AMC shares, so he’ll be getting more AMC stock in the future. This is not a big deal at all.

    Here’s something significant: Blackrock bought 10 million shares of AMC at an average price of $47.37, increasing their position from 30 to 40 million! If Blackrock is a buyer at $47, I’m certainly going to be a buyer at $39. I purchased more shares of AMC this week upon the sub-$40 drop.

    Update (11/21/21): We had another big buyer this week, with Bank of New York buying 550,000 shares, increasing their average price from $14.53 to $20.57. Despite this, we were stuck below $41 because, you guessed it, options:

    This is your weekly reminder not to buy weekly options because the market makers will steal your money.

    Update (11/28/21): I bought more shares in the $36 range on Friday. There’s a chance this is the last time we’ll see that sort of number.

    Update (12/5/21): I bought a crap ton more shares at $27 and then more at $26 and then more at $25. AMC just had record sales for the new Spiderman movie because of its NFT announcement. I shouldn’t have to tell you how insane this is. If AMC is attaching NFTs to ticket sales, they can do the same for shares as dividends, which means short sellers will be paying for your expensive NFT dividends! Overstock did this, and the stock went from $2 to $120 as a result. Imagine where AMC will go from $29.

    By the way, take a look at these AMC and Bitcoin charts:

    AMC has spiked whenever Bitcoin has plummeted. This is because those dumb enough to short AMC are heavy in Bitcoin, and they’re forced to sell when margin called. This likely happened during the Friday night Bitcoin dump after all of their other positions plummeted. Let’s hope this continues to be the case because AMC could skyrocket in the wake of this latest Bitcoin crash.

    Update (12/12/21): AMC plummeted Friday because Adam Aron and the CFO sold shares. We knew this would happen weeks ago, and yet shares tanked in price. Insiders aren’t allowed to sell during a squeeze without incurring potential litigation, so if anything, this might represent a bullish indicator for a potential squeeze because it may arrive soon. Remember, the shorts haven’t covered. Many of them are trapped well below this current share price. If large caps tank, they’ll be margin called, which will force them into covering.

    Update (12/19/21): AMC ran Friday because A) its negative beta with the market, and B) record ticket sales for the new Spiderman movie. If my wife weren’t set to go into labor any day now, we would have gone to see it as well.

    Also, it’s come to my attention that some of the YouTubers who have gotten famous from AMC refuse to disclose their positions. I would never trust anyone like that. I don’t want to be grouped in this pantheon, so I’m going to disclose my AMC position every week to show you that I’m hodling:

    I have yet to sell a single share. I intend to sell some of my shares when we hit the mid $200s, which could be the range in the next ladder up.

    Update (12/26/21): The new Spiderman movie became the No. 2 movie of all time in terms of opening-night revenue. This is a great sign that people want to get bac to the movies. Idiots like Charlie Gasparino on FOX Business opine that AMC is dead because people want to stream, but that’s the most asinine opinion ever because people have been stuck at home for a year-plus. They’ve already done enough streaming for a lifetime. They want to get out and do stuff, and that includes going to the movies.

    Meanwhile, Adam Aron discussed NFTs, which are a great way for AMC to get out of debt without diluting. This is all bullish. I bought more shares, and here’s proof:

    Update (1/9/22): AMC rose along with GameStop in after-hours trading Thursday. This was after it hit the double bottom at $20.80, where I bought more shares. Here’s proof:

    The real short interest in AMC remains insanely high, so I’m not selling until we get a major squeeze.

    Update (1/16/22): AMC dipped under $20 on Friday. This is a huge war, as hedge funds are trying to nullify as many call options as possible that expire on the 21st. The problem is that if they push the stock price down too far, it’ll create massive FOMO buying that will create another major short squeeze. So, it’s either a short squeeze or a gamma squeeze in the near future. Either way, the hedge funds are f**ked.

    By the way, I laugh at idiots who say stuff like “AMC back down to $5!” Uhh, their revenue in Q4 of 2021 was more than a billion dollars, and yet these morons think AMC’s market cap is going to be $2.5 billion? How dumb are these idiots? As promised, here are my AMC shares:

    Update (1/23/22): If you didn’t see it, there was huge manipulation at the end of the week. Despite massive buying, the stock price dropped below $18, which made lots of puts in the money. AMC really needed to finish above $21 for a gamma squeeze, but there was no way the hedge funds and market makers were going to allow that to happen. This is yet another reminder that options are a scam.

    Here’s my AMC position, which increased from last week. I bought at $19 and then again at $17:

    Update (1/30/22): AMC had a great Friday. Sure, the stock price is just $15.07 now, but there was a huge rally at the close to finish above $15, which was very important because…

    This almost felt like $8.01 from back in early March. I could be wrong, but this feels like the beginning of a reversal.

    At any rate, here’s my current position, as promised. As you can see, I purchased more shares, mostly in the $14s:

    Update (2/6/22): Adam Aron leaked the earnings numbers, and they look great! Despite this, AMC fell at the end of the week due to massive shorting. Like GameStop, AMC has seen its cost to borrow rise a bit, though not too much.

    Here’s my current position. I bought more shares in the $14s. This may look a bit different because I just bought a new laptop:

    Update (2/13/22): This should surprise none of you, but the stock market f**ked over people with options. They did everything in their power to make sure AMC would finish below $19 and $20 because…

    It’s truly remarkable how much money market makers have stolen from options traders. And I truly believe that the nonsense with the fed was a ploy to tank AMC’s price because had AMC kept on going, some hedge funds would have gone bankrupt this very week. This is all delaying the inevitable, however.

    As always, here’s my position:

    I had a buy order for $13.50 at the beginning of the week, as you may have seen above, but the stock price rose so much that it’s no longer realistic.

    Update (2/20/22): As mentioned in the GameStop section, Citadel is under DOJ investigation for illegal short selling. There were tons of $19 and $20 calls this week, so the market makers and hedge funds made sure to short this stock down. This just created another buying opportunity, so I increased my share count:

    It’s only a matter of time, and based on the DOJ investigation, that time could be soon.

    Update (2/27/22): AMC rebounded well on Thursday to close out the week on a high note. Max pain was $17.50, so it was nice to see the $17 and $17.50 calls finish in the money. I believe we’ll see a squeeze in the coming months.

    As promised, my position:

    Update (3/6/22): What a great earnings report! AMC beat revenue and EPS, and was profitable for the first time in ages. Additionally, Adam Aron gave some positive guidance for 2022 (except Q1, which is traditionally bad for movies). He also announced some ventures into crypto, NFTs, credit cards and merchandise to make money in other ways. Finally, he said that retail owns at least 90 percent of the float. If you do the math, this means the float is greater than what it should be. This can’t be a surprise to anyone. The hedge funds dropped the price in desperation to close the week, but they’re running out of time. Retail is not selling. They are f**ked.

    As always, here’s my position. I added some shares:

    Why 26 new shares? The math says that if every ape buys 13 shares, they will own the entire float. I bought 13 for myself and 13 for my dad.

    Update (3/13/22): It’s ridiculous that AMC’s share price has fallen after all the good news last week. In the end, none of this matters. The shorts continue to dig their grave deeper because their thesis, that AMC will go bankrupt, has been proven false already.

    As promised, here’s my position because it’s impossible to trust the shills on YouTube:

    Update (3/20/22): AMC had a nice Friday with plenty of $15 and $15.50 calls finishing in the money. I bought more shares of AMC at $13.50:

    Update (3/27/22): As mentioned earlier, the $20 AMC calls finished in the money, which was nice. Still, the hedge funds robbed all those with $21 calls, which was a gargantuan number. If GameStop runs next week, AMC will as well.

    Oh, and by the way, AMC had some good news this past week, with Adam Aron announcing that the company raised about $130,000 through their mining investment.

    As always, here’s my position:

    I’ve been asked when I would sell. I would consider selling some of my position around $150. I think it’ll go higher, but I want to buy a new house for my family. I wouldn’t sell my entire position – maybe half of it – but that’s what I think I would do.

    Update (4/3/22): AMC was having a great week before some major corruption happened. Two things occurred to drop the price from $34 to $23, besides the usual illegal shorting. First, there was a halt at $34. Both GameStop and AMC halted at the same time, which is ridiculous. Second, the market makers created more call strikes, which diluted the options chain. What happened this week was criminal behavior, and people need to be put in prison. The good news is that this shows how desperate these scumbags are. They know they’re in trouble, so they’re resorting to illegal activities. Also, AMC ended up +15% for the week, which is a positive.

    As always, here’s my position, which I’m posting because I don’t trust AMC YouTube people who won’t reveal theirs:

    Update (4/10/22): It’s hard to believe that nearly two weeks ago, we were celebrating AMC hitting $34 before the ridiculous halt. Market makers have been shorting AMC ever since to make sure calls wouldn’t finish in the money. This is criminal market manipulation, yet the SEC won’t do anything beyond hand out small fines because they don’t care about retail investors. It’s easy to feel disgruntled because we’re right back to where we started a couple of weeks ago, but that’s not technically the case because there are more shorts now, so this can only squeeze even higher. When that happens is anyone’s guess.

    For now, here’s my position, as always:

    Update (4/17/22): More corruption, as always. There is good news, and that would be that AMC finished above $18. The market makers tried to push the price down below $18 to close the week, but they failed. As a result, nearly 15,000 contracts finished in the money.

