2014 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jason Verrett

  • Instinctive
  • Fast
  • Man-cover corner skills
  • Ability to run with receivers in their routes
  • Change-of-direction skills
  • Athletic
  • Agile
  • Able to flip his hips
  • Ball skills
  • Splash plays
  • Comfortable with ball in the air
  • Good in off-man coverage
  • Confident; has the man-corner mentality
  • Can run with speed receivers downfield
  • Fast backpedal
  • Quick feet
  • Upside
  • Can play zone or man schemes
  • Good hands
  • Leader; good teammate
  • Swagger
  • Plays fast
  • Experienced and successful against elite college programs

  • Weaknesses:
  • Very short
  • Strength
  • Lacks length
  • Too small to line up outside against big receivers

  • Summary: Verrett has been one of the best cornerbacks in the Big 12 over the past couple of seasons. He has been a good coverage corner who has performed well when going against good receivers. While Verrett is undersized, he was a big play-maker in college.

    As a sophomore, Verrett started 10 games in 2011 and had a solid debut, totaling 58 tackles with one interception and four passes broken up. Verrett then had an impressive 2012 season with six interceptions, 16 passes broken up, 63 tackles and a blocked kick.

    Verrett was impressive against LSU and their dynamic receivers of Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry to start 2013. The Tigers didn’t do well when they threw his direction, as he provided sound coverage. Verrett broke up passes and didn’t allow separation. He recorded seven tackles and a sack in that contest. Verrett maintained a high level of play throughout the year. He totaled 38 tackles with 14 passes defended and two interceptions in 2013.

    Sources said they were impressed that Verrett has added 20 pounds in recent months and has maintained his speed. That has prompted some teams to move his grade up to the second round after initially putting in the third round.

    Verrett would fit well as a nickel corner. He has great speed and agility to run with receivers in and out of their breaks. Verrett blankets wideouts on routes downfield and is good to match up against speed receivers. He is gritty to out-fight receivers on contested passes. Verrett has good ball skills to slap balls away or pick them off. He is a technically sound corner who enters the NFL ready to compete.

    Verrett could play some on the outside, but big receivers will give him problems so he’ll have to be protected. Even though he could run with them, they would be able to use their size to gain position and make catches over him.

    Some teams won’t draft Verrett because of his size. One playoff team that could use cornerback help told WalterFootball.com that Verrett’s a good player, but they couldn’t take him because he’s too short. Some teams only want tall, long cornerbacks, and Verrett won’t be a fit for them.

    As a result of his size it looks likely that Verrett will be a second-round pick although some pundits project him to being a first-rounder.

    Player Comparison: Asante Samuel. Samuel has had a good pro career after being a fourth-round pick out of Central Florida in 2003. Samuel (5-10, 185) is not the biggest or most physical corner, but he can make plays on the ball that change games. Verrett is similar and is close to the same size and weight as Samuel. Verrett is expected to be a second-round pick, so he will get selected much earlier than Samuel did.

    NFL Matches: Cincinnati, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Carolina, San Francisco, Denver, Houston, Washington, Jacksonville

    Verrett’s coverage skills could compel a team to take him late in the first round. Perhaps the highest he could hope to go would be to the Bengals or Chargers in the mid-20s.

    The Bengals need cornerback help with Leon Hall coming off another serious injury. They also have aging veterans in Adam Jones and Terrance Newman. Verrett has the potential to form a nice tandem with Dre Kirkpatrick.

    The Chargers have a massive need at cornerback, and Verrett should definitely be in play for San Diego with its first- or second-round pick. The Chargers need fast, athletic cornerbacks to go against Denver, and Verrett could be a quick upgrade. They re-signed Richard Marshall, but they still need corner help badly.

    The Browns could use another corner to pair with Joe Haden. If they have Verrett as the best player available, he could even make sense for Cleveland with pick 26, but definitely should fit early in the second round.

    Carolina badly needs help at cornerback. They still have to find a replacement for the retired Chris Gamble and lost Captain Munneryln. However, the Panthers will probably draft a wide receiver or offensive lineman in the first frame, and Verrett may not make it to their second-round pick.

    The 49ers and Broncos could use some talented youth at corner. San Francisco has a couple of second-rounders, and Verrett could fit well with one of those picks. Denver has bigger needs, but Verrett could get consideration by the Broncos.

    At the top of the second round, the Texans need a nickel back after cutting Bryce McCain. They could plug Verrett as the nickel.

    Still early in the second round, Verrett could land with Washington or Jacksonville. Both could use help at corner, especially the Jaguars. However, Verrett doesn’t have enough size to fit Jacksonville’s defense if Gus Bradley decides to model after his Seattle experience over his Tampa Bay background.


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