NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 22, 2010

Arizona State vs. Wisconsin

Lawrence Guy

1st – 14:21 – Good job blowing up gap and taking RG out of play to free up LB

1st – 13:56 – Gets pushed back here and doesn’t hold ground … got a little too high and bad hand use… lack of wide body mass might hurt him

1st – 13:18 – Good motor and assists on tackle … nice range

1st – 11:37 – Gets angle blocked and taken to ground … lacks power to maintain base vs. Moffitt

1st – 3:49 – Lacks great power/mass … getting flushed by G John Moffitt and overpowered (Moffitt is a 2nd-4th rd G prospect for 2010 class)

2nd – 9:15 – Struggling vs. Wisconsin OL … not a lack of effort, but gets a little too high and not holding gap

2nd – 8:01 – Much better job with hand use and at point of attack here

Guy doesn’t stop fighting … terrific motor and very competitive

2nd – 3:15 – Quick off snap … stays low … nice hand extension … continues to fight and use hands to maintain separation … shows very good strenght … defensive backs provide good coverage to make QB hold on a second longer … Guy earns sack.

2nd 0:36 – Driven off line again by 58

John Moffitt

Didn’t take notes in 1st QTR … Very powerful, more than held his own vs. Guy … strong hands, once he locks on battle is over … physical and a nice drive blocker … doesn’t have great agility or mobility … blue collar guard prospect.

2nd – 14:55 – Nice awareness on line stunt pickup

2nd – 8:39 – Uses size too much here … natural knee bender? … Off balance and bent at waist too much

2nd – 2:39 – Destroys DT Lawrence Guy here … gets nasty … powerful, strong … dominant run block on a clutch 3rd and 2 … nice job staying low off snap and using hands to control

2nd – 0:45 – Shows us here in pass pro that he isn’t a natural knee bender … too high and DT gets him off balance a little bit


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