    Here’s my position, as promised:

    Update (5/8/22): As with GameStop, this is a nice time to buy AMC. I picked up a few more shares, as you can see:

    Earnings are on Monday. Adam Aron said Q1 earnings are the worst because there aren’t usually that many new movies in January, February and March. Still, I’m hoping for any revenue/EPS beat or positive guidance.

    Update (5/15/22): I can’t believe AMC hit high $9s for a brief time on Thursday. I picked up more shares, as you can see here:

    Update (5/22/22): I plan on buying many more AMC shares in the next two weeks ahead of GameStop’s dividend stock split. As you know by now, if GameStop moves, so does AMC, and vice versa. It seems like a huge spike in price is coming soon, as some heavy hitters have been buying AMC, including Ray Dalio and Nancy Pelosi’s husband (a.k.a. Nancy Pelosi). At any rate, here’s my current position:

    Update (5/29/22): I’m so frustrated right now. I wanted to buy a crap ton more of AMC this week, but there’s been a delay in getting my funds transferred from LPL. I bought more AMC, but I planned to buy at least 5,000 more shares. I purchased more shares, as you can see here, and I added more into my IRA and Roth, but it’s not the purchase I wanted to make:

    As with GameStop, AMC’s cost-to-borrow rate has risen. There will plenty of pressure on the shorts, who will be squeezed when GameStop does its stock split dividend because they’re shorting both companies (as well as BBBY, KOSS, BB, EXPR and others). As mentioned in the GameStop section, there will be less liquidity for shorts because of new Chinese regulations that will begin on June 3. With billionaires loading shares, it’s a great time to buy. I just wish I could’ve added way more.

    Update (6/5/22): My money still hasn’t been cleared, which is very frustrating. On the bright side, AMC’s borrowing fee is high (10%) when considering how large the float is. I thought AMC would rise on June 2 because of GameStop’s stock split dividend, but we’ll have to wait on that.

    As always, my position:

    Update (6/12/22): We’re experiencing higher lows for AMC, which is a good thing:

    Friday was a blood bath for the market, but AMC had a nice bounce off $12 to finish at $12.43. Anyway, here’s my position, as always:

    Update (6/19/22): July 5 is a key date here because of the number of fail-to-delivers due for GameStop on that date. If GameStop squeezes, AMC will as well. Furthermore, Adam Aron promised no dilution for the rest of this year. Aron will also be allocating $100 million to invest in other ventures. Maybe he’ll buy some GameStop shares!

    Here’s my position. As you can see, I did some shopping in the low $11s this week:

    Update (6/26/22): What happened at the end of Friday? AMC spiked with a huge buy order. Some are speculating that this was a Russell 1000-related event, but no one can confirm that for sure. As with GameStop, AMC is showing no shares available to borrow.

    Update (7/3/22): Fails to deliver are high here as well! There were 2.6 million fails to deliver, so AMC will skyrocket soon as well.

    Also, it occurred to me that I forgot to post my position last week. I apologize for that. Here it is:

    The new shares I added were from the prior week. I didn’t add any this week after the price shifted up on Monday.

    Update (7/10/22): If you’re wondering why AMC surged this week, it wasn’t just as a sympathy to GameStop’s stock split dividend. It was this tweet by Adam Aron:

    AMC’s Q2 earnings are going to be amazing, and I can’t wait until Adam Aron announces how he’s going to light up these scumbag shorts.

    No position change for me this week:

    Update (7/17/22): There were nearly 10 million fail-to-delivers on June 28! The due date for those is Aug. 2, which is two days prior to Q2 earnings, otherwise known as the event we’re waiting for to see Adam Aron “pounce” on short sellers. I imagine this FTD data will be part of that.

    I did not buy any shares this week. I’d like to show you a picture, but eTrade is not cooperating at the moment. I’ll post my position next week.

    Update (7/31/22): Earnings are on Aug. 4! Let’s rock and roll! I picked up a few shares under $14 this past week. Nothing substantial:

    Update (8/7/22): This is the perfect tweet that summed up what happened:

    Individual retail investors of GameStop have been DRSing (direct registation system) their shares in order to prove that there are tons of synthetic shares in existence. Aron just did it with every single share of AMC in one fell swoop.

    If you missed what happened, AMC’s Q2 earnings were on Thursday. The company reported positive EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes and amortization) for the first time since the pandemic began. This allowed Aron to issue a dividend, which apes have been calling for since the MOASS movement began.

    Rather than issuing a real dividend, however, Aron made it so that every single AMC shareholder would receive one share of a new ticker symbol, APE, for each share of AMC that they own. Some were confused, comparing this to what BBIG did with TYDE. However, that was a spin-off, whereas this is a special dividend that would require a share count. That’s right – the apes could finally prove that there are many fake shares in existence, thanks to the creation of APE.

    Any hedge fund naked shorting AMC is screwed right now, which would explain the price movement we saw on Friday. There’s a good chance many of these hedge funds don’t have the liquidity to cover all their short positions, which may have resulted in the market-wide early squeeze of highly shorted stocks. That’s the theory, anyway, and it makes a lot of sense to me.

    AMC shot up past all the key numbers for options, which presumably triggered a gamma squeeze. This reminded me of GameStop’s initial run from January 2021. Things could get crazy this upcoming week. Nothing’s a guarantee, but I think we’re in for a wild ride.

    Oh, and as usual, here’s my position. I didn’t sell at $34 in March or at $72 last June, so I haven’t sold anything at this level:

    Update (8/14/22): A disappointing end to the week, but only because the shorts continued to dig their grave deeper. Time is running out for them, as the Ape shares will be distributed soon.

    Here is my position. I bought five more shares:

    Update (8/21/22): AMC dropped on Thursday and Friday because of illegal shorting and FUD stemming from the Ryan Cohen BBBY sale. Despite the price movement, check out the buy-sell ratio on Friday:

    Ridiculous. I was happy to take advantage of this by picking up some more shares. This means I’ll get even more APE on Monday! Here’s my updated position:

    Update (8/28/22): I’ve seen some people suggest that you should sell your APE shares. I think this would be a huge mistake. APE is just as shorted as AMC, so it will squeeze. There won’t be a MOASS of APE because Adam Aron will dilute at some point, but I’d be shocked if he did that now. If APE hits $20, Aron could clear out all of AMC’s debt. If APE goes to $50, Aron will clear all the debt and have $15 billion left over! With brokers unable to locate APE shares for some of their customers, it seems as though APE is primed to squeeze at some point, though I think that may take a few months. Then, once APE squeezes, and AMC has no debt and tons of money, it’ll squeeze as well.

    At any rate, here’s my position. As you can see, I bought more AMC shares. I also bought APE shares!

    Update (9/11/22): AMC dropped because of heavy shorting, but finished this week on a strong note. It seems primed for a strong run. I added some shares. Nothing crazy, but I’m always happy to bolster my position:

    Update (9/18/22): AMC, like GameStop, had a fine week for the most part compared to the rest of the market. APE didn’t do as well, but if you haven’t seen the massive amounts of fail-to-delivers, you’re in for a treat:

    I love how they didn’t have enough APE shares to deliver to everyone, yet they had enough to short it from $10 to $4. Ridiculous. This all doesn’t matter though, as APE will explode soon, allowing AMC to clear all of its debt. And speaking of AMC, I picked up a few more shares:

    I also bought more APE shares. I have more APE than AMC right now, only because APE has been cheaper to buy, and I think it squeezes first.

    Update (9/25/22): It’s only a matter of time before all the fail-to-delivers on APE cause it to spike. I’ve been buying more, and I increased my AMC position by a few shares:

    Update (10/2/22): It’s a great time to buy AMC, whose RSI is at 35. With the market crashing, it’s only a matter of time before those shorting AMC get margin called.

    I picked up a handful of shares, but the average price adjusted because eTrade finally figured out the APE dividend:

    Update (10/16/22): There was good news this week, as AMC paid off $160 million of its debt. This actually caused the price to drop into the mid $5s because the algos thought the filing was for dilution. I did some day trading of AMC on that day.

    As usual, my position increased:

    Update (10/23/22): This is an APE update, as my AMC share count is unchanged. APE is experincing a melt up since the lows of $1.40. I’ve noticed that this sort of event precedes a squeeze, so I think APE could go wild soon. I have more APE shares than AMC, but I’m not going to hold them forever because APE will be diluted when it hits a certain price. What that price is, I have no idea, but I’d be disappointed with anything less than $20 per share.

    Update (11/6/22): So much for APE squeezing. I can’t believe AMC + APE is less than $8.01 right now. That’s insane to me. Earnings are coming up, at least.

    I picked up some shares:

    Update (11/20/22): AMC’s cost-to-borrow percentage has skyrocketed recently. This is the highest it’s been in a long time, which is what happened to GameStop before its major squeeze back in January 2021. Here’s my position, as always:

    Update (11/27/22): My position has remained the same. Here’s a video detailing AMC’s squeeze potential, as well as that of GME and BBIG:

    Update (2/2/23): I still have all my AMC and APE shares. I haven’t sold any outside of those I day-traded on occasion. As you can see, I have more APE than AMC:

    By the way, I realized I don’t need to show the date because you can just check the total % gain figure against the current price and see that these pictures were taken in real time. This is exciting because I can use smaller images!

