2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Charlie Kolar

  • Charlie Kolar, 6-6/252

  • Tight End

  • Iowa State

  • Charlie Kolar Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Receiving tight end
  • Good hands
  • Leaping ability
  • Making contested catches
  • Uses size to make receptions downfield
  • Adept at finding the soft spot in zone
  • Tracks the ball well
  • Can get some yards after the catch
  • Lots of starting experience
  • Three-down starter
  • Willing to go across the middle
  • Has some run-after-the-catch ability
  • Effective as an underneath receiver
  • Size mismatch versus safeties
  • Presents a big target
  • Durable
  • Long-term starting potential
  • Deceptive quickness, athleticism
  • Intelligent

  • Weaknesses:
  • Not fast
  • Lacks elite speed
  • Lacks elite athleticism
  • Decent blocker

  • Summary: The Big XII is a conference who is known for not playing good defense and seeing huge point totals with passing attacks going up and down the field. While the conference has produced a lot of quarterbacks and receivers, it has surprisingly not been a hotbed for receiving tight ends. Kolar was the exception in recent years, presenting one of the most consistent receiving threats in the conference. With his solid skill set, Kolar could be a starting tight end in the NFL before long.

    Kolar broke out in 2019, catching 51 passes for 697 yards and seven touchdowns. He stayed consistent in 2020, hauling in 44 receptions for 591 yards and seven touchdowns. As a senior, Kolar notched 62 catches for 756 yards and six touchdowns. He did not stand out the Senior Bowl and the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine, .

    Kolar should possess the ability contribute as a receiving tight end at the next level. He is a very intelligent player who has good feel and vision, which he can use to rip up zone coverage. With quick reading ability, Kolar finds soft spots quickly to get open for his quarterback and presents a sizable target. While Kolar is not a burner, he has enough functional speed to get downfield and some athleticism to run quality routes. He uses his feel, quickness, size, and athleticism to consistently achieve better positioning on man coverage. With his size, he is very adept at walling off defensive backs to win on contested catches. His height, reach, and leaping ability allow him to make receptions over defenders, and he is a real asset in the red zone. Kolar is a natural hands catcher who should be very reliable at completing the catch for his NFL quarterback.

    After the catch, Kolar has some ability to pick up yards. He fights through tackles and never goes down with a fight. He lacks the dynamism to run away from defenders or bowl through a ton of tackle attempts, but he will be capable of getting more yards through his size and quickness.

    Kolar also is not liability as a blocker. He gives a quality effort and possesses the size, weight, and strength to take on NFL defenders. After some development, Kolar should be an effective blocker as a pro.

    In the 2022 NFL Draft, Kolar looks likely to end up a mid-round pick. He could go as high as the third round and probably won’t slide below the fifth round.

    Player Comparison: Jack Doyle. When Kolar was playing well and contributing, he reminded me of when Doyle was a weapon for the Colts. Like Kolar, Doyle was never a freak tight end in terms of speed and athleticism, but he was functional receiver. Doyle (6-6, 262) was a much better blocker, and that is something Kolar should improve. If Kolar lands with a quality team and coaching, he could turn into a tight end similar to Doyle.


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