NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 11, 2010

Temple vs. Central Michigan

43 DE/OLB Adrian Robinson
5 S Jaiquawn Jarrett
9 DT Muhammed Wilkerson
71 T Darius Morris

Central Michigan
43 LB Nick Bellore
46 LB Matt Berning

Adrian Robinson

1st – 13:52 – (OLB in 3-4 defense here) Athletic in coverage … comfortable in space … makes tackle

1st – 13:10 – (OLB) Smooth athlete …

1st – 12:43 – Gets manhandled by TE … wished to see more physicality here from Robinson

1st – 8:07 – Really struggles to get off block … can’t stack and shed … soft at POA … needs to get stronger

1st – 7:00 – Very comfortable and smooth in coverage … nice technique

1st – 6:00 – Gets pushed back again in run game … can’t set edge

1st – 5:08 – Gets mauled at POA … good effort, gets away from block and makes tackle … simply can’t play the run

(Robinson not on field in late 1st QTR … maybe coaches sick of his effort?)

3rd – 9:07 – Gets mauled in running game again by 242 lb. TE

3rd – 2:12 – Poor instincts … should have recognized WR screen as soon as RB rushes up to block, QB sets up facing left sideline, and slot WR goes to block … recognizes way too late … then he gets himself blocked by trying to run around #11 as opposed to taking angle head on

4th – 13:21 – Gets destroyed in run game again … offensive coordinators should now be targeting Robinson in run game.

Summary: Terrific in coverage, covers a lot of ground … solid athlete … made no meaningful plays in this game and a huge disappointment. Horrible in run support … had limited opportunities to rush QB but didn’t make impact in those chances.

Jaiquan Jarrett

1st – 12:01 – Excellent timing on blitz … looks to have average speed … runs through RB block forces QB out of pocket

1st – 8:07 – Outstanding job in run support … nice vision and terrific angle to football … displays patience and doesn’t get out of control … delivers big hit that knocks back RB … had great instincts here and recognized toss immediately

1st – 5:18 – Good instincts and doesn’t hesitate when RB takes cutback lane … makes tackle

1st – 7:00 – Nice awareness in zone

1st – 2:05 – Too high in backpedal

1st – 5:58 – SS Blitz, stays low and brings physicality knocking back LG … I like to see this competitive streak

2nd – :59 – Recovers fumble, but shows average speed with ball in hands

3rd – 8:24 – Shows below average speed and athleticism in deep half chsing down WR

3rd – 7:52 – Takes on block with authority … love his physicality and mean streak

4th – 13:52 – Reverse … good instincts, recognizes reverse and supports … gets held by WR and unable to make tackle … I don’t blame Jarrett here. He was in position and would have made tackle if not held

Summary: Average athlete, but a very good football player with solid instincts, competitive, physical … will play SS in NFL … needs to work on staying low in backpedal to maximize range and explosiveness out of break.

Muhammed Wilkerson

1st – 11:28 – Shows solid athleticism here … nice tackle and good instincts

Darius Morris

1st – 10:42 – Shows ability to flip hips and redirect … solid agility and adjusts to keep DE in front

1st – 10:16 – Very comfortable in space on pulling lead block

1st – 8:58 – Stays low and good knee bender … solid footwork but could be a little more smooth here … patient and sits in stance

1st – 4:13 – Technique got sloppy here … long steps, crossed over feet

1st – 3:36 – Nice job in pass protection … Stays low, natural knee bender … good hand use and locks on … solid footwork … has a wide base

2nd – 14:55 – Excellent awareness, instincts, intelligence here … initially blocks DT, waits for SAM to come up then takes him out of play as well … good athleticism and shows quickness … finishes blocks and flashes some mean streak

2nd – 9:23 – Quick in getting to second level, but looks stiff

2nd – 5:22 – Shwos some competitiveness and phsycality on combo block … packs a nice hand punch

2nd – 4:42 – Gets help on double team, but exhibits good hand use and wins leverage battle, but gets too high in block … good job of finishing block and sealing angle

2nd – 3:23 – Terrific instincts and adjusts to speed rush … good kick step and nice agility … nice strength in absorbing rush

2nd – 2:12 – Good job locking on immediately, but didn’t slide feet with DE and he gets by … could have been lower in technique got a little high

3rd – 6:51 – Locks on, battle over … finishes block, shows strength … keeps pumping feet in block, completely takes DE out of play

3rd – 4:43 – Pancake block

Summary: Great game for Morris … well-rounded tackle prospect who obviously can also play some guard at the next level. Solid athleticism (not great here though), mean streak, physical strong … would like to see tape vs. better competition. Nice game overall and VERY consistent. Intelligent and aware.

Nick Bellore

1st – 10:16 – Lacks athleticism and speed to make play in backfield

Matt Berning

1st – 4:13 – Nice change of direction and agility … eliminated space and made nice chase tackle … impressive play here


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