    At any rate, the big news here is that there will be a vote to merge the AMC and APE shares into one again. Adam Aron was apparently frustrated that APE was so manipulated, and I have to echo that sentiment. There’s a chance this merger could expose the naked shorts, but at this point, I won’t be holding my breath. There have been far too many failed expectations. I don’t know why Aron doesn’t join Roger Hamilton in fighting the naked shorts. All it would take is a blockchain dividend for AMC and APE to go bananas. If Overstock could go from $2 to $120 with this strategy, I don’t see why AMC + APE couldn’t reach $500 or more.

    There is good news, however, and that would be that AMC’s borrowing fee is in the 300-500% range, depending on where you look. I realize this may not be a huge difference to those who don’t lend out their shares, but this is putting a huge stress on short sellers. If the price increases on AMC, short sellers will have to pay more and more each day, and eventually, it’ll become impossible for them to profit off their short.

  • BitNile Holdings (AULT), formerly NILE and DPW
    DPW Holdings is a company that has its hands in a lot of pots. They invest in medical companies, Bitcoin mining and many other realms. What stands out to me about this company, besides its 15-percent short interest, is the amount of shares the CEO has been buying on a daily basis. Milton Ault has been going nuts:

    Ault knows something is going to prompt a big squeeze, so I want to have some stake in this company. (New 8/8/2021)

    Update (8/15/21): More inside buying from Ault. Take a look:

    Earnings are this upcoming week. Hmm…

    Update (8/22/21): There were some big buys and sells reported this week. Ault bought 10,000 more shares on Monday, but stopped doing so the rest of the week. I wonder if he’ll continue to buy after DPW plummeted with the rest of the small- and mid-cap stocks on Thursday.

    Update (8/29/21): Ault isn’t the only one buying up shares. Morgan Stanley bought 22,000 shares of DPW. Speaking of Ault, he bought 15,000 more shares on Aug. 20. Since July 15, he has bought approximately 300,000 shares. He knows something big is coming.

    Update (9/5/21): Vanguard bought 68,000 shares of DPW. It’s nice to see these big buys coming in for this company.

    Update (9/12/21): Ault made some enormous buys this week:

    This is insane. Something huge is coming, and I’m along for the ride with more shares.

    Update (9/19/21): We got a big discount on DPW at the end of the week, considering that the chairman bought so many shares. I bought more shares at $2.41.

    Update (9/26/21): We’re still waiting on news here, given that the chairman picked up so many shares recently.

    Update (10/3/21): Something big is happening. After being idle for about three weeks, Ault picked up 1.5 million more shares:

    It’s great that Ault is so bullish about his own company. I can’t wait to see what’ll happen.

    Update (10/10/21): Surprise, surprise, Ault bought more shares!

    It’s rare to see a chairman show so much conviction in his own company. This reminds me of Dillard’s (DDS). Insiders bought tons of shares, and that company went from $30 to $210. If we 7x here, we’ll go to $16.

    Update (10/17/21): As if Ault didn’t do enough buying all the shares, Ault filed a 13D for DPW. I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but this company’s stock price will explode. I bought more shares at $2.29 this past week.

    Update (10/24/21): I continued to buy more shares. So did something called Dekabank, which picked up 220,000 shares of DPW. Again, with all the shares the chairman purchased, something big will happen soon.

    Update (10/31/21): Milton Ault tweeted Friday that his company bought 900,000 shares of Marpai, which recently IPOed. They bought those 900,000 shares at $4, and the stock is currently just shy of $6 and rising. That means the company is already up nearly $1.8 million on its investment.

    DPW also filed a shelf offering, which is very bullish. If the company needed money, it would’ve filed for a normal offering, but a shelf offering means that they expect the stock price to rise. Just be prepared to sell when this stock spikes in price because that’s when the company will use its shelf offering.

    Update (11/7/21): DPW fell a bit this week, perhaps because of the news of the shelf offering. A shelf offering, as discussed, is a positive. GameStop fell from $20 to $12 on the news of a shelf offering, and we all know what happened with that stock.

    Update (11/14/21): There’s definitely tax selling here, though this stock price is a nice discount from where the chairman purchased millions of shares. I bought more shares this past week. Earnings are on Monday.

    Update (11/21/21): DPW soared Friday on the news that it completed an offering in which institutions bought at $3.81 per share. Doing so, DPW raised $200 million. Furthermore, DPW’s Bitcoin mining operation figures to accumulate approximately $320 million in gross annualized revenue. I bought many more shares on the sub-$2 dip.

    Update (11/28/21): Nothing but more good news for DPW, which will become NILE in a few weeks. The best news was that Ault bought tons more shares:

    He bought 2.6 million shares this past week! When an insider has that much conviction in their company, buy along with them.

    Update (12/5/21): DPW’s RSI is 30, so it’s a great time to buy, especially when considering the chairman bought millions of shares at a more expensive price!

    Update (12/12/21): Ault bought 100,000 more shares at $1.74. I bought more shares and put in a larger buy order at $1.49.

    Update (12/19/21): DPW changed its ticker to NILE, as this will focus more on Bitcoin mining. I picked up way more shares on the news that Nile announced that it will have a share repurchasing program. On top of the inside buying from Ault, things are very bullish here.

    Update (12/26/21): NILE continues to be incredibly cheap, much less than the price at which Ault purchased. We have limited data on this ticker right now because of the name change. I currently have a $1.39 buy order.

    Update (1/9/22): Ault bought more shares, purchasing 250,000 shares on New Year’s Eve. The stock price dipped a bit to correlate with the price of Bitcoin, but the Bitcoin Nile mines will only increase in value once Bitcoin rises following its next drop (I assume Bitcoin will skyrocket after the AMC/GME squeeze).

    Update (1/16/22): NILE’s market cap is now $86 million, yet their annual revenue is more than half of that ($52 million). There are companies whose market caps are way above annual revenue. As an example, Palantir’s market cap is $32 billion, yet their annual revenue is just $1.43 billion. This is how undervalued these small and mid caps happen to be at the moment. Remember, the chairman bought tons of shares in the mid-$2s.

    Update (1/30/22): Ault bought even more shares, getting 105,000 of them for 88 cents a pop. NILE’s market cap is now $74.2 million, which makes no sense.

    Update (2/6/22): Ault bought even more shares this past week. Can you blame him? NILE should not be under $1. It just doesn’t make sense given what they make. With the price of Bitcoin rising, NILE should be able to recover.

    Update (2/13/22): NILE had a nice week until the very end when Bitcoin tanked. Still, there’s good news, which is that Ault purchased another six figures’ worth of shares yet again.

    Update (2/20/22): We got a nice dip on NILE at the end of the week, so I picked up more shares. Ault didn’t add to his position, but I imagine he’ll be doing so soon because of the dip.

    Update (2/27/22): There’s good news, more good news, and even more good news.

    The good news is that NILE issued a shelf offering Friday evening. This is bullish, unlike normal offerings. If NILE needed money now, they’d do a normal offering. With a shelf offering, the company believes the stock price will rise. GameStop did a shelf offering three months prior to the January 2021 squeeze.

    The more good news is that Bitcoin’s price is rising as a result of Russia legalizing it in their country ahead of the war. If NATO bans Russia’s banks, Russia will rely solely on Bitcoin.

    The even more good news is that Ault continued to add to his position. He picked up 47,901 new shares. I was wondering last week if Ault would purchase more shares at this reduced price, and here we are.

    Update (3/6/22): NILE dropped because Bitcoin’s price fell. There’s good news, which is more buying from Ault. He purchased 117,500 shares on Thursday and then another 96,000 shares on Friday.

    Update (3/13/22): Once again, NILE’s stock price rose with Bitcoin and then fell with Bitcoin. Unfortunately, there were no buys from Ault this week.

    Update (3/20/22): Of all our plays, NILE has the lowst RSI (32). I can’t believe how cheap it is. NILE received a $7 price target this week!

    Update (3/27/22): I hope all of you bought NILE last week when the RSI was 32. It moved to about $1 before settling in at around 80 cents at the end of the week. As a reminder, MARA, another Bitcoin miner, was once trading at $1, and look at it now. MARA’s float is even larger than NILE’s!

    Update (4/3/22): NILE keeps wanting to run, but every time it goes to a dollar, it plummets. Something’s holding it back, whether it’s heavy shorting or dilution, though I doubt it’s the latter because the chairman has been buying so many shares.

    Update (4/10/22): I’m keeping this as a core play because Ault bought so many shares that he must be up to something. NILE dropped this past week along with the price of Bitcoin. Ault hasn’t bought in a while because of a quiet period, but he should be back to doing so soon.

    Update (4/17/22): Something that was brought to my attention recently is that NILE has a $50 million stock repurchase program that it can exercise in the next three years. At the current price, that would be 27.5 million shares, which is a third of the float! I imagine this will happen soon, given how low the stock price is. RSI is 38, so I’m hoping for a drop to RSI 30 in order to pick up more shares.

    Update (5/8/22): I picked up a bunch of shares at 33 cents because RSI hit 30. BitCoin is crashing as I’m typing this, so that’s not good news for this stock.

    Update (5/15/22): NILE’s quiet period ends after next week. I’ll be interested to hear what Ault and the company have to say after that.

