NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 22, 2010

Florida State vs. BYU

Christian Ponder

1st – 10:05 – Nice throw on slant … goes off receivers hands for incompletion

1st – 10:00 – Shows very nice athleticism when he decides to run … gets first down and then some … very fluid and elusive …great decision as receivers down field were covered

1st – 9:28 – Smooth footwork in the pocket … nice throw over the middle where only his receiver could get it on post

1st – 5:20 – Nice throw over middle to receiver in tight window … smooth ball and accurate … good timing … doesn’t make receiver go up and get football – on numbers so he can hang onto it after hit

1st – 1:27 – Nice, quick decision to run with receivers covered … keeps balance in pocket and picks up 3-4 yards

1st – 0:52 – 3rd and 5 on 7-yd line … ball too high, but nice vision from Ponder because if pass was lower it could have been tipped or INTd by MIKE linebacker

2nd – 10:08 – Excellent job with progression reads … moves in pocket to create throwing lane and throws dart to WR on comeback

Nigel Bradham

1st – 12:18 – Slightly late to react

1st – 7:50 – Nice hit on ballcarrier

2nd – 9:24 – Nice tackle on ballcarrier … good pursuit and wraps up cleanly

2nd – 8:42 – Nice closing speed and tackle on 3rd down … baits QB into throw

Matt Reynolds

1st – 12:55 – VERY poor footwork … quick feet, but very raw … playing left tackle like a basketball player here

1st – 11:39 – Poor footwork … first couple of steps he is backtracking like an outfielder in baseball backing up for a pop fly …looks fluid and athletic

Poor footwork, but fluid and gets nice hand extension

2nd – 15:00 – (switch to right tackle) Two false steps to start play

2nd – 11:27 (Left tackle) – Good job mirroring DE and handling quick spin … QB runs into DE … Reynolds didn’t get beat here

2nd – 10:00 – Nice hand use … great arm extension

2nd – 5:45 – Looks tired … sluggish in going to 2nd level


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