NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 23, 2010

Iowa vs. Arizona

Adrian Clayborn

1st – 4:18 – Very physical, strong, and tough at POA … good hand punch and stuns left tackle

2nd – 10:06 – Lacks elite speed and range on this naked toss to meet RB at angle

2nd – 8:46 – Nice hands … strong and powerful at POA

2nd – 7:39 – Lacks a first step here

2nd – 3:02 – Lacks a first step

2nd – 2:01 – Inconsistent here … where is the great motor? Why isn’t he more active on this play?

Clayborn facing a lot of double teams in early 3rd QTR

Clayborn becoming more active in late 3rd

4th – 12:56 – Very active here … nice bull rush, stays low, powerful, good spin move on the counter… gets assist on sack

3rd – 10:30 – Lacks a first step

Colin Baxter

1st – 4:18 – Seems to lack some agility and athleticism here in pass pro … gets off balance

3rd – 5:50 – Gets blown off the ball … looks like he has short arms

Christian Ballard

1st – 3:48 – Not very physical … soft and doesn’t set edge well … doesn’t use hands physically … fails to control and should have been more active on this play when run at

2nd – 8:46 – Gets angled off by right guard … lacks power and strength to make push in run game … easily controlled here

2nd – 1:35 – Poor instincts … doesn’t read RB and fails to recognize screen

3rd – 5:50 – Gets nice hand extension and disengages … nearly makes TFL

4th – 12:31 – Stays low, good hand extension here … nice penetration and RB runs right into him.

4th – 11:07 – 5-technique position in “30” front … Excellent job of eluding RG-RT double team …showcases athleticism here … good job of using hands … Ballard nearly gets sack (credited w/ hurry) … Ballard is just too inconsistent – where has this been all season????

Brooks Reed

1st – 7:55 – Goes completely unblocked to QB … stiff athlete, can’t change directions or anticipate Stanzi running to outside … poor patience and should have contained

1st – 6:43 – Good job getting involved in run game … shows activeness

1st – 5:50 – Chip blocked by TE … on 3rd and 7 … doesn’t show much explosiveness in trying to get around left tackle

2nd – 14:29 – Nice job setting edge in run game … shows toughness … disengages and makes tackle

2nd – 13:42 – Spin move then counters with bull … gets some push but I don’t see much upside here

2nd – 11:32 – Lacks first step and speed to make much of an impact as a pass rusher … tackle easily handles bull rush


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