    Update (5/22/22): With the quiet period being over, we should get some big news soon! Hopefully Bitcoin’s price increases as well.

    Update (5/29/22): NILE had a great week, and it appears as though the stock buy-back plan has begun.

    Update (6/5/22): NILE continues to rise despite Bitcoin not moving anywhere. We’ll get a great surge if Bitcoin finally rises, which may not happen until the GameStop and AMC squeezes occur.

    Update (6/12/22): As I’m typing this, Bitcoin and other crypto coins are in a free fall. Etherium and Doge are getting hit hard. This is obviously bad news for NILE, but Bitcoin will make a comeback after the short squeezes occur.

    Update (6/19/22): Bitcoin being crushed isn’t doing anything for this company. I think Bitcoin will continue to drop in price until GameStop and AMC squeeze, and then there will be a buying frenzy for it. I could be way off, but I see Bitcoin going down to the $6-8K range before skyrocketing.

    Update (7/3/22): Nothing new here. Just waiting for Bitcoin to rise after the other squeezes.

    Update (7/10/22): Bitcoin rallied a bit, prompting NILE to move up in price. Remember, the chairman was buying shares in the $2s, so we have a long way to go before we reach fair value. Also, it looks like we’re breaking out of an inverse head-and-shoulders formation, which is bullish:

    Update (7/17/22): Bitcoin rallied a bit on Saturday, so perhaps that’ll affect the price of NILE to open next week.

    Update (7/31/22): It had been a while, but Ault picked up more shares on Friday. He purchased 301,000 shares at a 38-cent average, and yet this stock is currently at 30 cents.

    Update (8/7/22): I was interested to see what would happen to Bitcoin amid the Friday short squeeze. Bitcoin went up, which is a great sign for it because the short-selling hedge funds may have gotten out of it. If this is true, then Bitcoin (and its miners like NILE) will be a nice investment after everything squeezes.

    Update (8/14/22): Ault bought more shares this week, purchasing 1.2 million shares on Wednesday and then another 790,000 shares on Thursday. I don’t understand why this price is still so low.

    Update (8/21/22): I’m a broken record here, but Ault continued to buy tons more shares. He bought nearly four million shares this week! Why is this stock not moving!?

    Update (8/28/22): Ault kept buying. In fact, he filed a 13D, showing a higher percentage of ownership in the company.

    Update (9/11/22): Ault has continued to buy at a high rate. I don’t understand why this stock price hasn’t increased.

    Update (9/18/22): Ault filed another 13D, now showing 13-percent ownership of his company. And yet, the stock price continues to crash. I don’t understand.

    Update (9/25/22): No new buys this week, as NILE struggled to stay above 20 cents. Just a reminder that the chairman bought every single share of his above the current price.

    Update (10/2/22): Ault continues to buy millions of shares, and yet the stock price keeps dropping. I don’t get it.

    Update (10/16/22): I honestly don’t know what to say anymore. Ault picked up another million shares this past week, but there is a vote for more dilution, which will likely pass because Ault has a big stake in the company. Why is Ault buying shares if he’s just diluting? He must be the dumbest person on the planet, or he has some crazy plan up his sleeve. At this point, there’s no reason to sell because this stock is almost worthless.

    Update (11/6/22): Bitcoin is up a bit, and yet, this is down even though Ault just picked up a quarter of a million more shares. So frustrating.

    Update (11/20/22): Ault keeps buying, but Bitcoin sucks right now. I don’t know what else to say.

    Update (11/27/22): Hopefully this starts going up soon. This market cap of $48 million doesn’t make any sense.

    Update (2/2/23): This stock has cratered for two reasons. First, Bitcoin plummeted because of FTX. Second, Ault has been diluting. I don’t know why he’s been diluting after buying up millions of shares of his company. You’d think he would do this after diluting. This is so disappointing and frustrating because I took his buying as a very bullish sign, yet he’s been screwing over investors this entire time.

    I would highly recommend staying away from this stock because Ault is not a trustworthy CEO who doesn’t give a damn about his investors. I’m still holding because I think there’s a chance this will move a bit with Bitcoin having an upward trajectory. But I will dump this stock for a loss to curb any gains made this year.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul (CSSE) formerly RedBox (RDBX)
    Let’s talk RedBox! This seems like the same setup as GameStop from 2020. Like GameStop, RedBox is more than 100-percent shorted. The float is much smaller than GameStop’s (12 million), so this seems like an expedited version of GameStop. There’s also an activist buyer, as Chicken Soup for the Soul bought 10 percent of RedBox for some reason. I bought some shares at $2.80, but not a substantial amount, unfortunately. I’ve been adding to my position, albeit a bit reluctantly because the price has gotten so high. I felt like a sucker for buying in more at double digits initially, but after thinking about it, it certainly wasn’t a mistake to add to the GameStop position in the low teens. We saw where that went, and RedBox could be headed to a similar place. (New 6/12/2022)

    Update (6/19/22): Good job, everyone! Friday’s price action was awesome. Redbox finished above $12, which was max pain. It reminded me a lot of AMC’s $8.01 run. We know what happened three months later…

    Speaking of options, the news here is that traders are no longer able to buy calls on RedBox. This may seem like taking away the buy button again, but there shouldn’t have been options available in the first place. Also, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Market makers often find shares by buying cheap in-the-money calls, and they won’t be able to do that with RedBox. They could be screwed.

    Update (6/26/22): I can’t believe RedBox fell this past week after the stock finished at $12.01. Well, scratch that, I can believe it after all the corruption we’ve seen with AMC and GameStop.

    Update (7/3/22): RedBox keeps plummeting. At some point, the price will be low enough for some major buying pressure, which will send the stock soaring once again.

    Update (7/10/22): RedBox showed nice support in the $5 range. This appears to be the new bottom. Given the high short interest and borrowing fee, this should jump again soon.

    Update (7/17/22): They keep shorting RedBox into the ground, yet no one is selling, according to the on-balance volume. RSI is now at 36, so it’s a great time to buy shares. I picked up quite a bit on Thursday and Friday. I also had a big buy order at $3.99 that didn’t fill.

    Update (7/31/22): RedBox had a great start to the week because of gamma ramping, but quickly cooled off by Friday. I picked up plenty of shares in the $2.90-$3.50 range and plan on doing so again if it keeps dropping.

    Update (8/7/22): It was nice to see RedBox run Friday. There’s some risk here, as the vote to merge with Chicken Soup for the Soul is Monday, but even if that passes, the merger date may not be for a while.

    Update (8/14/22): I have to apologize for this, as I received some bad information. I thought that the shares would be converted to CSSE in October, but RedBox is currently delisted as the transfer has commenced. I wonder if it’ll still be interrupted by lawsuits. If not, the short sellers will be transferred over to CSSE, which might explain why the borrowing fee has skyrocketed. I haven’t sold my shares.

    Update (8/21/22): The bad news is that we’re stuck with a low price relative to where we bought Redbox with our CSSE shares. The good news is that CSSE is extremely shorted. Ortex shows 22.2-percent short interest on a lower-float stock (16.1 million shares). Cost-to-borrow fee is above 100 percent. This could squeeze at some point.

    Update (8/28/22): Nothing new here. I’m actually hoping for this to drop in the short term so I can pick up some cheap shares in order to average down.

    Update (9/11/22): When I asked for an opportunity to average down, I didn’t mean for it to come via an S-3. CSSE will be diluting about seven million shares, which is a bummer. If they needed money so badly, why did they do a hostile takeover of RedBox? F**king a**holes.

    Update (9/18/22): Nothing new at the moment. I’m waiting for CSSE to either plummet so I can average down cheaply, or to rise so we can squeeze.

    Update (9/25/22): CSSE has gone down a bit, but not enough for me to average down.

    Update (10/2/22): Same as last week. Biding my time.

    Update (10/16/22): Still no update.

    Update (11/6/22): I picked up a few shares of $5.95, so it was nice to see a small run.

    Update (11/27/22): We’re not in a buy range at the moment.

    Update (2/2/23): Looking back, I feel like such an idiot for not selling Redbox at $12. I thought we had until October until the merger, so it blindsided me. I now have a bag here, but I’m being paid 10.3% interest on my shares, so it’s not as bad as it looks.

    I apologize to anyone who lost on this because of my misinformation, but as you can see, I feel your pain. I really hate Chicken Soup for the Soul for forcing through the merger and allowing the naked short sellers to skate free. That said, I’m very curious as to what Chicken Soup for the Soul plans to do with its ownership of Redbox. This is still highly shorted, so I think we can squeeze this. I’ll be looking to lower my average, but only if we get a great dip.

  • Clover Health (CLOV)
    This will become Clover (CLOV) in January following a merger. This is Chamath Palihapitiya’s health care SPAC, which could approach $50. (New 12/22/2020)

    Update (1/19/21): This was previously IPOC and has merged into CLOV. This is now my second-largest position behind GME. Clover Health has partnered with Wal-Mart and CVS to aid those companies into their venture into health care. Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya has bought 40 percent of this company. Furthermore, Chelsea Clinton is on the board of directors of this company. There’s no way the Clintons have set up Chelsea to fail. She’ll be buying her eighth yacht in no time, thanks to what she’ll make from this company.

