2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Dallas Turner

  • Dallas Turner, 6-4/2458
  • Linebacker
  • Alabama

Dallas Turner Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Explosive speed off the edge
  • Superb athleticism
  • Extremely fast
  • Natural pass-rush ability
  • Good get-off
  • Excellent in pursuit
  • Potential for repertoire of pass-rushing moves
  • More than enough speed to get around the corner
  • Active hands
  • Uses hands and feet at same time
  • Agility to sink his hips/shoulder
  • Splash plays
  • Makes plays in the clutch
  • Developed strength
  • Holds ground well for his size
  • Will shed blocks and make tackles
  • Agility to dodge blockers on the run
  • Pursuit run defense
  • Very athletic
  • Good height and length
  • Upside
  • Good character


  • Needs more pass-rushing moves
  • Needs to learn rush angles
  • Needs to improve technique
  • Could struggle with NFL mass
  • Underweight to be a 4-3 defensive end

Prospect Summary:

In the passing-driven NFL, edge defenders who can get after the quarterback are always in demand. With his speed, athleticism and length, Turner has the potential to be an impactful edge defender who could have double-digit sack potential as a pro. Over three years at Alabama, he proved to be a consistent quarterback hunter.

In 2021, Will Anderson was dominating college football and causing havoc in the backfield. With Anderson commanding the attention of defenses, Turner had a fabulous freshman season, recording 8.5 sacks and 30 tackles while rotating with other defenders. In 2022, Turner played more, but his production fell to four sacks to go along with 37 tackles. He was more disruptive than those numbers indicate. As a junior, Turner generated a lot of clutch rushes for Alabama and made some huge plays in big games. Over 2023, he recorded 53 tackles, 11 sacks, 15.5 tackles for a loss and two forced fumbles. Turner produced steady pressure on the quarterback and made some clutch plays for his team.

While Turner is not the biggest of defenders, he has a natural ability to put pressure on the quarterback. Turner is quick off the ball with a fast first-step and a burst to get upfield. Thanks to his serious speed, Turner can run the arc around offensive tackles and fly to the quarterback. When he gets there, Turner will be physical and can dish out some violent hits on the signal-caller. Turner is not a dirty player who is taking cheap shots, but he will put the quarterback into the turf hard. In pursuit, Turner is a fast defender with a burst to close and is quick to flow to the ball. He can redirect to get pointed to the quarterback and is not a stiff rusher.

As good as Turner is right now as a pass rusher, he could be so much better if he gets good NFL coaching. Some sources think Turner could be a T.J. Watt-caliber rusher if he his develops pass-rushing moves and figures out technique, rush angles, depth of rush, etc. For the NFL, Turner could use more pass-rushing moves. Featuring more spins, cuts to the inside, and rip moves would help Turner when he takes on better competition who won’t be beaten by just a speed rush.

Turner also plays hard against the run, and he will make good plays of holding his ground or shedding a block to get in on a tackle. Turner has developed strength and holds his spot surprisingly well for an undersized defender. For the NFL through, Turner lacks some size to play defensive end in a base defense. In a base set, he should do some rotating with other ends to protect him and let a bigger defender handle the rush. Turner could have problems holding up against NFL mass for four quarters.

Sources from multiple teams have Turner graded as a first-round pick for the 2024 NFL Draft. They believe he probably will go as top-20 pick and could go as a top-10 choice.

Prospect Comparison:

Brian Burns. A few team sources have said Turner has a similar skill set to Burns coming out of Florida State. They said Burns was more bendy and had more developed pass-rushing moves, while Turner is stronger and tougher against the run compared to how Burns was with the Seminoles. As a pro, Turner could develop into being an edge rusher similar to Burns.


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