Stefphon Jefferson 2013 NFL Draft Diary

Stefphon Jefferson 2013 NFL Draft Diary: Draft Weekend

By Stefphon Jefferson, as told to Charlie Campbell – @draftcampbell is proud to introduce our 2013 NFL Draft Diary with Nevada running back Stefphon Jefferson. Throughout the draft process, Stefphon will be sharing his experience with the readers of He will hit on the team interviews, the NFL Scouting Combine, his pro day, pre-draft visits, and of course, his draft-day experience.
Jefferson finished second in the nation in rushing in 2012 with 1,883 yards. He led the country with 24 rushing touchdowns while averaging 5.02 yards per carry. He also was a factor in the passing game, chipping in 22 receptions for 170 yards and a touchdown. After his prolific season, Jefferson decided to enter the 2013 NFL Draft. would like to thank Stefphon Jefferson for his participation. We would also like to thank Stefphon’s agent Kelli Masters of KMM Sports for helping to facilitate Stefphon’s draft diary. Jefferson and Masters are readers of, so it was a natural fit to approach them about having Stefphon’s draft diary here. We are thrilled to have Stefphon share his journey with all of you. Now, let’s allow Stefphon take over.

I’ve been taking it day by day with this whole draft process. Staying patient with it and keeping in shape. I’ve just been training and working out a lot. I’ve been going and speaking to a lot of schools and kids. Spending time on some community projects and trying to help give back.

I’ve been staying patient and have purposely avoided following it too closely. I’ve been focusing on training and community work rather than reading all the different projections. That would make for more stressful days.

I’ve been talking with a lot of teams. They’ve been calling consistently over the past few weeks. They’ve been getting more info about me and just chatting it up.

As for watching the draft on Friday and Saturday. I’m going to relax. I’ll probably hang out with friends and family. We’ll watch some of the draft, some basketball and just chill.

I’m not too worried about the draft actually because it is out of my control at this point, so there is no point in getting anxious. I’m more excited to get to my team. I can’t wait to work hard and learn the offense and help on special teams. I’m staying patient with it rather than stressing about it.

Stefphon Jefferson – listed as a Round 4-6 player in our 2013 NFL Draft Running Back Rankings.

I don’t have any round estimation or area that I hope to go in. Right now I just want an opportunity to showcase what I can do. My goal is operation 53 and that is make the 53 man roster.

All the teams that have spoken to me have shown the same level of interest, so I have no clue who is going to take me. I’m just going with the flow and I’ll be ecstatic with any team in the league. I can’t wait to get there and get to work.

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