    If you look at the chart, you may notice that this stock has declined a few dollars in recent weeks. This is based on some crazy manipulation. Market makers dragged down the price of the stock to ruin some Jan. 15 options. There have been some big buys during that period, and yet this price has fallen. This indicates that there will be a huge reversal in the near future. Reuters has listed the book value of this company at $38, so we could see this stock hit $40 or even $50 in the near future.

    Update (1/26/21): Once we’re finished with the GameStop mother of all short squeezes, I’ll be buying lots more shares of CLOV. I wrote up a $50 price target last week, but I think this has long-term $100-plus potential.

    Update (1/31/21): I bought more shares of CLOV. The price has remained stagnant because this company is highly shorted. The largest shareholder of CLOV, the great Chamath Palihapitiya, has been attacking the crooked hedge fund managers, so they’ve been shorting his company as a result. Citadel, one of these scummy hedge funds, has forced Robinhood to restrict the purchase of CLOV to one share per user. Once the floodgates open, these hedge funds will pay the price.

    Update (2/7/21): CLOV dropped to $11 on Friday because of a bogus hit piece published by Hindenburg. The report was complete nonsense, and Hindenburg even said that it didn’t have a short position in Clover. If it felt that adamant about the hit piece, why didn’t they short the company? It’s likely someone paid off Hindenburg to write it. At any rate, Clover responded well, prompting Bank of America to issue a $20 short-term price target. CLOV remains a great investment.

    Update (2/15/21): There’s nothing new to add at the moment. This is just a reminder that the stock market requires lots of patience. I initially bought GameStop at $5.50 in May. It dropped to $3.80 in July, and it crossed the $5 mark in August again. The rest is history. The sky is the limit with this company, but it takes a while to reach the skies.

    Update (2/21/21): Clover is heavily shorted, so a squeeze for either GameStop or AMC could mean good things for it. It’s lame that the stock price has dropped from $13 to $10, but it’s not a big deal as long as you don’t sell for a loss. I held GME through drops from $5.50 to $3.80, $9 to $6, $16 to $11, $20 to $12, and $44 to $33. Stock prices fall, and then they bounce back. CLOV is still a great hold for the long term.

    Update (2/28/21): Speaking of stocks always falling, Clover owners know this well. However, I think we’re entering a reversal. The RSI is below 30, and there was 1.03 million in after-hour volume on Friday, most of which was right before the 8 p.m. close. There were some huge purchases made, most likely from those who know something very positive ahead of earnings. I think we could see a similar chart to FSR, which plummeted from $18.24 in mid-September to $8.70 at the end of October. It’s now trading at $28.50.

    Update (3/5/21): I received a couple of e-mails about Clover. The stock has dropped to $7.29, which is a complete joke. Despite the constant falling price due to massive short attacks (close to 60% short interest!), there have been some big-money buys. You better believe smart investors and institutions are loading up on this company. Furthermore, earnings looked good – $600 million in revenue last quarter and a 50-percent increase in customers – and the National Institutes of Health just gave Clover a grant. This stock is going to have a massive short squeeze at some point. I certainly will not miss out on that.

    Update (3/14/21): Clover finally stopped bleeding, rising to $8.91. Remember, there’s tons of short interest here because the hedge funds wanted revenge on Chamath, who spoke out against them in the CNBC interview back in January. Once Clover announces more partnerships, this stock will shoot up, and the shorts will be forced to cover. I’m still bullish on this heading to $100.

    Update (3/21/21): Clover has appeared to have broken its downtrend. Unless the market crashes, I could see this eclipsing $10 in the near future. It’s amazing how undervalued Clover is right now. It reminds of GameStop when it was $3.80 in mid-July.

    Update (3/28/21): Nothing new to report. This is still criminally shorted and oversold.

    Update (4/4/21): Some of you may not like this, but eTrade asked me to lend my shares out for shorting, and I said yes. I did this for two reasons: First, it would give me an idea of how shorted a company is if my shares were borrowed immediately. Second, I’ll be making money off interest from these dumb short sellers with zero risk to myself, so why not? I can tell you this: All of my Clover shares were borrowed immediately! They were gone the first day (the same thing happened with my AMC shares.) I can’t say I’m surprised by this. Clover is so manipulated and shorted, people should go to prison for what they’ve done. I remain bullish on this stock for the long term.

    Update (4/11/21): Clover shot up $2 on Thursday because of some great news. Clover received a government contract to work in 10 states. There was a pullback on Friday with the market sell-off, but Clover should be trading much higher in the wake of this announcement. They’ll make much more revenue as a result of this, so their future quarterly earnings will be better.

    Update (4/12/21): I’m doing an update today on Clover because Vanguard bought 18 percent of Clover Health. That’s 26 million shares. The last time a stock of ours was heavily shorted and saw a big whale buy a chunk of the company, it was GameStop back in September when Ryan Cohen purchased 9.9 percent of it. GameStop went up to $7 that day, which is where Clover is now. This is HUGE. I bought 1,100 more shares today:

    What’s crazy is that the other ETFs will see this huge buy and may pile in as a result, which is what happened with GameStop. The float will shrink, and there will be a massive squeeze as a result. I’ve been saying that Clover will be $100 one day, and I’m now thinking that is a conservative estimate.

    Update (4/18/21): Clover is 140-percent shorted, apparently! I think it’s closer to 60 percent, but hey, I’ll take the great news! Expect a huge squeeze in the near future.

    Update (4/25/21): We had higher new lows this past week. Clover seems to be in the process of squeezing, as the short-selling scum can’t naked short effectively anymore.

    Update (5/8/21): Weeks after Vanguard bought 18 percent of this company, Baillie Gifford & Co. bought 5.1 million shares. This is setting up for a huge spike in the near future.

    Update (5/16/21): There’s a sea of green on the Clover filings page. It’s only a matter of time before this heavily shorted company skyrockets.

    Update (5/23/21): I can’t even count how many filings there were on May 17. Just look at the Clover filings page and see for yourself. I get the feeling that all of this shorting was done to keep the price of this stock down so all of these institutions could load up on as many shares as possible. I don’t expect Clover to be down much longer.

    Update (5/30/21): Clover had a roller-coaster week, price-wise, as some smaller institutional buys were filed. This remains a major squeeze candidate, but we really need the borrowing fee to rise. It remains at just 1.5 percent, so the squeeze won’t happen in the near future. It is inevitable though, given how highly shorted this company is. Perhaps being listed in the Russell 2000 index as of June 25 will help. Seeing that to close the week was nice!

    Update (6/6/21): Clover got some short-squeeze hype this past week as a sympathy off AMC and the other BANG KEN stocks. I thought the best news was that the borrowing fee rose above three percent for the first time in a while. We still need the borrowing fee to increase more so that the short sellers are pressured into covering.

    Update (6/13/21): Wow, what a week! Clover rose all the way to $26 on Wednesday before crashing the next two days. I know some readers sold their entire position, but I did not. I sold about 12-13 percent of my stake in Clover. This is because it’s still underpriced, and the shorts have not covered. Don’t take my word for it though:

    There are more shares shorted now than when Clover was around $10 at the beginning of the week! The borrowing fee has risen to 20 percent. This thing is going to bloe, and Ihor Dusaniwsky of S3 agrees; he gave Clover, AMC and GameStop all 100/100 short squeeze scores.

    Update (6/20/21): There were a ton of call options at $13 and above that the hedge funds killed. If the SEC weren’t corrupt, they would do something about this.

    Update (6/27/21): Clover’s borrowing fee skyrocketed at the end of this past week. It’s 55.8 percent, which is music to my ears. Dumb short sellers can’t pay these expensive fees forever, so they’ll be forced into covering soon. I’m anticipating a massive squeeze.

    Update (7/4/21): Look at these numbers and tell me that Clover isn’t going to squeeze:

    It’s absurd how shorted this company is. It’s more shorted now than it was prior to the first squeeze! Meanwhile, the borrowing fee has consistently been above 40 percent, so it’s going to be difficult for the short scum to keep holding on to their positions.

    Update (7/11/21): I was happy to see CLOV fall into the $9s because I used it as a buying opportunity. There are still more than 50 million shares on loan, so a big squeeze is coming.

    Update (7/18/21): I bought a bunch of Clover this week in the $7.95-$8.40 range. The hedge funds kept the price below $9 this week because there were so many call options at that price. It’ll ultimately cost them because what they did will just make this stock go higher once it squeezes.

    Update (8/1/21): Clover looked like it might rally when it bounced from $7.90 to $8.40 this past week, but the hedge funds and market makers once again kept the price down so that the $9 calls would be worthless. Meanwhile, there’s been some more institutional buying, with Charles Schwab purchasing 418,000 shares.

    Update (8/8/21): Swiss National Bank bought 256,000 shares of Clover as of June 30. Also, I forgot to mention this a couple of weeks ago, but Clover redeemed all of its outstanding warrants with an expiration date of Aug. 23. This means, as long as the price doesn’t rise above $11.50 by that date, we won’t see a dilution that has been common with other stocks. This is huge for this stock beyond that date.

    Update (8/15/21): Clover absolutely crushed earnings on Wednesday, prompting a move close to $9.50. I couldn’t have imagined a drop back to the low $8 range, yet that’s exactly what happened on Friday. Clover continued to be heavily shorted, which is music to my ears because the more shorts in this stock, the higher it’ll eventually go. I believe the market makers are going to hold this stock down until at least Aug. 23 because they want the $11.50 warrants to be worthless.

