NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Oct. 7, 2010

Miami vs. Clemson

Leonard Hankerson

1st – 9:07 – Completely blown coverage – no defender near him on seam route … very easy TD catch

1st – 6:22 – Could have come up with this ball if put forth more effort … didn’t leap up or dive and it was in his range … mediocre effort here

2nd – 5:56 – Shows good toughness in hanging onto ball after contact … shows strong hands and is a physical runner after the catch

2nd – 0:14 – Nice toughness over the middle … strong hands and plucks the football for a TD on slant

DeAndre McDaniel

1st – 9:07 – Responsible for TD catch … assignment was supposed to be man coverage on WR Hankerson, but instead covers slot WR in flat … low football IQ here

2nd – Blown coverage completely here on WR hankerson in 2-deep … inexcusable … Hankerson in slot, MIKE has man-coverage responsibilities, and McDaneil shows very very poor instincts in coverage and gets beat like he wasn’t even there … gives up big TD

2nd – 11:11 – Poor angle in run support and overpursues

Allen Bailey

1st – Lacked athleticism/range to make tackle in backfield on RB in open space

1st – 4:13 – Good job using hands to keep OG at bay … stays with play and makes tackle

1st – 1:08 – Bad instincts and discipline – doesn’t maintain gap

1st – 0:39 – Nice job setting edge and forcing RB inside

2nd – 15:00 – Nice job protecting legs vs. chop block … stays with play and makes tackle … good hustle

2nd – 14:27 – Got too high and lost leverage battle … mediocre hand use here and didn’t lock on

2nd – 9:18 – Struggled to disengage … could be more powerful with hands

2nd – 7:46 – Nice job getting his hands up to deflect pass … forces INT … long arms

Brandon Harris

1st – 7:43 – Nice anticipation, instincts of hitch route … good pass breakup and shows awareness in not drawing pass interference

1st – 1:49 – Slow to react in run support … bad instincts

2nd – 6:02 – Love how he throws his body around in run support here … shows ability to take on a block … GREAT angle and really disrupts run here to the outside … Harris is not a finesse player by any means.

Marcus Gilchrist

1st – 5:47 – Good instincts and playaking on pass breakup

2nd – 10:26 – Shows very nice speed in being able to turn in run with a 4.4-4.5 WR … fluid hips

2nd – 4:29 – Nice communication before the snap … fluid hips and good ball skills for big INT in red zone

Colin McCarthy

1st – 13:34 – Mediocre instincts and doesn’t attack gap quickly enough … englufed by blocker and can’t stack and shed …


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