2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Keon Coleman

  • Keon Coleman, 6-4/215
  • Wide Receiver
  • Florida State

Keon Coleman Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Big, physical receiver
  • Size mismatch
  • Very athletic for a big wideout
  • Tough receiver
  • Willing to go across the middle
  • Good route-runner
  • Strong hands
  • Dangerous after the catch
  • Has a burst to run away from defenders
  • Able to work his way for more yardage
  • Dangerous on 50-50 passes
  • Could be superb red-zone weapon
  • Out-positions defensive backs on contested catches
  • High points the ball
  • Gritty receiver
  • Reliable; rarely drops passes
  • Tracks the ball well
  • Adjusts well
  • Late hands
  • Good technique
  • Adept at finding soft spots in zone
  • Experienced and successful against good college programs
  • Makes big plays in the clutch
  • Strong
  • Thick frame to push defensive backs around
  • Physical
  • Ready to contribute quickly
  • Could be emergency punt returner


  • Not a burner
  • Lacks deep speed
  • Could have separation issues from NFL corners

Prospect Summary:

As a top recruit of former Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker, Coleman first broke onto the scene in 2022 when he caught 58 passes for 798 yards and seven touchdowns for the Spartans. Following the 2022 season, Coleman entered the transfer portal and ended up at Florida State. Sources from some of the college teams that were trying to land Coleman said he was very calculated in wanting a quality quarterback, but also another good receiver to work with him and help each other avoid double teams. Those conditions were met by Florida State, which had quarterback Jordan Travis and wideout Johnny Wilson.

Coleman had an electric 2023 season opener with Florida State with nine catches for 122 yards and three touchdowns. He went on to play well over the rest of the year, finishing with a total of 50 receptions for 658 yards and 11 touchdowns. There were many games in which the Seminoles did not utilize Coleman enough. He also did a good job of filling in as a punt returner for Florida State.

What really sets Coleman apart is what he can do as a possessional receiver. He is a dangerous wideout who, despite not being a burner with rare speed, possesses offsetting polish and physicality. Using good route-running and his strong, reliable hands, Coleman is a chain mover who can do the dirty work in the short to intermediate part of the field.

Coleman is dangerous with the ball in his hands. He uses his well-built frame to break tackles and is very difficult for a lot of defensive backs to get to the ground. Coleman’s strength to run through their hands makes it difficult for them to get a hold of him. While Coleman isn’t super elusive and is more straight line, he does have the feet to dodge some tacklers in the open field. He is a very good athlete for a big receiver, and that could be seen with him impressing as an emergency punt return for the Seminoles in 2023. For the NFL, Coleman has serious yards-after-the-catch potential, and he could be a great fit in a West Coast offense as a pro.

Thanks to having the height, strength, and ability to catch the ball in traffic, Coleman is a excellent weapon in the red zone. He tracks the ball well and uses late hands to make the reception. Consistently, Coleman utilizes his big frame to shield defenders from the ball and present a good target for his quarterback. Coleman also possesses the height, length, and leaping ability to regularly make catches over defensive backs. As a result, he is difficult to cover and has the ability to win on 50-50 passes.

As a pro, Coleman is going to have to win on contested catches regularly because he won’t be a receiver who generates a huge amount separation from the man coverage of NFL cornerbacks. However, Coleman has the ability to win on 50-50 passes and outfight defensive backs by using his thick frame and strength to get the better of them. Coleman is not a burner who is a speed demon, but he shows a little burst out of his break and a second gear in the open field.

Coleman’s lack of deep speed and explosion could cause him to slide somewhat in the 2024 NFL Draft. Multiple team sources told WalterFootball.com that they think Coleman’s draft range is from middle of the first round to early in the second round.

Prospect Comparison:

Michael Pittman Jr. Team sources said Coleman reminds them of Pittman. They shared they feel Coleman could be a similar quality pro starter like Pittman has become for Indianapolis.


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