    Update (8/22/21): I can’t believe Clover dropped to the $7.50 range on Thursday after crushing earnings the week before. I bought nearly 1,000 more shares of Clover on Thursday. I believe the squeeze will happen soon. Look at how many shares are on loan. It’s right where it was during the early June squeeze:

    Meanwhile, the borrowing fee has risen to two percent, and there was a big purchase filed: Millennium Management bought 375,000 shares of Clover at an average price of $10.44.

    One more thing: Check out this video, which details how Clover is being manipulated and why it has a good chance of rising soon:

    Update (8/29/21): Here’s more market manipulation. There were so many $9 call options this week, so the market makers and hedge funds prevented Clover from closing above that price this week. Still, it was a positive week overall, with Morgan Stanley buying 705,000 shares of Clover. The squeeze is coming.

    Update (9/5/21): When Clover opened at $9.30 on Friday, I thought we were going to have a huge battle for $9. Finishing at $9.01 or above would’ve been enormous because of all these call options:

    How naive of me! The hedge funds continued to short this stock into oblivion to make sure it would finish below $9 this week. We’ll have to wait longer for a gamma squeeze or short squeeze, but that’s fine by me. Soon enough, all of us will be holding this stock for a year-plus, which means we’ll only have to pay 15-percent tax on our gains rather than 35 percent.

    Update (9/12/21): Things were looking good for Clover this week until Cowen came out with an absurd $7 price target for it. I don’t understand why he has any sort of credibility because he is short on this company. He also issued a $160 price target for Tesla, so he clearly has no idea what he’s doing. If anything, I see this as a bullish signal long term. If someone who is wrong about everything hates something, chances are you want to be in on it.

    I want to share a great quote about this stock I saw on StockTwits:

    Clover beats earnings, establishes new partnerships and integrations, has major volume and momentum and still gets downgraded and shorted into oblivion.

    This is the most manipulated stock on the market except for GameStop and AMC. I have faith that one day, there will be an enormous squeeze, and we will profit greatly. Until then, buy the dip!

    Update (9/19/21): Another week of manipulation. The market makers and hedge funds wanted Clover below $8.50, so that’s why the price dropped this week:

    I’m constantly showing these graphics just to chronicle the blatant manipulation in the market. Perhaps some people will send this to Gary Gensler so that he’ll finally do something about this. All he’ll probably do is issue some more hollow words about Reddit traders, but whatever.

    Update (9/26/21): There was a smear piece published on Seeking Alpha about Clover, claiming that the company is going to dilute its shares when it specifically made sure fewer shares would be issued by recalling their warrants back in the summer. The article made no sense, and it even said “Clover Health is still a strong player in the Medicare Advantage market” and “the company still is not at bankruptcy risk as some people may think.” What a joke.

    Update (10/3/21): I feel like a broken record every week. Clover dropped below a key price because of options. Look:

    How many weeks is it going to take for idiots to stop buying weekly options? Stop buying options unless they expire at least six months in the future! Please, spread the word because morons will continue to lose money with this scam.

    Update (10/10/21): Clover shares rose Friday because of this:

    It’s about time Chamath Palihapitiya promoted this company. It’s extremely underpriced and overly shorted.

    Update (10/17/21): Clover shares dropped Friday because of, surprise, surprise, manipulation!

    The hedge funds and market makers didn’t want to pay out those calls, so they made sure Clover closed below $8. I don’t know why idiots keep buying weekly call options. You’d think they’d learn eventually. Morons: Buy shares; not weekly calls!

    Update (10/24/21): There were a ton of $8 call strikes, so the market makers had to make sure Clover stayed below that price. Clover also dropped because it was a momentum play that lost momentum to DWAC.

    Update (10/31/21): Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services bought 109,800 shares of Clover, effective on Sept. 30.

    Clover just happened to finish one cent shy of the required $7.51, and you’re telling me this s**t isn’t rigged? STOP BUYING WEEKLY CALLS, PEOPLE! YOUR MONEY WILL VANISH!

    Update (11/7/21): Good news: PNC Financial Services bought 6.6 million shares of Clover, effective Sept. 30. Bad news: Utilization just hit a yearly low. I’m not sure why that happened, but it’s not good for the squeeze, though it doesn’t invalidate it either. Fortunately, we’re invested in a good company that should have positive earnings report on Monday.

    Update (11/14/21): I believe Clover’s drop this week was for tax-selling purposes. Clover had a great earnings report, yet it fell from $8 to $7. I’m sure some of this was more shorting, but most people are down on Clover, so perhaps they sold their shares with the goal of repurchasing them in 31 days. This is a strategy I’m considering. My average price of Clover is north of $10, and I have tons of shares, so if I sell most of them, I can take a big loss to help with my tax bill. I’m just terrified that Clover will explode in the next month. I don’t think there are any catalysts, but some major news could send this flying, forcing a massive short squeeze. I know this will happen; it’s a matter of when, not if. I really hope I don’t miss it, but I need to be out of Clover for 30 days at some point.

    Update (11/21/21): Clover’s price tanked this week when the company had a surprise offering of 50 million-plus shares. This was utterly confusing because the company was doing well financially. It angered me to no end that Clover would do this, as it really screwed up the potential short squeeze. Well, we eventually learned why there was an offering, as Chamath has said he will buy more of Clover. It appears as though Chamath tanked the stock on purpose so he could purchase more of the company. This is nice to know, but the increased float will make the squeeze more difficult, which makes me less bullish.

    Update (11/28/21): And boom goes the dynamite:

    It would be insane not to buy Clover at this low price right now.

    Update (12/5/21): Clover’s RSI is 20, which is laughably low. Chamath bought shares at $5.60, and yet the stock price is $4.30!

    Update (12/12/21): Clover’s stock price is still in the tank even though Chamath bought at $5.60. I’m still pretty salty about that offering they did because that killed the squeeze, but this company is still undervalued.

    Update (12/19/21): Clover is severely underpriced at the moment with an RSI of 32. The reason you didn’t see any buy orders for it is because I’m in a 30-day window of not being able to purchase because I sold shares for tax purposes. Still, the offering they did boned any possibility of a squeeze, which is why I’m not as high on it anymore.

    Update (12/26/21): My 30-day window is nearly up, so I will be purchasing more CLOV shares when I can. If Chamath bought at $5.60, this price should be much higher than that.

    Update (1/9/22): I bought back into Clover after tax-loss selling. I can’t believe how cheap it is right now. For the 10th time, Chamath bought at $5.60, yet the stock price is nearly half of that now! I hate the dirty offering they did, but the company is so undervalued. The market cap is almost the same as annual revenue!

    Update (1/16/22): Here’s another example of a market cap that makes no sense. Clover’s market cap is now $1.5 billion, yet their annual revenue was $1.04 billion. Yes, I realize that they lost some money, but that’s only because they were looking to expand their business. All of this will pay off. I bought more shares in the $2.90s this week.

    Update (1/30/22): Clover’s on-balance volume remained stagnant as well, at least until they did that stupid offering that screwed over every investor. Still, Clover’s market cap is just $1.2 billion now, and the price is way below where Chamath purchased a ton of shares.

    Update (2/6/22): Look at the large-scale orders from two recent days:

    How did this stock price not rise, given how many large buy orders there were? It’s ridiculous how manipulated this market is.

    Update (2/13/22): The Bank of Montreal bought 541,000 shares of Clover, which was nice to see. This stock is insanely cheap at the moment.

    Update (2/20/22): Clover’s market cap is now the same as its 2021 revenue. This stock price makes no sense. It’s insane to me that Chamath bought tons of shares at $5.60, yet this stock price is less than half of that!

    Update (2/27/22): I added 10,000 more shares of Clover on Wednesday prior to their earnings. Clover’s earnings are always great, and this was the best one yet. Clover raised its revenue guidance to $3 billion next year, and they expect to be profitable in 2023. The current stock price is a joke, so I’m glad Clover ended the week well. In fact, max pain was at $2.50, and Clover finished above that price, which was crucial. There were so many $2.50 calls that finished in the money, which was great to see.

    Update (3/6/22): It’s insane that Clover fell at the end of the week. However, there’s good news, which is that Chelsea Clinton – yes, the daughter of the spawn of Satan – purchased 100,000 shares at $2.50. The Clintons have a long history of buying into companies before news breaks, so I expect Clover to skyrocket sometime soon.

    Update (3/13/22): Clover had a great week, rising above $3. Unfortunately, all momentum stopped toward the end of the week when the market tanked; otherwise, this may have approached $4.

    Update (3/20/22): Another positive week for Clover, which finished at $3.50. One cent more, and a decent number of $3.50 calls would’ve finished in the money. How can you say the market is not rigged!?

    Update (3/27/22): It was disappointing to see Clover not hit $4, but that’s because the hedge funds dragged the price down so the $3.50 calls wouldn’t be in the money again. They failed this time. CLOV finished at $3.52. Perhaps that’s a sign that we’ll be headed toward $4 this upcoming week.

    Update (4/3/22): A fair number of $3.50 calls finished in the money once again, but it was disappointing not to see this approach $4. The two red days at the end of the week saw to that.

