2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: A.J. Green

  • Elite size and long arms
  • Great hands
  • Leaper who wins jump balls
  • Does a good job tracking passes
  • Evasive after the catch with good vision
  • Willing to work the middle of the field
  • Played in pro-style offense
  • Experience against high level of competition

  • Must bulk up
  • Needs more strength for downfield blocking and press coverage
  • Route running needs work
  • Only average acceleration and not elite speed
  • Suspended four games in 2010
  • Minor shoulder injury in 2009

    Summary: A.J. Green might be notorious for starting his final season suspended for selling his jersey for an agent, but it is noteworthy that his teammates and coaches still named him MVP in 2010. He certainly responded well on the field, but NFL teams will want to know that he has learned from the mistake.

    Unlike most college receivers, Green did his work in a pro offense gaining experience running the route tree. Coupled with his combination of size and speed, it is easy to see why he is considered an immediate impact player and the best prospect at the position in the past couple of years.

    Player Comparison: Larry Fitzgerald. In terms of height, weight, speend and overall talent, this comparison makes the most sense. Both of them have the ability to gain possession of the football in a fight for it. Green will have to add a little bulk before he can expect to be as productive and successful as Fitzgerald in the NFL.


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