2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Cooper Beebe

  • Cooper Beebe, 6-3/322
  • Guard
  • Kansas State

Cooper Beebe Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Tough as nails
  • Good technique
  • Battles hard
  • Very physical
  • Fires off the ball
  • Strong
  • Can get movement in the ground game
  • Sustains blocks
  • Able to control defenders when he latches on them
  • Torques defenders
  • Strong hands
  • Good hand placement
  • Active hands
  • Plays with good leverage
  • Quality anchor
  • Can handle bull rushes
  • Smart; good reaction to stunts and games
  • Recoverability
  • Knee bend
  • Plug-and-play starting potential
  • Blocks through the whistle
  • Experienced


  • Not a great athlete
  • Could have issues with interior speed rushers
  • Quickness is average
  • Feet aren’t that quick
  • Short arms – 31.5 inches

Prospect Summary:

Over the past four seasons, Beebe was a rock on the Kansas State offensive line. He made 48 starts, so he has a lot of experience. Additionally, he played at a variety of positions, taking starts at right tackle, left guard and left tackle. Beebe’s best tape came from in 2022, when he started at left guard. As a senior, Beebe played left tackle, and while he held his own, he showed that his best fit for the NFL will come at guard.

Beebe looks like a plug-and-play starter for the next level at left or right guard. Toughness is the first thing that jumps out about Beebe, who is a strong blocker at the point of attack. He blocks hard through the whistle and mixes it up with defenders on every play. Even if Beebe gets rocked backward initially, he shows recoverability to gather his feet and balance to re-engage the defenders. Against bull rushes, Beebe generally displays a strong anchor, as he has developed his strength well and has quality length for a guard. He also has good technique as he plays with proper leverage. Beebe uses his strong hands, hand placement, and upper body strength to sustain his blocks and neutralize defenders from making plays. It is rare to see a player who Beebe is blocking get in on a tackle.

In the ground game, Beebe can generate some movement at the point of attack. He is strong and fires off the ball. With heavy hands and upper body strength, Beebe can knock defenders backward and create a push at the point of attack. He torques and manipulates defenders to get some openings for his running back. Beebe also can get to blocks on linebackers and does a nice job of riding them out of a play when he gets a hold of them.

As a pass blocker, Beebe is polished and is reliable to keep his defender from getting heat on the quarterback. He is smart and adjusts well to games or stunts. Beebe does a quality job of riding defenders around the pocket when defenders try to beat him with speed. In the NFL, interior speed rushers could give Beebe some issues because he lacks special athleticism and does not stand out for having quick feet.

For the a pros, Beebe looks like a plug-and-play starter at left or right guard. He was solidly coached in college and has a lot of experience. Beebe most likely will be a second-day pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and could easily go early in Round 2. Before long, Beebe could be a solid starter. He should have a quality NFL career.

Prospect Comparison:

Kevin Zeitler. Beebe compares well to Zeitler coming out of Wisconsin. Zeitler (6-4, 339) is strong and has some athletic limitations, which also summarizes Beebe. As a pro, Zeitler has been a solid starter, and Beebe could follow a similar path in the NFL.


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