    Update (4/10/22): So much for seeing $4! Clover did nothing wrong; it just fell with the rest of the market. Remember, Chelsea Clinton bought 100,000 shares around $2.50.

    Update (4/17/22): It seems as though people have forgotten Chelsea Clinton’s stock purchase. This should be trading much higher than $3.11. Chelsea knows what’s happening, as does Chamath, who bought a ton of shares in the $5 range. RSI has dropped below 50 for the first time since early March.

    Update (5/8/22): This stock price is so dumb. The market cap is $1.27 billion, and yet estimated revenue for 2022 is $3.2 billion (with expenses being $2.1 billion). This should be a $10 stock.

    Update (5/15/22): Clover had another positive earnings report, and yet the price is still close to where Chelsea Clinton bought 100,000 shares. This stock price doesn’t make any sense.

    Update (5/22/22): As with GME and AMC, I plan on buying way more shares of this in the near future. Once again, this stock price makes no sense.

    Update (5/29/22): Nothing new here. I’ll sound like a broken record if I talk about how cheap this stock is.

    Update (6/5/22): Clover will be added to the Russell 3000 on June 27. Funds will have to buy shares. I bought more shares this week.

    Update (6/12/22): I’m going to add to my position this week if Clover remains around the $2.20 range. This is a cheaper price than Chelsea Clinton’s purchase.

    Update (6/19/22): The short volume was very high on Friday, so this could squeeze with everything else if Zerohedge is right about an impending short squeeze.

    Update (6/26/22): Nothing new to add here besides the fact that earnings are scheduled for the first week of August. Clover typically has great earnings reports.

    Update (7/3/22): The next earnings report is in about a month. That’s plenty of time to pick up more shares.

    Update (7/10/22): Clover’s RSI is about 60. The price is low in general, but a high RSI means you should probably wait to pick up more shares.

    Update (7/17/22): I have nothing new to say right now. Holding this stock is like watching paint dry, but it’s extremely undervalued. I believe we’ll make our money at some point.

    Update (7/31/22): Earnings are on Aug. 8. Clover’s earnings reports are always great, so perhaps we’ll finally move out of the $2 range by then.

    Update (8/7/22): We finally broke free of the $2 range. We’ll be out of it permanently if Clover has great earnings on Monday. Clover’s earnings are always great, so it’ll be a surprise if that changes.

    Update (8/14/22): Clover’s earnings were mediocre, causing the stock to dip. It recovered quickly, however, so it could continue to run for the next couple of months.

    Update (8/21/22): Clover was looking good until late in the week. I have nothing new to add at the moment.

    Update (8/28/22): There’s nothing of note regarding Clover, but the price dropped along with everything else on Friday.

    Update (9/11/22): Clover is currently at the same price at which Chelsea Clinton bought about a half year ago. It’s a great bargain right now.

    Update (9/18/22): Clover is even more of a bargain now than it was last week when I called it a bargain!

    Update (9/25/22): Clover is now about 50 cents cheaper per share than when Chelsea Clinton bought a big position.

    Update (10/2/22): Clover’s RSI is insanely low at 22. This price is incredibly cheap, so scoop up all the shares you can.

    Update (10/16/22): This stock is now $1 per share cheaper than when Chelsea Clinton picked up tons of shares back in March. Buy low!

    Update (11/6/22): All-time lows. This will bounce back when the bear market ends.

    Update (11/20/22): Clover continues to see all-time lows. It’s insane that it’s $1.29 per share right now when Chelsea Clinton bought at double the price.

    Update (11/27/22): No update, but perhaps the better market conditions will send this upward.

    Update (2/2/23): Clover dipped below $1, but has since regained compliance. I have nothing new to say about this company at the moment, but they are supposed to be profitable this year. If we see that from one of their earnings reports, this will skyrocket. Remember, Chelsea Clinton bought a ton of shares around $2.50. The Clintons are not going to lose money on this.

  • Vertical Aerospace (EVTL)
    What if I were to tell you that a company with a $5 billion contract with American Airlines has a market cap of less than $2 billion? And what if I were to tell you that the borrowing fee of this company is greater than 500 percent? Meet Vertical Aerospace. I bought in at $3.50, but it squeezed to $9 before a weekend in July, so I didn’t get a chance to post about it. However, the stock has dropped to $6.30, so I picked up some more shares. I imagine there’s still some room for downside, but this stock could explode when more news is released. (New 8/21/2022)

    Update (8/28/22): I added some more shares at $6.04. Some news could send this skyrocketing.

    Update (9/11/22): EVTL’s RSI was in the low 30s at $5, so I added more shares. It finished the week on a strong note.

    Update (9/18/22): EVTL continued to rise. It’s very underpriced.

    Update (9/25/22): What a Friday! EVTL looked like it was going to squeeze, but dropped from the high $8s to the low $8s. Still, there’s major squeeze potential, as shorts are paying 285-percent interest to maintain their short position. Talk about dumb!

    Update (10/2/22): Don’t tell EVTL that the market is down! We’re almost at $10. The market cap is now $1.96 billion, and yet EVTL has a $5 billion contract with American Airlines.

    Update (10/16/22): EVTL cracked $11 and is now $10. Cost-to-borrow is still insanely high. I wonder if this can squeeze to $20-25.

    Update (11/6/22): EVTL has crashed down. This has happened before, only to have the price pop back up to $10. This is a good time to buy, and if you can lend your shares, you’ll get 265-percent interest!

    Update (11/20/22): This is a great buy range for EVTL. I’ve picked up some shares at $3.80.

    Update (11/27/22): EVTL had a nice Friday, moving above $4. Hopefully we can get back to $10 soon and get to higher highs.

    Update (2/2/23): EVTL is a classic example of why lending out your shares can be so beneficial. My entire position is free because I’ve been collecting 91-percent interest or higher on this stock since I bought my initial shares in August.

    I’ll think about averaging down, as EVTL has that big contract with American Airlines. If we get any further news on that, this stock could bounce back to $7-8. I’d say $10, but they diluted a tiny bit via warrants and convertible notes.

  • Vinco Ventures Inc. (BBIG)
    I bought into Vinco, which will have a reverse merger in 5-6 weeks. Here’s some great DD from Seeking Alpha, which has a $20 price target. (New 7/26/2021)

    Update (8/1/21): Look at the lack of shares available to be shorted:

    This seems to be on the verge of exploding.

    Update (8/8/21): I bought lots of shares on Thursday and Friday. There are two catalysts coming up this month, including the merger at the end of August. Meanwhile, dumb bears are paying a 70-percent borrowing fee in a very crowded short.

    Update (8/15/21): What a great buying opportunity at the end of the week! The merger is at the end of August, so there won’t be much time remaining to get this stock so cheaply.

    Update (8/22/21): BBIG spiked from $230 to $2.80 on Friday, presumably because one short covered their shares. The rest of the shorts would be smart to do so prior to the merger.

    Update (8/29/21): Yeehaw! BBIG began to squeeze Friday, moving from $2.90 to $5.30, and then $7.70 in after-hours trading. I expect this to move to the $20-30 range on this major short squeeze. I think we can use SPRT as a trajectory because it’s another heavily shorted, low-float stock entering a merger. Note that BBIG’s float is 50 percent greater. SPRT went to $53 at some point on Friday, so does that mean BBIG is heading to $33? I hope so!

    Update (9/5/21): BBIG touched $10 for a second, then dropped down to $7 at some point on Friday before climbing to just below $8 at close. BBIG is still insanely shorted, and some big buy orders came in on Friday:

    I still believe this will be $30 at minimum, and could even hit $50 like SPRT did last week.

    Update (9/12/21): We were hovering around the low $11s all Friday, and yet the shorts have not yet covered. Utilization is at 99.9 percent, and the cost to borrow has ballooned to 149.9 percent, which is insane. I’m now confident we will approach $50 like SPRT did. Anyone shorting this stock needs to begin looking for cardboard boxes to call home.

    Update (9/19/21): This is giving me flashbacks of holding AMC between February and May. The shorts have not covered. I bought more shares this week. I’ll just leave this here:

    Update (9/26/21): We’re still waiting on the proxy statement for BBIG to declare its valuation. There was a huge green candle on Friday, signifying either a huge purchase or a short covering. Either way, it was nice to close out the week on a positive note.

    Update (10/3/21): We’re still waiting on valuation. The new TYDE shares date is on Oct. 15, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

    Update (10/10/21): The TYDE shares were pushed back a week to Oct. 22. Meanwhile, we had some good news with BBIG making an acquisition of AdRizer, which will help monotize Lomotif. We’re still waiting on the valuation of this company, and we’re hoping for $5 billion.

    Update (10/17/21): One more week to go for the TYDE shares! Meanwhile, there were some major buys Thursday, pushing the price up into the $8 range. Shares to short have mostly disappeared, and utlization is 100 percent. Our giant short squeeze should be here soon.

    Update (10/24/21): BBIG plummeted this week because of the delay for TYDE shares, which is now Dec. 27. This, however, was in a filing, so it’s definitely official now, unlike in previous instances. Meanwhile, the valuation of the company will be released soon. BBIG is currently incredibly cheap, and I bought more shares in the $5 range.

