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This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 14, 2010

Ohio State vs. Miami (First Half Only)

Ohio State
2 Terrelle Pryor
8 DeVier Posey
65 Justin Boren
97 Cameron Heyward
51 Ross Homan
36 Brian Rolle
5 Chimdi Chekwa
1 Devon Torrence
7 Jermale Hines

85 Leonard Hankerson
74 Orlando Franklin
57 Allen Bailey
44 Colin McCarthy
1 Brandon Harris

Allen Bailey

1st – 15:00 – Outstanding job of setting the edge here … Nice strength, disengages to make tackle

1st – 14:25 – Bad instincts … why did he step outside at last second instead of staying in Pryor’s line of vision and bat down ball?

1st – 13:59 – Good job taking on block by FB and making tackle … shows some physicality early in first few plays.

1st – 12:51 – Nice bull rush gets RT to ground … active and jumps up to try to bat pass

1st – 12:20 – Outstanding hand use … stacks and sheds … makes tackle … PHYSICAL

1st – 8:39 – Loses leverage battle vs. H-back … feet get out from underneath him … inconsistent effort here

1st – 5:34 – Good job getting penetration and setting edge so RB has to take a wide angle to the outside

1st – 4:50 – Good job containing Pryor and being patient … nice instincts here and good football IQ

Bailey has been rotated out fairly heavily – concerns with stamina possibly?

2nd – 9:01 – Nice athleticism in tackle for loss … easy to get off block by slot WR, but I liked his athleticism here … smooth, coordinated, fluid.

2nd – 3:54 – Nice effort tackle in pursuit of Pryor

Brandon Harris

1st – 13:16 – Outstanding solo tackle of Terrelle Pryor in open field … patient, physical, not afraid of contac there. I LOVE this play from a corner especially on a big, athletic QB 1v1

1st – 11:38 – Ball not thrown to his receiver, but Harris shows nice acceleration and instincts in jumping his receiver’s route … loved his instincts here

1st – 5:37 – Love his instincts and break on the ball here … confident playmaker – love his swagger

1st – 5:34 – Very good in run support … lowers shoulder and delivers big hit

1st – 4:50 – perfect coverage here … nice pass breakup … on receiver like white on rice.

Ohio State completely stopped throwing at Harris in 2nd half…literally. Not one pass (okay, maybe one, but he broke it up nonetheless and it was good coverage)

2nd – 1:51 – Gets chop blocked by slot WR … gets up from ground, hustles to sideline to force RB out of bounds … love this play in run support. Very competitive and active.

Colin McCarthy

1st – 8:39 – Not very physical … tries to avoid block by running around OL instead of taking him on … hate this play. I don’t see a high talent level and he looks like a late rounder.

1st – 2:13 – Tackle for loss, but had wide lane to run through to make tackle and went unblocked … every LB in NFL could make this play. Not impressed

2nd – 6:23 – horrendous athleticism in open field … this guy can’t start in the NFL – no doubt in my mind. If you can’t come close to making this tackle you just don’t have it.

2nd – 4:45 – Slow with no burst

Terrelle Pryor

1st – 11:32 – Mediocre footwork … poor accuracy here on relatively easy throw … no excuse for this incomplete with his height to get ball over line

2nd – 10:04 – Terrible decision … ball is nearly picked off, doesn’t see WILL bad … hesitant in pocket.

2nd – 8:04 – Horrible pass … nearly picked … not sure where Pryor was going with football.

2nd – 4:02 – Very dangerous pass on go route to Posey … he was completely covered … another bad decision.

Jermale Hines

1st – 11:01 – Outstanding back-to-back plays by Hines in run support. Previous play was a nice, effecitive open field tackle. This play was amazing in support of screen pass on flare route … great angle by Hines, showcases adequate speed and makes a nice tackle for loss.

2nd – 3:04 – LOVE his competitiveness on the kickoff return here … not bad agility or moves either.

Cameron Heyward

1st – 10:35 – Nice penetration vs. double team (pass play)

1st – 10:13 – Nice quickness off the ball and gets TFL from 3-tech position

1st – 8:49 – Nice effort, power here in bull rush

1st – 3:32 – Gets too high and is washed out of play

1st – 2:33 – Nice bull rush, but looks like a 1-dimensional pass rusher

2nd – 15:00 – Nice hand extension, shows strength, power in setting edge and making tackle

2nd – 14:17 – Quick off the ball and gets penetration + holding call

Orlando Franklin

1st – 10:13 – I like his suddenness and athleticism here out of stance … unable to make block due to X-stunt and nature of play

1st – 9:31 – Not technically sound at all here vs. Heyward … footwork, hands are VERY raw relying on sheer strength and athleticism … I hate his play – it says a lot about him as a player already and i haven’t scouted him before

1st – 8:49 – Raw footwork, hands vs. Heyward … he really doesn’t know how to play the game. It’s obvious he’s poorly coached or just doesn’t care about technique.

Leonard Hankerson

1st – 3:59 – Great catch on post route… not afraid to go over middle … shows toughness, concentration in hanging onto ball … nice ball skills and hands … took a huge hit.

Ross Homan

2nd – 12:22 – Homan has terrible instincts. I’ve seen this multiple times in this game where he waits for RB to run to second level and he fails to attack gaps and recognize lanes and anticipate.

2nd – 11:55 – Average range … on near hash but was nearly beat to sideline by RB

DeVier Posey

2nd – 0:36 – Great catching going up and snatchign the football over the middle … like his athleticism and speed too.


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