2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jarvis Brownlee Jr.

  • Jarvis Brownlee Jr., 5-10/194
  • Cornerback
  • Louisville

Jarvis Brownlee Jr. Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Extremely physical
  • Instinctive
  • Can be a man coverage outside corner
  • Press-man and off-man ability
  • Closes quickly
  • Late hands to break up passes
  • Excellent run defender
  • Superb tackler
  • Hard hitter
  • Violent tone setter


  • Has some stiffness
  • Not a good fit for zone coverage
  • Lacks height
  • Lacks elite speed

Prospect Summary:

Over the past three seasons, Brownlee was one of the most physical cornerbacks in college football, perhaps second only to Devon Witherspoon, who the Seahawks took with the No. 5-overall pick last year. Like Witherspoon, Brownlee is a violent football player who plays like his hair on fire. Brownlee started out his career at Florida State and had a nice 2021 season with the Seminoles, recording 51 tackles, two interceptions and three passes defended. After the season, he transferred to Louisville, where he had a big 2022 campaign of 66 tackles, two interceptions and 12 passes broken up. Then in 2023, Brownlee finished up his career with 28 tackles, an interception and five passes batted.

Brownlee has the potential to be a starting outside corner in the NFL. He possesses enough speed to run the route and is an instinctive defender who does a nice job of preventing separation. With his physicality, Brownlee has the strength to play press-man, while his instincts let him function as an off-man corner. Brownlee shows some stiffness, however, which makes him a poor fit for playing zone coverage.

Brownlee doesn’t panic when the ball is in the air coming at him and shows nice late hands to break up passes. While he is as gritty a corner as you will find, he lacks some length, height, and elite speed. Hence, he is not a first-round caliber prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Brownlee will be an asset as a run defender in the NFL. Displaying zero hesitation, he comes downhill in a blur to make tackles and throw his body into ball-carriers. Brownlee will hit hard and seems to enjoy the violence of football. However, evaluators have to worry that Brownlee is so physical that it could be detrimental to his own health and he could give himself injury issues from his style of play.

Brownlee looks like a second-day prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft who will probably go in the third round. If he somehow slips to Round4, he should get snatched up quickly.

Prospect Comparison:

Damarri Mathis. Team sources have compared Brownlee to Mathis.


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