    Update (10/31/21): This share price is a joke, considering Lomotif’s valuation. This stock should be trading above $40, so I picked up more shares this week, increasing my position by 10 percent. It had a nice close, finishing above $5, which was key because there were so many $5 call options. There were tons of buys to close out the week.

    Update (11/7/21): I bought more shares this week. Once the financial data is released, this company’s stock price will soar.

    Update (11/14/21): We will be getting one Cryptyde share (TYDE) for each 10 shares we own of BBIG. Cryptyde will IPO at $4, so think of it as a dividend. That’s a good reason to buy, and yet it’s not even the primary one because once this company’s true valuation is released, this stock will go nuts. I continued to buy shares in the $4.30 range.

    Update (11/21/21): I can’t believe we were able to buy shares below $4. When this surged, I was kicking myself for not buying more sub-$4 shares. I made amends for that this week.

    Update (11/28/21): Earnings dropped this stock to the low $3s. I thought we might see $2s on Friday, but BBIG held strong. Nevertheless, I purchased lots more shares in the low $3s. This stock dropping was unwarranted because the earnings had nothing to do with the reasons why we’re so bullish on this stock: Lomo, the valuation and the CrypTyde spin-off.

    Update (12/5/21): RSI is 27. I bought lots more shares at $2.60. I’ve increased my position by 50 percent.

    Update (12/12/21): BBIG had a run to $3 early in the week. It then fell on Thursday but had a green day on Friday. That’s a nice indication that BBIG has a negative beta with the market. I bought more shares this past week.

    Update (12/19/21): BBIG ran to $3.20 on Friday before settling down a bit. The borrowing fee has exploded, however, rising to 126 percent, and there are barely any shares available to short. Anyone who is short on this company must cover now before they lose it all.

    Update (12/26/21): BBIG, which is 90th on the Fintel short squeeze list, has short interest near an all-time high and utilization at the max:

    When we get some news, and the volume comes in, this will explode.

    Update (1/9/21): We’re still waiting on the 8K. This is an incredibly cheap price, and I’ve added more shares over the past couple of weeks.

    Update (1/16/22): What a week! BBIG rose to $4 despite no real news. I can’t wait until we get the valuation.

    Update (1/30/22): It should come as no surprise that BBIG is proven to be manipulated via the on-balance volume:

    What’s crazy is that the on-balance volume is higher now at $2.90 than it was when the stock price was $12!

    Update (2/6/22): BBIG is now No. 1 on the Fintel short squeeze list! Its cost to borrow is insane, coming in at 163 percent. Imagine taking out a loan that might be more expensive to pay back and paying 163-percent interest on it. How dumb are these shorts?

    Update (2/13/22): BBIG rose to $3.65 during the week, but I knew it would close under $3.50 because of all the expiring call options at that price. You’d have to be insane to be a short-term options trader.

    Update (2/20/22): Multiple people have said that their brokerages contacted them to see if they wanted to loan their BBIG shares. This is the same, exact thing that happened prior to the GameStop squeeze.

    Update (2/27/22): I’m discouraged that the borrowing fee has dropped, but BBIG is a great bargain in the mid-$2s. I picked up more shares at $2.26 on Thursday morning.

    Update (3/6/22): I didn’t add more shares because I was waiting for an RSI of 30, but I would still pick up more shares if you’re not willing to be patient. This company is severely undervalued right now.

    Update (3/13/22): BBIG rose in Thursday’s after hours because CrypTyde was registered as a Delaware company, bringing some attention to the overall company. However, BBIG dropped Friday along with the rest of the market. On-balance volume remains high, so no one is really selling. BBIG is simply shorted into oblivion like AMC and GameStop.

    Update (3/27/22): Will Meade posted about BBIG. He’s bullish on it, but gave a $5 price target. I think that’s too low. Meanwhile, there are no shares left to short, according to iBorrowDesk.

    Update (4/3/22): BBIG dropped Friday because they postponed their earnings. I don’t personally care about this because their earnings are irrelevant. What we need is a press release, and perhaps that’ll accompany the earnings.

    Update (4/10/22): BBIG also dropped with the rest of the market. We’re still waiting on some PR.

    Update (4/17/22): BBIG released its earnings on Friday. They were rather neutral, as both bull and bear cases can be made. Their earnings call is Monday, so hopefully we’ll get some news.

    Update (5/8/22): BBIG finally announced the TYDE dividend dates. If you hold through May 18, you will get one TYDE share for each 10 BBIG shares you own, and these shares will be issued May 27. The shorts will have to pay for these dividends if they don’t cover, so Friday may have been the very beginning of a violent squeeze that may last a few weeks (much like SPRT from the summer).

    Update (5/15/22): To correct something I posted last week, you must hold BBIG shares through May 27 to receive TYDE shares. Also, there’s a proposal to increase the float by half-a-billion shares. This sounds bearish, but GME and AMC did this prior to their runs. I see it as BBIG knowing their stock will soar as a result of shorts covering prior to the dividend, so they’ll want to issue shares at a much higher price. I still voted no though!

    Update (5/22/22): It turns out May 31 is the correct date for the TYDE shares. Cost to borrow has skyrocketed!

    Update (5/29/22): People were pissed that BBIG delayed its TYDE dividend yet again, but it sounds like the SEC was responsible for that. There was an overreaction to the price, so I bought more.

    Update (6/5/22): RSI is 36. This is strong buy territory. I picked up more shares.

    Update (6/12/22): Added more. And vote no, no, no!

    Update (6/19/22): BBIG had a nice Friday. The borrowing fee is increasing again, so a major squeeze could be coming soon. I bought more shares earlier in the week.

    Update (6/26/22): There haven’t been any shares to borrow since June 22. We also received an e-mail stating that the ex-dividend date for TYDE shares is June 29.

    Update (7/3/22): Well, we have our TYDE shares… Groan. Not everyone does, and this has caused people to sell TYDE like crazy. I’ve kept my TYDE shares, as it’s incredibly undervalued right now. As for BBIG, short interest is higher than it has ever been. The same is true for the borrowing fee. The shorts have not covered, so I will continue to hold. I picked up more shares at $1.29.

    Update (7/10/22): Nothing I type will be as good as the TrueDemon DD on BBIG.

    Update (7/17/22): Here’s a great video on BBIG:

    Update (7/31/22): After some ridiculous barcoding at $1, BBIG dropped to the 75-80 cent range because of some speculation of a hostile takeover. However, Zash’s new CEO, Erik Finman, is a 23-year-old ape who made lots of money on Bitcoin, and then AMC and GameStop. He has been talking about short squeezes with known traders, so we could be in for a wild ride.

    Update (8/7/22): I’m positive that BBIG would’ve ran with the other shorted stocks on Friday, but it couldn’t because of a T12 halt that was implemented on Thursday afternoon. A T12 halt is usually a merger or acquisition, so I assume this is good news. It might be frustrating that BBIG wasn’t allowed to run with the other stocks on Friday, but this might end up being for the best because the shorts weren’t able to get out of their positions, which might mean an even more violent squeeze.

    Update (8/14/22): No update on the halt.

    Update (8/21/22): We’re back! BBIG was looking great, rising to $1.90 early on Thursday. However, it plummeted late in the week due to illegal activity. Check out this tweek from TrueDemon:

    There were so many short exempts (IOU’s) this week, which have a T+6 resolution. We could really see BBIG take off at the end of next week. Fingers crossed!

    Update (8/28/22): So much for those short exempts. Anyway, Zash CEO Erik Finman did an interview Friday, which is a good listen:

    Update (9/11/22): We’re waiting for the court case to end so the merger with Zash can finally go through. I’m still holding all my shares.

    Update (9/18/22): Hopefully the court case ends soon. Also, we’ve been above $1 for several days now, which is obviously important for compliance.

    Update (9/25/22): Victory! All the bad actors in BBIG have been removed, so we can now go through with the merger. There was crazy buying at the end of Friday, and I’ll be shocked if that doesn’t spill over into the beginning of this week.

    Update (10/2/22): Ding dong, the witch is dead! The court case is over, and the merger with Zash is likely to occur soon.

    Update (10/16/22): We’re due for a filing very soon. Hopefully it contains some news of the merger. I picked up more shares at 94 cents on Friday.

    Update (10/23/22): BBIG had two filings this week. One was a plan to remain in compliance, which was expected. The second was documentation discussing how they are generating revenue on Lomo. BBIG’s outlook remains terrific.

    Update (11/6/22): I think we’ll get the merger and valuation in January, so now is a good time to pick up cheap shares. I’ve been day trading this stock and keeping half the profits.

    Update (11/20/22): Again, I think the merger is coming in January. I’ve added to my position.

    Update (11/27/22): BBIG was mentioned in the video I posted under AMC. It’s definitely worth watching!

    Update (2/2/23): I have no idea what’s going on with this company. They keep cycling through CEOs and they refuse to release their earnings reports. They’ve released bad earnings reports in the past, so there’s no reason for them not to do so now. Some are speculating that the earnings reports are great, but BBIG is waiting until there’s a bull market so they can have the most potential to increase their stock price. I like that sentiment, but there’s also a chance that management is completely incompetent and can’t get their crap together. I don’t know. All I know is that TikTok is on the verge of getting banned in the U.S., and BBIG would stand to greatly benefit.

    My position is a bit sad now, but I am not very concerned:

    Go here for Closed Positions/Former Core Plays

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